Tasks and Torment

I served my Master.  I used a frozen phallus and fucked myself for his pleasure.  I applied a vibrator as commanded.  I touched myself and came hard, so hard. 

His command wrapped itself about me.  His heat pumped my blood. God, how I needed to feel his control.  It felt like the heatwaves of summer in the darkest frigid winter. 

I am alive with electric need.  I am his whore awaiting his every wicked intention.  I will debase myself for the scraps of his attention. 

He leaves me tonight with an ultimatum.  Call to mind his engorged cock.  Feel it filling my mouth, smooth and hard.  Know of it stretching my pussy wide as his fingers invade my ass. Draw a ragged breath as his teeth graze upon my nipples and mar my neck.  

How can I not?  To see the words is to evoke the fire of transfiguration.  The moment they left his thought I was marked by them. 

My pussy twitches and burns with the girth of him. My mouth salivates as my tongue traces the velvet marble of his cock, the molten alabaster of its relentless head forcing my throat past any humiliating reflex.  

I am but his vessel, his marionette. I may not touch, he says.  Of course…I do not control the strings.  My fingers are held in abeyance.  Though my cunt contracts and my nipples cut glass. 

My body is upon the altar to be sacrificed at his whim.  I am nothing but his instrument.  My only fervent wish is to be played. 

Come Slut

I’m not sure how the mood turned but it did.  The smell of sex permeated in minutes.  

I sucked his cock after permission was given.  My tongue, my throat, his silky hard cock.  I was entranced.  I savored every lick, the stretch of my throat, my restricted breathing.

“On your belly, baby girl.” I felt languid from touching him.  I rolled over presenting him my ass, thighs, back.  His hands caressed, his eyes ravished.  I breathed in his pheromones.

The vibe materialized under me.  Pushed up between my thighs. It coaxed and cajoled my sex.  But his words, oh his words, those seduced my mind. “Are you my whore?  Yes, you are.  That’s a good whore.  You’re going to be my good little cum whore and give me what I want.”

His fingers curled into the close hairs at the nape of my neck and pulled my head up.  His teeth grazing the side of my neck as venom dripped from his lips.  “My good slut, feel it, take it.  Give me what I want.  You want to, I know.” 

His hand released the adder’s grip from my neck and pushed my face into the sheets.  His face pushed between my ass cheeks, his tongue assaulted my asshole.  My back arched on its own, opening me to him while vibrations continued their relentless affair under me.

“I should just fuck your ass right now, no warm up, and listen to you whimper.” His finger slid into my tight hole.  He knew how that threat would scare me, excite me. I feared him tearing me, but I ached for him stretching me wide.  Oh, the dichotomy.  My pussy spasmed with every threat. 

His finger fucked my ass.  The intense sensations from ass to clit were turning my soul. Rolling her like swine in slop.  “Dirty girl, you’d like me to take your ass.  You want to be my dirty whore.  Such a good little dirty whore you are.”

He pushed the vibrator up high and tight on my throbbing clit.  I would not take long, I was gone.  Only a dirty slut remained pinned under him. I responded to him now, the frenzy was upon me. “Yes Daddy, I’m your dirty girl, dirty girl. Wicked dirty girl.” I spoke in tongues to my Devil, my captor.

“Yes, my little cum whore, you want to give me your come don’t you?” He spanked me hard, once, twice, thrice, in staccato succession.  “Give it to me.”

My body convulsed, I continued to spew filth as the orgasm tore through my body and mind.  Hot sticky glorious waves of pleasure.  He pushed me down on the vibe knowing I’d want it gone now.  “No, take it, ride it.”  Fuck! Please let it stop, I can’t take it.

I kept coming with his hand pressing me down.  I rode the storm.  My mental ship and all her crew tossed on the churning, roiling tide.  The vibe stopped, it must have.  Breathing became my world.  His warmth and caress my heaven. 

“That’s right.  Good girl.  You did very well.  Such a good girl.” I wrapped myself in him.  His love, his approval.  My bliss.

Hold Strong

For the thousandth time in my life I wish I were stronger.  Sure, I am strong.  I can bear pain reasonably well.  Emotional pain, physical pain, yes they hurt me but I don’t make a big fuss.  

The most fuss I’ve ever made has been with Daddy as he whips me. It is such a catharsis to be allowed to voice some whimpers of expression in those moments.  I’m so used to being the stoic, but I found a way to allow myself those expressions.  Still, I don’t let go much because those whimpers eventually worm their way under Daddy’s blanket of darkness and find the protective Daddy response. 

