The first night in Cancun, Mr. D greeted me at the door of the hotel.  I came in on a later flight and took a shuttle to the hotel.  

As we sat with the Concierge to get my key to our room, Mr. D told me, “I am a little drunk.  I got El Jefe drunk at the swim-up pool bar today.  I am sunburnt and we made ALL the friends.” That’s my man.  One day in Cancun and he made friends with everyone and trashed himself and his best friend.  Love him!  He is all out sometimes and I love that about him. 

He walked me to our room showing me the hotel and then opening the door to our perfect oasis for the week.  The room was a vision in tropical white. White linens, white leather couches, white bar and white curtains.  The room had a patio out to the pool, a sauna tub and the shower I already mentioned.  The bar was a full bar.  

It was magical and we had it all to ourselves for a full week.  Life was good! It was late but I was hungry from a long day of travel. We ordered room service for me then relaxed on the bed. One thing led to another and Daddy soon had his face buried in my crotch.  We hadn’t seen each other in a month. He had me so turned on.  At about the point I was writhing on the bed he crawled up to whisper in my ear, his hand taking over where his mouth had been. 

“I want to fuck my slut but room service is coming soon. Maybe I’ll have my little whore answer the door naked.” I moaned as he made me hotter and wetter with his hands and his taunts. 

“Yes, I think I will have you answer the door just like this.  Or maybe,” He pulled his shorts down then and took out his cock. “I’ll make you walk to the door with my cum dripping out of you like a dirty whore should.”  With that he fucked me hard and fast all the while my mind is reeling from the thought of exposing myself to the room service guy soon to arrive on our doorstep. Daddy knows how to twist me up so tightly.

I shuddered with the pleasure of his cock pounding me. I looked into his slightly drunken eyes and thought he might be drunk enough to make me do it.  Would I answer the door naked and used? The unanswered question plunked around in my head as he fucked me.

Then, the knock came at the door. I’m sure my eyes widened as round as saucers.  Daddy pulled his cock out of me and pulled up his shorts. “Don’t move.” He said. His voice hard as nails.  I thought, he’s going to bring the guy into the room while I’m naked on the bed. I knew I couldn’t move but at the last second threw the sheet over my bare ass so I was partially covered. 

Daddy walked back into the room alone with a tray of food. I breathed a sigh of relief until, “I didn’t say you could cover yourself.” Damn, caught.

Soon, I was on the ottoman at the end of the bed and he finished fucking me in that position.  We love ottomans. So, that was my welcome to Mexico.

Cry if You Must

“Kneel for me by the bed. Take the vibrator and put it on your clit,” he said. I did as told.

Already I was defeated. I knew this would be fruitless. I had no delusions that I’d be able to give him an orgasm this way. My body was decidedly not ready to be turned on. Have you ever had those days?  One where you knew it was going to take a lot to get your motor running?

I told myself to push those defeatist thoughts out of my mind and damned well do what Daddy wanted. I got on my knees near to the bed.  He laid on the bed so our faces were close together.  I was naked and put the vibrator on my clit on low speed.  As Daddy talked in my ear, my body warmed to the idea. The vibration awakened my clit and it began to feel good. 

All the while, Daddy talked in my ear.  “You’re my good little slut, my whore and you’re going to give me what I want aren’t you?”

I cringed. I was certain my knees would give out far faster than my mind would submit and allow me an orgasm. I whimpered in agreement and kept going. 

The more he talked the more my body responded.  His filthy talk and the names he called me spun into a sinful cyclone of pleasure.  I ached to obey. I longed for him to keep going, to debase me further. 

“You’re my dirty cum whore.  You will cum for me.” Damn, I wanted to so badly.  My knees were shooting pain but my body was finally kicking into high gear. 

I whimpered again.  I was getting frustrated with myself.  There seemed no passing a certain point, no thrusting myself over the edge.  The pain in my knees was interfering with my progress.  I looked up to him as my body slumped on the side of the bed. “Cry if you must but you will cum for me.”  He turned the vibrator to high.

Damn! I swear if I had any hope of cumming in this position that would have sent me over the edge.  That was fucking hot! All the times I ached for Harsh Daddy flooded into my mind…every last fantasy that he now fulfilled.  

It occurred to me that my feet were now completely asleep.  I cried and kept that cursed vibrator where he wanted it though.  I’d be damned if I was going to let my Fantasy Dom Incarnate down after he gave me what I always craved. Fuck. 

Finally, I looked up to him with tears in my eyes.  I was so dejected that my body had no hope of rising above the pain to achieve the goal he demanded. “What is it, slut?” He asked.

I paused and agonized but finally said, “My knees are in pain and my feet are asleep Daddy.  May I please stop?”  He gave me permission. 

Later he asked why on earth I didn’t call my safe word earlier, but really how could I?  This is what I’ve always wanted. 

Scenario 47

He was on top of me. His voice was wooing me with the soft sounds of evil. Silky words of dominance whispered in gentle tones of control. His voice taunted me in a deceptively dulcet array.

“You are my little whore. I will do whatever I want with you.” His teeth grazed my nipple. I was sure the pain and sting were next. Then his tongue swirled the tip. Soft and gentle… agonizing.

“You are mine.” His weight pushed me into the bed, I was trapped.

“Yes.” I whisper as his hand wraps around my neck.

“I didn’t ask you. You don’t have a choice.” His grip tightens as his lips tease mine with tortuous tenderness. They trail down my chin to my neck. He poises himself over the most vulnerable part of me, the curve of the neck right below my chin. He knows how this terrifies and excites me in tandem. His mouth assaults me there. I pant and struggle under his power. It is utterly useless, I’m immobilized.

“Breathe, my Love.” He hears me struggle.

His grip on me relaxes slightly as his words drip from my neck, “You excite me. My muse, my biographical Goddess extraordinaire, your words turn me on and set me on fire. ” His other hand caresses my breast as he leans back to look down on me. I was in the throes of his dominion. My neck arching back, I can’t help but expose myself to him this way. My eyes fixed on his face now that he was above me. The look he gave me was deep in the darkness of our connection. I felt his hand on my breast, caressing, taunting, soft and slow. I knew by his downward glances that breast torture was on his mind. I gasped each time he looked down. The achingly gentle circles his fingers drew on my nipple were a dichotomy. Any moment, I knew his hand would pull back and slap me.

He lifted up between my legs and positioned his cock in my crease. I moaned aloud to have him inside me finally. He was making me crazy with his dominance and his silken words. His lips settled on my breast again with deliberate, hot, lusty caresses. The absence of the wicked stings he levels on my breasts when in this mood was throwing me off. I didn’t know what to expect. The sultry, measured lovemaking he was delivering to my breasts was at odds to the tormenting grip on my neck and the hard thrusting of his hips as he spread me wide with his cock.

“I can’t get enough of you. You’re my little slut and I will have you.” The waves of pleasure his body was eliciting were sending me into another place, a place where only his voice and his grip on me resided.  

“Wrap your legs around my ass.” I put my legs around him, holding on with the tattered vestiges of my control. He thrust deep and continued to thrust to the hilt until he came in a shaking, wild orgasm. My body accepted all that he had to give as his hand released my neck and his touch and motion eased.

He asked me if I was okay as I cleaned us up and curled into his arms. “I kept expecting you to torture me but you didn’t.” I said as he kissed me gently.

“I know. That was the point. But you liked the gentle caresses, didn’t you?” I purred my assent.

“That’s what I call Scenario 47.” I had to laugh, knowing I would write about it soon and there was my title.

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