Do You Want a Beating?

Daddy and I were home alone on a weekend.  He was leaving on a plane the next day and the separation loomed in front of us.

I told him I wanted to get drunk and massage him.  He was amenable to the idea.  Not that I need to be drunk to give a massage.  I always love touching him.  But there is a place I can slip into with just a slight buzz.  A physical, sexual place where I can close my eyes and just feel.  It is somethig akin to subspace, a different level of consciousness. 

We had a drink and Daddy was smoking a cigar.  We were out on our patio enjoying each other.  I felt too far from him sitting in the other chair and took the cushion from mine, putting it between his knees on the concrete. I knelt before him and wrapped my arms around his belly.  My safe place.  My rightful place in this world, at his feet.

I felt so many emotions there close to him.  I felt love and heat.  I felt the fear of losing him in this move.  I felt submissive and I wanted to have his cock in my mouth.  All these desires and feelings and fear fought to overwhelm me.  Yet I looked up to him when beckoned. 

“Mine.” He said.  Claiming what is his.  

“Yes Daddy, yours.” I smiled with the heat of my love apparent.  

 “What do you want baby girl?” 

“May I suck your cock Daddy?” I needed him.

“Yes, you may but first I want you to go put in the medium plug.” I nodded and rose from my position.  I went to our bathroom and applied lube to the medium anal plug.  I knelt at the sink and inserted it slowly.  I felt it stretch me wide then it was in.

I returned to Daddy and knelt again at his feet. He pulled down his shorts as I knelt further down.  I rolled my tongue around his already growing girth. That’s what I love, what I needed.  I lost myself in the taste, the smell, the texture of him in my mouth. I pulled him all the way into the back of my throat.  I sucked him until I gagged for air then I pulled back.  I looked up at him with a mouthful of cock. We made eye contact.  I feel vulnerable, so incredibly vulnerable like that but I forced myself to look up to him, to be seen in the act of pleasing him.  

Little did I know that he had taken pictures of me right before. He showed them to me later.  I looked entranced. I really loved the pictures actually.

After a while I pulled back to catch my breath.  “Do you want to a beating baby girl?”  I nodded yes.  I desperately needed one.  “Then rise and go inside.”

He knows what I need even when I don’t. 

Back End Games

It was Sunday.  We had our weekend together and it was nice.  He practiced golf with the boys.  I grocery shopped, we went to the gym…basic stuff, relaxing regular life.  The Wednesday before, we had played and he had tried anal.  I begged out of it.  Daddy is quite well endowed.  Not only is he long, he is also very girthy. The length is not an issue for anal sex but the girth…that is a whole other thing. 

It has taken me a long while to get prepared for him.  But I am now and occasionally we do have anal sex.  That Wednesday I was not in the right place to have anal sex.  I have to relax completely and he has to spend time working me back there to get me ready.  That particular night I couldn’t relax at all and we were rushed because it was a weeknight.  I felt badly for stopping him but I was so tense and he was going to hurt me if I hadn’t have stopped him.

So, by the weekend, I really wanted to make it up to him. He had taunted me with it on Saturday saying he wouldn’t then but soon.  On Sunday it was really on my mind to say yes.  I was between his legs sucking his cock.  He looked down at me and caught my attention.  “Tonight you will be used for my pleasure.  Prepare yourself for the darkness. Tonight you have no choice. I will use every hole you have.  Do you understand?”  

“Yes Daddy.” I love when he chooses to use me for himself.  There is something so hot about being used.  I’m his slut in those moments.  I am there to fulfill his need, nothing more.  It sends me to some dark place of my own.  All I want is to please him, to give him everything he asks for, to do his bidding no matter how base and depraved it could be. I love the sacrifice.

After I sucked him and he filled my throat with his bulbous cock head, he turned me over on my side.  His cock slid in my sex and his fingers filled my ass.  Slowly at first, his finger loosened my tight little back hole.  The more he fucked me the more I wanted him in the ass. 

“Please fuck my ass Daddy.  I want you to fill me there.” He got out the Hitachi and put it between my legs.   It began to vibrate my clit and put me in a different place.  One where the pleasure governed and the pain meant nothing.  

