Coming Alive Again

We were having a relaxing day. Breakfast was done and he went out to have a cigar.  Usually that means he is occupied for about an hour.  I decided to have a shower and get dressed so we could go run some errands when he was done. 

I dried off and put on a sexy pair of red lace thong panties for later. As I was pulling a pair of jeans shorts over the panties I looked down the hall and Daddy was standing there watching me. My heart raced a little.  He pointed at my shorts and lowered his finger to the ground.  Oh my, I don’t think we’re going to the store, I thought as I lowered the shorts. 

I kept my eyes on him as he walked down the hall.  He looked me up and down as I stood there in nothing but panties.  “Very nice. I was wondering where you had gone.  I called for you but no answer.” He said as he kissed me.

“Sorry Daddy, I was showering.”

“I see that now.  I was ready to have a nice relaxing blowjob while I had my cigar but you weren’t around.”

“I’m sorry Daddy.” I felt bad.  I had inadvertently missed a cue.

“You should be. Put on your collar and meet me in the dining room.” Then he was gone.  My heart raced faster. I threw off the wet towel on my head, shook out my wet hair and followed him to the dining room.

The chairs were pulled out from the table and the table was clear of everything but the red tablecloth that was on it. He wasn’t there at first.  He came in from the patio holding a length of rope as I was surveying the room.  “Lean over the table, arms out.”  I did as told, stretching my body across the table.  My thighs were up against the edge with my ass out and my breasts on the table top. “Is that a good height?” He asked.  We had never played on this table before.  My grandmother’s dining table. 

“Yes Daddy, it’s good.” I stretched my body out on its surface, my arms in front of me.  When he’s tied me before it’s been on his padded spanking bench or a bed.  The hard table was something new.  He looped the rope several times then laced my wrists in the loops.  He tied me off across the  table to the adjacent bar. Fortunately the bar does not currently have wineglasses in it. “You know the words that will release you if needed?” He asked.  I told him I did.  Our safe words are the standard ‘red’ and ‘yellow’.

Now, I’m stretched across the table with my feet steady on the ground and my ass presented to him.  His hands caress all over my back, butt, and thighs.  I close my eyes to enjoy the warm up for I know some of what is to come.  First, he spanked me barehanded.  He has big, warm hands.  He is incredibly strong and I felt his power in those first strikes.  He spanked me and I bounded forward on the table from the force.  My grandmother’s table creaked under me.  Randomly, I thought of Daddy just recently gluing and fixing the chairs and that he might end up having to do the same to the table.  The strange places one’s mind wanders at the beginning of a beating.

I tilted my head to the side, the table was hard under me.  Daddy had tied me with play in the line so I could move around a bit.  He picked up an implement, possibly an English riding crop and I felt the sting of it.  There were warm up taps all over my ass then he struck me hard.  I know I squirmed and let out breathy noises.  I really try to breath and take as much as possible.  His fingers pushed between my legs and felt my sex.  I was already growing wet and we’d only just started. He positioned the crop up against my clit and moved it back and forth in rapid succession.  It teased my clit so much.  There isn’t enough room between my thighs for any big strikes so I relaxed and pushed out my ass to give Daddy more access. 

His fingers pushed against my clit and rubbed hard.  I moaned into the tabletop.  Next, I felt and heard something different, something new. The sound was light. It was oh so stingy. He was relentless with the swatting implement.  At one point I was close to my breaking point and said,”No please, no Daddy.” Whimpering to him and hoping he’d stop. 

“You’re asking the wrong person, Daddy’s not here.” I had no idea what he meant, I just wanted the stinging to stop.  The cheeks of my ass were getting most of the onslaught and I was close to crying.  

Again I said,”Please Daddy, please no more!” 

“Daddy’s not here, Daddy is the nice one.” He said as he continued to beat my ass with the stingy thing.  “You know how to properly beg for what you want, slave. Or do you no longer want to be my slave?” What? Wait. I did? Oh yes! I did know. It finally occurred to me, my proper protocol.

“Please Sir…please Sir!” I said.  My voice quavered. Pitiful little voice.

