My collaring was a simple and 
private matter between us. When we returned from the drive to purchase my collar, Mr. D sat in his big chair and had me sit on the bed in front of him. He put my collar in my hands. He said that this time, unlike the first occasion, he did not have a written contract prepared. He said this was new to both of us and that there would be rules and protocols as we went on but for now I must say anything I wanted or needed to say. Once this was done and I had accepted my collar, I would have no choice.

I held the collar and looked from him to the collar and back. He slumped down in his chair a little more. “I put you on the bed above me so that I would not be intimidating.” How can I not love such a man?

I thought about him and about us. I thought about the most recent stress he put himself through of a three hour round trip on a Friday evening to get the collar for me. I thought about why he was doing this…was it solely for me or did he want this too? I thought about everything and nothing at all. He continued to look at me…waiting. 

“I have absolutely no reservations in accepting this. I want this and I want you.” I’m pretty sure my voice shook a little. I felt nervous speaking. I handed him the collar. I lifted my hair and he tightened the collar around my neck. He made sure it was comfortable on me and that I could breath.

“Now, some rules.  You will choose a special word to mean your collar. When we’re with friends or relaxing and you hear this word you will know that you are to leave what you’re doing, go to the bedroom and put on your collar. You are to strip naked and present yourself for my pleasure.”
I nodded my understanding. 

“Dust.” I said. Our little joke of a feather duster and me dusting for him…that would be my word. He smiled.

The next day I still had my collar on. Even though it is almost tall enough to be a posture collar, I slept in it. I hadn’t wanted to take it off so soon. I felt really self conscious when I went out to the kitchen that morning. The roommates know about our lifestyle and two of them used to be in the lifestyle but they aren’t any longer. I felt very submissive because of the collar. They all said nice things but I really have no idea what they thought. Anyway, it is only between us. None of anyone else’s concern. It felt like I was wearing my heart outside of my body, I felt so vulnerable. It was very eye opening for me. I really and truly felt like his property for the first time.

From Daddy

This is the letter Mr. D sent me before I lifer on my trip.  I was so concerned to be leaving him.  I’m so glad I’m back. And I’m beyond touched and grateful to have a Daddy like him.

Sitting here after visiting you thinking how very lucky I am. Knowing you are mine and loving the connection and value we cherish each other with makes me giddy.  You are going on a blink of a trip to a wonderful place in support of a dear friend. I love everything about that. That you cherish him enough to be there when needed. And it is needed with him. Not because he has no one else but because it shows the lengths you go to support those who need you. I need you and that is reassuring to me.  

You get to visit your little brother and share an experience in Europe that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. That’s Karma blessing your trip.  

I love you and three weeks will seem like forever but I love everything about you and this trip and circumstance. You deserve wonderful and exceptional. I hope that the trip embodies all that is right with your friend and brings him a sense of joy and peace that I don’t think he has presently. You can be that catalyst in his life.  

Baby Girl people love you and clamor to you. You have a rich life in the people and family you nurture and that is a gift. Treasure it.  

You are my future. You may be my destiny. But whatever brought us together I am grateful.   

No more tears. No more worries. Daddy loves you and cherishes you. He doesn’t stipulate how or when just that it is. That is enough and more.  

Love you,