“Bend your legs up baby girl.” I curled into a fetal position like he asked.  I wasn’t sure of this position, I was thinking he’d take me in our usual position.  Typically, when he wants my ass, he puts me on my side with one leg between his and the other bent up towards my chest.  Tonight though, he wanted both legs up.  He worked his fingers inside me with lube and slow strokes.  I was talking to him I think. 

“Yes Daddy, please fuck my ass.  I want you deep inside me.  I want you filling me there.” The Hitachi was making my clit throb and jump from the constant vibration. I wanted him badly now.  He bent down behind me and pushed his blunt cock into my ass.  I relaxed as he commanded but I always balk right when he pushes in the first time.  I just know I’m going to tear wide open.  I feel him push in and it’s fine until he gets to his widest girth.  Then I start to panic.  I breath fast and hope and pray that I don’t tear.  But then he’s through and buried deep inside my ass.  When he starts to move, I moan involuntarily.  My body is his in that moment. I have no control over myself. I moan like some wild animal and I say things to him.  I’m not sure what exactly except it’s along the lines of babbling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy, god yes, please, yes.” Or some equally brilliant prose.

“What am I doing baby girl?” He thrusts deeper and faster now.  My body has only slightly given way to him.  I have to stay completely relaxed or the pain will come again. The Hitachi serves to distract me as I begin to climb the wave of an orgasm.

“You’re fucking my ass Daddy.”

“Whose ass?” Crap.

“Yours Daddy.  It’s yours, it belongs to you.”

“Damned right it does.” He thrusts and thrusts again while my body stretches to give in to his will in this onslaught.

“What do you want slut?” Oh god, want do I want?  I can’t think! I’m so close to coming and he’s pumping into me so hard and fast now.

“Fill my ass, yes, that’s it Daddy.  Please fill my ass.”  A moment, maybe two pass as he thrusts deeper and harder then I hear him yell out.

“Come with me baby girl.”  His body shuddered and he injected his hot load into me.

That was a much, much better way to finish our anal play.

No Choice

Our first time having anal sex we were both timid. Mr. D was careful and took care to make sure I was okay.  It had been a while since then.  We talked about it often but for whatever reason it hadn’t been the right time.  Last weekend, I arrived at Mr. D’s place, I had no idea what I was in for that afternoon.  We had been texting the night before about rape and non-consent.  He had gotten me so worked up that I told him I’d love to have him force me sometime.  The rape fantasy is one that intrigues me.  The idea of being forced is very erotic.  So, when I arrived at his place he told me to undress.  He said I had no choice, he was going to take my ass and I had no say in the matter.  I was scared and turned on and excited all at once.

I stripped down and he bent me over the bed.  He fit his face in between my cheeks and began to invade my asshole with his tongue.  It made me grip the sheets with both hands.  The sensations were off the charts for me when he did this. He pulled back and his fingers moved in to inched inside me.  I squirmed and cried out, wanting this but not wanting it at the same time.  I knew it was going to happen.  I had no choice.

He had me lie on my back and he pushed up my legs so that he was poised between them.  His enormous cock pushed into my ultra-tight hole.  Slowly, he moved.  I panted and relaxed as much as possible.  This was happening, I had no choice.  He pushed in with a short stroke and then pulled back.  He thrust in again and I felt my body balk at the invasion.  “Please Daddy.” I knew there was no stopping him. “Please, let me move to my side.”

“Okay, if you think that will be better.” I knew not to ask to stop.  I rolled on my side and got into position.  One leg between his two, one pulled up to my chest.  He mounted me again and thrust into me.  I took a deep breath.  This was happening, I had no choice.  His cock pushed inside me and the constant movement awakened my lust.  The feelings of pleasure overrode my anxiety and the pain of being stretched.  I moaned as he continued to thrust in deeper and deeper.

I felt the intense pleasure of him reaching the precipice and being buried to the hilt, I had no choice it was happening now.  He pulled back and began to fuck my ass with long deep thrusts.  He fucked me harder and faster.  He pummeled my tight ass until the guttural moans were unending.  They were mine and I had no choice, they came without my volition.

Hard animal fucking and his cock filling my ass brought him to the brink until finally he filled my ass with his hot seed.  His breathing came hard and fast.  The shudders of his orgasm rocked through me.  I had no choice, I felt his love juice pump me full.


