Baby did a bad bad thing

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

I went out with a co-worker to a Gala recently. Daddy said to send him pictures of us. My friend arrived late and we walked into the Gala in the midst of it so I didn’t send pictures until we were able to take them at the end of the night. Daddy was not happy. I made him wait all evening for what he asked for. He told me I would be punished. I felt horrible for making him wait.

“You will put in one of your plugs and play with yourself. Bring yourself almost to orgasm three times today. You will not come. You made me wait so now you will wait. Do you understand slut?”

I told him I did. I have a new plug with a jewel in the end. It is very bulbous with a short neck. I hadn’t worn it before. I lubed it then knelt beside the bed to insert it. That plug was so round and I hadn’t put anything in my ass in a long time. It was a struggle but it finally popped in. It stretched me and was very tight.

I laid in bed naked. I played with my nipples until they were nice and hard. Then I caressed down my belly to my pussy. I tickled the edges drawing out the sensations. I thought of Daddy fucking me with his hand on my throat. I imagined him calling me all sorts of vile things while he fucked me. My body responded, arching under my hand. My fingers strummed my clit hard and fast. I was so, so close. I felt my gut tighten and my legs begin to shake then I stopped.

Panting and coming down from the high of almost coming, I texted him that I had one down, two to go. I waited some time in-between. I didn’t want to come when I wasn’t supposed to and doing it again so soon would make that a risk

I began again. I tugged on the plug. It was so tight. When I pulled on it I could feel the bulb stretching me. I ran my fingers up the outer ring of lips from my ass to my clit. I shivered from the sensations that it brought. I closed my eyes and thought of many things to get my libido going again. Daddy fucking me. Then Daddy fucking someone else with me watching. Then two women fucking. My mind was all over the place, I couldn’t settle it. I kept rubbing my clit. I decided to forget the images, they weren’t working. I kept rubbing my clit and focused on the feelings. My body tingled, my clit was swollen, I tugged on the plug again. I love that feeling.

Finally, my body began to respond. Fuck my mind, we were doing this anyway. I felt the waves and little spasms start and then I stopped touching myself. Damn, I wanted to come! I texted Daddy and this time went right back to my punishment. If it took so long to get going the second time, I didn’t want to wait for the third. Plus, I was in serious need now. I was in the ‘fuck the consequences’ phase of this exercise. My need was in the lead.

I touched myself again. I touched my clit, too sensitive. So, I started with my nipples. I rubbed them hard. I punished them with pain. Ooo, the pain. I wanted Daddy’s pain, I ached for his dominance. I wanted to serve his craven desires.

I pictured myself kneeling before him. “Table.” He said. I put my hands on the carpet and leveled out my back to present myself as a table for him. I was nothing, just furniture. He was sitting on the couch. I didn’t know what he did or thought as I kneeled there, I was is object. Someone touched my ass. I couldn’t look but somehow I knew it was his best friend El Jefe.

“Go ahead, what’s mine is yours.” I heard Daddy say. His voice was dismissive. I felt a cock thrust inside me. I felt Daddy there, his presence holding me in place. His eyes watching me take it. And just like that, I was at the edge of coming. Fuck.

I stopped and texted Daddy that my punishment was complete. I wouldn’t make him wait again.

Masturbation Fantasy

I was masturbating recently and I came up with a fantasy that twisted me so hard. I have to share it with you.

I’ve been fantasizing when I masturbate a lot more lately. In my efforts to become more orgasmic with Daddy, I decided that masturbation with porn is not helpful. It’s kind of an automatic reaction. I watch a hot porn scene, cum and get on with my day. It’s about as exciting as brushing my teeth every morning. This is not leading me towards my goal so I’m trying not to do it as much.

I was in bed and I began to touch myself. I caressed my sides and my belly. I graze my fingertips so lightly on my skin that it raises goosebumps. Then I can feel my nipples harden. When I do it this way, without touching them directly, they get so hard so fast that the skin puckers and crinkles. It sends little shockwaves of nipple sensation through my body. God, I love that sensation.

I pictured a scene in my mind. This is what I saw as I touched myself…

I came home expecting to see Daddy and get a kiss hello but I couldn’t find him. I went into the bedroom and was shocked to find him fucking a hot girl. She was curvy and had great tits. He had her pinned under him, his cock full to the hilt inside her.

It was so hot seeing this but then I was immediately torn with jealousy and pain. He didn’t tell me he was fucking this girl. He’s supposed to tell me about them before he does. My face fell and I just stood there watching and twisting inside.

