Becoming Us


Becoming Us

She is a goddess, a mix of Venus, Mae West and Betty Page

She is equal parts liquid sex and molten desire

Pliant and communicative in her needs

Eliciting depths of passion from me I cannot fathom

Love is the proverbial tip of my feelings

Unhinged ardor swims in my veins at thoughts of her

Twisted domination as she takes my soul and sex

Pulling from her willing captive my very being

Happily I await her presence

Needing to bask in her voice and body

Longing to see her smile and gasp

Hear her need in a touch and look

It started passionately, submission on a boardwalk

Kisses igniting souls and more

Aroused, I fed my cock into her mouth

Bodies aflame I held back; offering her a reprieve

I asked to see her again and she agreed

Into the night we walked and so it went

Each meeting delving deeper and deeper into our desires

A contract signed, she consented to serve and I was happy

Planning and obsessing pushing boundaries safely

Taking and plundering her yet always restraining

Culmination then in the roles we chose and freedom given

It came all at once – we are bound

Bound, yes, occasionally in rope

Permanently in desire and roles ever developing

She permeates my being, my thoughts, and desires

I lust for her and rarely manage restraint in her presence

She is my muse, my imagination

Somewhat my obsession

Always my equal and companion

I am an addict and she is my drug and fix…. A juxtaposition

Viscerally, I want her neck, her shoulder, her sex

I demand her supplication and obeisance

Relishing her mind and body

Melding in the glory of our coupling

Clinging to each other in desperation

Climaxing into one perverse release

Longing for a time when nothing separates us

I claim you as Mine and promise to hold this dear…

June 5, 2015

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain



I have fallen for Him and yet

I descend an endless well

At times I slow and feel

The internal walls gripping me

I feel the floor safely under my feet

Comfort and warmth hold me

The floor melts, again I fall

Fear is my comfort

I crave the free fall

Emotion flourishes

My mind and heart collide

He surrounds me

Fulfilling rampant desire

Awakening pride and joy

Opening me, exposing me

Finding those raw places

Shining light in darkness

Pain and pleasure explode

Within and without, I am His

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain

A Forever Love


Loved and lost

Gave my heart and my all

Gave until I was lost

Until I didn’t know who I was anymore

Always trying to fit into their boxes

To be what they needed

I don’t resent them

I still love them

Envy them in ways unimagined

They left and found nothing

Though I wish they had

Happiness is fleeting

They deserve happy

Loss is crushing and debilitating

I know; thrice I have lost

Yet, I love again

Baby Girl…

Hoping against hope that this is always

The fit is amazing

The joy is exquisite

The serenity in her presence is surreal

I am myself as I want to be

Relaxed, a peaceful chaos

I fear

I reserve that right

The pain of loss is still upon me

The loss of a love

Of my sanity

Of my joy

I don’t want that suffering

Not for myself

Not for anyone

But in this love I feel warmth, joy

She is always there now

In my thoughts

In my presence of mind

Her touch; her aura, and light

It illuminates my existence

Hope emanates

Longing for peace and longevity

Longing for a life with her

Forever sharing our joy

Freely giving

Hoping only for more time with her

I am in love

Truly and desperately in love

Baby Girl…My heart is yours

February 13, 2015

Image from Pixabay with permission through CC0 Public Domain


  I awaken to you

My hand reaching to touch

The smell of you heady and present

Languid with sleep and yet

Tormented by you.

Knowing the distance 

In time and pavement

Between this dark night

And the one that takes me

Back to you.


Let the empty space here

Be the dream 

And not the reality.

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Public Domain



She carries me
In her calm whiteness
She touches me
With her shimmering face
She watches me
With her cool indifference

Her fullness expands
She rises with constancy
I am enraptured
She awakens me
I am captivated
She is so distant

Cold to the unenlightened
I tremble for the unattainable
She is warm in her light
My eyes open to her glory
She is comfort and closeness

I bask in her glow

Listen closely

She calls to us
We reach for her
Trembling in her embrace
Connecting through her
We are one

Image from Pixabay through CC0 Piblic Domain


Do you ever wake up hungry?  Today, I woke up with a hunger for him.  As if my body knew before I was awake that I would see him tonight.

Slick wetness glistens over my sex and I notice its presence there as I’m getting ready for the day.

Images of skin and curves being ravaged by masculine hands and lips assault my mind.

The ever-present sensation of his touch on my soul is heightened and vivid. Why is my heat so prevalent from minute one this morning?

My female essence is fired as is by a kiln and only his touch will assuage the hunger beneath the lava flow.

When I close my eyes my being is rocked by my passion for the sight and feel of him that thunder across my inner playground.

Let the hours fly, let Helios whip his stallions and thrust his sun chariot across the sky post-haste!



Every word drips from my lips

Into a sieve and squeezes through

To a jumbled mess at the bottom

Of a life sized bowl of alphabet soup.

From my vantage over the quagmire

I feel like the 50 Foot Woman

With arms as long as bridges and

Legs and thighs that go on for days.

My bikini is vast and my cleavage

Is the Grand Canyon.

But still the words dribble out of my lips

And float like clouds instead

Of falling with the weight of pearls.

The crowds filling the landscape

Around my feet have no fear

Of my words crushing them

And yet they stare up

At the expanse of my sex