Deep Throat

untitledMr. D’s other desire is for me to learn how to deep throat him.  He began pushing me down further when I would give him head.  When I realized that he wanted into the back of my mouth I started pushing harder when I would suck on him.  At first, I thought I was doing as he wanted.  But at some point he shared with me that if I push down on him that hard his shaft pushes into his body at the base and it’s uncomfortable.  So, now what?  I started sucking him more into my mouth with suction and then gently pushing him towards my throat.  It’s better but I can’t seem to get him actually into my throat that way.  He is quite girthy and each time I try to open my mouth that wide it seems like my throat feels strained and the opening is smaller.  I have tried kneeling between his legs, kneeling from the side and once I approached from slightly over his belly.  I turn my mouth this way and that but to no avail.  Once, two weeks ago, amazingly the head of his penis popped into my throat from a weird side angle.  I haven’t been able to reproduce it but that was the ticket!

A few weeks ago, after one of my attempts, Mr. D told me to lie down on the bed.  I heard rustling around in the toy drawer and wondered what he was looking for.  I expected that he’d want to be on top of me right then.  Soon, I had an answer.  He mounted me and as he slid inside me I saw that he had a dildo in his hand.  I was divided.  Right as he slid inside me I wanted to close my eyes to enjoy the pleasure but there was the dildo hovering there and a look on Mr. D’s face.  It was his dark look.  When I see that I know with no uncertainty that I’m in for something harsher.

As he began to fuck me he took my head in his other hand.  He cradled me at the base of my neck and lifted the dildo to my mouth.  “Open,” he said.  I complied and he inserted the dildo all the way into my mouth until it was down my throat.  I had to breathe very carefully and relax immediately if I didn’t want to choke on it.  “Feel that?” I nodded my head.  “That’s how it feels.  That’s what I need from you. Can you do that?” I nodded again.  Oh my, how intense.  To deep throat a dildo by force with Daddy looking into my eyes and his cock buried deep inside me just about sent me over the edge.  The level of domination he had over me in that moment was beyond intoxicating.  Just thinking about it makes me wet again.  He’s done that a couple times since then and every time it elicits the same response from me.  It is raw, it is intense and I want more.

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Backdoor Update

Dolly_Morton_Illustration_2Mr. D has two desires that I have yet to fulfill.  One is anal sex.  He is training me for this and I know it will happen soon.  I’ve had a taxing week so I did not do any training with the plug. I know Mr. D understands but I still felt rotten about it.  I really need to take a step back from my life and reprioritize things so my responsibilities don’t bury me like they did this week.

Last night, Mr. D fucked my ass with his fingers.  Instead of my training, this is what I got.  Oh my goodness, it was intense.  He flips me over and mounts me doggie style.  His cock fills me in front and then he works his fingers inside my tight little hole.   It had been a week since the last time and this time he did it swiftly.  I’m obviously getting used to him being there.  It did not take any time for me to relax.  He was in and then moving his fingers quickly in and out of me.  The pleasure is truly indescribable.

I’m pretty sure I was talking to Mr. D.  I think I begged him to fuck my ass. “Yes, Daddy, fuck my ass.  I want you inside me. I need you in my ass!”  I was so lost in him being inside me front and back.  I was overwhelmed and kept talking because I had to share my ecstasy with him. I was desperate for him to know how I felt.

Afterwards…after Mr. D came so hard, he said he loved my enthusiasm.  He was panting, recovering and I heard him say that almost to himself.  It made me smile so much.  I loved that.

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Backdoor Training


Mr. D is training me for anal sex. The whole prospect of being trained as his submissive is a turn-on by itself even before we get to the actual training. I love that he wants to mold me into his perfect little slut. I ache for it really. Every time I sense his control in this way it makes me wet and I vibrate with the need of his controlling touch.

We have talked about anal sex several times. I want it. He wants it. We know it will happen but it’s daunting because of Mr. D’s size. To say he is girthy is an understatement. So, I need to be trained to accept him there. Since, it’s been years now since I’ve had anal sex at all, I need to become familiar with the sensations and rhythm of it again. You must relax into it. It has such a different feel to it than vaginal sex. Unless you are familiar with it, you can mistake the sensations as painful and tense up. But if you relax then it is such an incredibly intense pleasure. I told Mr. D it makes me make funny noises. I just can’t help myself. The pleasure is just soooo extreme. I love it.

Over the last several times we’ve been together, Mr. D has made it a point to start preparing me. He has used a small plug and has also used his fingers inside me. At first, it felt so foreign to have something inside me there. It was uncomfortable. But now that Mr. D has been playing with my backside so much, I’m eager for it. I can’t wait for him to fill me in that tightest of places.

When he has added anal play to our sessions it has felt like a natural progression. I know he’s in complete command of me and that he has plans for us when he flips me over and starts rubbing me there. He presses his finger into the tight puckered ring and says, “Relax baby girl.” Part of me wants to brace myself but I know that doesn’t help at all. I relax at his words and he pushes his lubed finger in a little bit. Slowly, he works his finger deep inside me. God, the way that feels is just blissful intensity. I want him badly, I want him deeper, and I want him to fuck me. After he’s stroked me a while, he has me lift my ass so that my weight is on my knees. Then he mounts me and pushes his cock into my pussy all the while keeping his finger buried in my ass. I am beside myself with the incredible feeling of him inside me in two places. It’s so provocative, it’s almost too much. I want it to never end and for it to stop and for him to pound me into the bed all at once.

I bought a 3 pack of plugs to use at my house now too. I want to practice for him because I want this to happen so badly. I had the smallest plug inside me each night over the period of a few days. Each night I would keep the plug in for 20-40 minutes. I felt so full and stretched. I was so turned on each time I practiced that I had to play with myself later that night. The final time I practiced I got cornered by family with mundane conversations (I was trying to walk around the house wearing it…big mistake!) and ended up wearing it for close to an hour. I was dying to get it out by then!

The last time we were together, Mr. D had a surprise for me. He bought one of those hand pump butt plugs that we had seen in a porn scene. It has a cord and a hand pump. The big part pumps up inside you. He tried it on me but the tip is pretty blunt and it wouldn’t go inside me. So, clearly, I have some work to do to relax for that next time.

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