Lock, Stock and Barrel

It was the day after Thanksgiving and we were just home from shopping together for my son’s Christmas present.  Afterwards, we picked him up from our friend’s place and came home together. 

We were lying in bed because we’re both sick and doing much of anything was tiring.  It was midday.  My son had been talking with Mr. D from separate rooms, bantering as they do.  My man and my teenager both have ribault senses of humor so the verbal jousts were entertaining.  My son does his best to keep up and he loves the game. 

After a few minutes, he came in and crawled on the bed between us to snuggle up to us.  His arms were around me getting his snuggles and his back was cozied up to Mr. D.  I was so content lying there with my men. 

At one point in the conversation I could see that Daddy wanted to say something.  “I have something I want to ask you both.” My son kept talking away, oblivious. Daddy started again but got interrupted by the boy chatter again.  He then pushed my son’s face down into the covers of the bed playfully. “Hush, I’m talking now.” He said. 

My son looked up to him then and quieted down.  Daddy spoke directly to him but his eyes held mine.  “We both know I love Mom very much and I love you too. I want us to be together for always. We all know it’s just a matter of time before I marry mom.”  My son smiled at that, so did I. 

“So, Baby Girl, will you marry me?”  I looked up into his eyes trying to comprehend the question.  We’re sick in bed with the boy, Daddy is a planner by default and this feels so spontaneous.  Is he really asking me now?

“Will I marry you?  Wait…you’re really asking me?” I asked.  I needed clarification. He had recently told me he had a plan to ask me at our friends’ vow renewal in Cancun. (He doesn’t keep secrets long) This was definitely not Cancun. 

“Yes, my Love, sick and in bed with the boy, I’m asking you to marry me.” 

“Yes, I’ll marry you.  I love you so much.”  We kissed and I was so very, very happy.  Still stunned but completely happy.

Before my son could interject, Daddy said, “And do you approve? I’m asking you too because you’re part of this.  Do you want me to marry your Mom?”

“Yes! Definitely! You’ll really be my Step Dad now.” My son was beside himself with glee.  He’d been asking me forever when Mr. D would make it happen.

Afterwards, we got up and went to the jewelry store just as we were.  Sick, frumpy, no makeup or a nice dress with my hyper son in tow I followed my Master, Daddy, my Husband-to-be in to pick out a ring.  

As I sat there waiting for the sales ladies to do their thing and Daddy was on the other side of the store with my boy picking out a ring for the little guy too, my heart swelled so much it felt like it would fly away.  How perfect a day, how well he knows me.  

I wouldn’t trade this special day for any fancy production.  No need for glitzy clothes and expensive dinners.  We joined our lives in the place I love the most.  Together snuggling in bed. 


Mr. D and I arrived to our hotel on Wednesday.  We are attending a Vegas Bash having to do with body acceptance for bigger people.  He’s been part of this community many years and I’m only being introduced to it this year.  In his past, he’s enjoyed many trysts at the bashes with many people.  He is the life of the party and many know him and his crew here. I had heard about the bashes for a long time and this would be my first one. 

We got to our room and were unpacking our luggage.  Mr. D sat in a sofa chair and beckoned me over.  “Kneel,” he said.  I knelt in between his legs. “This week is about us.  We are going to have fun and relax and enjoy our family.  This week is about you and about me. No one else.”  I smiled and nodded and put my arms around him.  I have so much love for this man.  He makes me feel so loved and protected and cared for in so many ways.

From what Daddy has told me, bashes can end up being a lot of partying and sex.  Many hook-ups happen and since we are an open couple and he’s been promiscuous at bashes in the past, he was setting the tone for how we would behave at this event.  I felt my heart swell with joy that he wanted just me for this bash.  That won’t always be the case, he is desired by many.  I felt so cradled within his affection and care through his words and choice.

“You may rise,” he said.  As soon as I kissed him and returned to unpacking he called me back. “Wait, I wasn’t done with you.”  He pointed to the floor and I knelt before him again.  “Close your eyes.” I obeyed and knelt waiting.  “Ok, open them.”

When I looked up he had a white jewelry box on his chest.  He had a smile on his face.  “Open it.” Inside were the most beautiful diamond and emerald earrings.  They have a floating emerald that moves and sparkles in the light with a swath of diamonds curling around it.  The sides are filigreed in a delicate pattern of swoops and curls.  They are the most beautiful earrings I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know what to say, they were so beautiful.  He had gotten me a charm for my charm bracelet to commemorate our trip already.

I fumbled my words. “Oh Daddy, they are beautiful. You already got me the charm.”  How could he be so wonderful?  How do I deserve such a man and such gifts?

“I can spoil you.  You’d better get used to it because you’re mine.”  I beamed and my heart did a little happy dance in my chest.  I put them on.  As luck would have it, I brought three green dresses for the occasions of the bash.  It didn’t really matter what I wore though because I knew I wasn’t taking those earrings off. 

I love him so.  He doesn’t need to shower me with jewels just having him is the best gift I could hope for.  

Can’t Wait

Two more nights then Daddy is mine to sleep with and be with forever.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. 

My son has been wanting snuggles every night, it’s so cute.  I told him today, “You know, you can have snuggles after he moves in too.”  He’s excited too but things will change.  All good things.

