Down and Back Up

Today I am dragging.  I miss Daddy with a ferociousness that flattened me upon waking in my bed.  

I know he’s feeling it too so I should just shut my mouth, be grateful I have him and move on with my day.  It just feels like I’m moving around through pea soup.

I want to accomplish so much but when I get home each day I don’t do any of the things I need to do. 

Tonight is an event I need to attend.  I so wanted to have fun at it but now I’m dreading it.  When I’m by myself why do I do this?  I drag my feet and half the time I end up not going.  But tonight I have to go.  Ugh.  

My inner introvert is whining about having to be social.  Bloody hell.  I’m going to need liquid courage tonight.  Wish me luck.