Forced Orgasm

Last month, when we were together at his place, he pushed me further than he had pushed me in a long time.

That weekend he made me cum four different times. This last one was harsh. He used his Hitachi full force on my clit. Prior to that we had played and played and played. My body was a finely tuned instrument by then. I quickly approached the edge but as typically happens for me, I plateaued.

I rush up to the edge of orgasm, everything fine and then a lull happens and my mind begins to work on me. I want this. I want to cum for him. Cum for Daddy. Don't fail him. You're failing him. Then it's a bloody damned miracle if I cum.

This time though his voice and his words took me out of it. "I'm going to teach you slut. You'll cum for me. Then I'll tie you up with that wand on your clit. You won't be able to escape. I'll go get something to eat and you'll be here with that vibe working you for hours. You can scream and cry and squirm but you'll cum for me over and over."

The thought of him torturing me like that sent me right over the edge. I came hard. I bucked and shook and cried out just like he said I would. Yet still he kept the vibrator pressed hard against my clit and I couldn't take it. The feeling of it pressed against my hypersensitive clit as I came made me lose my shit.

"Please Daddy, no!! Please stop! No Daddy, no more…please no more!" He kept it pressed on my spasming clit and the pain of it made me gasp and cry. Many women can't have their sex touched right after an orgasm, apparently I'm one.

He finally took the vibrator off my clit and my body, which had been clenched in a position completely raised off the bed, could let go. I collapsed and rolled into a ball.

I was so relieved he took the machine off my poor clit. My body kept spasming as I came down from that intense orgasm. I felt languorous and so relaxed. He came up on the bed and curled around me asking me if I was ok. I love where he takes me.

Come Slut

I’m not sure how the mood turned but it did.  The smell of sex permeated in minutes.  

I sucked his cock after permission was given.  My tongue, my throat, his silky hard cock.  I was entranced.  I savored every lick, the stretch of my throat, my restricted breathing.

“On your belly, baby girl.” I felt languid from touching him.  I rolled over presenting him my ass, thighs, back.  His hands caressed, his eyes ravished.  I breathed in his pheromones.

The vibe materialized under me.  Pushed up between my thighs. It coaxed and cajoled my sex.  But his words, oh his words, those seduced my mind. “Are you my whore?  Yes, you are.  That’s a good whore.  You’re going to be my good little cum whore and give me what I want.”

His fingers curled into the close hairs at the nape of my neck and pulled my head up.  His teeth grazing the side of my neck as venom dripped from his lips.  “My good slut, feel it, take it.  Give me what I want.  You want to, I know.” 

His hand released the adder’s grip from my neck and pushed my face into the sheets.  His face pushed between my ass cheeks, his tongue assaulted my asshole.  My back arched on its own, opening me to him while vibrations continued their relentless affair under me.

“I should just fuck your ass right now, no warm up, and listen to you whimper.” His finger slid into my tight hole.  He knew how that threat would scare me, excite me. I feared him tearing me, but I ached for him stretching me wide.  Oh, the dichotomy.  My pussy spasmed with every threat. 

His finger fucked my ass.  The intense sensations from ass to clit were turning my soul. Rolling her like swine in slop.  “Dirty girl, you’d like me to take your ass.  You want to be my dirty whore.  Such a good little dirty whore you are.”

He pushed the vibrator up high and tight on my throbbing clit.  I would not take long, I was gone.  Only a dirty slut remained pinned under him. I responded to him now, the frenzy was upon me. “Yes Daddy, I’m your dirty girl, dirty girl. Wicked dirty girl.” I spoke in tongues to my Devil, my captor.

“Yes, my little cum whore, you want to give me your come don’t you?” He spanked me hard, once, twice, thrice, in staccato succession.  “Give it to me.”

My body convulsed, I continued to spew filth as the orgasm tore through my body and mind.  Hot sticky glorious waves of pleasure.  He pushed me down on the vibe knowing I’d want it gone now.  “No, take it, ride it.”  Fuck! Please let it stop, I can’t take it.

I kept coming with his hand pressing me down.  I rode the storm.  My mental ship and all her crew tossed on the churning, roiling tide.  The vibe stopped, it must have.  Breathing became my world.  His warmth and caress my heaven. 

“That’s right.  Good girl.  You did very well.  Such a good girl.” I wrapped myself in him.  His love, his approval.  My bliss.

Aching Need

Daddy and I have been sick for weeks.  One of those hacking coughs that precursors something worse.  We are both finally on antibiotics and healing.  

When Daddy saw his Doctor they found that even on multiple blood pressure meds his blood pressure is still dangerously high.  They put him on a couple more.  