I’m missing Daddy so much tonight.  One more night then I can see him.  Yay


Sore Pussy = Happy Subbie

What a weekend!  Thanks Daddy, for fucking me silly, taking me out, showing me off, introducing me to new friends, feeding me and most especially for taking care of me mentally and emotionally.  I loved and needed all our talks and your support.  I love U/us. đź’—đź’žđź’—

Friday Night Fireworks Part 2 – Mr. D

Please pardon the change in storytelling technique between parts one and two but I was fully tested in my desire and it must be told this way…  
Inside the house I changed my plans…. I knew if I went to the bedroom I would not last. I pulled the spanking bench from the corner and centered it in the living room. I called her and bade her to mount the bench and spread her knees wide. I tied her forearms to the bench where she could move her hands to the cross-members in case she needed to shift positions.  

I lit two candles, one a couple of feet in front of her at eye height and one on the coffee table to illuminated my toy box that was behind her. The lights were soft and I turned on some music – just an eclectic mix of chamber music without words… no distractions tonight. I teased her and bit her shoulder and cooed to her that she was mine. That she was sexy as hell. And that I was taking her for a ride.  

I moved to get my first toy and she was slowly gyrating and moving her ass in anticipation – I damn near came on the carpet. She is so damn hot!

My naked cock was rock hard and made her suck it. I pulled away and looked into her eyes. The loss and desire were clear. I moved to her side and pulled her collar while rubbing her back and ass. Working my hand down to her sex and thighs I teased everywhere I could reach while lifting and lowering her neck by the collar. I moved to the toys and picked up a feather duster… I started at her knees and worked up the insides and backs of her legs and thighs. I teased her cunt and clit. Applying the duster with pressure and then lightly. Then I started at her nape and worked slowly over her back and hips and ass. Tickling and teasing with the duster and feathery kisses. She was making satisfied noises and breathing heavily. I moved from the duster to teasing with my fingertips… I teased at her neck, at her sex, in her mouth… everywhere I could touch I did. My cock bobbed with need and I rubbed it in her hair, on her face, and at her backside…

I set down the duster and picked up my 28 inch bamboo cane and started tapping on the backs of her legs. Fluttering taps – quickly delivered with no force. Warming the skin and increasing blood flow. I worked slowly up her ass and around in measured strokes – still without any force. Over and Over and Over I strummed her legs and ass! Only stopping the strumming occasionally to finger her cunt and clit. I pulled her hair and strummed. I pulled her collar and strummed – never hard though a nice rosy glow was present. Then with collar in hand I pulled her head back and caned her ass in earnest. Her backside was mine to mark and the gasps she made where pained and aroused and dripping like her cunt with desire. Her ass was taunting me as no marks were appearing. I caned with abandon and wanton desire then I stopped. I backed away and let it all sink in… I sipped my water and waited.

I returned to softly caressing her with my hands. Placing kisses gingerly on her skin and telling her how good she was. How my slut pleases me and how I missed her in this position. I picked up my strap. It’s a 24 inch buffalo leather strap an inch and a quarter wide – I devised this and it is hand sewn down both sides with a ½ loop at the end. It makes a beautiful sound and sting that elicits wonderful noises from my slut. I slapped her ass with measured medium force strokes and listened to her coo. I felt her floating and caressed her body with my hands. She loves the strap and I used it and her to drive us both into a frenzied state.  

Next came the flogger – a 36 inch 22 tail leather thuddy monster… I gently flogged her ass and thighs with lots and lots of well-paced medium intensity strokes. Then I worked up her back to her shoulders and the across them and back down. More and more surface area spoke to me in rosy hues. Her body was melting into the bench and she was in another place. Her moans were mesmerizing and she was limp. I stepped back and used the full length of the flogger and with force I lit her ass up like the fourth of July. She gasped and wiggled into it. I folded the handle over and used the tails on her clit – upward between her thighs and into her sex. I flogged her clit to her panting and gasping and shaking in her lust. I returned to the full length flogging and proceeded to bring the heat alternating between thuds and kissing her flesh with the tips to create a duality of sensations. She groaned as I inserted a single finger into her swollen and drippy cunt. Then a finger in both her ass and cunt causing a happy and surprised squeal; followed by a huge sigh when I withdrew them both. She was in need but I wasn’t about to quit now. I asked her how she was and I got a dreamy look in response.  

I continued to use toys and my hands to cover her exposed flesh with stings, thuds, kisses, and slaps. Then I called time and slowly untied her. She asked if we were done already and I laughed. She had been on the spanking bench an hour and about 7 minutes. When I told her that she just smiled. Keeping a hand on her I asked her lift her torso and kneel and wait. I then told her to hold onto me and stand. She was wobbly but ok. I made her drink some water and I kissed her hard. I truthfully told her she was mine and I wanted to fuck her until she screamed.  

After a few minutes I told her to go freshen up and wait for me on her back on our bed. I packed up my toy box and put away the bench. I took my time savoring the scene in my mind and treasuring the details, the sounds, and the colors of the experience. She is beautiful and she embodies the full breadth of experience that I crave. The submission, the desire, and the fierce love are wondrous and I awed that she picked me.

I headed for the bedroom and my waiting willing embodiment of lust and passion… I am a very lucky Daddy.