“That’s better, slave.” The stinging stopped, thank god. He moved to my side and roughly lifted my head by my hair.  I looked up at him and he kissed me.  I clung to his lips like a castaway on a sinking ship.  Our connection, his lips, these were my saviors right then. “You know what that was, don’t you?”  I shook my head.  “That was the stingy toy you bought for Goddess.” He showed me the toy.  It was a crop with a long handle and a plastic red hand for the swatting end.  I had bought it to tease Goddess and now he was using it on me.

“Lift yourself up.” He said.  I raised up on my forearms, my breasts only slightly on the table.  He chose a different crop this time.  It felt like a crop but slightly different.  It was less stingy, easier on my skin.  He peppered my back with a light smattering of hits.  He focused some stronger strikes on my shoulders which felt almost like a massage.  I loved that.  

After some time spent using the second crop he switched to his heavy flogger.  This flogger is well oiled leather so it feels very heavy on the skin.  He used it mainly on my ass.  The tops of my asscheeks took many hard hits.  It hits so heavily that it felt like I was being punched with it. Each strike forced out a blast of breath and a staccato sound from me. Wetness from my pussy coated the insides of my thighs. He stopped for a moment and rubbed his hard cock against my heat emitting ass.  “See what you do to me?” He said.  I pushed back against him.  I wanted him inside me so badly.  He teased me with his body pushed up against mine, his hands pushing up under my chest to grab my breasts.  I moaned shamelessly for him.  

He continued flogging me.  My back and ass took the heat.  Finally he rested.  I could hear his labored breathing.  It is quite a workout to flog and beat someone like that.  He untied me from the bar and grabbed the rope at my wrists.  He pulled me unceremoniously down the hall to our bedroom. I saw rive let’s of sweat running down his back.  “Get on the bed.” He said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.  He untied me and said, “Keep your arms out on the bed, do not move them. Eyes closed.”  After being tied for so long, he knew all I ached for was to touch him.  Damn it, I thought.  I could have cried right then.  I wanted connection. “Legs spread, knees bent.”  He mounted the bed with his cock against my pussy. Connection, I would get. 

To be continued…


I arrived at Mr. D’s wearing a short sun dress.  I loved the feel of it.  It was so thin it felt like I was wearing nothing. The material crisscrossed over my bosom but I’m more full figured than I suspect the designer intended.  My ample breasts popped out of the material just perfectly for Mr. D to see.  

I walked in the door right after he arrived home.  He was still putting groceries away.  In the kitchen, “Hi Honey,” I said softly. 

He turned and his eyes molested every inch of me before a “damn” slipped from his lips.  His hand touched my hip and I turned for him to see the back too.  His hand ran up the back of the skirt lifting the hem is it rose.  His fingers found my ass and he caressed my plump rear as his eyes ogled my black thong and the lack of any other material in his way.

After groceries were done and I poured Mr. D a drink, I followed him to his room.  He sat in his big chair and I knelt between his legs as I do to greet and honor him.  We talked while he relaxed and let the day fall away. He told me of the projects he is working on as I stroked his body and filled my need to touch him.

After a little while of this, I got up and sat on the edge of the bed mainly because my feet were asleep but also to give Mr. D room to move.  It’s a pretty tight fit, me on the floor between him in his chair and the bed. He stood up and flipped me back on the bed as he lifted my legs up and back towards me.  This hiked up my dress until he had my thonged crotch free for the viewing.  “Are you still dirty?” He asked.

“Just a little.” It was several days into my period which was almost over but not quite yet. Regardless, he knelt on the floor and put his lips to my pussy. Pulling back the lacy thong, he wrapped his lips immediately around my clit.  The intensity of going from innocuous chatting to having him suckling my clit was tumultuous.  The pleasure he gives is focused and riotous.  My body bucks under his tongue, my legs shake and I pant like a dog in heat.  After a few moments of this, he rose and pressed his body down into the V of my legs.  My ankles dug into his sides and his cock was pressing through his briefs into my sex. I moaned aloud. “Yes, that’s Daddy’s cock you feel.” He ground into me more. “You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.” I whimpered.  His sucking and now rubbing between my legs was driving me wild and he knew it. It was fast though, no real time for me to get wet yet.  He stood up and dropped his underwear.  Leaning back on me just as quickly, his cock was now poised at my entrance.  He pushed into me hard and sure enough it was a tight push without much moisture. 