With all this happening, we weren’t able to have sex before he left for Texas.  I bit my tongue even though I desperately wanted him.  You want to say your sex life is worth dying for but in reality I don’t want to kill the man with ecstasy. 

But damn I want him.  Two more weeks until I see him.  Every night this week I’ve masturbated after all are asleep and the house is quiet. The need is so great that every orgasm has rocked me long past my normal response.  It’s this odd shaking shudder that begins in my sex and spasms through the rest of me.  Delicious but telling.  

I ache in a very deep way for my Master, my Daddy, now my Fiancé. He brought me to life and my body responds to him like no other.  

Counting the days…


“May I suck your cock Daddy?” I was snuggled up at his side, my hand on his cock, on his body, everywhere I could reach.

“You’d better.” He said.  I am required to ask first.  It just kills me, I don’t know why.  Several reasons I guess.  I must voice my desire, sometimes hard for me.  I can’t just surprise him.  I can’t control the action.  He is in control. I get nervous to ask every time.  Even if for a slight second I feel myself hesitate.  Then I finally ask and I feel his power overwhelm me. He didn’t have to do a thing yet I am controlled.  I feel the heat and need grip my sex just writing this. The best is when he tells me no.  Damn that twists me up in the best way, insanely good.

I knelt between his spread legs. His cock at attention.  I can feel it in my mouth even now.  Silky smooth and so wide he stretches my mouth open uncomfortably.  I take him in.  I pamper his cock. I let it slide into my wet mouth, moistening it.

I feel his head hit the back of my throat.  I align my body, I angle my neck, I open my mouth differently than I did before, then his cock slides back further.  I focus on his breathing, on the fit of his girth in my throat.

After a while, while I was running my tongue over his ball sac and feeling the little ridges rise and fall; he said, “Baby, I want you to get on top of me.”

We don’t do this position as much as others.  I have a bad wrist so it’s a challenge plus I never feel like I get the thrust power Daddy gets on top.  I’m sure I need practice to achieve that.    I crawled up on top of him.  I lifted up and put him inside me.  I wriggled down on his cock until it was all the way in me to the hilt. 

I felt him lean over tipping me to the side.  I wondered what he was doing until he righted himself and he had the wand in his hand.  Now I understood what he wanted.  He put the wand between us and turned the cursed thing on.  I wasn’t ready for that at all.  I had been fully focused on pleasing him.  My mind was not on myself in the least bit. As the vibration began to warm me I began to fuck him.  What Daddy wants Daddy gets.

I rode him.  My thighs gripping him, my body perpendicular to his with his cock speared deep inside me.  The vibrations coursed through me and I felt my body respond. His eyes were on me.  He was watching the passion overtake me, watching my breasts bounce, watching the expressions on my face.  This was for him.  He put me on him like a trophy on a mantle and watched me.

With the feel of his cock moving through me and the vibrations steamrolling over me is wasn’t long before my body gave him what he wanted.  I had no control.  The wave of passion and shocking pleasure took me away as I came hard on top of him.

He pulled the wand out and let me fall on him, draped like a blanket over his body.  I shuddered and breathed deep as he petted me and said, “Thank you my Love.”


He gave me orders.  “Put on the red sheath and red shoes, then kneel before me.”

I went to the bathroom and stripped.  I put on the red satin chemise I leave at his place and the insanely high shiny red stilettos.  He calls them Daddy’s earrings.

I came out of the bathroom and knelt before him at the end of the bed, eyes lowered and hands behind my back.   He leaned over and held my chin while he kissed my cheek.  His fingers slid down until he was gripping my neck.  “Whose slut are you?”

“Yours Daddy.” His grip tightened.

“I can’t hear you. Who do you belong to?”

I tried to clear my throat.  I couldn’t really with him gripping it.  But I tried.  “You Daddy.”

“Damned right.”  He rose up and shoved his cock in my face.  I opened immediately and his cock thrust dry and haltingly down my throat.  I thrust my tongue out so there would be room for him in my throat.  I tried to lick him as he pulled back out, anything to make some saliva and help the way. He thrust in again.  Easier and wetter finally.  I wrapped my lips around him, doing my best to please him even though I was choking on each thrust.  

“Get up.”  He pulled out and backed up, letting me rise onto the stilettos.  “On your back on the bed, face here.” He positioned me with my head hanging off the bed so that I was facing his big chair upside down.  He took out the Magic Wand vibrator and put in on my clit, turning it on.  “Hold that in position. Do not let it move.” He stood at the end of the bed and pushed his cock back in my mouth.

