Poly Play – Part One

Still in Mexico, it was our last full day there.  We took ourselves to the pool once more.  This time Painted Lady tried the brownie and she was very horny by the time we had been in the pool long enough for one drink.  She very rarely does something like that so it hit her hard and fast. 

She made it clear to Coupe that she was feeling quite playful and wanting him.  They have a fun casual thing between them.  They each date other people but when we all get together they are a pair. The two of them drifted off to the other side of the pool to get hot and heavy.

Meanwhile, the rest of us were drinking and carrying on.  We were feeling no pain. El Jefe pinned his wife, Goddess, to the side of the pool and gave her a deep kiss.  I was feeling feisty by then after all that had happened that morning.  When El Jefe was done kissing his wife I said, “My turn!” and locked Goddess in a kiss.  There is something very provocative about her.  She has a naturally sexual quality to her.   

We kissed and it was the first truly sexual kiss we’ve shared.  Before, I was too timid.  This time I was all in.  It was hot and so sinfully decadent.  I have no idea if anyone in the pool noticed two women kissing, I really didn’t care at all.  I was captivated by her. 

Soon after that, El Jefe kissed me too.  It was the first time I’d ever kissed him. Clearly, we all had sex on our minds. Goddess and the men headed up to the room.  Lady and I stayed to finish one last round of drinks.  I knew we’d be playing upstairs in the room soon but Lady wasn’t ready to go up.  We got our drinks and were sipping them. I looked up at our balcony and saw Coupe, young stud that he is, wielding a leather flogger over his head.  That was a real clear message…get your derrières up here!

I pointed to the balcony, “They want us to come up Lady.  Look.” Again, we looked up and now Coupe was motioning us up while I saw a flogger being used in the background.  Daddy was swinging the flogger over the chaise lounge set back on the deck.  Oooo, that meant Goddess was getting her birthday present. What the hell was I still doing in the pool?!?!?

“Come on Lady, we’re going!” I said and headed towards the pool stairs.  Lady came following with her drinks in hand.  She was still heavily under the affects of the brownie.

“You have to drink this,” she said. She handed me one of her happy hour drinks and I downed it.  We had to get upstairs.  We were missing it.

As we entered the room, three sets of eyes turned our way. “We were wondering when you’d get up here,” Daddy said.  He was flogging Goddess, her backside was already very red.  Coupe was caressing her legs and her ass between strokes of the flogger.  El Jefe was standing nearby watching and making sure Goddess was doing well.  I think he and Daddy were taking turns flogging her by the looks of it.  Later Daddy told me all three of them had taken turns.  I was impressed since I knew Coupe did not have much experience with a flogger before then. 

I knelt down near Goddess’ upper body and ran my fingers gently over the marks on her back. She made happy sighs so I kept doing it.  She turned her head to look at me so I kissed her.  She returned the kiss with fervor. The flogging continued while we kissed.  At some point I looked up and Lady was there.  She kissed Goddess passionately as I watched.  I had a front row seat to the action. After a while, Lady turned and kissed me as well. 

“It’s the birthday boy’s turn.” Someone said and Goddess rose to let El Jefe take her place on the chaise. He laid down on his back so he could see and be felt by all the women. He did not want to be flogged, he wanted to be pleasured.  He pulled me to him and we kissed.  El Jefe is gifted with an extremely long and talented tongue.  He’s rather famous for it. Kissing him is quite intense.  I’m pretty sure he held back because kissing him with all that incredible tongue in action would be almost too much.  

At one point I came up for air and looked down to see that Goddess was giving him a blowjob.  I was thrilled.  I had hoped we’d all play sexually but it had never happened before then.  I think we had finally gotten comfortable enough with each other.  I turned back to him and Lady was there kissing him.

“I want to taste those.” El Jefe said after he and Lady came up for air. He was looking at my breasts.  I shucked off my bikini top and lifted my breasts to his lips. He suckled them and his incredible tongue worked me over. Lady moved down to give him head along with Goddess. 

After a couple minutes, Lady was moving about and fell right on her ample behind.  All play stopped to make sure she was okay.  Daddy put a pillow down on the ground so she could kneel comfortably.  The deck wasn’t the most comfortable area for sexual play but that’s where it happened. Coordinating multiple people sexually in a small space is interesting to say the least. Other than this one mishap, I think we did really well.

Play continued with El Jefe pulling me into a long kiss again.  I wrapped my hand around his cock since it seemed to be free at that moment.  I told him, “I think Goddess should get on top of this.” Wanting  him to have the full birthday experience. 

He said, “I think you should get on top of it.” At this comment I stopped short.  What should I do?? I want to please El Jefe but am I allowed? I looked over at Daddy who was sitting and watching. Did he hear the request? He made no sign to me.  Do I break the rhythm? Do I do what he wants? What about condoms? Daddy’s fixed but no one else here is.  Help!  