“If you want me bad enough, she’ll let me in.  We’ll just see.” He continued to push inside me.  It was like squeezing thick thighs into tight pantyhose at first.  He pushed inside until he was buried in me.  But as he pulled on the outward thrust, I felt the pleasure of his friction and a slick of moisture came to my aid.  “You DO want me after all.” 

As he began to fuck me, I looked into his eyes and saw the darkness just below the surface.  The day before, he had sent me a text about seeing a woman with her hand on her neck.  I knew what was on his mind.  “Show me your neck.” Part of my soul sang to hear those words and part of me despaired. The effect of his ministrations on my neck can be very turbulent. Nevertheless, I tilted my head back to show him my neck as commanded. He stroked down from my chin with one finger then grabbed me with a full handed grip.  I struggled to breath, my hand came up to grip his rock hard forearm.  If he really wanted to hurt me, he could easily do so. This is the play of power.  He has my life in his hand.  He chooses to exhibit his power and I acquiesce mine to him.  The pure raw passion of that power flowing between us is visceral and quite real.  His grip is unbreakable, my grasp on reason in this state is untenable.  

“What are you?” His grip lightened imperceptibly so I could answer.

“Your slut.” I squeaked out. “Your slut Daddy.” My words flourished as I found my voice for him. 

“That’s right.” His fingers gripped hard once more cutting off my air.  I struggled against him until he loosened his grip just the tiniest bit so I could breath.  His other hand pulled my breasts out of the front of my dress by the nipples.  I whimpered not from pain but because I had a feeling what was coming.

He fucked me harder then.  The angle of my hips had me spread wide for him.  My heels pressed into the sides of his ass.  He plowed into me from an angle that plundered me senseless.  I gripped his cock hard with my inner muscles so he wouldn’t bounce quite as hard into the depths of my sex.  The look on his face as he fucked me and hurt me was fierce.  He was fully engulfed by the darkness.  It lay upon him like a blanket. 

He took his hand from my throat and grabbed each bouncing nipple in his hands.  He tweaked them simultaneously until the pain was rising past my limit.  I whimpered and begged.  “Daddy, Daddy, oh Daddy.” He knew. 

“That’s my name Baby Girl.” While he was talking, he slowed the fucking and let go of my nipples thank God. “What is it? What do you want?” His words dripped sweetness.  I knew better.  It was a trap to be sure.  I wasn’t giving in that easily.  He wanted me to beg and I just couldn’t.

“More Daddy.” I held my breath even as I said it.  That was the last thing I wanted. He knew the lie even as the words fell on the bed around me.

“Oh, ho ho.  Really.  That’s what you come up with? That’s rich. Okay then.” With that he proceeded to grab my nipples again and twist them even harder.  He pulled them away from my body and fucked me with abandon as he watched me wince and struggle to not cry out in agony. I was so close to calling my safe word.  The pain was unbelievable. 

He let go of my nipples and slapped my inner thighs hard.  “How dare you give me those lies with your looks when your so wet down there.” My body is a complete traitor.  As much as I run from the pain he gives, my body responds a thousandfold.

He leaned over then and acid dripped as he said, “If I want my hands on your throat they will be, if I want fuck you, I will. And you will say thank you.  Do you understand?” I nodded my head vigorously. Then his voice dropped and he growled as he tweaked my nipples once more and said, “And if I want to rip these completely off of you, what will you say?” 

I cried out, “Thank you Daddy.” I could barely breath at that point, I was so afraid of displeasing him.  

“That’s right.” He let go of me and pulled out. “Now go get a towel and clean us up. It’s been a while that we have only played softly and Daddy needed to let the beast out.”

Hot Dominance

Friday night was hot.  Scintillating, raw, hot sex. I have to tell you about it.  Mr. D was on fire and he made me burn, yes, he did.