More slowly this time, he let me suck his cock inside my mouth.  The intense vibrations from the wand worked me into a fervor.  I held the wand gently at first, the intensity being too great.  His cock began to slide all the way in and back out of my waiting mouth.  The deeper he pushed the more I stuck out my tongue and opened my throat.  In the past, I’ve choked significantly in this position.  But with the vibrations completely distracting me I didn’t have any problems with gagging and I took him all the way down my throat.  

The deeper he pushed the closer to orgasm I got.  He was facefucking me deeply now.  While he did this he reached out and pushed the wand harder against my throbbing clit.  Harder and faster he fucked my mouth, harder and faster he pushed the wand. I had no control over my body and felt the orgasm slam into me.  I bucked on the bed as his cock still filled my throat. “That’s right, cum you little slut!” I heard Daddy rumble.

He pulled out of my throat and climbed on top of me on the bed.  His cock pierced me and he fucked me hard and fast with the wand pinned between us still tormenting my cum ravaged clit.  Harder he pumped until I could feel another orgasm building.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was jumping at the intensity of the wand touching me after the first orgasm and now another was close. He said, “Cum for me, you are mine. Cum for me.” I felt my body obey.  The building, the throbbing, the unstoppable happened again.  With his cock inside me, I came and spasmed all over him.  Shortly afterwards, he came hard as well.

Afterwards, I flung the wand off me because I couldn’t get the damned thing to turn off!  We both lay gasping with the wand vibrating alongside us on the bed until Daddy managed to turn it off.

I teetered on spikey stilettos to get warm towels to clean us off.  It was quite a night.

Orgasm Training

Daddy put me in his big chair legs spread wide. He took the Hitachi out.  That damned torture device that he bought to work on my orgasms.  It is so very intense.  The vibration is so very intense.  Did I say it was intense? Damn, well it is.  He made me put my arms above my head.  I wasn’t allowed to touch him.  He knows how much that gets to me.  There is some visceral drugged feeling I get from touching him.  I need to feel his body under my hands.  I need to feel the soft fur and the hard muscle.  I need to feel his unique maleness.  I love that I can touch him in whatever way he allows…until he doesn’t allow me.  Then it drives me insane just the way he wants.

With my fingers laced together on top of my head, I leaned back in his chair with my legs over the arm rests. His fingers pushed inside me while he had the Hitachi turned on low placed on my clit.  The intense vibrations began to do their work.  His fingers began to fuck me slowly.  I moaned as my eyes met his.  Mine begged him silently to let me touch him.  He chuckled and shook his head.

“Poor little tortured girl. Daddy isn’t nice to you, is he?”

“No, Daddy, you aren’t.” I smiled beside myself…in spite of myself. He brings out the pouty little girl in me something fierce.  God, how I love to be that girl with him.  It ramps up the fervor of our play to a different pitch.  Mmm, I love that.

The vibrations were lifting the passion from me, making my body respond quickly. I had no control.  My usual hesitation or my mind’s reticence to let go were thrown out the window.  My control was relinquished to him.  His fingers fucked me harder and just when I felt my body responding and a rhythm coursing through me, he turned up the speed on the Hitachi.

“No! Oh please no Daddy.  No…no more, not that.” Why do I beg?  I beg for it to stop but my body is responding.  My orgasm is imminent.  He is ripping it right out of me.  I want it.  I want to give it to him but still I beg.  “Oh God, no Daddy…I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I pant and pant and the orgasm is ripped from me by him and by that tormenting machine.

“That’s good baby girl. You did very well. I could feel your muscles grab my fingers inside you.  That was really nice.” He turns off the machine and holds me for a moment.  This is the second or third time he’s gotten me to orgasm this way.  The Hitachi is a horribly effective machine for this training he is doing.  He’s slowly retraining me and my body to respond to him. “Get on your back on the bed.”

With my body still vibrating on its own, I got on the bed on my back. My ass was on the edge of the bed, my legs hanging off as he wanted.  He lifted them and held my thighs while he leaned down and tasted my juices.  I heard happy noises as he licked me.  I was so hyper-sensitive that when his tongue touched my clit I nearly jumped off the bed.  I had no idea he’d go there again so soon.  I squirmed and tried to stay still but it was so, so sensitive.  So, I held my breath and did everything I could not to fight it.  Soon my body began to respond again.  His tongue was flicking back and forth on my clit bringing me close to the edge again.

He rose up and pushed his cock inside me. As he fucked me he reached around and grabbed the Hitachi again.  My eyes were completely round orbs at the sight of it.  No, no, no my mind railed but I said nothing.  I knew it was hopeless to complain or beg at that point.  He was going to have what he wanted.  He fit the machine between us and turned it on.  He resumed fucking me while the evil machine worked its relentless magic.