It was a very emotional day for me. I had some things to take care of and Mr. D was there for me. He made me laugh and bolstered me up when I was sad. We had a beautiful lunch in a steakhouse that had the atmosphere of a bordello. Dark and cavernous, you walked in and your eyes took a while to acclimatize to the intimate candlelight. The walls held old paintings of Victorian women, some surprisingly semi-nude. Vintage ruby glass chandeliers completed the aura of decadence.

Our waiter was impeccable. He placed our napkins in our laps and served a sumptuous salad with flare. We had a fine lunch and then drove home. We were tired and full so Mr. D let me lie down and snuggle up against him for a while. I took succor from being close to him.

After a time, being in close proximity to each other worked us into a passion. Mr. D whispered sweet tormenting words in my ear and sent my mind to another place. How he has that power over my libido, I can’t fathom but his ways of dominance take me off into the darkness so that I never wish to return.

His hands turned me over and his thick fingers probed and violated my backside. The tight puckering rosebud opened for him and my moans filled the room. He pursued this violation with gusto and soon I wanted him to take me. I wanted him regardless of my menstruation, regardless of his soreness. I knew it wasn’t to be but I was beyond the point of reason.

His hot breath was on my ear, his thoughts caressing my psyche. “I want you to give in to me. You are mine. Your ass is mine. I will take what is mine. Tell me you want it now.”

“Yes Daddy… yes I do.” His voice caressed and incensed me until I only wanted to please him. Nothing else would suffice. Nothing else would fill the void.

He rolled me over and I realized this was truly the time. He was positioned between my legs with my knees pressed again his sides.

“Tell me you want this. Tell me this is okay, now is the time.” I could tell by his voice that this was Daddy making absolutely sure I wanted this and I was ready for it. He was stepping out of his dominance to check in with me.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” My thoughts went to his cut. I’m fine to push myself past the brink but I won’t injure him. He shook his head.

“Do you want this?” His eyes held mine, his care evident.

“Yes. Yes, I do.” His manhood pushed to the entrance of my very tight lower hole and he held there a moment allowing me to feel the stretch. He had worked me very well with his fingers right before that so I felt an ease to the first push. I nodded and he continued. His eyes stayed locked with mine. He pushed in further and stopped. The stretch bit in and I felt the pain of some small tearing. I took in a sharp breath.

“Don’t stop, keep moving in and out.” The continual movement of small strokes in and out brought with it the intense pleasure of him taking me here for the very first time. His girth is so wide, the stretch was great but the movement ushered the way for him to slide inside me at last.

He began to take me in earnest. His strokes were smooth and the pleasure so intoxicatingly erotic. Being face to face, I watched the pleasure spread over his visage and gloried in giving him something no one else has. I took pleasure in the entire experience. Even the pain of entry as he pushed in further and further shook my core. After longer than I had expected for a first time, his face contorted and his voice shuddered towards me. “Do you want it now?”

“Yes, Daddy, fill me with your seed!” I arched toward him and felt his warmth fill my nether tunnel.

The sensations and the sharing of such a moment will remain in my mind forever.



A few days ago, Mr. D and I were going to sleep. He knew I was upset about my parent in the hospital. I curled up against his back and the contact with him brought all the pent up emotions to the surface. I was sad and the feelings washed over me. Unbeknownst to me, the pressure and contact of my body pressed to him was working on Mr. D. In the midst of my falling apart, Mr. D turned around with a look of lust in his eyes, “All you do is touch me and you do this to me. It’s your fault.”

His hand took mine and put it on his hard cock. I smiled through my pain and felt my body react and turn against the sorrow in my heart. His lips took mine is a hard kiss of possession. His lips slashed across mine and his tongue and teeth claimed me. My hand around his cock, my arm pinned between us, his body pushing me down while the kiss continued unabated.

The heat was overwhelming and gave the pain that colored my world an exit. My body arched against him and matched his hunger. His lips left mine and his teeth grazed my neck, my throat, my breast. The tearing heat of it left marks. My nipples tightened and rose to meet his lips and tongue. As he traveled down my body, I realized that he was headed further. He was going to taste me, pleasure me. I was torn. “No,” I thought to myself, “let this night, this passion, be for him. My heart is breaking; don’t let this be about me.”  But, his mind was set and he was between my legs before I finished the thought.

