Icy Interlude

  Our afternoon was going well.  We arrived at our destination with plenty of time. We decided to have our picnic there rather than at the concert.  I went to the kitchen to fetch drinks and when I turned around Mr. D was on a chaise lounge with his pants off and his cock hanging out. The scene was priceless. I put down the drinks and melted to my knees at the end of the chaise.  It was perfect distancing for me to slide onto the chaise and suck his cock.  Lunch was served!

Mr. D made me stay in that position as he rose and took some ice from the glass.  I was in for it.  I felt ice cold water droplets fall on my ass as he pushed up my dress. His mouth sucked on my panties as his hot tongue licked around the edges of the thong between my legs. He pushed the lace aside and I felt coldness as he inserted the ice cube all the way inside my pussy.  He teeth bit my ass as the ice teased me from inside. Then I felt a disturbance in the force, something wasn’t right. He had halted and was fumbling. “What’s wrong Honey?”

“The ice, it hasn’t come back out.  It always comes back out.” He said askance.

“Well…I guess I decided to keep it.” I chuckled.  I really had no control of the matter.  In it went and there it stayed, apparently.

“You’d better go to the bathroom and get that out before your insides are frost bitten.”

“I figured it would just melt but okay.” Internally, I was entertained.  This was some funny shit.

Since I was now a bit waterlogged done there, we took a break from sex and had our picnic.

Images from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain.


  Our short mid week tryst was the flavor of abandon.  Mr. D positioned me on my back on the bed.  His hands slid up under my ass raising my sex to his mouth.  His tongue flicked across the bridge between my cunt (yes, I used that word) and my ass.  His tongue worked into both my ass and my cunt as I squirmed under his assault.

Meanwhile his hands slid up my thighs.  The caress was electricity with purpose.  Finally he gripped me under the knees and pushed them to my chest.

“Hold them there.” He gave no options.  I was held in an S shape with his mouth cleaved to a very dangerous curve. Sensations washed from his mouth to my sex.  I was spread wide, my body trembling and convulsing continually from each and every stroke of his tongue.

The pleasure that flowed over and through me was all consuming.  My mind was held aloft by wave upon wave of it. My body, strummed by his tongue vibrated under him.

Later, after fucking me, honey dripped from his lips as he said, “I don’t know if you liked it.  I wonder what more I could have done?”

The absurdity of the statement made me laugh outright.  “Absolutely nothing could have been more than that.” I struggled to say enough then gave up and kissed him hard.

That is an unbelievable position…so exposed, so vulnerable, so mmm perfect.


Do you ever wake up hungry?  Today, I woke up with a hunger for him.  As if my body knew before I was awake that I would see him tonight.

Slick wetness glistens over my sex and I notice its presence there as I’m getting ready for the day.

Images of skin and curves being ravaged by masculine hands and lips assault my mind.

The ever-present sensation of his touch on my soul is heightened and vivid. Why is my heat so prevalent from minute one this morning?

My female essence is fired as is by a kiln and only his touch will assuage the hunger beneath the lava flow.

When I close my eyes my being is rocked by my passion for the sight and feel of him that thunder across my inner playground.

Let the hours fly, let Helios whip his stallions and thrust his sun chariot across the sky post-haste!

Fun and Games

Last night we were with friends.  They are friends so close they are family. Mr. D used to live with them but now we are six hours drive away from them.  We came out for the weekend to enjoy each other’s company.  I’m truly blessed to be welcomed into this group.  They are amazing, open, fun people.  They are family as much as my own are to me now.

Last night we had fun drinking, eating and chunky dunking in the jacuzzi. Four ladies and one man chose to strip down and enjoy the hot tub.  We laughed and joked and talked about everything.  It was the best.  Mr. D sat on the side lines listening and joining in.  One of the ladies was doling out Patron shots with a pineapple juice chaser.  What an ingenious idea.  The pineapple cuts all the alcohol taste. You have to try it.

