You Just Can’t Make This Sh!t Up

Mr. D has told me many times since I started writing about us that I don’t have to just write about this.  I asked for clarification and he said it’s not that he doesn’t like to read about us that he wants me to write about whatever I want.  The bottom line after much thought is that this is what I want to write about. I write what’s on my mind and overwhelmingly he is on my mind.

Friday night I stayed home.  I felt feverish and overwhelmed and sick, so I texted Mr. D and I stayed put.  I think it’s the first night I’ve been alone since meeting Mr. D.  Alone in my home…all by myself.  It was really weird.  I stayed up until midnight watching a movie and ate junk.   Great way to take care of myself!  Saturday morning I slept in and felt much better.  I still had a slight cough and the sniffles but it felt more like allergies than actual sickness. I asked Mr. D if he wanted me to come over still, he said yes, yay.  So, I packed up and went to his place.  When I got there he was right in the middle of making me chicken soup.  That’s pretty sweet, to have someone care for you and take care of you too. This soup is pretty incredible.  It is a Mexican chicken soup with lots of jalapeno and serrano chilies in it.  They’ll burn out whatever sickness the chicken soup doesn’t cure.  He serves it with lime and avocado. It was perfect.  Mr. D’s fingers were on fire from cutting up all those chilies.  He was joking about putting his hands on my sensitive bits like that, yikes, no thank you! We watched movies and waited for the soup to be ready.  It was a relaxing day day.

The both of us have issues this weekend.  Mr. D had a minor medical issue too and we weren’t supposed to have sex at all until he was recovered. Ugh.  We learned before, while he was recovering from surgery, that our chemistry is such that this proves to be very difficult for us.  We’re really bad at resisting each other.  So, here we are, together and its hands off.  We really did try.  We went all day without doing anything sexual.  Then, came the night.  I can’t recall what set us off, it doesn’t really matter. The next thing I remember I was kneeling on the bed as instructed and Mr. D was putting the new ball gag on me that I had bought him as a gift.  I’ve never worn one so we were testing it out.  I bought a system of three balls of different sizes that snap into the harness.  The good thing for me is that the balls had holes so I could breath.  It was pretty hot having him fit the ball into my mouth and bind it around my face.

So, there I was, ball gag in place, kneeling on all fours on the bed.  Mr. D pushed his fingers inside me.  I hadn’t planned on play so I was pretty dry down there still.  He pushed his fingers in nonetheless and I began to get wet.  It was pinchy feeling at first but I knew that would go away as I moistened and got turned on.  He worked his fingers in deep and then replaced them with a plug.  This plug expands with a pump so it stays in place.  The feel of it expanding was so filling.  Still, I felt the pinchy sensation. I thought, okay, you’re gagged and this is very hot so deal with it…I was sure the discomfort would go away soon.

Mr. D came around to my face.  I couldn’t really see him because my hair had fallen around me and the gag also had it plastered in place. On all fours I couldn’t move well.  He grabbed the harness and whispered fiercely in my ear. “You are mine.” I nodded and made affirmative noises. “You don’t get a say anymore.  You are mine to do with as I desire.  When I ask for a response then you will answer.  You are mine now. You do not have a choice in this.  Do you understand?” I nodded vigorously then.  If I hadn’t been wet before I was wet now.

Mr. D moved back behind me and knelt on the ground at the end of the bed.  I felt him pump the plug more and then his tongue was probing my asshole.  It felt provocative and intense and still the pump had that damned pinchy feeling which was sending me right out of scene.  Plus, every light in the room was on and I was feeling self-conscious in a big way all of a sudden. Actually, the feeling had been there all the while but I’d been trying to be a good sub and ignore it.  So, then I pulled the ball gag out and spoke up. Mr. D laughed but turned the lights down for me anyway. “What, Honey, you don’t like the medical flood lights on while my tongue is in your ass?” Um, no, definitely not!  I had to laugh too even though I was embarassed.  Sex can be damned funny sometimes.

