Altered States

He gave me time.  We were full from breakfast.  We sat and read email, blogs, etc.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Life as usual. 

He got up to do some laundry and then he was by my side in the living room. “Strip.” He said with no emotion, no explanation.  I unzipped my jeans vest and pulled off my shorts.  I stood naked before him. “Nice.  Follow me.”

Into the bedroom we went.  There were ropes everywhere.  He had been busy while he was doing the laundry.  “Get into the center of the bed,” he said as he adjusted the ropes at the headboard.  A large O ring was centered at the top of the large wooden headboard. I recognized it as a piece of equipment that is usually used under the mattress so that you can tie a person spread eagle to a bed withiut a frame.  This was going to be different. 

I laid on the bed in the center.  I was nude and felt the air from the  fan play across my skin.  He took one of my wrists and looped black rope around it several times tying a knot below my palm.  Then he tied the other wrist in similar fashion.  Each wrist was then secured to a ring an each side of the headboard.  Now I was unable to move my hands.  When I pulled on one the other would become secured closer to the wooden frame.  Oh, they are linked behind the bed.  I thought. The more I move the tighter I’ll be pulled on one side or the other. Devious.

Then he looped more black rope around my thighs.  Each thigh had many loops of rope, then each was tied off around the loops at my inner thigh.  The rope would secure me but not pull on my skin. Finally he pulled each leg up by ropes through the O ring in the center of the headboard right above my head.   As I looked up I saw a network of ropes strung from the upper corners of the bed and from my thighs.  I was trapped with my knees at my breasts, my hands bound and my sex wide open to him. 

He stood over me and surveyed his work. He smiled with approval.  “I can smell your sex.  I think you like this.” Then he took out the implements he had hidden by the bed.  A crop, a feather duster, and other items I couldn’t see.  Oh, I was in for it.  He mounted the bed and settled himself between my legs.  He blew air on my pussy.

I felt his nose first.  He ran his nose over my sex and up around the clit.  Then his tongue flicked over my labia, caressed my sensitive skin.  My senses were already heightened from being tied and now his tongue lit me up. Soft fluttering caresses that set me on fire. I was whimpering and pulling on my bonds to get to him. 

He pulled back, I hoped to mount me, but he picked up a crop instead.  He smacked the top of my pussy with it.  I jumped with every strike.  I tried to calm myself and bear the impacts but I was slipping away from my control. The binding ropes trapped me yet set my mind to flight. 

As the stinging sensations accelerated so did my need to beg for mercy. Before I reached my limit he knelt again to lick my pussy.  I was out of my mind.  First gentle flicks of the tongue, then hard sucking, then back to gentleness.  I was moaning loudly, unable to stop myself. 

He picked up the crop again.  My sex was wide open, my thighs tied back, my toes barely touching the bed.  The sting of contact shot through my pelvis jolting me. “Daddy!”

“What baby girl? Don’t you like it?” He said with a devilish smile.  He knew I liked it. The stings were harder and deeper now.  The first round was to bring the blood to the surface. This was the main event. It seemed that crop strikes followed by the more subtle torment of licking were the order of the day.  Each round pushed me closer to climax.

His finger hovered around the entrance to my pussy.  Caressing the pouty lips on each side.  I arched forward.  Finally!  Some kind of fucking! As sexual play ramps up, I have a one track mind.  Fuck me! Put it in, fill my hole, fuck me! My pelvis pounded forward propelling towards surcease.  His finger lazily dropped down to my asshole.  No! Not there! He rubbed little circles getting it wet then he pushed it in my ass.  

“Daddy! Fuucckk….” I’m not sure if that was a request or an expletive.  Either way, he wasn’t listening. His tongue bathed my pulsating clit.  His finger kept prodding my ass.  My throbbing, aching, hungry pussy sat forgotten on the edge of the dance floor waiting with her cocktail glass dripping sweat down her dress.