My body responded faster this time. He had me primed, he was fucking me which I love so much and the vibrations kept on coming.  Ever so quickly I felt my body rise, the sensations peak.  I felt the orgasm come on and finally crash upon me.  “I’m cumming Daddy! I’m cumming.”

“Mmm, I know baby doll. I know.”

That was the first time I’ve ever cum with someone inside me. I’m so fortunate to have such an imaginative and persistent lover.  He told me we’d figure it out and he was relentless in finding different ways work the problem.  He made it part of our play and tormented me with it and in the end he found a way to begin to break down my barriers.  I’m incredibly blessed to be His.

Control – Fiction

Slipping into a red nightshirt, Andrea sat in front of the computer.  She loved this time of night when everyone was relaxed or asleep and she could just browse emails or read articles.  


It was her time.


John’s deep voice startled her from the door of the room.  “My girl, I have a task for you.”  


His command was soft though Andrea knew there wasn’t a possibility of her saying no.  “Yes, my Master.”  Her heart beat hard and rapid at the uttering of this phrase.  


“Come, kneel here on the carpet.  Table for me sweetie.”


She walked over to him and knelt.  Andrea’s hands touched the floor, lifting her back flat as a table for him.  Kneeling there at his feet, she felt very vulnerable and exposed.  Her nightshirt bloused out from her breasts as they hung freely.  Her roundly shaped ass was fully visible.  As he circled her on the floor, she spread her legs the way he’d want her to do.  Arching her back slightly, her sex was exposed for him.


“Touch yourself girl.”  Her heart beat faster as she obeyed.  Shifting her weight to one hand, she reached the other back to her sex.  Her fingers rubbed the tiny nub of her clit.  She felt it throb under her fingers as they moved.


“I want you to come for me doll.”  Lowering her head, her long blonde hair grazed the carpet and caressed her shaking arm.  Her weight held by one arm was starting to take its toll.


Working her fingers faster on her clit, Andrea panted from the exertion of holding the pose and from her body’s reactions.  Holding her breath, her body bucked as she felt the waves of her orgasm roll over her.  A light sheen of perspiration beaded on her forehead, her cheeks were flushed as she looked up to him.


“Nicely done, my girl.  Now, strip for me, I have further work for you to do.”  Her face a mask of obedience, she stripped off her night shirt and stayed kneeling there until he returned with a bit which he put between her teeth.  In his hands, were clamps which he tightened on her nipples.  The fire and the pain of the clamps burned through her, making her want to whimper against the bit in her mouth, but she kept quiet.  She wouldn’t let her pain get the best of her.  Besides, the warmth was beginning to spread through her body from her fiery nipples.


With whip in hand, John indicated that she stand up.  With her hands clasped behind her, she stood before him.  The falls of the whip caressed her breasts and chest.  At first the sensation was teasing and offered some distraction from the pinching on her nipples.  This didn’t last.  The whipping began in earnest and she clenched down on the wooden bit in her teeth.   The sting of each fall barely had time to mellow before she felt the sting begin on her other breast.  Each time the falls happened to strike her tortured nipples she would jump and had to resist backing up from him.


Finally, John stopped when there were tears glistening on her cheeks.  Her breasts and nipples were on fire; her loins were also on pulsating from the sensations washing over her.


“Back on your knees my pet.  I want another orgasm from you now.  Please me with your cries.”  Taking the bit from her lips, she sighed.  Kneeling by the bed, she felt his hand gently on her back pushing her chest down onto the soft comforter.  Any other time, she would have loved the restful position but this time it only caused her to feel the hot licking pain in her nipples even more.


She spread her knees wide and reached her fingers down to touch her throbbing sex.  Heat poured from her wet pussy as her fingers caressed up and down her pink inner walls.  As her fingers touched her swollen clit she came almost immediately.  The throbbing intensified as moans escaped her.


Completely spent and sore, she looked up to her beloved and was greeted with a sight that made her heart sink.  His eyes were twinkling with pleasure and mischievousness at the same time.   In his hand was a dildo.  In his eyes was a command.


Taking a minute to digest the expectation, she rose on shaky legs before him.  “Yes, my Master.”  As he removed the nipple clamps she cried out in pain as the blood rushed back to the damaged area, the pain of it bringing back the whipping all over again.

Pushing her back on the bed, she stretched out before him and took the dildo in her hand.  Looking up into his eyes, she found the desire there strong and fervent.  A moment before, she had no idea where she would find the strength to perform any further.  


