Shower Scene

By the end of the eventful day in the pool, I was slightly tipsy and very horny.  Mr. D leaned into me, kissing me with intensity.  “Want to go upstairs?” I asked.  I wanted him.

He looked around the pool, the other couples were occupied. “Yeah, let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the stairs.  We waved to our crew and went up to the room.

Daddy led me to the balcony overlooking the pool.  On the tenth floor, no one could see us unless we were right at the railing. He pushed me down on the chaise lounge and pulled my bikini bottoms off.  His fingers probed me.  He worked them inside me until I was wet and ready.   He mounted me there, outside in the hot, humid air.  I was panting for him after all the teasing. 

After a brief fucking, we got up and went into the room to get more comfortable.  I took the rest of my suit off in the shower to hang it up.  Our shower was an open plan with no door and a glass block wall.  Inside there were two travertine blocks about two feet high that served as shelves.  Daddy joined me in the shower and said, “Bend over, hands on the blocks.” 

“Yes Daddy.” I did as commanded. My hands propped me up on the blocks. My head was against the wall and my ass up in the air.  He gripped my hips and maneuvered himself until his cock pushed up against my pussy.  I widened my stance until my feet were against each wall. It brought me down onto his cock.  He pumped into me while the water sprinkled over us.  I love being taken from behind and this shower served well for that purpose. 

We moved from the shower to the bed.  “Get on your side.” Daddy said.  He pushed one of my legs up into the fetal position and the other down between his legs.  He can slide right into my pussy this way and still have access to my ass.

“I own you.  You’re mine.” His cock slammed home. 

“Yes Daddy!” I said as I felt his thrust hit home.  He lubed his fingers and slid one in my ass.  I moaned loudly.  There was no one to disturb with my cries.  We were away from home and alone in the rooms.  He was relentless with his finger and then multiple fingers in my ass.  He reamed me.  I cried out and panted and held on under the onslaught. 

After a few minutes, Daddy switched our positions and was between my legs fucking me on my back. “I want your ass.  It’s mine and I’m going to take it.”

I knew that would fail miserably right then.  My ass was not ready.  I can tell when it’s a good day for anal and it wasn’t.  My body wasn’t prepared, my mind wasn’t prepared.  Oddly, I didn’t stress about it.  I was immediately resigned, I suppose.  I didn’t give it a thought.  “On your belly.” He said.  

I was on my belly waiting.  Then I realized it had been too long.  He wasn’t making a move.  It was too quiet.  I looked back up to him.  “What’s wrong Daddy?” He gathered me up in his arms.

“It’s not fair to do that to you.  We aren’t prepared and we don’t have the right toys with us.” We snuggled and I felt cradled in his care at the moment. 

“Baby girl, next week on Thursday you will take your plug and lube to work.  You will wait until the afternoon and then will put the plug in your ass.  You will wear it for two hours before you come home. Understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Then, I will take your ass.”

I was giddy then.  An order, planned preparation, owned and kept for a purpose.  I felt complete. 

Wants and Needs

sexy-couple-282x300I haven’t been in my Man’s arms naked and vulnerable for over a week.  Part of me feels the fire for him grow and explode like a massive pile of kindling each morning when I feel the burning in my loins.  Why does this happen at 9-10 am each morning…I have no idea.  I think it’s the lull of the morning allowing me a moment to reflect whereas every minute before that is filled with starting the day.  Another part of me, the erotic writer, feels the distance.  I wanted to write today about one of our episodes, about how amazingly connected I felt during one of our sessions. But I feel distance from that part of myself that is open and laid bare when I’m with him.

I’ll tell a different story instead.  I think I really should tell these immediately after they happen, while the moments and feelings are fresh.  I’ll try to relive the evening even though I feel the distance.  Perhaps, starting will lend to finding that connectedness again.

One night, Mr. D had a plan.  We had talked about me masturbating for him.  So, that night, he had everything planned out to make that happen.  He brought me into his room and asked me to lie upon the bed.  I wore a red chemise, flimsy and short to allow touch and temptation.   We kissed but I felt his distraction, he had more planned than I knew.  He reached down to the floor where he had his laptop.  He placed it next to me on the bed.  He wanted me to watch porn and touch myself.  He put on one of his favorite pieces.  It was about consensual non-consent.  This taxi driver would charge an exorbitant rate and then when the women couldn’t pay the bill he’d offer them another way to pay the bill.  Quite interesting.  I had not thought of non-consent that way.  In my mind, it is more like the old-fashioned Bodice Ripper tales where it starts out as forced and ends up with the woman completely into it.

So, the movie was playing and I began to touch myself.  My fingers caressed my breasts and then moved down between my legs.  I caressed down the sides of my sex and let my fingers fall upon my hard little nub.  I worked my fingers back and forth over it, feeling the pleasure intensify.  With those feelings rising, I had to kiss Mr. D.  I looked up to him and his lips replied.  His fingers joined mine in between my legs though his pushed deeper until they entered me.  I heard the scene on the laptop intensifying during that time but I was so entranced with Mr. D that I had no interest in pulling away from him.  I wanted his lips, I wanted him seeing me, I wanted him touching me.  As his fingers plunged deep inside me and my fingers worked my throbbing nub his hand pushed mine harder and harder against my

Now, the objective of this scene was for me to cum for Mr. D.  He wanted to watch me cum for him.   At the point where our hands were joined in this effort, I had the most torturous aching need to have him inside me.  I told him that I wanted him to fuck me.  I needed him immediately, no questions asked.  I felt my desire for him burning through me like a wildfire.  He must have felt the same because he did not delay in answering my request.  He pulled off his shorts and mounted me.  His cock filled me, fortunately, I was already so wet that he slid in easily.  This is not usually the case…more on that later.

Once I felt him deep inside me I was in heaven.  I wrapped my legs up around his waist and begged him to pump me mercilessly.  I wanted to feel him pound me so hard that there would be nothing left of me when he was done.  He can fill me so completely, I am just lost in the overwhelming feeling of him inside me.  As he pushed me to my limits and used me as I had begged him to, I entreated him once more.  I remember growling, “Nail me to the bed Daddy!”  He responded by doing as I asked with no thought, no hesitation.  Soon after, I felt and heard him come to an earth shattering release.


As we lay panting on the bed, he laughed and said, “How did that happen? We were supposed to bring you to orgasm, not me!”  I have to say, it was the most fulfilling turn of events I’ve ever experienced.  I loved being so turned on that my need overpowered both of our wants.