I looked at Daddy again.  He clearly did not see that I was in a dither. I went back to kissing El Jefe and stroking his cock with my hand. Almost immediately after that he reached orgasm and Goddess’ lips slipped right down over his cock meeting my hand.  She swallowed his load and came up smiling at me like the Cheshire Cat. Whew, wifey to the rescue! That was amazing.

Instigator – Part III

Mr. D knew that Painted Lady wanted to be flogged, but she was shy and declined.  He was still giving pointers to Coupe and so he said, “Come on up here man, I’ll show you how it feels. Baby girl, will you help?” This was exciting.  I would be able to help please the others.

Coupe took off his shirt and bent over the table.  I stood at his head and ran my hands over his body.  I caressed him and warmed his skin so he would be primed for the flogger.  As I felt him relax I pulled back out of Mr. D’s way.  He flogged Coupe easily and gave him pointers during the flogging. The main point, I think, was to give him a taste so that he could decide if he wanted to be a giver or a receiver in the future. Afterwards, I rubbed him down and stood by in case he needed assistance standing up.

By then, Painted Lady was ready to be flogged.  She took off her dress and left on her panties.  Mr. D had told me that she had been in the lifestyle but wasn’t now.  I caressed her for him as well. He did not go lightly on her. From what I could tell while watching, he gave her quite a bit of what he had given me.  Perhaps the intensity wasn’t as much but I could tell they were both very into it.  As he switched from the flogger to the little whip to the slapper, she grew more and more aroused.  Her hips moved in circles and she was hypnotized by it.  

With both Coupe and Painted Lady I had the opportunity to watch my Love at work.  I got to see him, to watch him wield his weapons and understand more how he gives me the pain and pleasure he does.  He laid the heavy flogger across her back while he used another implement.  I felt its weight just as she did.  I saw his singular focus on her and the task at hand.  I heard his voice talking to the others and watched him hold court.  I was entranced by him. I wanted him and admired him all the more.  It is such a gift that I am his.

After allowing Painted Lady to return to her chair, he asked Goddess if she wished a turn.  I knew she did.  She and I have talked about how much we love this.  When she came up, Mr. D handed the flogger to her husband El Jefe. He rose and Mr. D snuggled next to me.  It was like coming home.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed him beside me until I felt his touch. It was more than my normal need for him.  I’m sure it was the whole evening’s feelings lending to my deeper ache to touch him. We watched the beautiful couple together.  El Jefe is very masculine with broad shoulders and dark hair peppered across his body.  Goddess is tall, taller than me and I’m 5’8″. She has firey dark red hair and gorgeous light blue eyes.  She has long tapering legs and has an erotic aura about her. Watching them dance the dance of the flogger together was quite stirring.

Afterwards, we all talked and shared our thoughts and reflections on the activities of the night.  I am a bit chagrined to mention that I was a little sharp in one comment to Painted Lady.  She made a comment about learning both sides of Dominance and submission, as a way to become a better Dominant. an innocent comment.  I spoke out of turn in response.  I used to think a similar way.  As a submissive, I began my exploration of the lifestyle saying I was a Domme.  But truly I am 100% submissive.  There was no hiding it, I was afraid to admit it and felt very vulnerable until I understood myself more. And Mr. D could never be a submissive.  Could he bottom for someone if needed? Perhaps, but he is a strong Dominant and would not ever change roles.  It is who he is.  I don’t believe one has to try both sides to understand and be skilled in dominating someone.

When we went to our room, we got into bed and Mr. D was on me. He held me passionately and said, “After flogging you, I didn’t want to flog them.  I didn’t want to do anything but take you in here and ravage you.” My heart sang.  I had wanted him to take me from the moment I came back from the pool.  The whole evening had been an agonizing exercise in foreplay.  Our coupling that night was hot and fervent.  I crave the heights of ecstasy we achieve together with a constancy that is ever present.

Open, Poly and Swing

This weekend we stayed with friends. They are friends who Mr. D has played with sexually in his past relationship.  I’ve talked about us opening our relationship in past posts, which we haven’t done yet. We’ve been asked recently by others if we are open yet, so it was in the air as we drove the 6 hours to get to our friends’ place.

I asked Mr. D about his thoughts on how he sees poly, open relationships and swinging.  I wanted to hear what he liked and didn’t about each one. I have only experienced being another couples third.  I have never been in an open relationship myself.  I am not a very jealous person in general.  My impression of myself is that I would be a good candidate for an open relationship but until you are faced with something in actual practice you never know. There have been two times since beginning our relationship that I have felt jealous while watching  Mr. D flirt with someone. So, I know I would have some work to do.  He also has said that he had to get over his own jealousies with his last wife when they were open.  To me, that says that it is a process.  It also shows me that he would be understanding of me getting through that process.