So, as things go, a couple of drinks later and I’m was seriously horny for Mr. D.  Talking with the girls and sharing pictures of gorgeous men only ramped up my general need for his attentions more.  I went over to where he was sitting alone by then and kissed him,  I sat next to him and took his hand.  The desire was overwhelming, I had to have something of him in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers and bit him a little.   The alcohol increased my horniness factor exponentially, it always does.  I rarely drink to the point of being tipsy but this was a special night. He was having none of it.  His voice fell hard on my ears but I didn’t immediately hear him. “On my terms, little girl.” I kept sucking his finger until he gripped my chin and made me look in his eyes.  “I said, on my terms.” I felt rebuffed.

I was slightly tipsy and a little shaken.  I hadn’t expected him to leave the party for me, I just wanted him and was showing it.  My sex soaked mind hadn’t thought any further than that.  I felt his power then and it was uncomfortable.  I took myself inside so I could regroup.  I want this, I want his dominance.  You don’t ask someone to take control and then argue with how they choose to wield that power.

I visited our one friend who was upstairs not feeling well.  We sat and watched TV and talked for a little bit. I felt myself relax and return to my normal happy self.  It is Mr. D’s prerogative to do as he sees appropriate for us.  I know following someone else’s lead can’t always be erotic or easy.  To accept his lead I need to accept it even when it is uncomfortable. So, I rejoined the party and enjoyed the rest of the night with family.


This blogging has proven very valuable to our relationship. It allows more communication than would normally happen.  I wrote three blog posts the other night on our drive home about different topics.  This one was the second.

After we got home Mr. D read them.  We talked about all three.  The first one, I’ll keep the conversation between us except to say that Mr. D wants us to evolve and try many things.  He even said if Daddy baby girl isn’t a fit for us we’ll try other something else.  On this one, the second, he set me straight.  When he had said, “On my terms” he had simply wanted me to ask permission first.  He wasn’t saying no.  Now I know to ask for clarification.

The third writing, I left out some details and rembered something inaccurately.  I’ve rewritten that post.  Sometimes, okay most times, I’m so engulfed on our play that I don’t remember everything.  I hope my ‘Cliff Notes’ version of our play elicites enough interest for you to keep reading and enjoying our dynamic with us.

Hot Dominance

Friday night was hot.  Scintillating, raw, hot sex. I have to tell you about it.  Mr. D was on fire and he made me burn, yes, he did.

He made me kneel on the bed.  Naked, except for the panties I wore for him.  They were see through black lace in the back and red satin with corset tie stitching in the front.  Scrumptious.  I have so much fun searching for lingerie that will set Mr. D  ablaze.  He warmed my ass with barehanded swats all over my exposed ass and thighs.  He pulled the full panty up until it was a thong pulled up in my crack.  I was twitching and eager for this spanking.  I felt a rush of heat when he started.  My whole body ached for it.  The more he spanked, the more I wanted.  Soon he had warmed my whole ass and the intensity was growing, the slaps were beginning to sting. I had written in the afternoon about the threshold being overstepped before but this time I wanted everything he had to give. He picked up the flogger and began to flog my ass and thighs.  The stinging intensified.  I started to moan. I began to feel it emotionally, viscerally.  He stopped flogging me and pulled my panties off.  He came up to where I knelt on the bed and shoved the panties in my mouth.  They became a makeshift gag.  He spoke then, “You are mine.  You are for my pleasure.  You will feel pleasure only because it pleases me. Do you understand?” Damn. I nodded vehemently.

Then he knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed.  He pulled me down until my ass was level with his face.  He wrapped his arms around me and then his tongue was invading my ass.  The sensations were beyond sensuous.  The wetness and the soft fluttering of his tongue in that most private of areas contrasted so amazingly with the flogging that had just stopped.  I was deep inside a blissful cloud.