“Daddy please.” Pitiful. He ignored it.  “Daddy please fuck your slut.”  His eyes rose to look at his trussed up prize then went back to his work. “Please fuck your dirty whore.” He finally took notice. 

“You want to be fucked, do you?” His voice dripped with his Cheshire smile. “Hmm.” Noncommittal though he feigned, he finally he rose.  Yes, yes, yes! 

“Yes Daddy, please!” I was gone.  I looked up to him through atmospheres of dreamy landscapes.  

“You are mine.  I own you. Do you understand?” 

“Yes Daddy. Yours.”  I was laid bare to him.  Raw and exposed. 

“You are my dirty little whore.” He was poised at my clutching hole. He thrust forward cleaving me with his meaty cock.

“Yes Daddy, god yes!” The feeling was indescribable. Shivers of pleasure covered my body.  My mind sang.  I gripped the rope that bound my wrists to the bed. I wanted to wrap myself around him but was denied.  Thrust after thrust filled my needy pussy with the cock I so desperately wanted. 

“Take it!” His face above me, his hands on me.  His intensity broke free. 

“Fuck your little slut, your whore, fuck my cunt.  Please Daddy, fuck me, fuck me.” On and on I rutted in a hypnotized frenzy.

“Take it, take my seed!” He thrust to the hilt and pumped hot come deep inside me.  I felt it spurting out between us as his cries and grunts played across the room. 

Afterwards, he untied me in sections.  I cleaned us up while still in a stupor, ropes dangling from my wrists.  I came back down sometime after that. 

Poly Play – Part One

Still in Mexico, it was our last full day there.  We took ourselves to the pool once more.  This time Painted Lady tried the brownie and she was very horny by the time we had been in the pool long enough for one drink.  She very rarely does something like that so it hit her hard and fast. 

She made it clear to Coupe that she was feeling quite playful and wanting him.  They have a fun casual thing between them.  They each date other people but when we all get together they are a pair. The two of them drifted off to the other side of the pool to get hot and heavy.

Meanwhile, the rest of us were drinking and carrying on.  We were feeling no pain. El Jefe pinned his wife, Goddess, to the side of the pool and gave her a deep kiss.  I was feeling feisty by then after all that had happened that morning.  When El Jefe was done kissing his wife I said, “My turn!” and locked Goddess in a kiss.  There is something very provocative about her.  She has a naturally sexual quality to her.   

We kissed and it was the first truly sexual kiss we’ve shared.  Before, I was too timid.  This time I was all in.  It was hot and so sinfully decadent.  I have no idea if anyone in the pool noticed two women kissing, I really didn’t care at all.  I was captivated by her. 

Soon after that, El Jefe kissed me too.  It was the first time I’d ever kissed him. Clearly, we all had sex on our minds. Goddess and the men headed up to the room.  Lady and I stayed to finish one last round of drinks.  I knew we’d be playing upstairs in the room soon but Lady wasn’t ready to go up.  We got our drinks and were sipping them. I looked up at our balcony and saw Coupe, young stud that he is, wielding a leather flogger over his head.  That was a real clear message…get your derrières up here!

I pointed to the balcony, “They want us to come up Lady.  Look.” Again, we looked up and now Coupe was motioning us up while I saw a flogger being used in the background.  Daddy was swinging the flogger over the chaise lounge set back on the deck.  Oooo, that meant Goddess was getting her birthday present. What the hell was I still doing in the pool?!?!?

“Come on Lady, we’re going!” I said and headed towards the pool stairs.  Lady came following with her drinks in hand.  She was still heavily under the affects of the brownie.

“You have to drink this,” she said. She handed me one of her happy hour drinks and I downed it.  We had to get upstairs.  We were missing it.

