It was a good weekend. We did chores, we took care of stuff. Daddy helped me with some work I had to do at my Mom’s place. We went to a family event which was nice.

With me falling asleep for half the afternoon on Saturday and our attending an event allllll day on Sunday, we didn’t have any sex time. I feel bad about that. I don’t like disappointing Daddy that way. I didn’t have any school work time either.

Such is life. Some weekends are relaxing and give you time to rejuvenate and some are chaotic and busy.

I have to be careful. Last week, I had some of that ‘too much, too much, everything is happening all at once!’ feeling. I need to be better at planning all my To Do’s so this cart doesn’t fly off the rails at some point.

Happy Monday Folks.


Mr. D is in Texas for a couple more days. Maybe I should change his pseudonym to The Texan? Naw. I know we all do our best to protect our anonymity but some of the pseudonyms I’ve seen are just plain funny. 😂 That might be a great writing prompt. A Saturday Night Live-esque skit using all the questionable pseudonyms online.  

The Liberator whipped out his big unit, I call it Thor’s Hammer.  He turned me around and standing in the doorway was none other than Magnus Trojanus.  I knew I was in for a trip to the ER.  Giddy! 

No? It could have legs.  I might work on that scenario, polish that bad boy up. What else is going on today? I’m packing up half our stuff to make Mr. D cozy in our new apartment.  Being a homespun girl, I have plenty of kitchen/bathroom stuff for two houses.  Time to get busy. 

I’m also washing the various and sundry sexy things I’ll pack up to send along with him.  He already packed most of the toys.  Can’t wait for our Texas place to have the spanking bench out and privacy to use it.  That right there is the silver lining in our stormy weather. Yeah buddy!

I think I might boot up my laptop today and do some blog maintenance.  I would love to post pictures to all my blogs but the research to find sexy and legally usable images sometimes takes as long as writing does.  I have a day dream of posting all personal pictures of my own.  Maybe someday.  At the moment, this is what you get.  I could be all Domme and say, “take what you get and like it, then lick my boots!” but that is definitely not me. Ha!

Happy Sunday Everyone!