Can’t Wait

I’m heading home tomorrow morning. I haven’t seen Daddy in many days and I’m so excited to see him. 

I can’t think about him too much or I’ll start getting sappy sad.  Still a whole state away from Daddy and one more night, ugh.  Soon, very soon.

We will go on vacation together on Wedsnesday.  We are going to have some kinky hotel fun (I hope :D).  We’ll also see our kinky family, yay! 

Come on tomorrow, get here soon.



Now, I’ve done the one thing I never wanted to do.  I hurt Daddy.  I didn’t communicate and now I’ve hurt the one person that I should have put above all others.  Why can’t I communicate like I should?

What stops me from doing the right thing immediately?  I want to please everyone, I don’t want to hurt anyone and yet I seem to do just that. I hurt Daddy and I feel like the worst person on earth.

Why is this so hard?  Why am I so broken?  How can I make amends and more importantly, what can I do to handle things right in the first place?