As we entered the room, three sets of eyes turned our way. “We were wondering when you’d get up here,” Daddy said.  He was flogging Goddess, her backside was already very red.  Coupe was caressing her legs and her ass between strokes of the flogger.  El Jefe was standing nearby watching and making sure Goddess was doing well.  I think he and Daddy were taking turns flogging her by the looks of it.  Later Daddy told me all three of them had taken turns.  I was impressed since I knew Coupe did not have much experience with a flogger before then. 

I knelt down near Goddess’ upper body and ran my fingers gently over the marks on her back. She made happy sighs so I kept doing it.  She turned her head to look at me so I kissed her.  She returned the kiss with fervor. The flogging continued while we kissed.  At some point I looked up and Lady was there.  She kissed Goddess passionately as I watched.  I had a front row seat to the action. After a while, Lady turned and kissed me as well. 

“It’s the birthday boy’s turn.” Someone said and Goddess rose to let El Jefe take her place on the chaise. He laid down on his back so he could see and be felt by all the women. He did not want to be flogged, he wanted to be pleasured.  He pulled me to him and we kissed.  El Jefe is gifted with an extremely long and talented tongue.  He’s rather famous for it. Kissing him is quite intense.  I’m pretty sure he held back because kissing him with all that incredible tongue in action would be almost too much.  

At one point I came up for air and looked down to see that Goddess was giving him a blowjob.  I was thrilled.  I had hoped we’d all play sexually but it had never happened before then.  I think we had finally gotten comfortable enough with each other.  I turned back to him and Lady was there kissing him.

“I want to taste those.” El Jefe said after he and Lady came up for air. He was looking at my breasts.  I shucked off my bikini top and lifted my breasts to his lips. He suckled them and his incredible tongue worked me over. Lady moved down to give him head along with Goddess. 

After a couple minutes, Lady was moving about and fell right on her ample behind.  All play stopped to make sure she was okay.  Daddy put a pillow down on the ground so she could kneel comfortably.  The deck wasn’t the most comfortable area for sexual play but that’s where it happened. Coordinating multiple people sexually in a small space is interesting to say the least. Other than this one mishap, I think we did really well.

Play continued with El Jefe pulling me into a long kiss again.  I wrapped my hand around his cock since it seemed to be free at that moment.  I told him, “I think Goddess should get on top of this.” Wanting  him to have the full birthday experience. 

He said, “I think you should get on top of it.” At this comment I stopped short.  What should I do?? I want to please El Jefe but am I allowed? I looked over at Daddy who was sitting and watching. Did he hear the request? He made no sign to me.  Do I break the rhythm? Do I do what he wants? What about condoms? Daddy’s fixed but no one else here is.  Help!  

I looked at Daddy again.  He clearly did not see that I was in a dither. I went back to kissing El Jefe and stroking his cock with my hand. Almost immediately after that he reached orgasm and Goddess’ lips slipped right down over his cock meeting my hand.  She swallowed his load and came up smiling at me like the Cheshire Cat. Whew, wifey to the rescue! That was amazing.

Fun and Games

Yesterday I went to my Ex’s birthday party. It was a really big step for him to invite me to anything so I went happily even though Mr. D wasn’t invited.  My Ex has come a long way but not quite as far as inviting my new Honey to his party.  Oh well, I took it as a good sign and so did my son who was thrilled.

I had a great time at the party. I was able to visit with family members and high school friends I hadn’t seen in years. During the party I checked my phone at one point and had 4 texts from Daddy.  Whoops, I hadn’t had my phone on me to hear them.   He sent me several provocative graphics with sayings on them relating to us.  I felt warm and turned on from them.  I texted him and went back to the party.  After a while, the party was slowing down.  I did flirt with one old high school friend and it was a lot of fun.  I checked my phone and Daddy had left a message that he couldn’t help it, he was jealous and my Ex didn’t deserve me coming to his party.  I felt his ire coming through the phone from those many miles away so I said my goodbyes and texted Daddy that I was on my way.