He turned because he felt my presence. “Strip and kneel slut. This is for you.” Then he went back to fucking her. I stripped my clothes off and knelt near the bed still watching them fuck. My pussy was dripping yet my stomach was still twisting with jealousy. This was for me? He had given me a clue. He was doing this as a scene for us.

Now the girl notices me naked and kneeling on the floor. “That’s hot. Does she do anything you tell her?” At this point Daddy rolled off her and made her get on top of him.

“Of course she does. She’s my dirty little slave. Now, ride me.” She got on top of him and began fucking him. Her tits bounced as she did. Then she started talking to me.

“I’d like a slave slut like you. I’d make you do all sorts of things. Fuck yeah, I would.” Then she moaned and rode Daddy harder. “God I love his cock. It’s a big fat cock, you’re so lucky to get fucked with it all the time.” I twisted some more as she rode him. I was so close to cumming now.

He moaned and I switched to watching him. I love watching Daddy cum. He cried out and shot his load into her. Her tits were bouncing as he filled her. When he was done he looked over to me. “I came for you Darling. You know what you have to do.” I knew but, wow, I had never had his cum that way.

“Get up here and lick it out of her. It’s Daddy’s cum.” I got up in between her legs.

The hottie looked at him then at me. “Fuck yeah, do it!” (I didn’t give her much in the way of a vocab, did I?) I licked her clean then made her squirm and cum herself.

In reality, I had cum when Daddy shot his load but damn I had to finish that scene in my mind while my body was twitching from a really good orgasm.

Forced Orgasm

Last month, when we were together at his place, he pushed me further than he had pushed me in a long time.

That weekend he made me cum four different times. This last one was harsh. He used his Hitachi full force on my clit. Prior to that we had played and played and played. My body was a finely tuned instrument by then. I quickly approached the edge but as typically happens for me, I plateaued.

I rush up to the edge of orgasm, everything fine and then a lull happens and my mind begins to work on me. I want this. I want to cum for him. Cum for Daddy. Don't fail him. You're failing him. Then it's a bloody damned miracle if I cum.

This time though his voice and his words took me out of it. "I'm going to teach you slut. You'll cum for me. Then I'll tie you up with that wand on your clit. You won't be able to escape. I'll go get something to eat and you'll be here with that vibe working you for hours. You can scream and cry and squirm but you'll cum for me over and over."

The thought of him torturing me like that sent me right over the edge. I came hard. I bucked and shook and cried out just like he said I would. Yet still he kept the vibrator pressed hard against my clit and I couldn't take it. The feeling of it pressed against my hypersensitive clit as I came made me lose my shit.

"Please Daddy, no!! Please stop! No Daddy, no more…please no more!" He kept it pressed on my spasming clit and the pain of it made me gasp and cry. Many women can't have their sex touched right after an orgasm, apparently I'm one.

He finally took the vibrator off my clit and my body, which had been clenched in a position completely raised off the bed, could let go. I collapsed and rolled into a ball.

I was so relieved he took the machine off my poor clit. My body kept spasming as I came down from that intense orgasm. I felt languorous and so relaxed. He came up on the bed and curled around me asking me if I was ok. I love where he takes me.

Flood – Erotica

After dinner, Andrea finished up dishes and stepped into the shower. She could hear the TV in the other room. Her duties were done and she happily let the water course over her body, washing away the tension of the day. 

Slipping on a nightshirt, she sat in front of the computer. She loved this time of night when everyone was relaxed or asleep and she could just browse emails or read articles. It was her time.

John’s deep voice startled her from the door of the room. “My girl, I have a task for you.” 

His command was soft though Andrea knew there wasn’t a possibility of her saying no. “Yes, my Master.” Her heart beat hard and rapid at the uttering of this phrase. 

 “Come, kneel here on the carpet. Table for me sweetie.”

She walked over to him and knelt. Andrea’s hands touched the floor, lifting her back flat as a table for him. Kneeling there at his feet, she felt very vulnerable and exposed. Her nightshirt bloused out from her breasts as they hung freely. Her round ass was fully visible. As he circled her, she spread her legs as she knew he’d want her to do. Arching her back slightly, her sex was exposed for him.

“Touch yourself girl.” Her heart beat faster as she obeyed. Shifting her weight to one hand, she reached the other back to her sex. Her fingers rubbed the tiny nub of her clit. She felt it throb under her fingers as they moved. 

“I want you to come for me doll.” Lowering her head, her long hair grazed the carpet and caressed her shaking arm. Her weight held by one arm was going to take its toll.

Working her fingers faster on her clit, Andrea panted from the exertion of holding the pose and from her body’s reaction. Holding her breath, she bucked as she felt the first waves of her orgasm roll over her. A light sheen of sweat beaded on her forehead, her cheeks flushed from her ecstasy as she looked up to him.