Now, with his pleasure motivating her, Andrea needed no further prodding. Opening her thighs wide, she placed the dildo at the entrance of her bright pink pussy.  All the sensations of the two orgasms she already had came rushing back.  As she arched her back, she pushed the dildo deep inside her.  Her aching breasts pushed into the air, dancing before him.  Her knees shook and her hand worked faster and faster, filling her with each thrust of the dildo.  Whimpering her pleasure, her eyes never left his.  She wanted this more for him now than for her.  She was a woman unleashed in her ecstasy lying before him, giving all her passion to him.


Finally, unable to hold out any longer, her body bucked upon the bed.  Her hand cupped her sex holding the device completely inside her.  Her eyes smoldered as she connected with him and let loose the flood.

The Elephant in the Room

I have a confession. I know this isn’t church, it’s a blog. But I have read a lot of blogs from D/s folks recently and I see a trend. I don’t want to be a pie-in-the-sky writer. I won’t be the one telling you everything is ‘amazing’ and spectacular all the time if it isn’t. My goals are to understand my role in this lifestyle, to keep Mr. D informed of all that goes on in my mind (because he wants to know) and also to entertain. I love to write for others because it makes me happy to make people smile or laugh or cry or sigh or ignite with passion. It’s part of the submissiveness that is me. I love sharing the whole range of emotions.

I can’t orgasm with Mr. D. I can’t orgasm with anyone actually. I can come just fine while masturbating by myself but with someone else it seems like I lose focus or I’m focused on them or who knows why. Twenty years in a relationship and I chocked it up to many things back then. Shyness at first, I was a teenager and very shy and conservative. Later when we were older and had problems it was our lack of being connected or his lack of interest in others. My ex was and still is a somewhat self-centered person. So, it was easy enough to pin my problem on that. Sex was good but just not focused on me except for occasionally. It was really easy to hide behind that. Then it became habit. We couldn’t figure it out so we gave up. I gave up because it was horrible being the one who was making our sex difficult. He gave up because I asked him to give up. I thought of it as my problem not his. He was getting off either way so what did it matter?

There is a really big problem with continuing that old line of reasoning, however. It does matter. Also, Mr. D does care. It matters to him and because it matters to him it matters very much to me. Add to that a D/s dynamic with all the varied ways you can control someone through their orgasms…orgasm denial, orgasm control, edge play, etc. and you can see the huge flaw in avoiding this issue. There is so much I’m denying him right now. This is supposed to be about him having control over me not my issues having control over both of us.

I have tried making it a non-issue. I’ve talked with Mr. D about it. It truly does not affect how I feel about our sex. I’ve never had sex like this. The depth of it and the way he gets in my head is more than I could have ever dreamed. It’s everything I had hoped for in every fantasy I’ve ever had about being in a D/s relationship. When I began studying about the lifestyle many years ago, I thought that maybe the intensity of D/s play would be what would kick me out of this problem. So far, it hasn’t. And I see it concerning Mr. D. He’s never been with anyone he couldn’t get over the edge.

This weekend there was a point where we were deep in play and Mr. D was inside my head. I expressed in a previous blog that it felt like he went past walls I didn’t know I had. I see this as hope. I know the longer we’re together the deeper we’ll go and the more he’ll learn how to get into my headspace. I think this is key. But I also think I need to take matters into my own hands, too. I have started to masturbate every day. I have given my habits some thought. Due to my life as a working mom, I have limited time and so my sexual alone time in a regular week has devolved into five minutes of porn on my phone until I get off and then fell asleep. This is no way to fix a problem. I have all but lost my ability to get off on my own. So, I’ve decided to masturbate with no visual assistance and as much as possible. If the problem is in my head then I need to be ‘in there’ as much as possible to figure this out. I can’t just show up to my Mr. D each week and say ‘help poor me with this’. We tried me masturbating in front of him and with him helping but no go. I could have continued forever but my mind kept wandering around in circles…first on him, then on me, then fantasy, then back to him. This is nice, I can do this. Okay, it’s building. I wonder if this turns him on. Oh yes, it does, he’s touching me. Moan for him, he’ll like that. Okay, stop that, this is supposed to be for you. Try fantasizing…okay, there you go…collared on a leash in public….no wait, bent over his spanking bench…no wait, how long have I been doing this he’s got to be bored by now….ugh! What a piece of work I can be left all alone in my own head. Ugh again.

But with Mr. D in charge all that goes out the window. I’m completely singularly focused. I’m intoxicated and addicted…panting and eager to please. He sends me to such dizzying heights of passion, further than I’ve ever gone and completely utterly lost in the moment. So, why don’t I spill over the edge from that dizzying height in the throes of all the passion he inspires? No idea.

For the moment I’m trying daily enforced masturbation. I’ll keep you posted.