When I arrived home I heard Daddy’s voice as I came through the door. It surprised me that he was still awake, he usually goes to bed early.  But here he was, “That’s one sexy bitch comin’ through the door.” He and his roomie were sitting in the living room. “I’m drunk!” He says, as I sit down and give him a kiss.  Now I understand the jealous text.  It had sounded just a little more blatantly honest than normal.

We chitchatted a little, I told him about a high school friend I saw during the evening that I had the hots for. It was fun to tell Daddy about it. I share everything with him.  

“You can go to your Ex’s party, you can flirt with other men, but I will always be the one behind your walls, the only one who got in.” 

I was snuggled against him and looked up to him when he said that.  “Yes Daddy, you are the only one.”

We went to the bedroom.  He was in quite a teasing mood.  I hadn’t had a drink all night but I had one as soon as I got home seeing the state Daddy was in.  When we starting fucking I could tell he was pretty tipsy.  He said he wanted to fuck my face but he wasn’t sure because he was slightly drunk.  BDSM is not something you should ever do drunk and Daddy is very aware of that.  I said I wanted to anyway.  He said, “I’m nervous about this because I’ve been drinking.  You will push me away if it gets to be too much for you, understand?” I nodded.  I had no reservations.  Even drunk, Daddy is very careful.

I hung my head over the side of the bed and Daddy mounted my face. His cock forced into my mouth and I closed my eyes to dive into the feelings full force.  His cock fucked my mouth deeply and oh so well.  I had been out dancing and fortunately my sinuses were completely clear.  I love it when I’m in a good place breath-wise.  Even if Daddy was slightly impaired I knew I was in a much better place with my oxygen intact.  He fucked my face and I took it all.  He was so deep into my throat.  Mmm, so very nice.

After that, Daddy made me lie down on the bed and he began to fuck me. Actually, he began to fuck with me.  He loves teasing the heck out of me.  He kept putting it in but not all the way.  He was fucking me with just the tip.  The more he did it the more I was getting annoyed.  I knew damned well what he was doing.  He was too tipsy to hide it.  He was just fucking with me for the hell of it.

“What’s wrong baby? Don’t you like it?” He slurred.

“Nothing, I love it.” He was not winning this.

“You like it?”

“I love it Daddy.” I was getting so fed up with the teasing. I just wanted him to fuck me already.  I had been without him all evening, flirting with other men and now I was dying to get fucked hard.  He knew it and was being his most exasperating self just to fuck with me.

He slid the tip in and out. He slid himself around the outside of my pussy giving me constant contact but no leverage, no power.  He’s drunk, I thought. Just leave it.  Let him fuck with you and don’t make a fuss.  But no, he kept taunting me.

“What’s wrong baby, don’t you like it?” Ugh, I was going to throttle him soon if he didn’t fuck me silly.

Finally, I had had enough. “Fucker!!!” I yelled at him. I didn’t care what he thought or did at that point; he was getting exactly what I was thinking.  Collar be damned.

“Oh ho, I’m a fucker, am I?” I was beyond caring, I laughed.

“Yes, you are!” Damn it, he had pushed me too far. He pulled out and stopped fucking me entirely.  Crap, I had done it now.  He moved down my body and his mouth landed on my pussy.

“I’m a fucker, am I? Well, we’ll just see who’s the fucker.” His lips made contact with my clit and he sucked hard. I convulsed from the intensity of the suction on my already swollen clit.  He kept up the onslaught of his tongue on my clit for a long time.

“What am I?” He was goading me.

“You’re a fucker.” But the heat had gone from me now. I had used everything I had to wind up to calling him that the first time.

“Not good enough! You can do better than that.” He mouth latched onto my clit again with even more power. God, I was beyond any control at that point.

“Fucker!” I yelled at him again.

“Come on, that’s not going to do it. I’m not fucking you until you say it again like the first time.” He was so infuriating. I gave up.  There was just no way I could repeat the heat and passion behind the first expletive I let out.  He kept at my clit and my pussy for a long time after that but the heat had gone out of me by then.  He kept me on the brink of orgasm for a long time.

