Mr. D is in Texas for a couple more days. Maybe I should change his pseudonym to The Texan? Naw. I know we all do our best to protect our anonymity but some of the pseudonyms I’ve seen are just plain funny. ūüėā That might be a great writing prompt. A Saturday Night Live-esque skit using all the questionable pseudonyms online.  

The Liberator whipped out his big unit, I call it Thor’s Hammer.  He turned me around and standing in the doorway was none other than Magnus Trojanus.  I knew I was in for a trip to the ER.  Giddy! 

No? It could have legs.  I might work on that scenario, polish that bad boy up. What else is going on today? I’m packing up half our stuff to make Mr. D cozy in our new apartment.  Being a homespun girl, I have plenty of kitchen/bathroom stuff for two houses.  Time to get busy. 

I’m also washing the various and sundry sexy things I’ll pack up to send along with him.  He already packed most of the toys.  Can’t wait for our Texas place to have the spanking bench out and privacy to use it.  That right there is the silver lining in our stormy weather. Yeah buddy!

I think I might boot up my laptop today and do some blog maintenance.  I would love to post pictures to all my blogs but the research to find sexy and legally usable images sometimes takes as long as writing does.  I have a day dream of posting all personal pictures of my own.  Maybe someday.  At the moment, this is what you get.  I could be all Domme and say, “take what you get and like it, then lick my boots!” but that is definitely not me. Ha!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Do You Want a Beating?

Daddy and I were home alone on a weekend.  He was leaving on a plane the next day and the separation loomed in front of us.

I told him I wanted to get drunk and massage him.  He was amenable to the idea.  Not that I need to be drunk to give a massage.  I always love touching him.  But there is a place I can slip into with just a slight buzz.  A physical, sexual place where I can close my eyes and just feel.  It is somethig akin to subspace, a different level of consciousness. 

We had a drink and Daddy was smoking a cigar.  We were out on our patio enjoying each other.  I felt too far from him sitting in the other chair and took the cushion from mine, putting it between his knees on the concrete. I knelt before him and wrapped my arms around his belly.  My safe place.  My rightful place in this world, at his feet.

I felt so many emotions there close to him.  I felt love and heat.  I felt the fear of losing him in this move.  I felt submissive and I wanted to have his cock in my mouth.  All these desires and feelings and fear fought to overwhelm me.  Yet I looked up to him when beckoned. 

“Mine.” He said.  Claiming what is his.  

“Yes Daddy, yours.” I smiled with the heat of my love apparent.  

 “What do you want baby girl?” 

“May I suck your cock Daddy?” I needed him.

“Yes, you may but first I want you to go put in the medium plug.” I nodded and rose from my position.  I went to our bathroom and applied lube to the medium anal plug.  I knelt at the sink and inserted it slowly.  I felt it stretch me wide then it was in.

I returned to Daddy and knelt again at his feet. He pulled down his shorts as I knelt further down.  I rolled my tongue around his already growing girth. That’s what I love, what I needed.  I lost myself in the taste, the smell, the texture of him in my mouth. I pulled him all the way into the back of my throat.  I sucked him until I gagged for air then I pulled back.  I looked up at him with a mouthful of cock. We made eye contact.  I feel vulnerable, so incredibly vulnerable like that but I forced myself to look up to him, to be seen in the act of pleasing him.  

Little did I know that he had taken pictures of me right before. He showed them to me later.  I looked entranced. I really loved the pictures actually.

After a while I pulled back to catch my breath.  “Do you want to a beating baby girl?”  I nodded yes.  I desperately needed one.  “Then rise and go inside.”

He knows what I need even when I don’t. 

Dominance on Tap

“Take off your clothes. Now.” Daddy’s tone brooked no dissent. I stripped as he watched.  “Hands on the bed, legs spread.” I put arms and hands on the bed, my ass up and legs spread.  I waited.  No warm up, no real warning, then a cane to the ass.  The burning sting bit my ass cheek and I cried out.  I tried to take it and keep it in but this time, every breath and every sigh was vocal.