So, lights dimmed and feeling better, I got back into position.  Mr. D began to push his finger into my ass.  Since we’ve started on the road to anal sex Mr. D is very much into ass play and I love it.  I love it more and more every time we are together.  I never thought I’d be as comfortable with it as I am now. It’s very exciting for both of us.  As he pushed his finger inside I felt a sharp bite on my sensitive parts.  I thought maybe it was a hang nail.  Uncomfortable but I’ll live with it.  I already spoke up once for my silly light issue, I wasn’t going to say anything else to dampen the mood again. Mr. D pushed his finger all the way in and I felt a burning sensation.  It seriously burned and the more he moved his finger in and out the hotter it got. I kept pulling away from him in little ways even though I was trying so hard to stay in the moment.  Finally, just as Mr. D pulled the pinchy plug out of my front and thrust inside me with his cock I realized the problem.  The chili peppers!  I was on fire in the front and the back from the capsaicin oil still imbedded in his skin from cooking earlier in the day.  It wasn’t pinching I was feeling…it was fire!  And just as I’m realizing this Mr. D was feeling the same thing from his contact with my fiery ‘bits’.  He said something about the heat of the friction and then I couldn’t help it, I started laughing.  I was burning everywhere and Mr. D was just starting to feel the heat so he was one step behind.  I laughed and pulled the gag out to say, “It’s the peppers!”

He shook his head and laughed too.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  He had warned me about the heat, made jokes about it earlier and still in the heat of the moment we both completely forgot about the damned chilies.  As I said, sex can be funny!

Hot Dominance

Friday night was hot.  Scintillating, raw, hot sex. I have to tell you about it.  Mr. D was on fire and he made me burn, yes, he did.

He made me kneel on the bed.  Naked, except for the panties I wore for him.  They were see through black lace in the back and red satin with corset tie stitching in the front.  Scrumptious.  I have so much fun searching for lingerie that will set Mr. D  ablaze.  He warmed my ass with barehanded swats all over my exposed ass and thighs.  He pulled the full panty up until it was a thong pulled up in my crack.  I was twitching and eager for this spanking.  I felt a rush of heat when he started.  My whole body ached for it.  The more he spanked, the more I wanted.  Soon he had warmed my whole ass and the intensity was growing, the slaps were beginning to sting. I had written in the afternoon about the threshold being overstepped before but this time I wanted everything he had to give. He picked up the flogger and began to flog my ass and thighs.  The stinging intensified.  I started to moan. I began to feel it emotionally, viscerally.  He stopped flogging me and pulled my panties off.  He came up to where I knelt on the bed and shoved the panties in my mouth.  They became a makeshift gag.  He spoke then, “You are mine.  You are for my pleasure.  You will feel pleasure only because it pleases me. Do you understand?” Damn. I nodded vehemently.

Then he knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed.  He pulled me down until my ass was level with his face.  He wrapped his arms around me and then his tongue was invading my ass.  The sensations were beyond sensuous.  The wetness and the soft fluttering of his tongue in that most private of areas contrasted so amazingly with the flogging that had just stopped.  I was deep inside a blissful cloud.

He stopped, raised himself up and the flogger now bit into my back.  Crossing my skin, the long thongs of the flogger marked me and teased me with alternating thuddy and biting sensations.  Mr. D wields the flogger so well.  I feel lulled by the hits and just as quickly he surprises me and I am panting and shocked. After flogging my back, as I’m catching my breath Mr. D is behind me again.  He grabs my ass and pulls me down until I’m crouched over the end of the bed.  He grips my thighs and pulls my pussy back onto his cock.  He begins to fuck me doggy-style standing at the foot of the bed.  It was ecstasy, it was intoxicating, I loved it.  My mouth was stuffed with my own panties, his cock buried deep inside me, my ass and back still stinging from the spanking and the flogging.

The strangest thing happened while he was fucking me.  Some kind of endorphin rush washed over me.  I felt this wave of sensation break over the top of me like the surf.  It was as if I consciously watched myself enter subspace.  I’m not sure if it was subspace but as I felt Mr. D flog me again, I knew that after that wave happened my barriers or protections were all dashed to dust.  I would be his willing slave for anything he wanted to do to me.  The pain was no longer pain.  If he had pushed me over my usual pain threshold right then I would not have known or cared.  I would have taken it all.