“You win, I give up!” He took himself out of my crotch and lay down to go to sleep. I couldn’t believe he gave up.  He never lets me win.  But he did then.  Not that I wanted to win like that at all. There was no way I was reliving the intensity of the first outburst again.

After a good laugh, we went to bed. For the rest of the weekend, that’s been a predominant part of conversation.

“How are you doing baby girl? Fucker!”


I have a great family. I have siblings and parents that love me and all get along.  For that I am truly thankful.  They love and support me.  I always have them around me.  It is not this type of family about which I am writing today.  I am writing about the family you choose and who chooses you.  We are not related by blood or by marriage.  There are no genealogical ties that bind.  This family is all the more important because there are no seemingly ties.  There is no reason to call them family save one; we choose them for our own.

My family with Mr. D is bound by commonality and community. They are our friends and so much more than that.  We care for each other and love each other.  If one family member is in need, everyone helps them.  I have no experience with leather or kink families in the official sense.  I have no idea how that works.  But what we have feels like my sense of that.  We have shared some kinky experiences and don’t have to be secretive about who we really are.   I’m fairly new to having a kinky lifestyle outside the bedroom.  My career would be severely impacted if my kinky lifestyle was outed. So, having kink-accepting friends is huge.

Two of our family that I’ve written about drove out to see us a couple weekends ago. El Jefe and Coupe came out from Arizona.  We all met at a local friend’s home to enjoy a BBQ and hang out together.  The boys smoked cigars outside and we talked, ate, drank and enjoyed a nice evening together on the patio.

What strikes me as purely awesome is that during the evening I could snuggle up to whoever would let me. Mr. D knows I’m his and allows me to be me.  I wanted to snuggle up to Coupe, because he’s welcoming and handsome and really, any woman would want to snuggle up to him.  He’s a gentleman and so easy to be around. So, when people got up and a seat next to him was free I took advantage of his place on a loveseat and curled up with him.

Later in the evening we all moved inside to the living room. El Jefe and Coupe occupied the couch so I took a seat between them.  Mr. D was in a solo chair so I couldn’t get my hands on him easily.  I leaned over to El Jefe and was rewarded with him petting me while I snuggled up to him.  This man has the warmest big hands and you can feel how comfortable he is with touch. I’ll tell you, family that you are not actually related to is da’ bomb! I got to snuggle up to two hot men that are completely different while watching my Daddy flirt and banter with an attractive woman all night.  What could be better?

While I was sandwiched between these two men, Mr. D took my picture and sent it to me. He said I was a slut.  His slut, I replied.  So, after a night of cozy fun I got to go home with my man, my Dominant.  Life is so very good.


As Mr. D and I approach opening our relationship, I thought a Cast of Characters would be helpful to my readers to keep things straight in this kinky world my ours.

Here’s the link-

You can also find a tab in the site menu.

I hope you enjoy meeting my kinky lovers and friends, past, present and future.

Each lovely person in the cast has been mentioned already though maybe not fully written about yet.


Image from Wiki Commons through Public Domain, by Auguste Leveque.

Last Night


I have a post that I need to write but I’ll write about last night while it is fresh in my mind first.

I haven’t been with Mr. D since last weekend and then we only had a couple hours.  I have missed his touch and his presence immensely.  I hate that feeling of him slipping away from me while we are apart.  He feels distant and not within reach, not connected.  Last night we reconnected.  We went to dinner and had a nice meal.

When we got home we settled into bed to snuggle and talk while our meal digested.  It was late but I wanted him and I was pretty sure he wanted me too.  I wore a dress I bought for him.  I was going to take a picture for you lovelies but, well, I got carried away and forgot.  Maybe, I’ll put it back on later to show you.  It is black, hugs my every curve and has a gold zipper that goes from right between my breasts all the way down to the hem above my knees.  Yummy, especially since Mr. D loves it, that’s the best part.  I wore the push up bra I bought while we were on vacation.  I felt fine for him.

