We watched a movie and had lunch.  The apartment had every amenity except a couch.  I was using Daddy’s big chair.  The legs had broken in the move so it was quite a bit lower to the floor but still comfy.  He was sitting in a camping chair next to me.  A very nice camping chair but still not ideal. The dining room table sans legs was propped on a box and made a serviceable coffee table. I told him I loved that set up so much I wanted to permanently cut the legs shorter.

I took our dishes to the kitchen and when I returned he pointed to the floor in front of him.  I sank gracefully to my knees.  I put my arms around his waist and held him for a moment.  

I looked up to him knowing I was here at his feet at his beckoning. “I’m going to answer a few work emails but first you’re going to suck my cock.” I smiled as he pulled down the front of his pants. 

“Do you want to suck my cock slut?” 

“Yes Daddy, I love sucking your cock.”  I do.  There is something so incredible about him allowing me to touch his most sacred part. I want every time I pleasure him to be as amazing as I can make it.  

Sure, I could be crass and say, all men want you to suck their cock.  What’s so amazing?  But why be like that?  It serves no one.  I love to give him pleasure.  I love to have a goal and a challenge.  My challenge is to make every flick of the tongue cause a reaction, every deep throat push deeper, every tongue caress hit the sweet spot.  Otherwise, why bother?  Giving my Dominant pleasure is an honor so I treat it as one.

I was languishing in the feel of him on my tongue.  I was tasting the cleanliness of him.  Aching for a drop of his seed to taste.  This wasn’t a blowjob with a direction.  We were both sated.  This was cock worship.  I could blissfully take my time. 

“Hm, you’re so clean.” I said with a little something in my voice.

“Too clean for my slut?  You want that man musk, do ya?”  He knows me.  I smiled with cock in my mouth and pulled out to answer.

“Well, yeah.  I love me some man musk.  Mm hmm.”  I licked him and chuckled.  I refocused on my task.  I love the girth of him, his cock pushing down my throat, stopping my breath, sucking and working my mouth on him.  

Damn, I was getting turned on. I felt the banter fall away and the heat overtake me.  I looked up to him with a mouthful of cock, eyes glazed with passion. I was struck by the intensity of his steely blue stare.  He was watching me and now he had me captive.  My heart jumped in my chest.  

He pulled me up and kissed me.  The fire between us blazed hot and fierce.  I became nothing more than a cinder in his embrace.  Our kissing drugged me.  I fell into a love-induced trance.  His lips trailed down my chin. He gripped my hair pulling my head back to expose my neck. His lips and teeth blazed a line down my throat. I whimpered and tried to pull away. “Stay.” He said, halting my escape. I trust him but the instinct for survival is undeniably animalistic. The fear rolls over me and I become prey.

His lips at my throat, locked together in mutual torment, he said,”Amazing. You are incredible. Three years later and you still have me rock hard and on fire for you.” His teeth dug into my throat.  
“Daddy…” I entreated. My pussy was throbbing and yet I was about to hyperventilate with fear.  “I want you.”  

“Come with me.” He stood and pulled me to my feet.  I thought we were headed to the bedroom but he led me to the other room.  He opened the door.  It was empty and cold except for the spanking bench  in the middle.

“You are mine. My prize. Present yourself.” He said.  I pulled off my pants and mounted the bench.  I knew what was coming.  All his toys remained packed in the other room.   One hand went to my neck the other my ass.  Gripping the hair at my nape, he spanked my ass twice…then four times in quick succession.  It was hard, it was fast.  The pace matched our pheromone fueled heartbeats.

His fingers pushed into my sex.  God, I wanted him.   The more he spanked me, the more I would do anything to have him.  Damn, I had missed him.   After warming my ass and my pussy he propelled me to the bedroom for a sound fucking. 

19 Days

It has been 19 days since I last wrote.  It is probably the longest dry spell since I began writing for Mr. D.  It has been far too long.

My mother passed away.  Amidst the grieving and planning her funeral and memorial, I lost my drive.  Not just the drive to write but the drive to do much of anything.  I think it was the pendulum swing from over-worked, over-focused on caring for a loved one, and pretty much an over-filled life. I dropped down a rabbit hole of ‘I don’t want to work and I don’t want to do anything.’

After her memorial, the Monday after, my need to get things done finally came back to me.  I worked through my desk with a singleminded drive that was infused into my psyche.  I spent a solid week and came out with a pristine desk and a real do-to list of valid projects to carry my company to Christmas.  That felt amazing.

