Baby did a bad bad thing

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

I went out with a co-worker to a Gala recently. Daddy said to send him pictures of us. My friend arrived late and we walked into the Gala in the midst of it so I didn’t send pictures until we were able to take them at the end of the night. Daddy was not happy. I made him wait all evening for what he asked for. He told me I would be punished. I felt horrible for making him wait.

“You will put in one of your plugs and play with yourself. Bring yourself almost to orgasm three times today. You will not come. You made me wait so now you will wait. Do you understand slut?”

I told him I did. I have a new plug with a jewel in the end. It is very bulbous with a short neck. I hadn’t worn it before. I lubed it then knelt beside the bed to insert it. That plug was so round and I hadn’t put anything in my ass in a long time. It was a struggle but it finally popped in. It stretched me and was very tight.

I laid in bed naked. I played with my nipples until they were nice and hard. Then I caressed down my belly to my pussy. I tickled the edges drawing out the sensations. I thought of Daddy fucking me with his hand on my throat. I imagined him calling me all sorts of vile things while he fucked me. My body responded, arching under my hand. My fingers strummed my clit hard and fast. I was so, so close. I felt my gut tighten and my legs begin to shake then I stopped.

Panting and coming down from the high of almost coming, I texted him that I had one down, two to go. I waited some time in-between. I didn’t want to come when I wasn’t supposed to and doing it again so soon would make that a risk

I began again. I tugged on the plug. It was so tight. When I pulled on it I could feel the bulb stretching me. I ran my fingers up the outer ring of lips from my ass to my clit. I shivered from the sensations that it brought. I closed my eyes and thought of many things to get my libido going again. Daddy fucking me. Then Daddy fucking someone else with me watching. Then two women fucking. My mind was all over the place, I couldn’t settle it. I kept rubbing my clit. I decided to forget the images, they weren’t working. I kept rubbing my clit and focused on the feelings. My body tingled, my clit was swollen, I tugged on the plug again. I love that feeling.

Finally, my body began to respond. Fuck my mind, we were doing this anyway. I felt the waves and little spasms start and then I stopped touching myself. Damn, I wanted to come! I texted Daddy and this time went right back to my punishment. If it took so long to get going the second time, I didn’t want to wait for the third. Plus, I was in serious need now. I was in the ‘fuck the consequences’ phase of this exercise. My need was in the lead.

I touched myself again. I touched my clit, too sensitive. So, I started with my nipples. I rubbed them hard. I punished them with pain. Ooo, the pain. I wanted Daddy’s pain, I ached for his dominance. I wanted to serve his craven desires.

I pictured myself kneeling before him. “Table.” He said. I put my hands on the carpet and leveled out my back to present myself as a table for him. I was nothing, just furniture. He was sitting on the couch. I didn’t know what he did or thought as I kneeled there, I was is object. Someone touched my ass. I couldn’t look but somehow I knew it was his best friend El Jefe.

“Go ahead, what’s mine is yours.” I heard Daddy say. His voice was dismissive. I felt a cock thrust inside me. I felt Daddy there, his presence holding me in place. His eyes watching me take it. And just like that, I was at the edge of coming. Fuck.

I stopped and texted Daddy that my punishment was complete. I wouldn’t make him wait again.


He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock deep into my throat. I held on as long as I could.  Mouth stretched, throat stretched, eyes watering until all the air in my lungs turned to carbon dioxide and I fought against his grip.

“Hold…hold…” His iron grip on me refused to give as my panic began to fly wildly.  Finally, he let go and I pulled off him gasping air. I refused to back away, my mouth still at the tip of his cock as I labored for fresh air. 

I took his cock in again. I would not be beaten. I would not fail to serve. I sucked him in halfway. My breathing began to slow again, the panic receded.

Again he grabbed my hair and pulled me down. I would last longer this time I told myself. The iron grip held and I stuck out my tongue working him deeper. Still, I felt the panic rise. 

“Good slut.” Damn him for knowing how that eggs me on. I rocked my head and felt his cock move in my mouth. Soon he’d let go and I’d win.

The panic rose, I looked up at him and saw he wasn’t playing. Master was fully in control. I moaned on his cock desperate again for air.

“Hold slut. You will do this.” My eyes watered and I pulled back even though I knew it was useless. I went into full panic mode. Wild-eyed, I pushed my hands against the steel thighs that were wrapped around my body. I was close to clawing him.

He let me go and I fell back onto the floor at his feet. My head on the couch cushion near him, I coughed and sputtered the phlegm his cock had loosened in my throat. 