He stopped, raised himself up and the flogger now bit into my back.  Crossing my skin, the long thongs of the flogger marked me and teased me with alternating thuddy and biting sensations.  Mr. D wields the flogger so well.  I feel lulled by the hits and just as quickly he surprises me and I am panting and shocked. After flogging my back, as I’m catching my breath Mr. D is behind me again.  He grabs my ass and pulls me down until I’m crouched over the end of the bed.  He grips my thighs and pulls my pussy back onto his cock.  He begins to fuck me doggy-style standing at the foot of the bed.  It was ecstasy, it was intoxicating, I loved it.  My mouth was stuffed with my own panties, his cock buried deep inside me, my ass and back still stinging from the spanking and the flogging.

The strangest thing happened while he was fucking me.  Some kind of endorphin rush washed over me.  I felt this wave of sensation break over the top of me like the surf.  It was as if I consciously watched myself enter subspace.  I’m not sure if it was subspace but as I felt Mr. D flog me again, I knew that after that wave happened my barriers or protections were all dashed to dust.  I would be his willing slave for anything he wanted to do to me.  The pain was no longer pain.  If he had pushed me over my usual pain threshold right then I would not have known or cared.  I would have taken it all.

After a while, Mr. D commanded me to crawl up onto the bed and lie on my back.  I was in a daze from his ministrations and complied automatically.  He pushed my legs up under my knees until I was folded in half with my crotch exposed.  He told me to put my hands where his were and hold my thighs. “Keep your legs open for me, understand?” I nodded.  Then he buried his face in my sex.  His tongue and lips singled out my clit and he sucked hard.  His tongue kept flicking back and forth over my swollen clit.  At some point, I wrapped my legs over his back, around his face, anywhere I could move to squirm under the onslaught of his invading tongue.  The pleasure was so incredible.  The feeling of being turned inside out was so raw, I finally couldn’t bear anymore.

“Please Daddy, stop.  It’s too much.” I gasped.

“Too much?” He laughed sardonically as he lifted his head from my sex and crawled up on top of me.

“Yes, too intense Daddy.” I panted again as I struggled for breath.

“It’s supposed to be too intense.  That’s the point baby girl.”  He mounted me and held his cock just out of reach of my aching need. “The right answer would have been, please Daddy fuck me.”

I nodded vigorously.  Yes, of course, that’s what I wanted. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Where was my mind at that point? Gone, completely and utterly under his dominion.  I felt so taken and dominated by him that it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask.

His cock filled me again.  His blue eyes pierced me and his hand came up to my neck.  He gripped my neck tightly and fucked me hard and fast.  It was powerful and he was potent in his control over me.  I was held in his grip and felt the world collapse in on itself as I heard him shout and his cum shoot deep inside me.

As I said, raw, powerful and intense.  I swear, the rest of life pales by comparison to this.


Rambling Again

Lust, desire unabated
Longing coursing through me
Staunchly checked
Biding time until she is with me
Biting my tongue
Never pressuring her for time
Constrained is her world
Time is limited
Responsibilities demanding
I am her down time
Her solace and respite
I miss her presence
I want her laughter; her light
I find things to occupy me
Yet always the onus is on her
But I defer
No pressure, never that
In her time
I look at her pictures
I read her words
I close my eyes and taste her
I sense her touch with my mind
And wait…
It is always the same when she comes to me
She appears and within minutes I take her
Claiming her mine and marking her
Ensuring my scent is on her
Only then am I able to escape the longing and need
I drink deeply from her and am refreshed
I am dehydrated, parched, or desperately thirsty
Quench me Lover, please

Last Night


I have a post that I need to write but I’ll write about last night while it is fresh in my mind first.

I haven’t been with Mr. D since last weekend and then we only had a couple hours.  I have missed his touch and his presence immensely.  I hate that feeling of him slipping away from me while we are apart.  He feels distant and not within reach, not connected.  Last night we reconnected.  We went to dinner and had a nice meal.