Another stinging bite to the other ass cheek had my legs tensing.  This was going to be harsh and I didn’t have my sea legs.  We haven’t played with pain in a long time.  The following strikes were light taps.  Finally some warming hits, oh thank god, I thought as I intentionally slowed my breathing which had ramped up quickly.  

His face pushed in between my ass cheeks. His tongue probed and pushed hot wetness into my most private parts.  

He pulled back and said, “You are my whore.  Mine.  Say it.”  I took a deep breath searching for my voice.

“I’m your whore Daddy.  Yours.  I’m yours.”  

“That’s right,” he said.  Something else hit my ass.  It could have been a crop or a flogger held tightly.  It was less stingy than the cane by far but still intense.  With his words, his dominance began to overtake me. The hot pain seared the words into my skin.  Over and over the strikes hit me on the ass, on the back.  I gasped, I cried out, he continued. 

“You are my dirty little slut. Take it slut.”  More strikes and the pain coalesced inside me.  I couldn’t catch my breath.

“On your back whore.” I took as deep a breath as I could and flipped over. “Legs spread, play with yourself.”  He left for a minute to use the bathroom.  I lay there rubbing my clit in such a dither.   He takes me to such a deep place when he’s harsh and dominant.  I was close to hyperventilating.  I needed to calm down but God I loved this.  I strummed my clit like a guitar.  I was so hot for him.  I wanted his cock so badly.  

He mounted the bed between my legs and watched me masturbate.  “That’s right, rub that clit for Daddy.” He leaned in and pushed the tip of his cock inside me.  I moaned and wrapped around him.  “Hands behind your head.”  Damn it, I wanted to touch him. “Yeah, I know,”  he said, responding to my thoughts.  He reads me like a well worn book. 

His iron hand gripped my neck.  I squeaked as I tried for a last breath of air. I slipped ever deeper into submission to him.  It is automatic when he does this. My fear, his dominance, my submission, his power quicken in this act. 

“You are mine.  None of the June Cleaver act here.  The Beav can’t have you.   You are mine, got it?” Each staccato word was emphasized by a squeeze to my neck.  The world narrowed to him and my air.  

“Mine. Say it.” His hand did not loosen at all.  I grunted words that had no hope of being intelligable.  “Again.”  More grunting.  He seemed satisfied and allowed a smidgen air.  

Finally, he slammed his cock fully to the hilt in one long stroke.  My eyes rolled into the back of my head.  The pleasure along with his hand releasing my breath exploded together inside me.  This is my addiction.  He captures it all. He fucked me long and hard.  

“Present your tits slave.” I cringed and gathered them together.  I presented them to him.  The cane materialized in his hand.  I whimpered.  The cane bit my nipples, my tender breasts.  It hurt so damn much.  I cried but I squirted fluid all over his cock.  Damn my traitorous body. 

He pulled out without finishing. I still hadn’t caught my laboring breath. “I’m not finished with you slut.  Be ready.  You will take my seed later.”  

I nodded, “Yes Daddy.”

“Go take a shower, we have a half hour until we meet everyone.” I got up from the bed on wobbly legs.  It was a shower of regaining my breath and gathering myself around me again. 


We had both our birthdays in the past two weeks. We’re nine days apart, strange but true.

I joked with Daddy that I should give him spankings on his birthday.

“No baby girl, you should get my spankings.” He said. I laughed a little, thinking he was just joking. 

“Stand up and strip off your clothes then I want you face down on the bed.” Oh boy, here it comes, I thought.

Once I was naked, I rolled onto the bed and put my arms above my head, my face in the sheets. 

“Count for me slut. You remember how?” I nodded, not looking at him.

He began.

“One Daddy. Two Daddy. Three Daddy.” We went on along this way until he reached ten. My ass was twitching from the percussive strikes of his hand on that tender, bouncy flesh. I deliberately slowed my breathing, I didn’t want to flinch and whine about it. I wanted to take all he would give.