His thoughts were that he would be open to poly and had almost had a third in his last relationship.  I have lived in a house with another woman and my husband.  It was platonic with her but I loved having a sister to share life, chores and cooking together.  It made everything easier. Swinging seems mainly to be casual sexual play with couples and others while together as a couple. I like the fun of that, but in practice, I don’t see it working for me unless I really know the people.  Mr. D agreed that he had trouble getting aroused if he wasn’t in the right mindset or the people were too new.  I told him I was totally comfortable with the thought of playing with the couple we were going to see but the couple that was currently pursuing us back home were not a couple I’d be comfortable playing with sexually.  I have been to a swing club once but the idea of hooking up with random people I’ve never met does nothing for me.  It feels dangerous in a non-safe sex way.  I didn’t see one person there use a condom.  Ewww.  Don’t come near me with that, I saw where it was 5 minutes ago. Shudder. 

The last category is an open relationship.  Now that I recall our conversation, I don’t think we talked about this one as much.  This is when either partner is able to go out and have sex with someone else without their partner being involved. This is what Mr. D had with his last wife. They each had a pass to play.  In theory, I like the freedom of that and if you completely trust your partner, I see it working. I see monogamous relationships where one partner wants less sex than the other and it hurts them both.  A lot of times medical issues make sex hard for one and I don’t think it’s fair that the other partner can’t fill that need elsewhere. I think we would have better marriages and less unhappy people this way.  But I haven’t been there yet so I’ll reserve my opinion.

Our first night with our friends, Mr. D and I and his best friend, I’ll name him El Jefe, stayed up late together.  The four of us had gone to dinner and had some drinks when we came home but then his wife, I’ll name her Goddess, went to bed.  I stopped drinking after that but stayed up to enjoy the boys.  The two of them are like twins.  They are two unique men but can finish each other’s sentences and are in complete sync with each other.  I love watching them riff off each other.

The three of us sat outside on the patio playing music. For a while the boys traded picking the songs then they let me in on the action.  They drank and we played music until 2:30 in the morning.  It was incredible fun.  We’d get a good song and the boys would start chair dancing and singing to me, I was enraptured.  El Jefe started taking shots off the bottle of rum.  Between them, with a little help from me, they finished a whole handle of rum.  These boys can drink! I saw Mr. D slowing down on drinking but El Jefe was having none of that.  He poured a shot for Mr. D.  “Have a shot Brother.”

“I want to be able to take care of my girl tonight after we’re done. I’m good,” says Mr. D.  

“I know you’re good but take a shot!” El Jefe was having none of this slowing down crap. Mr. D threw back the shot but put his tongue over the glass so it didn’t go down. Another song selection then El Jefe noticed the shot was still in the glass.

“Take a shot Motherfucker!” El Jefe was not to be denied. Mr. D looked at me with ‘what am I going to do about him?’ in his eyes. Then he took the shot.

“Brother, after this next song I’m going  to take my girl into the bedroom and you’re welcome to join us.” Mr. D looked at me judging where I was at with this offer.  I had told him on the drive that I was interested in them so here was my chance. My first thought was that Goddess had already gone to bed and I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her.  I know they are open but I didn’t know all the details.

As I was thinking, El Jefe was also digesting this and right about then he said, “Well, that’s a very nice offer but I need twenty minutes to…,” then he pointed to the ceiling (indicating his wife upstairs) and made the sign of the cross to mean that he needed to get her blessing. I smiled seeing that.  As drunk as he was he was following their rules. So then it was up to me.

I’d been having some heartburn all evening and I wasn’t sure if 2:30 in the morning was the best time to start a new lifestyle entirely.  So, I hesitated.  “I would feel bad if you woke Goddess up in the middle of the night for this.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” He said. I laughed because I could see that was clearly the case.  What a great relationship to have. “Lady’s choice. We don’t push and it’s always your choice.” They both nodded.  That made me smile.

I politely declined.  I want it to happen just not drunk in the middle of the night without Goddess there.  Mr. D and I went to bed soon after that.

We started foreplay and Mr. D was on fire.  Obviously, the talking we were doing with El Jefe and the rum had him turned up a notch.  He told me to get naked and lie on the bed. He proceeded to go down on me so well and for so long that I was climbing the bed and the wall behind it.  By the time he got on top of me I was right up against the wall.  He usually makes sure we’re further down the bed but we were both too far gone to think about it at the time.  He entered me finally and I gushed around him.  There is nothing I wanted more than him inside me right then.  Both our heads were up against the wall as we fucked.  

“Slut, you have us up against this damned wall. It’s your job to keep us lower on the bed but here we are because you can’t keep from squirming away from my tongue.” What could I say?  Guilty as charged, mortified and more turned on now that he was growling at me for this.  Damn, he twists my insides just from the tone in his voice. It drives me wild.

After we made our way down the bed and started again, he began a slow thrust and brought his head down near mine.  “Look at me.” My eyes fluttered open, still lost in the sensations of him thrusting inside me. I looked up into his eyes.  He looked fierce and had that look of intensity he gets when he feels passionately about what is on his mind. “I will never bring someone else into this,” he gestured to show he meant into our relationship, “that I don’t feel is completely worthy. Do you understand?” I nodded and my heart melted.