 “Mmm, nicely done, my girl. Now, strip for me.” Her face a mask of obedience, she stripped off her night shirt and stayed kneeling there until he returned with a bit which he put between her teeth. In his hands, were clamps which he tightened on her nipples. The fire and the pain of the clamps burned through her, making her whimper against the bit in her mouth. She wouldn’t let her pain get the best of her.  Thankfully, the warmth was beginning to spread through her body from her fiery nipples.

With flogger in hand, John indicated that she stand up. With her hands clasped behind her, she stood before him. The falls of the flogger caressed her breasts and chest. At first the sensation was teasing and offered some distraction from the pinching on her nipples. This did not last. The whipping began in earnest and she bit into the wooden dowel in her teeth. The sting of each fall barely had time to mellow before she felt the sting begin on her other breast. Each time the falls happened to strike her tortured nipples she would jump and had to resist backing up from him.

Finally, John stopped after they were both panting and flushed. Her breasts and nipples were on fire; her loins were also on fire from the sensations washing over her. 

“Back on your knees my pet. I want another orgasm from you now. Give it to me.” Kneeling by the bed, she felt his hand gently on her back pushing her chest down onto the soft comforter. Any other time, she would have loved the restful position but this time it only caused her to feel the hot licking pain in her nipples even more.

She spread her knees wide and reached her fingers down to touch her throbbing pussy. Heat emanated from her sodden lips as her fingers caressed up and down her pink inner walls. As her fingers touched her swollen clit she came almost immediately. The throbbing intensified as moans escaped her.

Completely spent and sore, she looked up to her beloved and was greeted with a sight that made her heart sink. His eyes were twinkling with pleasure and mischievousness at the same time. In his hand was a dildo. In his eyes was a command.

Taking a minute to digest the expectation, she rose on shaky legs before him. “Yes, my Master.” As he removed the nipple clamps she cried out in pain as the blood rushed back to the damaged area, the pain of it bringing back the whipping all over again.

Pushing her back on the bed, she stretched out before him and took the dildo in her hand. Looking up into his eyes, she found the desire there strong and fervent. A moment before, she had no idea where she would find the strength or impetus to perform any further. 

Now, with his pleasure surrounding her, Andrea succumbed without further prodding. Opening her thighs wide, she placed the dildo at the entrance of her bright pink pussy. All the sensations of the two orgasms she already had this evening came rushing back to her. As she arched her back, she pushed the dildo deep inside her. Her aching breasts pushed into the air, dancing before him. Her knees shook and her hand worked faster and faster, filling her deeply with each thrust of the dildo. Whimpering her pleasure, her eyes never left his. She wanted this more for him now than for her. She was a woman unleashed in her ecstasy lying before him, giving all her passion to him. 

Unable to hold out any longer, she writhed on the bed. Her hand cupped her sex holding the device completely sheathed inside her. Her eyes smoldered as they met his. He nodded and she came hard. Pulling the dildo free she let loose the flood.

Fantasy and Reality

Tonight I had a fantasy which made me cum so hard next to Daddy.  We’re planning a trip with friends.  Some of them are kinky.  Daddy asked what toys I wanted him to bring.  I said, “All of them.” 😜 

I’m not sure if we’ll play on the trip or if we’ll play with others.  But it’s fun to fantasize about it.  Daddy said he might make me bring the red shoes.  I haven’t worn them in a long while.  He calls them his earrings.  

I was imagining him ordering me to wear these shoes and serve him while the others were in the room.  Nothing sexual just bring him drinks etc. It fit into the conversation we had tonight about collaring. 

Then I was thinking about how heightened our appetite for each other would be.  I’d be able to feel his heat and sense his desire while we were just hanging out with friends.  As I touched myself, I thought about how this would manifest in him.

I thought about kneeling in front of him.  Not being asked but doing so because I love to kneel before him.  Then I thought about him not being able to hold back and getting that look in his eyes that tells me in no uncertain terms that I’m in for it. 

In my mind I heard him speak.  The tone of his voice was silky smooth but the undercurrent was cold hard steel.  “Baby girl, go kneel before my friend there and take care of him for me.” I froze and looked up at Daddy.  He was intense and completely serious.  I was given no say, I wasn’t asked if I was okay with this.  I was simply told to obey. I knew he meant to share me sexually.  I knew I was his slut and he was demanding I prove it.  I felt the hard edge in his voice, one I’ve heard before.  The one that throws me into subspace every time I hear it and in that moment I came so hard.