I’ve been doing my best in our current situation to be strong.  I haven’t succeeded.  I am an adult woman and at the moment I feel every bit the baby girl.  I want Daddy to be here and hold me and make it all okay.  

I talk to our wifey, Goddess, and I’m so impressed with her.  She says, “Just pack up and move.  Go to court.  Get your child and go.” If I had half of her dominance or moxey or whatever that is, I’d be in a whole different place in life.  But here I am, timid me. 

Will I ever have the life I want?  Will I ever speak up for me? Why when I do speak up I can’t handle the backlash that comes from speaking my truth?  Is there any way to train yourself to know how to deal with manipulative, pushy, toxic people like my ex? 

Again, I have no answers just questions.  

Use Me

Daddy sat in his big chair.  “Take out Daddy’s cock baby girl.”  I did as commanded.  

“May I, Daddy?” I must ask permission first, always. 

“Yes slut.”  I smiled and began to suck his cock.  I ran my lips and tongue around the bulbous head to moisten it and luxuriate in the feel of him.  He was hard already.  We hadn’t had much alone time lately.  I knew he wanted me, he was hard that fast.

I filled my throat with his cock while my eyes closed and my lips and mouth stretched around it. After a few minutes, I heard a surprising but familiar sound.  Not the sound of Daddy but the sound of porn.  I pulled up from his cock enough so I could see and looked up at Daddy.  He was holding his phone and the sound was on.  The clear sounds of a woman being fucked filled my ears.

Initially, I felt surprised and slightly put off.  We’ve used porn before but this was unexpected. He was clearly interested in me because he got hard long before the video was turned on.  So, why the porn?

I went back to work on his cock like a good little girl. As he watched the video I thought about it.  If he’s watching a video then I’m merely a means to an end.  I’m performing a service and being his instrument of pleasure.  I’m just his fuck toy.  I am nothing but something to be used.  The more my thoughts traveled this line of reason the more turned on I got and the wetter I became. When he reached down between my legs I was soaking wet.  

I listened to the girl in the video get used and I felt used as well.  What I see is how much this is a driving kink for me. Daddy calls me his cum whore and I twist on his words.  Nothing fills me with as much aching ecstasy as him treating me this way.

I love his love. I love how he cares for me and treats me right.  But I also love how he can treat me like his dirty little whore and I’ll do anything for him to do it again and again.

Marathon Sex – Part III

“You are going to calm down and then you will worship Daddy’s cock. Do you want to do that?”  Oh god, I had no idea at that point.

I nodded yes. “Yes, Daddy.” The good girl is ingrained.  My service is certain.  My mind and body would catch up…hopefully.

“I’ve leaked all over the floor. Look what you’ve done to me.” He took a finger with a big glob of his pre-come on it and put it on my lips.  I licked it timidly at first, still panting from my orgasm.  Then I tasted him and felt his thick finger in my mouth and sucked it voraciously.  Yes, I wanted my mouth on him. He lay on the bed and I knelt between his legs.  My breath still labored.  I licked his cock.  It was slow and steady licking, up and down the shaft until I could breathe again.  Then I began to suck his cock into my mouth.  I savored the feel and taste of him. I pushed my mouth all the way down his shaft.  I know how he loves feeling his cock in the depths of my throat.  He says he can feel a ridge and a constriction when the head pops into the canal.  I feel different things in each position.  In between his legs is the best for me or on my knees.  Both ways I can get him deeper than any other position. As I pushed down I sucked him deep into my throat.  I could feel how my jaw had been pounded by the face fucking earlier.  I could feel a tightness and tiredness there.  That was new.  I pushed past it and sucked on the head of his cock.  Daddy says men love deep throat because it strokes the tip and the base at the same time so I practice moving my throat muscles and my lips to caress him completely.

While I did this, Daddy took out his computer. “I’m going to give you my come to swallow little girl. Do you want that?” I nodded, face full of cock.  Yes, I wanted to swallow his come.  “My little come bucket. Mmm.”  He turned on porn and I continued sucking him.  Why does being humiliated verbally work to incite me so thoroughly?  Is it just the way he does it?  Is it that it puts me in a deeper place of submission and service?  I don’t know but I do know beyond any doubt that his objectifying me like that turns me the fuck on.  The sounds of the porn in the background made me wet and I doubled my efforts at sucking him.  Sexual sounds really do a number on me.  He took over several times and stroked his cock while I waited between his legs.  Finally, he said, “Take it, take my come!” and shoved his cock deep in my mouth spurting his load into my throat.  I swallowed and swallowed.  He had a lot to give. It had been a long week.