“When you’re ready, I want you to come into the other room. I want you on the bench.” He left then. I heard the sounds of him moving things. I knew he was putting out toys of torture. I knew what was coming. 

Setting the Tone

Before I arrived for my visit with Daddy, he sent me a video of a slave being used by two Masters.  They were very harsh with her and used her body repeatedly.  They took her anally, vaginally and facefucked her.  They degraded her by spitting on her. It was a very intense scene.  She had no break and they did not let up in using her for any plea.

Daddy and I spoke about it after I watched it.  We talked about how she gave of her service and it was not at all about her receiving pleasure. As a viewer, I was initially appalled that she was used almost to the point of abuse. 

When I thought about the scene from a lifestyle perspective, I realized it was along the same lines as what I crave with Daddy. When he leaves his Daddy Protector behind and his Stern Master side comes out it puts me very quickly into a deeply submissive state.  

As we discussed the video he said, “They took and she gave. I have spit on your sex like that but never degraded you with it. I have slapped your face but didn’t know what you felt about it. There will be more discussions and demands.”

Finally he said, “You have mentioned degradation before and that name calling is a turn on. We haven’t gone to sub space in a very long time. Prepare for that on vacation.” 

Fast forward a week.  After picking me up from the airport and taking me to dinner, we went home together. We had some snuggle time then he said, “Stand please. Strip off your clothes and kneel.”

I took a deep breath and followed directions.  I pulled my dress above my head and dropped it on the other couch. I faced him then took off my bra and panties. As I knelt he said, “Very nice. Eyes down.”

My eyes were lowered already but now I knew not to raise them, he rarely specifies that. “Arms at your sides. Remember, what I said?” I knew immediately and nodded.  A race of adrenaline shot through me. I was finally with him after a month of no Daddy and now I would be tested by Master too.  I was giddy and nervous all at once. 


Daddy and I are in the midst of a fire storm of lust.  Lust is ephemeral, it ebbs and flows naturally but right now it is hot and palpable between us.  We are three days into some intense connection with no signs of a slow down.

Today we ran errands and had lunch.  We just returned and while he used the bathroom, I enjoyed a little rest on the bed checking up on social media. I’m dressed for Daddy today.  I have on black tights that have a sexy cross stitch up the leg, a black body suit with a low cut V-neck and a tiny Minnie Mouse skirt of polka dots.

He told me he’d be going out to enjoy a cigar and that we’d nap afterwards in preparation for our evening.  Relaxed and easy, I thought.  Until he started feeling my ass and thighs through the leggings.  He ran his hands over the slinky material then his teeth sank into my ass.  Damn, he drives me insane with need.  He bit and moved, bit and moved, the material of the leggings doing nothing to impede him or his teeth from making contact with my tender ass.  When he bit the sensitive meridian between ass and thigh I clearly yelped.  My body and mind reacted to him in a rush.

His hands moved up my back, pushing me into the bed.  Over and over, he pushed me down.  It felt divine.  I love him manhandling me.  He grabbed my hair at the back of my head and yanked me up from the bed. “You are a Goddess.  You turn me on.  You will take this energy and write for me.  Is that clear?”

“Yes,  yes Daddy.  I will.”

“Yes, you will.” He pulled down my pants and unsnapped the body suit.  His fingers pushed into my sex.  Damn, he sends wildfire through me with his touch.  He pumped his finger into my sex and then tasted my juices on him.  “Here, you need to taste this too.” His finger plunged in me again and was then presented to my lips.  I suckled as commanded.

He pulled down his jeans, he was standing near the bed.  He took a handful of my hair and pushed me towards him.  My lips wrapped around the dripping head of his cock.  I tasted him and moaned.  I tasted us together and ached to keep sucking him. He pulled away from me then.  “I’ll be back in a hour.  Write.”


Mr. D has had the idea of collaring me on his mind since the night he put a makeshift collar on me and loved how I reacted to it. He had me measure my neck a few days ago and yesterday he showed me the materials he bought to make me a collar.  Mr. D is studying leather craft and has devoted so much time to developing his skill that he has gotten amazingly good in a very short period of time.  The collar material is an unfinished belt leather and a red suede kid goat skin.  I love how he thinks of me and my needs and desires.

I have several posts to write about the activity over the past two weeks.  We went to Mexico, we played there and on the way back.  But I started writing those posts and can’t get my mind off this. Yesterday, we played and both times it was beyond intense.  Almost too intense for me.  I came away both times crying and unsure of myself and wondering if I had done what he wanted, or if my reactions were too far over the edge.  After our second time playing, he admitted that he was purposefully harsh and testing me.  He is very concerned about the idea of collaring me and how it will change us.