Buying Time

“Lie on the bed, face down.” His voice was firm; I knew not to deny him. I was face down on the bed, breathing through the sheet and a swath of hair. I couldn’t see what he took from the table or drawer. I felt his hands on me. I was surprised by the order. He had cut himself in a vulnerable place, right at the base of his sex. I was on my period. It seemed to me we weren’t doing anything that night. But, oh, we were.

We have a very difficult time with ‘no, you can’t play because x,y,z happened so you shouldn’t right now.’ It just makes one or the both of us rebel. He had stroked my neck and that always sends me deep into submission. He grabs my neck, teases me by stroking that very vulnerable area and when he does I’m his. I can’t deny him, can’t even remember to try. Once he started that, I had to touch him. I had to feel his hardness in my hand. It was an imperative. “Please, may I?” I must ask before I’m allowed to suck him or even go down in that area.

“No.” Damn it. I hate hearing no and it makes me gush at the same time. Traitorous submissive psyche. Love, hate. Love, hate. They are so interminably entwined. But then he acquiesced. “Yes. But be careful.” I had him in my mouth quickly. It was divine. The silky, girthy feel of him in my mouth. Yes. I was careful not to go down all the way.  I tipped my mouth and lips so I could get him all the way to the back of my throat but still not touch the cut in the front.

Then he gave me the order.  On my face on the bed as instructed. He slapped my ass and the sting was so good. I couldn’t see where this was going. An exercise in frustration? He put a little vibrator in my hand so I wiggled my hand under my body and pressed the vibe to my clit.  He grabbed me and held me while warming my ass with spankings.  Soon I was purring into the bedsheets.  I love spankings.  He wasn’t ramping up the intensity, he kept it mild and erotic.  Then the falls of the flogger struck me.  He was at my middle and it felt like he was holding the flogger with only a short length of the falls moving.  Sometimes I see an image of what he’s doing in my mind even though I’m face down.  Actually, I do that a lot.  I’m not sure why.  I think because flogging is a learned skill and his skill at it intrigues me.  He seemed to be holding the falls so that he had the proper hits even though he was in close proximity.  

Intermittently he grabbed my hair and pulled hard.  When he was on top of me to do this, his body pressed down on mine and the vibe would lance in giving me a jolt. Immediately after the flogger I felt an entirely new sensation.  It was biting and had the quality of tapping.  It bit me all over my back and buttocks.  I squirmed but not too much.  The sensation was quite bearable.  I love sensation play and loved wondering what he was doing. 

His body covered mine and I felt his luxurious weight on mine.  It makes me feel so raw, so taken.  His groin ground into my ass dry humping me while the rhythm of it moved the vibe in provocative ways. “Keep doing that Daddy.” I wanted more. He pulled back to tease my asshole and probe me there.  The more he plays with my ass the more I want it.  Odd that each time he starts in, after we haven’t done it in a while, I am hesitant and it feels unnatural.  But the intense sensation builds and quickly turns into a pleasure I can’t resist.  It’s an odd combination of “Oh no, please don’t but oh please do that again!”  Strange.
After he stopped, he told me it was the cane that he was using.  He tapped lightly and I hadn’t even known it was the cane.  The stingy scary part of the cane wasn’t even present.

While we were talking he was holding the cane.  As he stroked my neck I realized his eyes had sharpened on me and his Dominance had taken hold. The darkness was on him. “Don’t move slut.” The cane rose up and came down on my nipple.  Oh heavenly god, that hurt.  But he wasn’t even trying yet.  “Hold them up.” I whimpered but still gathered my breasts together to present them to him. I know I had some wounded look on my face and he hadn’t done anything yet.  I was scared. He pulled back and caned my nipple harder this time.  I whimpered again as the sting burned through my chest.  The look on his face took my breath away.  He was eager for my fear, I could see him reveling in it.  Finally, before I had a chance to cringe he pulled back and caned the other nipple.  The fire and the burn cut through me so hard, I dropped my breasts and rolled over to find a fetal position.  I cried out in pain.  It burned through my ultra-sensitive nipple and took my breath away.

“You, my little slut, are going to get on your knees at my desk and I’m going to fill your face with my cum” grab a pillow.  I followed orders and knelt between his legs at the desk.  He pulled up some porn while I sucked him and filled my mouth with his cock. The closer he got the more I sucked.  Close to the end, he took over stroking and had my lips awaiting his load.

As he stroked I asked him, “Do you want to cum on my face or in my mouth Daddy?” He smiled and I could see him thinking.  

“Where do you want it slut?” 

“I want to swallow it Daddy.”

He stroked a few more times and just as I lifted up on my knees and brought my face closer he pushed into my mouth and filled me with his seed.  He jerked and shuddered and I sucked down every drop. 