“Open yourself for me.” I spread my sex for him and held it open as asked. My knees were pushed up and open, pinning my arms against me. His lips and tongue set a blaze of fire across my tender and vulnerable sex. I felt split in two. My body, the traitor that it is, reacted swiftly to his touch. The sadness had a hold on me that warred against the pleasure he was building inside me. I moaned and arched under him. Next, his fingers pushed inside my pussy. I wanted this, needed this. Anything, just keep going. Deeply his fingers filled me, and then moved the wetness from my pussy down and circled my asshole. Oh, no, not that. I’m not ready, oh please. Like a good girl, I held still and his finger wiggled inside the tight little hole. I was vibrating now, his fingers in both holes, and his mouth on my clit, he gave me no way to retreat from him. His other arm held onto my thigh, I was trapped in this cage of ecstasy.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt my body tense and tighten. Beyond any doubt, I could feel deep within my sex the tightening as if a clock was being wound. An orgasm was building inside me. Not the new kind I have just started to feel with Mr. D but the clitoral kind I give myself.   This was a first, to feel that type of sensation from oral sex. I let it register in my mind and felt it grow. It was pretty amazing especially for how I was feeling emotionally. I was overwhelmed by all that Mr. D was doing. He had his fingers in my front and my back and his mouth kept sending jolts through me. So, it seems this is the magic way to the Promised Land for me. Twice now, Mr. D has gotten me completely and thoroughly worked up in this situation. I am continually amazed at the heights of passion he takes me to and the varieties of sensations he brings to the fore.

Photo by Lies Through A Lenses and Found Here (CC 2.0 Attribution )

Backdoor Update

Dolly_Morton_Illustration_2Mr. D has two desires that I have yet to fulfill.  One is anal sex.  He is training me for this and I know it will happen soon.  I’ve had a taxing week so I did not do any training with the plug. I know Mr. D understands but I still felt rotten about it.  I really need to take a step back from my life and reprioritize things so my responsibilities don’t bury me like they did this week.

Last night, Mr. D fucked my ass with his fingers.  Instead of my training, this is what I got.  Oh my goodness, it was intense.  He flips me over and mounts me doggie style.  His cock fills me in front and then he works his fingers inside my tight little hole.   It had been a week since the last time and this time he did it swiftly.  I’m obviously getting used to him being there.  It did not take any time for me to relax.  He was in and then moving his fingers quickly in and out of me.  The pleasure is truly indescribable.

I’m pretty sure I was talking to Mr. D.  I think I begged him to fuck my ass. “Yes, Daddy, fuck my ass.  I want you inside me. I need you in my ass!”  I was so lost in him being inside me front and back.  I was overwhelmed and kept talking because I had to share my ecstasy with him. I was desperate for him to know how I felt.

Afterwards…after Mr. D came so hard, he said he loved my enthusiasm.  He was panting, recovering and I heard him say that almost to himself.  It made me smile so much.  I loved that.

Photo from Wikipedia used through CC Public Domain

Backdoor Training


Mr. D is training me for anal sex. The whole prospect of being trained as his submissive is a turn-on by itself even before we get to the actual training. I love that he wants to mold me into his perfect little slut. I ache for it really. Every time I sense his control in this way it makes me wet and I vibrate with the need of his controlling touch.

We have talked about anal sex several times. I want it. He wants it. We know it will happen but it’s daunting because of Mr. D’s size. To say he is girthy is an understatement. So, I need to be trained to accept him there. Since, it’s been years now since I’ve had anal sex at all, I need to become familiar with the sensations and rhythm of it again. You must relax into it. It has such a different feel to it than vaginal sex. Unless you are familiar with it, you can mistake the sensations as painful and tense up. But if you relax then it is such an incredibly intense pleasure. I told Mr. D it makes me make funny noises. I just can’t help myself. The pleasure is just soooo extreme. I love it.

Over the last several times we’ve been together, Mr. D has made it a point to start preparing me. He has used a small plug and has also used his fingers inside me. At first, it felt so foreign to have something inside me there. It was uncomfortable. But now that Mr. D has been playing with my backside so much, I’m eager for it. I can’t wait for him to fill me in that tightest of places.