Yesterday, while we were running errands, he mentioned the last time I reacted negatively to our play.  It was when I felt off about him calling me slut.  When he said, “my slut,” it felt right but just being asked to be a slut felt like it was against my normal level of societal standards. He told me that he’d been very careful since then to always say ‘my’ first. Later when we came home, we were lying together on the bed.  He said, “I don’t know about us living together someday. The way we are together, we’ll never get anything done.” We are both very driven individuals in our own ways.  When we are together, we get lost in each other and the drive seems to be on hold.  It’s really nice but we spend a lot of time in bed!

I wrapped my body around his and whispered, “But I’LL get done,” and laughed.  He pinned me to the bed and began teasing me for that remark.  At some point, in the middle of him pinning me down things got much more serious. He began asking me what I am, telling me what I am. “You’re my slut, aren’t you?” I nodded.  “You’re my cunt, aren’t you?” I nodded again.  He was aroused now and the darkness was on him. “You’re my little bitch in heat. That’s what you are. Aren’t you? Beg me for my little cock, if you want it.” He knows words don’t come to me immediately.  I have to dig myself out and respond as if from the bottom of a well.

“Yes, Daddy, please fuck me.” Weak words barely dribbled out of the sides of my mouth, they were weighted down by my shame and trepidation.

“Not good enough slut. Do you think you deserve my cock with that? Not even close.  You’re going to have to do much better than that.” His hand pushed my head back and his fingers curled around my throat.  I could barely see him out of the corner of my eye but I knew he wasn’t joking now.

“Please Daddy, please fuck me.  Please put your cock in me.” The words gasped out as they had to push against his grip on my throat.  Their struggle to be free of my lips instilled them with more force than I had given them. Still, it was not enough.

“I don’t think I should fuck you, little cunt, you don’t want it.” His fingers were invading my soft folds without mercy. I was dry from running errands and not having my mind on sex at all until this. I whimpered against the pain and the desperation to please him.  I was failing.

“Please Daddy! Please fuck your little slut! Please, I want your cock inside me. Please Daddy!” This time the desperate need pulled the words like tiny rockets from my lips.  They shot past him and filled my ears with the sounds of my aching wantonness.

“That’s better. You’d better be wet.” My heart crushed, I knew I probably wasn’t wet enough. How could I do anything about that now?  He pushed his hard cock into my dry opening and I felt it ripping.  He pulled back and I prayed my body wouldn’t be a traitor.  Pushing into me again, he was in far enough that the quickening of my wetness took hold.  Thank God, I thought. Once the slickness covered his length, I arched my back and felt my body rush to meet his.  I’m ever his slut, all that is needed is his body on mine.  The response is always there, my body is ever his toy and his playground.  I moaned and grabbed ahold of him as he fucked me.

“What are you?” His eyes lanced me to the bed.

“I’m your slut, your whore, your bitch.” I knew my place, I knew the answers, I had my voice.

“Good.” He growled as he thrust repeatedly into me.  He held my feet together, my legs on his chest, my feet to the side of his face.  He looked at me and fucked me through the tight opening he created between my thighs.  I moaned my approval.  He sucked on my toes and it felt incredible.  Never has that been a desire of mine but right then it was so hot.

He let my legs down and put his hands behind my knees.  He pushed them up to my shoulders and thrust deeply into my pelvis.  It feels like he’s splitting me in two when he does that.  His cock goes really far inside me in this position.  It is at once intensely erotic and slightly uncomfortable.  I looked up at him and his eyes were shaded.  He looked at me with a pure intensity.

“Who am I?” The fucking continued unabated.


“Yes.” Deeper thrusting.

“Who am I?” My immediate thought, the one that came rushing in without hesitation, was that he was my Master.  He was in full virile control of me and us.  But, I wasn’t to call him that.  He didn’t want that.  It wasn’t our agreement.  I couldn’t say it.  The words cluttered and bumped around in my throat as I clamped my mouth shut.  But he was still asking.

“Who am I?” His voice was deep and harsh, forceful under tight control. I had no other answer and he was commanding me to respond. He slapped me across the face and it  shocked me deeply.

“Answer me.” He barked.

“Master.” I sobbed out the words. “My Master.” I want this.  He knows I do.  To me he is my Master. Has been for a long time now.  We don’t put it in those terms, though.  But I am his completely.