He pushed his fingers into my pussy so that I lifted my ass for him. My pussy wasn’t wet yet but his fingers invading it took care of that. He caressed my warm ass and started again.

“Eleven Daddy. Twelve Daddy. Thirteen Daddy.” On up to twenty, then thirty. Each time he stopped he fucked my pussy with his fingers.

I don’t like the counting. He knows it keeps me ever present. I can’t slip away into subspace. This was for him. Again the caress on hot, stingy skin. Again, the strikes and the counting. “Twenty one Daddy. Twenty two Daddy.”

I thought, I’ll be done at forty seven. I was thinking of his birthday, his spankings. But as I counted through the forties he didn’t stop until we reached fifty. I jumped at two incredibly hard strikes and I’m sure I grunted but still I tried to remain quiet and take it.

“Taste slut.” He took the fingers he’d fucked me with and had me clean them with my tongue. Our eyes met while I sucked his fingers. “You like this.” I nodded as I sucked. 

He began again.

“Fifty one Daddy. Fifty two Daddy. Fifty three Daddy.” The strikes were high then low. They were hard then less so. I couldn’t judge what would come next. I was rapt. My body and mind were completely focused on his hand, his body pressed to mine, the heat between us.

After the ninetieth strike, he moved away from my side for a moment and then brought his fingers to my lips once more. 

“Taste.” I suckled his fingers again. This time I tasted him. His pre-come was all over his fingers. “You see, I like it too slut.”

“You only have four more.” I was so deeply into the spanking I couldn’t understand why four more. All I could think was…I’m taking it all. Why not go to a hundred? I will take it. 

“Count for me one more time.”

“Eighty one Daddy.” I was heavily into the sensations of the spankings. I lost track of where I was in the numbers. My mind was mush.

“Ninety one baby girl.” I heard him through the haze and followed suit. Each strike was so strong, so impactful on my already stinging ass cheeks.

“Ninety two Daddy. Ninety three Daddy. Ninety four Daddy.” He stopped and I just breathed through the hot stinging sensations.

“Do you know why ninety four slut?”

“Both our birthdays Daddy.”

“Smart girl. Yes, both our birthdays. Both our spankings.”

“How do you want to be fucked baby girl?” I couldn’t think. I was sizzling with the spankings. 

“On my side Daddy.” This is the way we have sex that is the most intense. He can play with my ass this way. 

“Kneel on the bed.” He pointed to the side of the bed. I knelt with my ass available to him. I felt him apply lube to my ass then he pushed something inside me. 

When I felt the cord against my leg, I knew it was the black butt plug that vibrates and can be pumped up. “Okay, on your side now.” I rolled over gingerly. That plug felt so big inside me. As I lay on my side he turned on the vibration.

He straddled my lower leg and pushed his hard cock inside my pussy. Oh my goodness, the stretch of the two phalluses filling me at the same time was over-the-top. I felt like I was going to be split open. I could feel the two of them rubbing together inside me. It is the most intense sexual sensation of dual penetration I’ve felt so far.

It was only a matter of minutes before Daddy came very, very hard. He told me later that the vibration on the base of his cock will trigger him pretty quickly. I was happy he came so hard. It was an incredible birthday scene.

Hot Dominance

Friday night was hot.  Scintillating, raw, hot sex. I have to tell you about it.  Mr. D was on fire and he made me burn, yes, he did.

