Girl Play

When Daddy came to visit he brought many of his toys with him. He brought two floggers, a crop, a tawse and El Jefe and Goddess. Not only did I get Daddy for a visit but they came out to see us at the same time. I was a lucky girl!

We all had a perfect weekend together. We visited and relaxed, we went out to eat and stayed in to cook. On Sunday night we had play time. Goddess likes a good flogging just as much as I do. Rather than her hubby beating her Daddy had other ideas.

"You're going to flog her Baby Girl." I looked around the room to each of them. Daddy said it very matter-of-factly. I had been talking about doing this. Looks like it was time to put up or shut up, ha!

Goddess stripped off her clothes and the men set up the table. We don't have a spanking bench here so at my house we use the kitchen table. Fortunately, Goddess is as tall as I am so it worked for her too. She had to spread her legs a bit which gave me more options to spank her.

Daddy gave me some instructions and told me her limits. I could not hit her on her back because of surgeries she's had. So I would focus my attention on her ass and thighs.

I began by caressing her. My fingers ran up her back and across her ass. She was beautiful laying there naked for me. Her skin was incredibly soft. Her sexy back and ass were mine to touch.

I put any nerves aside and began to decide how to do this. I had all Daddy's past play in my mind. I knew what felt good for me and Goddess is similar so I knew it was just a matter of me learning how to do it.

I began with the crop. It was the crop that feels less stingy than others so I knew it was a safe bet. I tapped her on the ass and thighs gauging the feel and her reactions. I began too light. I began to work a little harder with each round. I looked over at Daddy for reassurance. He used his hand to imitate a faster tapping. That's right, I thought, he does use fast light taps to warm the skin.

I changed my technique to continue faster as he had motioned. Then when her skin seemed warmer I gave her some heavier swats. She jumped with each one. How fun!

Now I picked up the small flogger that Daddy made for me. I wanted more control so I held it on the end rather than using the finger holds. I tested how to hit her ass at the right angle without sliding off. I kept flogging her…correcting my angle and hold when Daddy pointed it out. All the while I caressed her warm body while I flogged her. I was beginning to love this.

I raked my nails over her ass and thighs. I rubbed my hand up along her inner thigh. I knew Daddy would touch my pussy at this point because I'd be aching for it. I wanted to touch hers but didn't know how far I should go. She seemed to like all I was doing though I think I was too light in general. First time timidity, you know.

I moved to the heavy buffalo flogger. It packs quite a wallop. I had to learn how to flogg with such a heavy instrument. I loved it though. Daddy showed me how to stand and angle the falls across her ass. I loved the physicality of swinging that flogger. I loved the way it made Goddess jump and how her ass moved with the reverberation of the strike. That is so hot to watch.

I should have flogged her thighs more I realize now. Daddy had recently caned and tawsed my thighs and the memory of that pain made me shy away from inflicting the same on her. It was my first time flogging her, your understanding of a person grows each time.

I finished with the tawse. The two straps of leather with a space in-between makes for a stingy sensation. I only used this a bit but it brought out some nice red marks on her ass. Yay.

Afterwards, I ran my hands all over her back and ass. I caressed her hair and helped her up. I got yummy hugs from her and got to cuddle her on the couch. Yay for aftercare, my favorite!

Thank you Goddess for being my first real victim! ❤️❤️


I’m writing to write.  I feel a little unsettled and it is stopping the flow of my writing.  I know there’s a bunch to write…stuff to think and do and relate to you.  It’s just stuck behind a wall.  So, I figured I’d knock out a little hole and hopefully it will break open the dam and allow a flood of words to follow.

I’ve been thinking this week about life stressors and how the non D/s parts of life affect the D/s dynamic.  Most of the time, I feel like D/s is an escape from the day-to-day aspects of my life.  But what happens when those day-to-day things bring on enough stress to tip the balance and dampen the mood?

The last time I was with Mr. D is a good example.  I had a dozen things on my mind.  It was mid-week and we both had a lot of work and life on our minds.  We both shared our days and what we were dealing with.  It is so reassuring to have him there to listen and talk through life concerns.  On our mid-week night together we only have a narrow window of time between when I arrive and when Mr. D needs to be asleep.  Usually, I shower and prep myself at home before I leave and use the drive time to get my mind switched over into sub-mode so that I’m open and receptive to whatever Mr. D wants or commands of me.  On this night, I had a late meeting and hadn’t done that.  My mind was still in day-mode.

After we talked, we snuggled up in bed and began to let the day go.  I didn’t even have my thought focused enough to wonder if Mr. D wanted sex.  I was still mulling over mundane things with the damned committee in my mind.  Soon after I put my head down on Mr. D’s chest he grabbed my hair at the back of my neck and I was surprised by the sudden heat coming off of him.  I was blindsided by his lead.  Not because I didn’t want it, I did, but I wasn’t in the right mindset yet.  His grip helped a great deal to refocus me in that moment and switch gears.

I was able to put away the day right then because his desire crushed the committee into the backseat.  Still, I felt the hesitation in my body while we played.  The mind is really and truly in charge of passion.  It needs to be fully on board or the body is going to have trouble following.

I have the luxury of someone to lead and command my attention.  How do I, as the submissive, give the same level of support to my Dominant if it’s needed?  It’s not an out-of-the-ordinary problem.  Everyone finds themselves stressed and unfocused at times.  As a submissive, how am I to help in that circumstance without it being a case of topping from the bottom?  I can be supportive but is that about the extent of it?  I don’t know.