“Yessss.” He groaned and came hard inside me. After recovering and while still inside me, he said, “I want your mouth on Daddy’s cock. Clean me up everywhere from my balls to the creases of my legs.”  I got between his legs and licked him clean, every inch of him.  While I did this I was shaking.  It was harder than I thought to admit that I wanted him to be my Master.  The thought of us in this new dynamic fills me with joy and with fear.

“Did you like calling me that?” I nodded as I cleaned him.  I couldn’t talk.  It had been so shockingly hard.  He had given me no quarter.  And he had slapped me. His level of dominance had been different.  He told me that was on purpose.  That we would have to talk seriously about what the changes would be if we did this.  We talked a little and then I went to the store because we were having guests over.  My vanilla friends were coming over for the first time.  They were coming and I could barely hold myself together.  I sat in the car at the store shaking.  Why was I so affected?  What had he done differently?  I felt like something happened and it was over my head.  I sensed a change I just couldn’t grasp it entirely yet.


I have Saturday’s scenario to write about but all I can think about right now is Mr. D taking me to another place. It’s kind of insane how much my body and mind aches for his Dominance. I want him constantly. It dulls down when life is difficult and my plate is very full but then I am in his presence again. I have him around me and the aching need comes over me like a wave of heat. I do my best to be a good girlfriend and a good person, taking care of regular life duties. Deep inside, though, I have this desire to be his little slave and bow to him and serve him and to give all my body and soul to him.

I want this because his touch and his Dominance on me feel like a drug. I feel that addictive sensation of wanting nothing more than to be his little play thing and do whatever he commands, whatever he deems worthy and will thrill him. I’ve always known I’m submissive but this feels like something more. He burns a wildfire in me that I’ve never felt. His darkness makes my heart sing. His touch and his strength fill me with heat and with dread and with wantonness that continues to flourish and grow.

His Hands


His hands are at once soft and hard

The fine fur on the them draws my touch

His grip is gentle as his love is felt

A caress across my skin excites the flesh

Until I’m crazed and wound into a frenzy

Then his hands become something more

Controlling and dominating me

Hard and unforgiving in their relentlessness

A victim to their command, I am powerless

Hypnotically they move me

Touching and guiding, taking their due

Until I am completely rapt

Spaced Out

 Saturday something happened. Something I couldn’t control. Something that spun me. I’ll tell you about it.

After our picnic on the couch, we were relaxing and enjoying the house.  We planned to leave for our shuttle in about a half hour so we had a little time though not really enough to fully play.

We talked a little about the sex shop we had visited on the way up. While at the sex shop we had looked at collars.  He had said he wasn’t sure about putting one on me because it would inhibit his access to that dangerous spot on my neck that he uses to torment me. He held up a collar to my neck as an example and bit me there unexpectedly.  It startled me, more than I’d like to admit. 

Now again, on the couch, he decided to torment me. He kissed me fervently then he put a finger under my chin to force it up so that I extended my neck.  I felt vulnerable and exposed. I knew what was coming. My breathing immediately increased pace.  He leaned in and started to go for that part of my neck. I pulled back. I couldn’t stop from doing it.  He gripped the back of my head curling his fingers in my hair to stop me. Now he had me trapped and continued his torment on my neck.  His lips touched that spot and I couldn’t pull away so my hand came up to hold him back and he slapped it away.  He was going to have what he wanted.  Without knowing it, at this point I’m pretty sure I subbed out.  It’s only happened once before this strongly and it was a very similar situation. It seems to happen when he is absolute in his command. My world narrowed until he was my whole existence.  He was my link to survival because he had utterly complete control. I was thrown into a trance-like state. 

He ordered me onto the chaise lounge on my back.  I sat at the corner as directed and leaned back.  He pushed my knees to my chest and entered me while standing. In this position, he fucked me so deeply.  He touched depths I’m pretty sure have never been touched.  It was wicked good.  Strangely, while I’m in this trance state and he’s fucking me it comes to me that our time is limited and I realize he’s about to stop.  

As he rose and said the same thing that was on my mind, it felt like the world imploded in on me.  I was suddenly and inexplicably tossed adrift in space as if my tether had been cut. He was standing over me asking me if I was okay but I was so many atmospheres away I had trouble responding. I know I automatically said, “Yes, I’m okay.” But I honestly had no idea.  My response was just a reflex because I’m trained to respond to him and I never want him to worry.

I knew I had to find myself and my way back fast because I was about to ruin our plans and the night I had arranged. I stood bolt upright to go to the bathroom and sat right back down when I couldn’t balance myself. He caught me and was talking at me. I was trying to respond and not lose it at the same time. I heard him joke and laugh but I wasn’t mentally there yet.  