When we got home we settled into bed to snuggle and talk while our meal digested.  It was late but I wanted him and I was pretty sure he wanted me too.  I wore a dress I bought for him.  I was going to take a picture for you lovelies but, well, I got carried away and forgot.  Maybe, I’ll put it back on later to show you.  It is black, hugs my every curve and has a gold zipper that goes from right between my breasts all the way down to the hem above my knees.  Yummy, especially since Mr. D loves it, that’s the best part.  I wore the push up bra I bought while we were on vacation.  I felt fine for him.

While we were snuggled in bed, I left on my dress.  Honestly, I wanted to take it off for him so I left it on instead of changing into something easier.  His hands were on me and I reveled in the feel of his skin under my own fingers.  I crave the feel of his fur under my fingertips, I really do.  He pulled the zipper down and exposed my cleavage to his hands.  He reached in and pulled my nipple from its place nestled in the black material.  His lips and tongue captured it and began to tease me in earnest.  His teeth grazed my nipple just a bit harder than I expected and I whimpered.  “Oh, oh,” he teased.  “What, my love?” Not wanting an answer he moved to my other nipple and continued the same treatment to that one.  I squirmed with need.  His ministrations were making me ache for his cock inside me.  How desperately I began to need him.

“I want you naked now.” He commanded. I rose to stand at the side of the bed and slowly unzipped the dress until it fell open.  I let the dress fall and slipped out of the straps of the bra.  I let it fall to the floor and then slid out of the black g-string panties.  I crawled back into the bed next to Daddy.  He pushed me back and lifted my legs to slide down between them.  His mouth claimed my pussy then.  His lips and tongue surrounded my clit and worked me into a heightened state.

He moved up my body and I felt him push the tip of his cock inside me.  The need whips up into a fervor inside me.  He knows it.  I want him to thrust hard into me.  His tongue and lips have set the stage.  But he waits there, sliding the tip in…just giving me the tease.  He’s smiling a shit eating grin.  He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.  “Is that good baby?” He drawls.

“Mmm, yes Daddy.” It’s killing me but I won’t give in just yet.  He holds there toying with me. “Is this what you want baby?” His slow taunting words drip feigned sweetness.  I’m dying.  I want him and I want it hard and now and damn if he’s going to win.  “Please Daddy, please!” Then, only then does he fill me with the full length of him.  And oh, then I’m in heaven.  The sensation of him filling me just sends me completely over the edge.  My eyes close, my mind loses any thought other than the feeling.  Only after a few moments do I look up to see him above me.  I wanted to look at him, see him.  I love how he looks when he’s fucking me.

His eyes were on me then.  He so owns me.  It’s really incredible how the connection feels between us.  He is there with me and yet I can see his mind switch gears and I feel him lean down close to my face.  Then his hand is in my mouth and he is hooking his fingers down the back of my throat.  Oh God, the control he has over me.  I can barely breathe.  He consumes me in those moments. “What are you?” He asks.  I am completely gone and then he asks me a question?  I swear I have to rise up from the bottom of the lake of my mind to regain control of speech.  His fingers come out of my mouth and caress my lips. “Use your words baby.” I’m still coming up for air and his eyes are waiting, he’s waiting for an answer.  I must answer him!

“I’m yours Daddy.”  Slowly the mind reengages.  “That’s right, MINE.” He says.  A wave of happiness and lust suddenly rush over me.  His cock, all the while has been sliding in and out of me keeping me panting.  “I’m your slut Daddy.  I’m your girl Daddy.  I’m yours, yes, Yours!” My tongue finally engaged and a flood of words came.  Then Daddy took over.  He held me tight to him and whispered such intoxicating words to me.  “Yes, baby girl, you are mine.  You are my slut.  You are dirty little slut and you will do whatever pleases me.  You are for me. You are my precious.”

Then Daddy let loose and filled me so full.  I love the heat we have, the heat we create between us.  Mmm, damn.