His Hands


His hands are at once soft and hard

The fine fur on the them draws my touch

His grip is gentle as his love is felt

A caress across my skin excites the flesh

Until I’m crazed and wound into a frenzy

Then his hands become something more

Controlling and dominating me

Hard and unforgiving in their relentlessness

A victim to their command, I am powerless

Hypnotically they move me

Touching and guiding, taking their due

Until I am completely rapt

On Celebrating


It is Mr. D’s birthday next week.  I’m thankful that we’ve had this weekend to relax together and enjoy each other.  Each day I’ve done a little something to care for him and hopefully make him feel loved and honored.  For his birthday?  Yes, but also because I want him to know how loved he is and how appreciative I am for all the qualities that make up his character.

Today, I want to write for him and hope my words do justice to him.

Before we met, when I read what he had written about himself and read the words he chose to share with me, I felt a rightness to him.  He fit with me and how I am.  There was a comfort to him.  He is one of the most accepting people I have met.  He says,”Freak Freely, Friend” as a way of accepting others in all their random kinkiness.  But also, he accepts people as they are, no matter who they are.  He learns people’s names…waiters, bus boys, random people on the street, anyone.  To watch him, you see that he treats all people the same.  He is friendly and open to all.  It is at once disarming and joyous.  I always feel relaxed with him in public because I know he treats everyone we meet with respect.

This past week, I’ve had a horrible cold.  It kicked my butt good.  I took a few days off and did nothing but care for my sick family and sleep.  That’s all I had energy to do.  I was concerned about getting Mr. D sick when it was time to see him but he doesn’t allow me any of that.  He wants to see me regardless.  I love how much he shares with me and that he wants to see me no matter how I look or feel.   I can be myself with him.  I absolutely love to dress to the nines for him when I’m not a sick mess.  I have never felt so desired as I am to him. He has a way of showing his appreciation of the female form, my female form, that just sets me ablaze.  I want to dress for him, to present my body for him in every sexy way possible.  I never take that for granted.  It is such a freeing sensation to be surrounded by his desire for me.  I wear things for him that I’ve never worn before.  I show off my body to him like I’ve never shown it off to anyone.  His desire draws me to him like a moth to the porch light.

Mr. D is also methodical and thoughtful.  He works a problem from every angle and also works me from every angle. When a problem presents itself he does not immediately act.  He works it through in mind then when he has arrived upon a solution he acts.  When we are in bed I see how creative he is to come up with the things he does to me.  He keeps me on my toes…or bent over the bed, mounted on a spanking bench, twisted into a pretzel, whatever position he thinks will fulfill our kinky itch in the moment.  I love that.

He has two sides to him depending on the need.  He can be introspective and quiet.  He loves to read and enjoys quiet relaxing time with a book and a cigar.  He can also be the life of the party.  He loves to cook and entertain.  He is in his element feeding his clan and watching everyone enjoy his food. He adores having his whole family around and they are amazing people.  They show me his quality by virtue of the people he chooses.

He has shown me what being a Daddy is all about.  He is very protective and caring.  I watch him and listen to how he worries about those close to him and see how he cares for me.  He puts others first in many ways.  He watches over me and makes me take care of myself when I wouldn’t normally take the time.  He gives me comfort in knowing that he is looking out for me and taking care of me.  He is lenient in my mistakes and allows that I am not perfect.  He sees that I want to please and fills the void when I don’t take initiative.  In some areas, I’m still timid like a little girl.  I see it.  With him, I don’t feel the disappointment I used to feel from partners for the way I am.  With him, I feel like he takes the reigns in those moments and leads me with his dominance.  We fit together so well.  We are two halves of a whole.

He has found triggers in me sexually that I did not know existed.  I knew I wanted to be dominated.  But there are ways that he dominates that I did not expect.  He tests the waters, feels out my reactions and moves forward with the information.  I can only guess how our dynamic will grow and change over the years.  Thinking about it gives me this visceral ache in my belly.  I want him all the damn time because of it.  I want more, I feel famished and satiated at once. It is the strangest hunger…my hunger for him.  I don’t know that this hunger will ever abate.  The more of him I have, the more I want. It is the snake eating its tail, an unending circle of desire and hunger.

Happy Birthday, my Love. I look forward to many years of loving you.

His Words

Mr. D has found his voice and it speaks to me.  He speaks of us and of the world and the lifestyle.  I marvel at his depth and am thrilled to be on this journey with him.



Thank you




Juxtaposed meanings

Personal preferences

Inalienable rights

Fishbowl life

Societal denigration

Why do they care?

It is our lot; not theirs

I choose kink and color

Sans conservative drab

Rope, cuffs, chain, restraints

Spanking, dripping, lascivious, sex

Power exchange, dominant, Daddy

Creative contact – bonded in purpose

Roles defined, adherence demanded

Committed in purpose

Submit to me and be free

Take flight in our connection

You are mine by our consummation

Fire and ice; pleasure and pain

Demands made of each other

Never to be sullied or cheapened

I love your trust

Am honored by you

Humbled in my role

Daddy thanks his Baby Girl

July 1, 2014



Future Doors


Occasionally, I will post my Dominant’s writings as well as my own.  I want to see the progression through time and feel how the emotions of the two sides of this lifestyle mix.


Future Doors

The present is but a moment in time

It is now and then gone

To be cogent and aware of this moment

At the peril of the future is tantamount to failure

Decisions, like forks in the road

Forever changing outcomes

Desire driven dreams fuel motion

Permeating the grey of the unknown with purpose

Change is inevitable

Drive creates opportunity

Dreaming of the new

Opening paths to imagination

Burgeoning inspiration

My dreams are rampant

Ideology intact, I charge forward

Opening doors and surveying all that can be

Doors… to your soul

To our future together

To dreams undreamt

My Muse, my inspiration

Pulse quickens

Hope springs

Imagination soars

The future seems bigger than life…

June 30, 2014

The Beginning



“I loved reading your profile and your pics are wonderful.  Your smile in the noodle house is amazing.  You also write well and I am impressed at the passion and symmetry of your prose.
Thanks for sharing Sweetie,

May 29, 2014

It is very rare to know so soon that someone is a fit, that someone is a beautiful potential.  From the first moment I received this message and read his profile, I felt strongly about meeting this man.

31 days later, I’m completely hooked.