After a while, Mr. D commanded me to crawl up onto the bed and lie on my back.  I was in a daze from his ministrations and complied automatically.  He pushed my legs up under my knees until I was folded in half with my crotch exposed.  He told me to put my hands where his were and hold my thighs. “Keep your legs open for me, understand?” I nodded.  Then he buried his face in my sex.  His tongue and lips singled out my clit and he sucked hard.  His tongue kept flicking back and forth over my swollen clit.  At some point, I wrapped my legs over his back, around his face, anywhere I could move to squirm under the onslaught of his invading tongue.  The pleasure was so incredible.  The feeling of being turned inside out was so raw, I finally couldn’t bear anymore.

“Please Daddy, stop.  It’s too much.” I gasped.

“Too much?” He laughed sardonically as he lifted his head from my sex and crawled up on top of me.

“Yes, too intense Daddy.” I panted again as I struggled for breath.

“It’s supposed to be too intense.  That’s the point baby girl.”  He mounted me and held his cock just out of reach of my aching need. “The right answer would have been, please Daddy fuck me.”

I nodded vigorously.  Yes, of course, that’s what I wanted. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Where was my mind at that point? Gone, completely and utterly under his dominion.  I felt so taken and dominated by him that it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask.

His cock filled me again.  His blue eyes pierced me and his hand came up to my neck.  He gripped my neck tightly and fucked me hard and fast.  It was powerful and he was potent in his control over me.  I was held in his grip and felt the world collapse in on itself as I heard him shout and his cum shoot deep inside me.

As I said, raw, powerful and intense.  I swear, the rest of life pales by comparison to this.

Last Night Part II

imagesAfter we had settled down and I had cleaned us up, I was snuggling up to Mr. D and we were enjoying each other and talking.  At one point, he snickered to himself and said, “You should have seen the look on your face when I asked you to use your words!” I had to laugh.  I hadn’t gotten how funny that line was during our play.  Sex can be hot and funny at the same time.

Mr. D was playful and wanted to tease me.  Admittedly, I was still revved up and wanted him.  He was toying with me and playing with my nipples.  He threatened to wind me up again and then roll over and go to sleep.  I was having fun playing with his nipple rings and just generally enjoying our togetherness but I wanted more.  We just had sex and I wanted him again.  Damn, I can’t seem to get enough of him when I’m with him.  Plus, he was teasing me about rolling over and going to sleep.  Something about being told that I can’t have something makes me want to pursue it even more.  I may not have wanted more sex badly enough to go chasing after it at that moment but then he took it away and that sealed the deal.  I wanted it.

I started kissing him and playing with him in more earnest ways.  I whispered in his ear and nibbled on it.  Eventually, Daddy said, “It looks like baby wants more.” I purred my acquiescence.  “Then, show Daddy.”

“Take my cock in your hand.” I reached down and held his hardness in my palm.  I began stroking him.  I love the feel of him in my hand…so soft to the touch but such hardness underneath.  “Tell me what you will do to convince me you want it.”  My lips were at his ear.  I bit his earlobe gently and whispered to him.  “First, I’ll touch your cock.”  I nibbled more.  “Then, I’ll put it in my mouth.

“Hm,” he returned the whisper, “will you run your tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock?” I made sounds in the affirmative. “Then, will you flick your tongue across the most sensitive spot at the tip?”

“Yes, Daddy, I will.” I was sure he was going to let me but he still hadn’t said yes.  I was like a taut rubber band stretched across a slingshot just waiting for release.  “May I, Daddy?” Please, let me loose to start what I ache to start!