He made me kneel on the bed.¬† Naked, except for the panties I wore for him.¬† They were see through black lace in the back and red satin with corset tie stitching in the front.¬† Scrumptious.¬† I have so much fun searching for lingerie that will set Mr. D¬† ablaze.¬† He warmed my ass with barehanded swats all over my exposed ass and thighs.¬† He pulled the full panty up until it was a thong pulled up in my crack.¬† I was twitching and eager for this spanking.¬† I felt¬†a rush of heat when he started.¬† My whole body ached for it.¬† The more he spanked, the more I wanted.¬† Soon he had warmed my whole ass and the intensity was growing, the slaps were beginning to sting. I had written in the afternoon about the threshold being overstepped before but this time I wanted everything he had to give. He picked up the flogger and began to flog my ass and thighs.¬† The stinging intensified.¬† I¬†started to moan. I began to feel it emotionally, viscerally.¬† He stopped flogging me and pulled my panties off.¬† He¬†came¬†up to¬†where I knelt on the bed and shoved the panties in my mouth.¬† They became a makeshift gag.¬† He¬†spoke then, “You are mine.¬† You are for my pleasure.¬† You will feel pleasure only because it pleases me. Do you understand?” Damn. I nodded vehemently.

Then he knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed.  He pulled me down until my ass was level with his face.  He wrapped his arms around me and then his tongue was invading my ass.  The sensations were beyond sensuous.  The wetness and the soft fluttering of his tongue in that most private of areas contrasted so amazingly with the flogging that had just stopped.  I was deep inside a blissful cloud.

He stopped, raised himself up¬†and the flogger now bit into my back.¬† Crossing my skin, the long thongs of the flogger marked me and teased me with alternating thuddy and biting sensations.¬† Mr. D wields the flogger so well.¬† I feel lulled by the hits and just as quickly he surprises me and I am panting and shocked. After flogging my back, as I’m catching my breath Mr. D is behind me again.¬† He grabs my ass and pulls me down until I’m crouched over the end of the bed.¬† He grips my thighs and pulls my pussy back onto his cock.¬† He begins to fuck me doggy-style standing at the foot of the bed.¬† It was ecstasy, it was intoxicating, I loved it.¬† My mouth was stuffed with my own panties, his cock buried deep inside me, my ass and back still stinging from the spanking and the flogging.

The strangest thing happened while he was fucking me.¬† Some kind of endorphin rush washed over me.¬† I felt this wave of sensation break over the top of me like the surf.¬† It was¬†as if¬†I consciously watched myself enter subspace.¬† I’m not sure if it was subspace but as I felt Mr. D flog me again, I knew that after that wave happened my barriers or protections were all dashed to dust.¬† I would be his willing slave for anything he wanted to do to me.¬† The pain was no longer pain.¬† If he had pushed me over my usual pain threshold right then I would not have known or cared.¬† I would have taken it all.

After a while, Mr. D commanded me to crawl up onto the bed and lie on my back.¬† I was in a daze from his ministrations and complied automatically.¬† He pushed my legs up under my knees until I was folded¬†in half with my crotch exposed.¬†¬†He told me to put my hands¬†where his were and hold¬†my thighs. “Keep your legs open for me, understand?” I nodded.¬† Then he buried his face in my sex.¬† His tongue and lips singled out my clit and he sucked hard.¬† His tongue kept flicking back and forth over my swollen clit.¬† At some point, I wrapped my legs over his back, around his face, anywhere I could move to squirm under the onslaught of his invading tongue.¬† The pleasure was so incredible.¬† The feeling of being turned inside out was so raw, I finally couldn’t bear anymore.

“Please Daddy, stop.¬† It’s too much.” I gasped.

“Too much?” He laughed sardonically as he lifted his head from my sex and crawled up on top of me.

“Yes, too intense Daddy.” I panted again as I struggled for breath.

“It’s supposed to be too intense.¬† That’s the point baby girl.”¬† He mounted me and held his cock just out of reach of my aching need. “The right answer would have been, please Daddy fuck me.”

I nodded vigorously.¬† Yes, of course, that’s what I wanted. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Where was my mind at that point? Gone, completely and utterly under his dominion.¬† I felt so taken and dominated by him that it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask.

His cock filled me again.  His blue eyes pierced me and his hand came up to my neck.  He gripped my neck tightly and fucked me hard and fast.  It was powerful and he was potent in his control over me.  I was held in his grip and felt the world collapse in on itself as I heard him shout and his cum shoot deep inside me.

As I said, raw, powerful and intense.  I swear, the rest of life pales by comparison to this.