Then I took two weeks off.  I’m on day three of my vacation.  I have worked solidly in the same manner on home projects.  I had a massive volunteer project that languished while mom was ill. I had to wrap that up and I turned it all over today.  Finally, my plate is much less full. 

This evening I showered and dressed for Mr. D.  The only thing on my plate was serving him.  It felt good, it felt like I was home after so long. We have had our time together through all this and Mr. D has been incredibly supportive.  But today I feel like I can breathe and that I can return to being focused on us…on our dynamic again.


Sunday, I woke up a while before Mr. D woke up.  I laid in bed next to him enjoying the early morning quiet.  I smiled thinking about our antics with the chili peppers the night before and promised myself I would not be the one to start anything today.  I sighed inwardly knowing that I really needed to leave him alone sexually so he could heal.  Damn but it’s hard keeping my hands off the man.  If we were going to be bad, I was determined it wasn’t going to be me starting things.  I can’t deny him but I wouldn’t start anything.  There, my mind was made.  I could be strong.  Then he woke up.

“Get over here woman.”  I beamed a happy morning smile and snuggled up to him.  He woke up and we talked while we snuggled. My hands were on him as they always are.  I just have to touch him.  He’s got the most amazing fur.  Light-colored, soft fur over his manly hardness….pure addiction.  Excuse me while I obsess a moment…okay, I’m done, lol.

I kept my hands to generally non-sexual areas.  We kissed and talked.  I asked him how he was feeling.  I said, “I’m being good.  I’m not touching you or provoking you in any way to start something.”  I was trying really hard. Fuck, I wanted him.  I’m a horrible person.  I tried to keep it to myself.  He kissed me again.  This time I returned the passion in his kiss twofold.  I could feel the heat coming off of him.  We were in so much trouble.

“Daddy, I’m trying really hard to be good.  I don’t want to make things worse.” More kissing and now I’m hiding against his side.  I’m desperate to grind into him but I restrain myself.  His fingers curl into my hair pulling me up and forcing my eyes to his.

“What I love…” his molten blue eyes locked fiercely on mine, “is how little control we have over this.” His kiss burned through me then. “Baby, touch Daddy’s cock.” Then I knew it was all over.  I’m at once resigned that I’ve failed him and over the top ecstatic that he’s going to fuck me.  The friction between us, both trying to resist the inevitable, has kicked us beyond normal levels and into another realm of kinetic passion entirely.

We were wild in our connection.  Daddy was deep into his Dominance.  I felt like a shark rolling in chum.  I wanted the scent of his Dominant spirit all over me.  When he thrust into me I cried out with the need of him.  His hand was on my throat, choking me, my head thrown back in invitation.  He slapped my breasts hard.  The pain was shocking, his Dominance riotous.

I wanted everything.  His control of me and our passion on the edge of control together. His voice filled my whole essence. The more he talked of his capture of me the wetter I became. The more pain he inflicted the wetter I got. When he told me how wet I was I noticed the slick moisture sliding between us from belly to thigh. How does that happen? I have no control over it, he has all the control.

I cry and whimper and I want the pain to stop but he is learning my triggers. “I am figuring you out baby girl. You have this look of torture on your face but I can see you get all squirrelly in here,” his finger taps my forehead, “and then I feel a flood down there.” He grinds his cock deeper into me. “You can’t lie to me.” And with his words comes another flood.

I understand it and I don’t. I do want to run from the pain. Breast torture is more pain than I thought it would be or thought I could handle but the results…I can’t deny them. I can’t deny him. I’m a hopeless addict and he’s the fix. His dominance and his voice inside my head send me to some other place, a place I want to be all the time now.

Mr. D


Shining Light

Times like these challenge my sanity
Awash in the clamor of the city
Senses overloaded by noise
Breathing in the sweat of the masses
Clamoring against the ringing of the ignorant
Filled with angst and brought low

Until you

I have been elevated by you
Senses purified by your scent
Reinvigorated by our passion
Refreshed in the embrace of you
Relishing your intelligence and love
Daring not to wake from this dream

Truly awakened

Filled with dark desire and lust
Demanding you serve in joy
Challenging your limits
Accepting your love and need
Needing your ardor and submission
Mine, you are MINE now and forever

Lighting my way

My solace from the storm beyond
And yet, creator of the storms within
Tidal waves of emotion crash upon me
Avalanches of pleasure and longing take my breath
Passion is truth as we navigate this life
My Shining Light showing me safely home to her embrace

December 12, 2014