Come Slut

I’m not sure how the mood turned but it did.  The smell of sex permeated in minutes.  

I sucked his cock after permission was given.  My tongue, my throat, his silky hard cock.  I was entranced.  I savored every lick, the stretch of my throat, my restricted breathing.

“On your belly, baby girl.” I felt languid from touching him.  I rolled over presenting him my ass, thighs, back.  His hands caressed, his eyes ravished.  I breathed in his pheromones.

The vibe materialized under me.  Pushed up between my thighs. It coaxed and cajoled my sex.  But his words, oh his words, those seduced my mind. “Are you my whore?  Yes, you are.  That’s a good whore.  You’re going to be my good little cum whore and give me what I want.”

His fingers curled into the close hairs at the nape of my neck and pulled my head up.  His teeth grazing the side of my neck as venom dripped from his lips.  “My good slut, feel it, take it.  Give me what I want.  You want to, I know.” 

His hand released the adder’s grip from my neck and pushed my face into the sheets.  His face pushed between my ass cheeks, his tongue assaulted my asshole.  My back arched on its own, opening me to him while vibrations continued their relentless affair under me.

“I should just fuck your ass right now, no warm up, and listen to you whimper.” His finger slid into my tight hole.  He knew how that threat would scare me, excite me. I feared him tearing me, but I ached for him stretching me wide.  Oh, the dichotomy.  My pussy spasmed with every threat. 

His finger fucked my ass.  The intense sensations from ass to clit were turning my soul. Rolling her like swine in slop.  “Dirty girl, you’d like me to take your ass.  You want to be my dirty whore.  Such a good little dirty whore you are.”

He pushed the vibrator up high and tight on my throbbing clit.  I would not take long, I was gone.  Only a dirty slut remained pinned under him. I responded to him now, the frenzy was upon me. “Yes Daddy, I’m your dirty girl, dirty girl. Wicked dirty girl.” I spoke in tongues to my Devil, my captor.

“Yes, my little cum whore, you want to give me your come don’t you?” He spanked me hard, once, twice, thrice, in staccato succession.  “Give it to me.”

My body convulsed, I continued to spew filth as the orgasm tore through my body and mind.  Hot sticky glorious waves of pleasure.  He pushed me down on the vibe knowing I’d want it gone now.  “No, take it, ride it.”  Fuck! Please let it stop, I can’t take it.

I kept coming with his hand pressing me down.  I rode the storm.  My mental ship and all her crew tossed on the churning, roiling tide.  The vibe stopped, it must have.  Breathing became my world.  His warmth and caress my heaven. 

“That’s right.  Good girl.  You did very well.  Such a good girl.” I wrapped myself in him.  His love, his approval.  My bliss.

On Command

The day before Thanksgiving I was with Mr. D. We were having sex and he was using the Wand on my clit. It was wedged between us and vibrating me towards an orgasm. For some reason, it was working but not sending me over the edge. 

Possibly it was because we had done this the night before and I could feel the spot on my body where the device had ground a sore spot into my pelvic bone. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t going over the edge.

He continued to fuck me. I love that part. I love him wanting to feel me cum while he’s inside me. He turned up the intensity of the wand to the highest vibration. Still I didn’t go over the edge. Finally, he looked me in the eyes and said, “Let go and cum for me.” Whether is was his intensity, his need or simply that he commanded me I don’t know but immediately, I came for him. 

The orgasm rocketed through my body and my pelvic muscles squeezed him tightly. I convulsed under him and felt rather than saw his approval. I was so happy to please him. I was surprised and overjoyed really that his command was what triggered me to orgasm. I want him to own my pleasure. I want it to be His. His to give and His to command.


Sunday night Mr. D had worked all day to build an insulated door to hold an air conditioning unit for his room. Now we will be so cool and comfy this summer, yay.  Unfortunately, the two days of construction did a number on his back.

Instead of working his back more by having sex he decided he wanted to watch me masturbate for him.  He got out his laptop and had me lie on the bed. He set up his laptop next to me and had me choose some porn to watch. He put the computer on the opposite side of the bed from his chair so that I would not be watching him.

Once the porn started, I began to touch myself.  A little at first then more as things progressed. Usually, I love performing whatever Mr. D wants from me but I felt really self-conscious this time.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe because I was fully naked and it was daytime while he was clothed.  Maybe because he wasn’t near me or touching me so I couldn’t get a read on what was going through his head.  

Whatever the case, it took me a while to get out of my head. Mr. D was smart to aim me away from him. Even though I was thinking of him, I was still able to lose myself in the porn after a while. I used a little pocket vibrator which I never used before and sure enough I felt the tension build and I knew it was working.  I was so happy, I knew I was going to cum for him finally.  I felt the pleasure build, I glanced over to see him watching and finally I felt it crest and my body rocked with the pleasure of an orgasm. 

He watched as I came for him and then got on the bed so I could snuggle him.  I felt odd afterwords.  I was exposed and yet I felt like I hadn’t put on a very good show for Mr. D.  When I started, I had in mind that I should just cum and not embellish it at all, just let it be what it was.  His girl getting off by herself, nothing more.  It’s a big enough thing for me to cum for him anyway.  I thought I should just focus on that alone.  I’m glad I did because it worked, it just felt like a lackluster performance to watch.  I will get better at it.

As I felt his warmth around me and his body next to mine I ached so much for him.  I wanted him inside me so badly. I made my desire for him known because I couldn’t keep my hands and body still next to him.  At this point I didn’t really know his back was hurting as much as it was.  

“I know what you want. You want me to pound you with Daddy’s cock.” Yes, that was exactly what I wanted.  I was aching for him.  I wanted to be one with him and a part of me wanted to feel that he wanted me after watching me in such a detached way.

“I have an idea. Little Girl you are going to let me cum in your mouth.”

Second part to follow.