Naked and Exposed


I find that I don’t write when I am struggling.  Perhaps I should be writing then most of all. But I don’t. I have this aversion to sharing my hurts. I paste a smile on and get on with it. But I want to write even when I feel nothing. The problem I see is that what I write is always the emotion. Sure, I write about sex or domination or lifestyle or relationship but for me it all boils down to what I feel.

Lately, I am caring for everyone.  Going from care to care to care, I haven’t had any time to process the emotion…to feel.  I’m in constant ‘go’ mode.

I’ve had some incredible sessions with Mr. D.  I haven’t shared them.  Partly because time slips away so fast and with my mind so full of details I don’t remember the full chain of events.  I will tell you some parts.  Mr. D made me strip naked and took me out in the backyard.  He was naked too…which was nice and put me more at ease. He loves public display.  Me, not so much. It makes me nervous.  At least, that night it did.  His yard backs up to a park and a street.  Anyone walking by would have seen us because of the lights on the sidewalk.  I took a deep breath and went outside as asked.  

He pushed me up against the wall.  Hard, cold stucco.  I held myself out from the cold with my fingertips.  He used the flogger to warm up my skin.  Then he used a tiny rubber whip and boy does that little beast sting.  I pressed my cheek to the cold wall and looked over to see the streetlight glowing in the dark.  I shivered with trepidation and felt that shiver flow inside my belly.  Funny to say this but I can’t remember being made to stand before during impact play.  Something about the whole scene made that shiver of nervous energy fill my body.  My legs were rubber, my breathing was really shallow.  I had to force myself to breath deeply to calm down once I realized I was on the verge of hyperventilating.  

It was quite an experience.  Too many new things at once for me to pin down what triggered that reaction.  I’m a nudist so I don’t think that was it though I was concerned about being caught.  It may have been the cold or just purely standing during impact play which meant I couldn’t relax during the strikes.  I’m not sure but every new experience gives me more information.  

I was so relieved when Mr. D motioned me inside even though he used the stingy little paddle once he had me on the bed.  That tormenting little device raises welts on my ass.  I was feeling them afterwards. You know you’re into being a pain slut when you feel welts on your own skin and think, “whoa, that’s cool.”

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain

He Takes Me

Mr. D and I had an amazing date on Friday night.  He took me out for a lovely dinner at a really nice Fish House then we went walking on the beach and to a couple art galleries and a Chocolatier.  It was relaxing and so lovely to be pampered by him.  Afterwards, on the drive home, we stopped at what I thought would be a secluded beach area near a place I used to live.  Turns out it was quite busy with people.  Ah well, sometimes plans are made to be broken.  The following are Mr. D’s words of what happened… 


We park in a seemingly desolate lot
The moon is a slight crescent casting little light
The ocean is behind us
The war memorial is before us
We move near the lit memorial
I take your blonde locks in my hand
Force you to me and willingly you kiss me
You sense my need and passion
I kiss you madly and deeply
My hand lifts your dress and moves aside the red lace
I run my fingers roughly over your mound
Capturing your gasp with my mouth
I burrow into you tracing circles on your clit
Your hands pull me into you
Gripping my sides, arms, neck and head
You want this
You want me to take you
I bury my finger in you
I kiss your neck and bite your shoulder
Exulting in the sounds you emit
My cock is rock hard and I take it out
Moving your hand to it
I continue to kiss and finger you
Voices nearing…
Damn, we pause and collect ourselves

They pass and I spin you around
Commanding you to place your hands on the low cement wall
I raise your skirt and shift the panties aside
I impale you with my shaft
Your gasp speaks volumes
In the spotlight of the memorial
For any to see
I take your hips in my hands
Pulling and thrusting I lose myself in you
Long minutes of daring bliss
Again voices near
Damn, damn, damn the luck

But again we go unnoticed
I remove my belt and bend you over
The sound of the thick leather on your skin is euphoric
The black belt on your pristine white ass
I am entranced
I strike you again and again
Relishing the sound and sight of it
Then voices, a gaggle of teens
In physical pain I break the moment
They approach and we depart

We collect ourselves and move to the waiting car
You kiss me and tell me you want more
I am beside myself with lust and ardor
I crave your body and soul
I need to make you cry out from untamed feelings
The pain, the pleasure, the connection
I am tormented and yet content
I bide my time and remember….
For now – we head home.