Finally I made it to the bathroom and pieced myself back together.  We did make it to the concert, I did snap out of sub space somehow…pure force of will because I had to. I don’t advise this method to anyone.

I felt trapped by the circumstances but I should have said, “No, I’m really not okay,” and let my Dominant take proper care of me. Some lessons are hard.  Asking for help…not my strong suit.

Image by Sadisuto and used under CC License 3.0 with attribution and found here:

His Way

Tonight Mr. D had his way with me. How is this any different than any other weekend we’re together, you ask? Well, honestly, I’m still working that out in my head.

It wasn’t what he did to my body.  The details of that are easy to describe.  He sat in his chair and pulled me to him.  He pushed up my dress and kissed my stomach, thighs, and back as I pulled off my dress.  He turned me around and pushed my back down so I leaned over the bed, ass presented to him.  His mouth probed me then.  His lips and tongue found my tight puckered asshole. His finger pushed inside my pussy.  His hands caressed me, fervent and sensual. “Kneel on the bed.” He commanded.

He undressed and his grip sank painfully into my hair.  His fingers touched my ass, one pushing in.  It was not comfortable, I was not ready for it, that did not matter at all.  He wanted it.  My body reacted, the traitor that it is.  His fingers plundered both my holes.  His hand continued to painfully grip my hair. Every pull on my hair sent me deeper under the spell of his control.  My body took his cues.  My pussy now wet.  My ass, however, was still not ready.  My mind was a little rebel.  Too fast, not yet, she said.  As his finger pushed in again, I flinched.  I tried not to, I had succeeded until right then.

It did not matter in the slightest.  He had control, I am his.  “Mine.” He says. 

“Yes, Daddy.” I whimpered.

“You flinched. Get up between the pillows face down.” I clambered to obey.  Again the hand grabbing my hair, again his fingers fucking me. Finally, his cock replaced them.  I moaned in relief, in ecstasy.

“Thank Daddy for fucking you.” He said. I whimpered and thanked him. “Is that the best you can do?” He pulled out, hand pulling my head up by my hair.  I cried out.

“Please Daddy!  I love it, please, thank you for fucking me.” Incoherent, halting, angst driven submissive babbling ensued.

“You are mine.  You do what I say.  Your body is mine.  You are mine.  Do you understand?!?”  

“Yes Daddy yes!” He plowed deep inside me from behind again.  Pumped me hard while I thanked him profusely for fucking me.  I couldn’t stop thanking him.  I just had to, it was imperative to my existence.  I was desperate to please him.  I was deep under his power and my whole being was filled with a desperation to do better, to please more.

With a sudden shuddering explosion he came inside me.  Panting and dizzy with his power, we both came down from that indescribable place.

I curled up into him. I felt so emotional, so vulnerable.  Yes, that’s it…raw and vulnerable.  It took me a while to swim back up through the layers and find my normal self again.

Thinking about it.  This was real, absolute Dominance and submission.  He took.  I had no choice.  My only will left was the will to obey. 


I feel like a bad partner.  We thought Mr. D was fully healed but last night we had sex before going out to an event.  I wanted him so badly I practically begged him because it would put us late and I just didn’t care about that.  So, we had fast sex, which was so great.  If I haven’t seen him for a few days I just get wound tight and I’ll do anything to have him inside me.

Sadly, though, his skin tore a little.  He has a sensitive spot that keeps tearing.  I looked it up online and there must be a tiny bit of scar tissue there that keeps ripping when we have sex.  So, ugh.  I think maybe we should let it heal all the way and I should massage the area to try to make the tissue pliable again. Either way, we need to use lube for a while to help the situation.

So, when we returned from the event we knew better than to do anything again.  But was I good?  Nope!  He started touching my neck, putting a light choke hold on me to torment me and damn it I couldn’t stop him.  I went into full sub mode, I don’t seem to have an ounce of control around him. I thought, Okay, he’s teasing me.  we’re trying new things lately, he’s talking to me and touching me, this won’t go further. Next thing I know his hands are inside me and I’m writhing under his fingers. I’m soaked and then he’s on top of me.  I froze.  I knew it would hurt him and so when he pushed into me I dried up.  Can my body really read my damned mind that fast?  Seriously.  

But then he was inside me and my little rebel body didn’t listen to me and I responded to him.  He began to fuck me.  My mind was all over the place.  Slipping into that passionate fuzzy space where all I want is more alternating with nurse mentality watching for any wince from him.  

Shortly he stopped.  “Damn, it stings.”  

I’m worthless to help this situation.  I’m going to have to tie my damned thighs together, I swear.