He made me kneel on the bed.  Naked, except for the panties I wore for him.  They were see through black lace in the back and red satin with corset tie stitching in the front.  Scrumptious.  I have so much fun searching for lingerie that will set Mr. D  ablaze.  He warmed my ass with barehanded swats all over my exposed ass and thighs.  He pulled the full panty up until it was a thong pulled up in my crack.  I was twitching and eager for this spanking.  I felt a rush of heat when he started.  My whole body ached for it.  The more he spanked, the more I wanted.  Soon he had warmed my whole ass and the intensity was growing, the slaps were beginning to sting. I had written in the afternoon about the threshold being overstepped before but this time I wanted everything he had to give. He picked up the flogger and began to flog my ass and thighs.  The stinging intensified.  I started to moan. I began to feel it emotionally, viscerally.  He stopped flogging me and pulled my panties off.  He came up to where I knelt on the bed and shoved the panties in my mouth.  They became a makeshift gag.  He spoke then, “You are mine.  You are for my pleasure.  You will feel pleasure only because it pleases me. Do you understand?” Damn. I nodded vehemently.

Then he knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed.  He pulled me down until my ass was level with his face.  He wrapped his arms around me and then his tongue was invading my ass.  The sensations were beyond sensuous.  The wetness and the soft fluttering of his tongue in that most private of areas contrasted so amazingly with the flogging that had just stopped.  I was deep inside a blissful cloud.

He stopped, raised himself up and the flogger now bit into my back.  Crossing my skin, the long thongs of the flogger marked me and teased me with alternating thuddy and biting sensations.  Mr. D wields the flogger so well.  I feel lulled by the hits and just as quickly he surprises me and I am panting and shocked. After flogging my back, as I’m catching my breath Mr. D is behind me again.  He grabs my ass and pulls me down until I’m crouched over the end of the bed.  He grips my thighs and pulls my pussy back onto his cock.  He begins to fuck me doggy-style standing at the foot of the bed.  It was ecstasy, it was intoxicating, I loved it.  My mouth was stuffed with my own panties, his cock buried deep inside me, my ass and back still stinging from the spanking and the flogging.

The strangest thing happened while he was fucking me.  Some kind of endorphin rush washed over me.  I felt this wave of sensation break over the top of me like the surf.  It was as if I consciously watched myself enter subspace.  I’m not sure if it was subspace but as I felt Mr. D flog me again, I knew that after that wave happened my barriers or protections were all dashed to dust.  I would be his willing slave for anything he wanted to do to me.  The pain was no longer pain.  If he had pushed me over my usual pain threshold right then I would not have known or cared.  I would have taken it all.

After a while, Mr. D commanded me to crawl up onto the bed and lie on my back.  I was in a daze from his ministrations and complied automatically.  He pushed my legs up under my knees until I was folded in half with my crotch exposed.  He told me to put my hands where his were and hold my thighs. “Keep your legs open for me, understand?” I nodded.  Then he buried his face in my sex.  His tongue and lips singled out my clit and he sucked hard.  His tongue kept flicking back and forth over my swollen clit.  At some point, I wrapped my legs over his back, around his face, anywhere I could move to squirm under the onslaught of his invading tongue.  The pleasure was so incredible.  The feeling of being turned inside out was so raw, I finally couldn’t bear anymore.

“Please Daddy, stop.  It’s too much.” I gasped.

“Too much?” He laughed sardonically as he lifted his head from my sex and crawled up on top of me.

“Yes, too intense Daddy.” I panted again as I struggled for breath.

“It’s supposed to be too intense.  That’s the point baby girl.”  He mounted me and held his cock just out of reach of my aching need. “The right answer would have been, please Daddy fuck me.”

I nodded vigorously.  Yes, of course, that’s what I wanted. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Where was my mind at that point? Gone, completely and utterly under his dominion.  I felt so taken and dominated by him that it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask.

His cock filled me again.  His blue eyes pierced me and his hand came up to my neck.  He gripped my neck tightly and fucked me hard and fast.  It was powerful and he was potent in his control over me.  I was held in his grip and felt the world collapse in on itself as I heard him shout and his cum shoot deep inside me.

As I said, raw, powerful and intense.  I swear, the rest of life pales by comparison to this.