When he has added anal play to our sessions it has felt like a natural progression. I know he’s in complete command of me and that he has plans for us when he flips me over and starts rubbing me there. He presses his finger into the tight puckered ring and says, “Relax baby girl.” Part of me wants to brace myself but I know that doesn’t help at all. I relax at his words and he pushes his lubed finger in a little bit. Slowly, he works his finger deep inside me. God, the way that feels is just blissful intensity. I want him badly, I want him deeper, and I want him to fuck me. After he’s stroked me a while, he has me lift my ass so that my weight is on my knees. Then he mounts me and pushes his cock into my pussy all the while keeping his finger buried in my ass. I am beside myself with the incredible feeling of him inside me in two places. It’s so provocative, it’s almost too much. I want it to never end and for it to stop and for him to pound me into the bed all at once.

I bought a 3 pack of plugs to use at my house now too. I want to practice for him because I want this to happen so badly. I had the smallest plug inside me each night over the period of a few days. Each night I would keep the plug in for 20-40 minutes. I felt so full and stretched. I was so turned on each time I practiced that I had to play with myself later that night. The final time I practiced I got cornered by family with mundane conversations (I was trying to walk around the house wearing it…big mistake!) and ended up wearing it for close to an hour. I was dying to get it out by then!

The last time we were together, Mr. D had a surprise for me. He bought one of those hand pump butt plugs that we had seen in a porn scene. It has a cord and a hand pump. The big part pumps up inside you. He tried it on me but the tip is pretty blunt and it wouldn’t go inside me. So, clearly, I have some work to do to relax for that next time.

Artwork found here and used with permission under CC License 3.0 with attribution by full zombie.

Back Door

erotic-429760_1280Mr. D has begun to prepare me for anal sex with him.  I have had anal sex before and I love it very much. But anal with Mr. D is going to take some practice.  First off, it’s been a couple years since I’ve gone there.  Second, well, Mr. D is quite generously built.  On our first date, he mentioned it in passing.  At the time, I remember thinking, that’s cute…he thinks he has a big unit and that it would matter to me.  It’s supposed to matter, right?  Or it’s not.  I never know which direction to go with that stereotypical argument.

Anyhow, when Mr. D and I first slept together, I found out exactly what the man was trying to tell me.  Holy moly, did I find out.  I left his place the next day walking funny and wondering if my body would eventually accommodate him.  I really was concerned that we might not fit together that way.  Can you imagine, later that week trying to open a conversation with your best friend, a guy, about this particular topic?  I was desperate to know if I could adapt.   “So, the guy I met?  Yeah, it went incredibly well.  I slept with him last weekend…. So, have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure if you and the girl uh fit together?”  Talk about blush worthy!

Thankfully, it turned out that I was able to accommodate his size.  It did not take that long.  I still end up walking funny sometimes but it is a small price to pay for the incredible way Mr. D makes me feel.  Plus, I’m pretty sure he enjoys laughing at me walking like that.

So, now we are starting with anal plugs.  Mr. D used one on me a week ago.  He slowly inserted his finger, that felt incredible.  He is really amazing in how he touches me. After warming me up he inserted the plug.  As I was adjusting to it inside me, he began playing with my pussy.  The longer the plug was in the more it burned.  I had seen the plug before he put it in…it was very small.  I couldn’t imagine why I was having a problem with this.  I am not that sensitive.  I took it for a short while but finally I asked him to take it out.  Something was not right.  Back to the drawing board.

After our session, I did some research online.  Apparently, a lower grade silicone can burn you in your sensitive regions.  So, a higher grade silicone or switching to latex toys was the solution.  Mr. D was very ingenious and the next time we were together he wrapped the plug in a condom.  It worked like a charm, no burning.  We learned a lesson and I’m rather pleased to know that I’m not so sensitive that we couldn’t continue.  Mr. D says that he has only tried anal once and they weren’t completely successful.  I really want to give him this experience.  He is so much more worldly than me.  I didn’t think there was any sexual position or act that he hadn’t done with someone else before.  I’m thrilled at the possibility of being able to give him something no one else has.

Image used under Creative Commons Public Domain from Pixabay