Afterwards, we were resting and talking. I was really surprised he had gotten so much out of me that night.  Even on a weeknight with crap on my mind he can get me out of my head and play.  As we were talking he wanted to show me the porn he had watched.  I was completely sated and didn’t feel anything watching the porn.  It was definitely one I would get off watching.  It was two girls and a guy.  That’s one of my favorite scenes and both the women were really hot.  But I was done.  Then I remembered that Daddy had this scene of a woman getting fucked by several fucking machines.  She was a squirter and made such great noises and facial expressions when she came.  I said I wanted to see it again sometime so he got it out right then.  I really wanted to go to bed but he put her on anyway.

As I watched this woman get fucked and heard the noises she made, I began to get turned on all over again. She is so hot and she takes so many different sizes for so long.  After a while she is in a fever of fucking need.  Each time she squirted she’d grab the dildo and shove it right back inside herself.  I feel that way with Daddy sometimes.  When porn can make you feel something you already know, something that makes you hot…it works.  Daddy looked over at me, “You’re getting turned on.” He said, surprised.  He kissed me then and we began all over again.  He flipped me over and mounted me.  He fucked me hard and fast.  I was on fire so fast.  My whole body and mind was at once soaked with the need of him.  He fucked, I responded.  The day, the stress, everything was gone.  All I felt and saw and knew was him.  His cock, his heat, his body, his sex.  He lit me up like Times Square.  I moaned, I cried out, I begged and pleaded for him to keep fucking me.  It was lightning hot.  I lost all control and soon I heard him yell and felt his come blast into me hot and thick.  Fuck, that was good.


Daddy texted me while I was inside getting dressed and he was outside smoking a cigar.  “You have a choice, go do something or stay home and have a session.” Was he kidding?  When would I ever choose something else over a play session? He’s my addiction and having him lead in a play session is what I live for. I knew, though, that he was sore so I wasn’t sure.  I checked in first to make sure he was ok.  

As soon as the roommates left for a movie, we got up and moving.  Daddy brought the spanking bench into the house and I moved some of the roomies’ Christmas things out of the way. 

“Strip.” He said while sitting on the couch fiddling with his phone. I didn’t know what he was trying to do there but I stripped and knelt before him, waiting like a patient girl. He stopped to look up and take in the sight of me then he kissed me passionately. 

“Slut, I will give you a task and only if you do it well will you get up on the bench.” This was out of left field but okay, I thought. “See over there where you pulled all the electronics out of the wall moving that chair?” I looked over my shoulder and sure enough, all the cords from the entertainment center were on the floor. Oops.

“Oh. Yes Daddy.” I blushed.  Sometimes I am not as aware as I’d like to think I am. 

“You are to crawl over to that wall and plug everything back in then crawl back. Only if you shake your ass nicely enough for me will we play. Understand?” I swallowed hard.

“Yes Daddy.” What you may not know about me is that I am not a performer.  I’m not attention seeking in that way at all.  I’m more attention averse than anything else. When I think of myself as shy, it is in this capacity. I love people and am never hesitant to talk to them.  But to put myself out there like this is huge.  I recently got in trouble with Daddy for balking in a similar situation. I may be mortified doing this but I wasn’t going to disappoint him again so soon.

I was already on my knees.  I turned from his lap and crawled slowly across the floor.  My mind was going the whole time.  Please your Daddy, do what he wants, forget it’s embarrassing, this is for him. I stopped part way and shook my ass up and down for him.  I let it bounce.

“That’s right baby, twerk it for me.” I turned eight shades of red when I heard that. I never in a million years thought I’d twerk anything but here I was.  Then I continued to the wall and plugged everything back in.  At that point, I realized I had a choice.  Turn around and crawl back or give Daddy more show.  So, instead of turning, I backed towards him so he got more view of the ass he wanted.  I stopped half way again and bounced my ass up and down for him.  I didn’t hesitate after that and got right back to him. 

“Nice touch Slut.” He praised upon my return.  I have no idea what my bouncing looked like.  I’d probably be so mortified if I watched it myself.  But I was really proud that I did as asked.  I hoped he had liked it. 

He turned some music on his phone and it came on his speaker. Oh! That’s why he knew the system was unplugged. Sometimes, I get hyper-focused and miss the big picture. 

“Up on the bench Love.” Now for my favorite.  My little inner girl got giddy and mentally clapped her hands, yay. I received a lovely flogging.  It was one of the therapeutic kind where it feels so relaxing and I drift along in the sensations he gives me.  So nice for a slow Saturday afternoon.