His Hands


His hands are at once soft and hard

The fine fur on the them draws my touch

His grip is gentle as his love is felt

A caress across my skin excites the flesh

Until I’m crazed and wound into a frenzy

Then his hands become something more

Controlling and dominating me

Hard and unforgiving in their relentlessness

A victim to their command, I am powerless

Hypnotically they move me

Touching and guiding, taking their due

Until I am completely rapt



Every word drips from my lips

Into a sieve and squeezes through

To a jumbled mess at the bottom

Of a life sized bowl of alphabet soup.

From my vantage over the quagmire

I feel like the 50 Foot Woman

With arms as long as bridges and

Legs and thighs that go on for days.

My bikini is vast and my cleavage

Is the Grand Canyon.

But still the words dribble out of my lips

And float like clouds instead

Of falling with the weight of pearls.

The crowds filling the landscape

Around my feet have no fear

Of my words crushing them

And yet they stare up

At the expanse of my sex


Time and Need

Time and need
Months of stealing time
Hours here, a minute there
Basking while watching the clock
Needing her but not complicating her life
Wanting more; always more
Soon very soon
My heart racing
My libido throbbing
Craving intimacy and touch
Begging from the top
Her body in my arms
Her acquiescence feeding my soul
Her will becoming mine
Burning ever brighter
Desire fills me
I know need
Needing her touch
Needing her taste
Needing her focus
Needing her submission
I want her in my control
Protected from all but me and time
My time to torment, tease, and torture
My time to bathe in her light
Eliciting pleasure at her torment
Soon, my time will be at hand
I hear her even now
Begging Daddy to enter her
To take her and use her
I wait and plot and know
My time is coming…
November 12, 2014
Photo courtesy of Pixabay under CC Public Domain

His Words

Mr. D has found his voice and it speaks to me.  He speaks of us and of the world and the lifestyle.  I marvel at his depth and am thrilled to be on this journey with him.



Thank you




Juxtaposed meanings

Personal preferences

Inalienable rights

Fishbowl life

Societal denigration

Why do they care?

It is our lot; not theirs

I choose kink and color

Sans conservative drab

Rope, cuffs, chain, restraints

Spanking, dripping, lascivious, sex

Power exchange, dominant, Daddy

Creative contact – bonded in purpose

Roles defined, adherence demanded

Committed in purpose

Submit to me and be free

Take flight in our connection

You are mine by our consummation

Fire and ice; pleasure and pain

Demands made of each other

Never to be sullied or cheapened

I love your trust

Am honored by you

Humbled in my role

Daddy thanks his Baby Girl

July 1, 2014



Future Doors


Occasionally, I will post my Dominant’s writings as well as my own.  I want to see the progression through time and feel how the emotions of the two sides of this lifestyle mix.


Future Doors

The present is but a moment in time

It is now and then gone

To be cogent and aware of this moment

At the peril of the future is tantamount to failure

Decisions, like forks in the road

Forever changing outcomes

Desire driven dreams fuel motion

Permeating the grey of the unknown with purpose

Change is inevitable

Drive creates opportunity

Dreaming of the new

Opening paths to imagination

Burgeoning inspiration

My dreams are rampant

Ideology intact, I charge forward

Opening doors and surveying all that can be

Doors… to your soul

To our future together

To dreams undreamt

My Muse, my inspiration

Pulse quickens

Hope springs

Imagination soars

The future seems bigger than life…

June 30, 2014



It is not when I awake that I ache for you
As I rush through my morning I am at ease
But when the lull of activity falls upon me
I am awash with an overwhelming need
My body tingles
My loins throb
My breath catches
I ache for you
I ache for you
There is nothing I can do
I am helpless
I am powerless
I must crawl through the day
Knowing that surcease will not come
Until you hold me again

Color in Kind



My Love chose to respond to my poetry with his own poetry.  I am going to post his work on my site as well.  I feel that when one Muse sparkles a Muse in return, the two should be shared together.


I love the timeless dance with you.
The fiery tango.
Your pleading words delivered from supple lips.
Smothered by my mouth and the painting of our intertwined bodies
Bathed in brilliant color.
Color me red with desire
Orange and yellow with a passion bright,
White as the color of untamed heat,
Green with hope and new birth,
Gray as the ash from which our  passion gains new life, and
Sky blue the color of the simple comfort and peace
I also find when encircled and ensorcelled by your love.
You are my darling,  my muse, my siren, my Baby Girl, and my slut.   You are mine to dominate and protect.  You are mine to lavish with love and respect.  You are mine to show off and chastise as the situation and my mood dictate.   Simply.  You are mine!   You stir my blood, pull passion from me as if I were an unending source, demand my sex to respond and it is hard now reading your thoughts and thinking of you, I am a man on a mission to revolutionize what in-love means and be the standard by which all others lovers are measured.


Aching inside my hot need
No one here to touch me
Wanting more than the dingy grey
All the colors muddy and muted,
Palate left dry and unused.
Start the fire, bring the color
Sitting before you laid bare
Naked and exposed
Reality recedes
Fuzzy slippers and laundry melt away
All that remains is your touch
We dance the timeless dance
Locked in a fiery tango
Please, I beg more
Your reply certain
An ever sweeping crescendo
Upon my aching soul
Filling my lonely heart with
Unquenchable color

Marked by You


There is a soreness on my body
Where you marked me and claimed me as yours

There is a smile on my lips
Where the mark of your presence resides

There is a lightness in my heart
Where I can feel the mark of your warmth spreading

There is a space in my bed
Where I feel your mark now belongs

There is a place in my mind filled with thoughts of you
Where I am marked with possibilities and ache for more