While we were snuggled in bed, I left on my dress.  Honestly, I wanted to take it off for him so I left it on instead of changing into something easier.  His hands were on me and I reveled in the feel of his skin under my own fingers.  I crave the feel of his fur under my fingertips, I really do.  He pulled the zipper down and exposed my cleavage to his hands.  He reached in and pulled my nipple from its place nestled in the black material.  His lips and tongue captured it and began to tease me in earnest.  His teeth grazed my nipple just a bit harder than I expected and I whimpered.  “Oh, oh,” he teased.  “What, my love?” Not wanting an answer he moved to my other nipple and continued the same treatment to that one.  I squirmed with need.  His ministrations were making me ache for his cock inside me.  How desperately I began to need him.

“I want you naked now.” He commanded. I rose to stand at the side of the bed and slowly unzipped the dress until it fell open.  I let the dress fall and slipped out of the straps of the bra.  I let it fall to the floor and then slid out of the black g-string panties.  I crawled back into the bed next to Daddy.  He pushed me back and lifted my legs to slide down between them.  His mouth claimed my pussy then.  His lips and tongue surrounded my clit and worked me into a heightened state.

He moved up my body and I felt him push the tip of his cock inside me.  The need whips up into a fervor inside me.  He knows it.  I want him to thrust hard into me.  His tongue and lips have set the stage.  But he waits there, sliding the tip in…just giving me the tease.  He’s smiling a shit eating grin.  He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.  “Is that good baby?” He drawls.

“Mmm, yes Daddy.” It’s killing me but I won’t give in just yet.  He holds there toying with me. “Is this what you want baby?” His slow taunting words drip feigned sweetness.  I’m dying.  I want him and I want it hard and now and damn if he’s going to win.  “Please Daddy, please!” Then, only then does he fill me with the full length of him.  And oh, then I’m in heaven.  The sensation of him filling me just sends me completely over the edge.  My eyes close, my mind loses any thought other than the feeling.  Only after a few moments do I look up to see him above me.  I wanted to look at him, see him.  I love how he looks when he’s fucking me.

His eyes were on me then.  He so owns me.  It’s really incredible how the connection feels between us.  He is there with me and yet I can see his mind switch gears and I feel him lean down close to my face.  Then his hand is in my mouth and he is hooking his fingers down the back of my throat.  Oh God, the control he has over me.  I can barely breathe.  He consumes me in those moments. “What are you?” He asks.  I am completely gone and then he asks me a question?  I swear I have to rise up from the bottom of the lake of my mind to regain control of speech.  His fingers come out of my mouth and caress my lips. “Use your words baby.” I’m still coming up for air and his eyes are waiting, he’s waiting for an answer.  I must answer him!

“I’m yours Daddy.”  Slowly the mind reengages.  “That’s right, MINE.” He says.  A wave of happiness and lust suddenly rush over me.  His cock, all the while has been sliding in and out of me keeping me panting.  “I’m your slut Daddy.  I’m your girl Daddy.  I’m yours, yes, Yours!” My tongue finally engaged and a flood of words came.  Then Daddy took over.  He held me tight to him and whispered such intoxicating words to me.  “Yes, baby girl, you are mine.  You are my slut.  You are dirty little slut and you will do whatever pleases me.  You are for me. You are my precious.”

Then Daddy let loose and filled me so full.  I love the heat we have, the heat we create between us.  Mmm, damn.

Off to Uncharted Territory


Good morning Lovelies.  I will be off the grid for most of this week.  I’m heading out to Burning Man to experience a different kind of exploration.  I am so sad this morning to leave my Mr. D behind but he has given me his blessing to go and explore and have all the fun I can find out on the Playa.  So, I will miss him deeply and miss telling you all my secret thoughts but I hope to come back refreshed and revitalized for more adventures at the end of the week.