“Yes, baby girl…go.” Finally released, I went down between his legs and put my cheek against his cock.  I rubbed his tip and then his girth over my cheeks and neck.  I wanted my lips on him but I promised to start lower and slowly.  I scooted back and dipped my head between his thighs.  I licked from under his scrotum near his ass up his balls, over the soft skin until I reached the base of his cock.  I ran my tongue up the base, feeling the pulsing there as I went.  I wrapped my tongue around his girth and flicked it across the smooth sensitive spot just below the tip of his cock.  Eager and hungry, I poised over the head of him.  I slowly, achingly slowly, opened my lips and slid the head of his cock inside my mouth.  Oh, the feel of the head in my mouth was divine.  The bulb of it pops in so easily and my lips fit right around the rim.  But then, the length of it beckons.  I must push down.  I must fill my mouth with it.  Slow, he had said, but by then I don’t want slow anymore.  I filled my mouth with him until I felt him pushing at the back of my throat.  His hips moved and his hand touched the back of my head.  I knew I was finally released from the slow pace.  I gave in to his touch and followed his lead, letting him push into the back of my throat.

For a moment, he pushes me up and leaves the bed.  He returns with the new plug with the pump.  He pushes me back on the bed and inserts the plug inside my pussy.  He pumps it up so that it fills me tightly and then turns on the vibration.  Finally, he returns to his spot on the bed.  “Continue.” I try to go back to focusing on sucking him but I’m distracted now.  The plug is huge inside me, stretching me wide and the vibration is taunting me.  His voice is also taunting me, “Is baby having a hard time focusing on my cock now?” No, I say… I won’t let this best me.  I get back to sucking him and trying to do the best damned job of it I can.

Finally, after a while, Mr. D rises and tells me to scoot up on the bed.  He takes the plug and releases the air valve.  Thankfully, it deflates and he pulls it out.  He has me get on my side and then mounts me.  His cock spears me deeply and I love it.  God, I love the feel of him deep inside filling me.  After a few strokes though, I learn that Mr. D has more on his mind.  His fingers begin to play with my exposed backside.  He takes some lube on his hand and starts working his finger inside me.  We haven’t had any anal play in two weeks and I’m divided.  I desperately want this for us but right at that moment I felt like all the previous training was out the window and we were back to the beginning.  Every ounce of my being was running from this.  His finger pushed in and I retreated.  Something in my mind just said, no, you’re not supposed to be there.

He told me to relax and stop fighting it.  I knew to listen and so I did.  I relaxed my body and let him in.  His finger pushed deep inside and suddenly all felt just right.  The pleasure washed over me then.  It is so unbelievably powerful.  His fingers taper and so the tip feels small but as he pushes it in then it fills me more and more until I feel stretched when he’s all the way in.  I moaned loudly into the pillow under my face.  Once he was all the way in, he began fucking my pussy again.  I moaned even more.  The combination is incredibly heady.  I didn’t realize then but Mr. D was taking me further tonight then we have been before.

Once he was deep into the rhythm of his cock moving inside my pussy his finger started moving in my ass.  He pulled it out and I breathed and then he pushed his finger in at the same time he thrust inside my pussy.  I cried out with the dual pleasure of it.  My head was buried in the pillow and my hands grabbed the edge of the bed to brace myself.  He began simultaneously fucking me in both places.  His cock and his finger must have been meeting inside me.   The pleasure was so incredible and beyond sensitive. I couldn’t help the sounds I made, I was just gone.  I rode wave after wave of pleasure so intense that it carried me away.  I felt and heard Mr. D thrust deeply one final time and release himself deep inside of me.  The sounds he makes when he comes filled my ears and my heart with joy.  It was so amazing.

I don’t know when we’ll finally move to having full anal sex but that night was a really big step and so exceptionally hot.  I’m completely addicted to this.


This is an off the cuff post. I ache for Mr. D so badly this morning. I’m at work texting him. I should probably let the Man focus on work. I know I should be focused on my work. But, ugh, when the need and the craving for him sets in sometimes it’s like a wildfire. I can’t put it out and blowing on it just makes it burn hotter.

How do you quench the flames when all you really want to do is burn baby burn? I want to wallow in the insanity. Like a shark in a feeding frenzy, I want to roll in the heady scent of it and be consumed.