Masturbation – Part II

Mr. D switched places with me on the bed. I got between his legs and wrapped my lips around his cock. He was already hard from watching me and that made me smile. I licked and sucked him while he chose a video he wanted to watch. I love giving him head so much. The taste of him, the feel of him and the caress of his member on my lips and tongue get me so turned on. 
I really need to have a hair clip near the bed because I end up all up in his crotch surrounded by my hair. It gets in my way and I have to stop occasionally to move it. Girl problems, I know, but it stops my rhythm and I see that as not helping him build to a crescendo. 
He started watching a really hot video about a woman who ends up being coerced by a taxi driver. Mr. D loves consensual non-consent situations. I could see the video out of the corner of my eye when I chose to watch. Mostly, I stayed focused on the service I was providing him. Mr. D doesn’t cum while receiving head so I knew at some point he would take over from me. I want to build my skill to where I learn how to make him cum so I did my best to get him as far as possible. This is the third time we’ve done this and I love it so much. I love that he wants me to swallow his seed. I crave the submission of being there for him as he pleasures himself too. It’s incredibly hot.
Once he took over for me, he commanded me to put lube on my fingers and play with his ass. I loved that he gave me instruction to do this. I know he likes ass play but I’m not very familiar with providing it. I find myself hesitating when I think of doing it to him myself. Partly, it’s a logistics issue. How do you give head and push a man’s legs into position? How do you get him into the right position to then lick him there as well? How do you ask someone if they’re all clean today or if this is a good time without it slowing the build up? I know it’s not always a good time for me but I try to be as clean as possible every time because I know he will often go there. I know I’m sounding really green here but, yeah, timidity will do that. I just don’t have the experience so I end up shying away from it and I really want to please him. Any suggestions would be great!
Once I had my hand at his ass I worked my finger inside and began to move it in time with his stroking. The slippery feel of the lube and the smooth sensation of his tunnel were incredible. I could see him getting excited and getting closer. It only seemed to take a couple minutes from when we started this to when he told me to wrap my lips around his head. I felt him cumming and his warm seed filling my mouth. I sucked and gently pulled the length of him in my mouth while he jerked and came more. Slowly I pulled my finger from his ass but he still jerked because he had cum so hard and the sensations were still so strong. I smiled to know I was part of that.

We cuddled afterwards and that was pure bliss.  I am so pleased we shared such intimacy even though we didn’t fuck.  That was much more important to me.


Sunday night Mr. D had worked all day to build an insulated door to hold an air conditioning unit for his room. Now we will be so cool and comfy this summer, yay.  Unfortunately, the two days of construction did a number on his back.

Instead of working his back more by having sex he decided he wanted to watch me masturbate for him.  He got out his laptop and had me lie on the bed. He set up his laptop next to me and had me choose some porn to watch. He put the computer on the opposite side of the bed from his chair so that I would not be watching him.

Once the porn started, I began to touch myself.  A little at first then more as things progressed. Usually, I love performing whatever Mr. D wants from me but I felt really self-conscious this time.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe because I was fully naked and it was daytime while he was clothed.  Maybe because he wasn’t near me or touching me so I couldn’t get a read on what was going through his head.  

Whatever the case, it took me a while to get out of my head. Mr. D was smart to aim me away from him. Even though I was thinking of him, I was still able to lose myself in the porn after a while. I used a little pocket vibrator which I never used before and sure enough I felt the tension build and I knew it was working.  I was so happy, I knew I was going to cum for him finally.  I felt the pleasure build, I glanced over to see him watching and finally I felt it crest and my body rocked with the pleasure of an orgasm. 

He watched as I came for him and then got on the bed so I could snuggle him.  I felt odd afterwords.  I was exposed and yet I felt like I hadn’t put on a very good show for Mr. D.  When I started, I had in mind that I should just cum and not embellish it at all, just let it be what it was.  His girl getting off by herself, nothing more.  It’s a big enough thing for me to cum for him anyway.  I thought I should just focus on that alone.  I’m glad I did because it worked, it just felt like a lackluster performance to watch.  I will get better at it.

As I felt his warmth around me and his body next to mine I ached so much for him.  I wanted him inside me so badly. I made my desire for him known because I couldn’t keep my hands and body still next to him.  At this point I didn’t really know his back was hurting as much as it was.  

“I know what you want. You want me to pound you with Daddy’s cock.” Yes, that was exactly what I wanted.  I was aching for him.  I wanted to be one with him and a part of me wanted to feel that he wanted me after watching me in such a detached way.

“I have an idea. Little Girl you are going to let me cum in your mouth.”

Second part to follow.