Instigator – Part III

Mr. D knew that Painted Lady wanted to be flogged, but she was shy and declined.  He was still giving pointers to Coupe and so he said, “Come on up here man, I’ll show you how it feels. Baby girl, will you help?” This was exciting.  I would be able to help please the others.

Coupe took off his shirt and bent over the table.  I stood at his head and ran my hands over his body.  I caressed him and warmed his skin so he would be primed for the flogger.  As I felt him relax I pulled back out of Mr. D’s way.  He flogged Coupe easily and gave him pointers during the flogging. The main point, I think, was to give him a taste so that he could decide if he wanted to be a giver or a receiver in the future. Afterwards, I rubbed him down and stood by in case he needed assistance standing up.

By then, Painted Lady was ready to be flogged.  She took off her dress and left on her panties.  Mr. D had told me that she had been in the lifestyle but wasn’t now.  I caressed her for him as well. He did not go lightly on her. From what I could tell while watching, he gave her quite a bit of what he had given me.  Perhaps the intensity wasn’t as much but I could tell they were both very into it.  As he switched from the flogger to the little whip to the slapper, she grew more and more aroused.  Her hips moved in circles and she was hypnotized by it.  

With both Coupe and Painted Lady I had the opportunity to watch my Love at work.  I got to see him, to watch him wield his weapons and understand more how he gives me the pain and pleasure he does.  He laid the heavy flogger across her back while he used another implement.  I felt its weight just as she did.  I saw his singular focus on her and the task at hand.  I heard his voice talking to the others and watched him hold court.  I was entranced by him. I wanted him and admired him all the more.  It is such a gift that I am his.

After allowing Painted Lady to return to her chair, he asked Goddess if she wished a turn.  I knew she did.  She and I have talked about how much we love this.  When she came up, Mr. D handed the flogger to her husband El Jefe. He rose and Mr. D snuggled next to me.  It was like coming home.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed him beside me until I felt his touch. It was more than my normal need for him.  I’m sure it was the whole evening’s feelings lending to my deeper ache to touch him. We watched the beautiful couple together.  El Jefe is very masculine with broad shoulders and dark hair peppered across his body.  Goddess is tall, taller than me and I’m 5’8″. She has firey dark red hair and gorgeous light blue eyes.  She has long tapering legs and has an erotic aura about her. Watching them dance the dance of the flogger together was quite stirring.

Afterwards, we all talked and shared our thoughts and reflections on the activities of the night.  I am a bit chagrined to mention that I was a little sharp in one comment to Painted Lady.  She made a comment about learning both sides of Dominance and submission, as a way to become a better Dominant. an innocent comment.  I spoke out of turn in response.  I used to think a similar way.  As a submissive, I began my exploration of the lifestyle saying I was a Domme.  But truly I am 100% submissive.  There was no hiding it, I was afraid to admit it and felt very vulnerable until I understood myself more. And Mr. D could never be a submissive.  Could he bottom for someone if needed? Perhaps, but he is a strong Dominant and would not ever change roles.  It is who he is.  I don’t believe one has to try both sides to understand and be skilled in dominating someone.

When we went to our room, we got into bed and Mr. D was on me. He held me passionately and said, “After flogging you, I didn’t want to flog them.  I didn’t want to do anything but take you in here and ravage you.” My heart sang.  I had wanted him to take me from the moment I came back from the pool.  The whole evening had been an agonizing exercise in foreplay.  Our coupling that night was hot and fervent.  I crave the heights of ecstasy we achieve together with a constancy that is ever present.

Instigator – Part II

I met Mr. D and the rest of the group back in the living room. I was horny for him yet mollified that he wouldn’t fuck me right then. I felt hot and flushed. I felt teased and tormented. I’m pretty sure I was right where he wanted me to be. We sat in the living room as a group around the table where Mr. D had dropped all of our play toys the night before. His flogger was there. The slapper he made was also there and the little silicon whip. He also placed the plug that he uses to gag me with on the table. It is a butt plug that has attachments that vibrate and also blow it up to anchor it. I love it and hate it. It received many cringed exclamations from the ladies the night before. Clearly, Mr. D meant to raise the level of interest of everyone by leaving everything out on the table. He thrives on being an instigator. He has played with some of this group before and their level of play had gone down quite a bit since he moved away. He was excited to be the motivating force again. 
While we were eating breakfast that morning, I had pointed out a small round end table in the room. It seemed the perfect size to use as a spanking bench. It received many spicy comments during the day. So, it felt natural when Mr. D set the table in the middle of the room. He took his implements and set them nearby on the kitchen table. The room had gotten much quieter by then. Each person’s eyes were on him and their thoughts were their own. Mine were rising in the level of excitement I was feeling. I knew he would be using me to perform for them. I felt a deep buzzing in my belly. Not nervousness exactly just the anticipation of what was to come.
He approached me and took my hand. I held his as he pulled me up from the couch. He faced me and asked, “Are you okay with this?” his lips kissing me and then waiting for my nod. I wanted this very much. He pushed my dress down my body until I stood naked before him. He led me to the table where I bent over and put my elbows on the surface to brace myself. My head fell forward and my hair fell around my face. It was a meager protection from the realization that my body was exposed to all in the room. Mr. D’s hand trailed across my back and pushed the rest of my hair out of his way. His strong hands caressed my back and my buttocks. I felt his touch over every inch of my exposed skin. His ministrations were meant to calm me but also to awaken the blood flow.
I heard him lift the flogger and knew what was coming. He trailed the falls across my back. I sighed because I love this very much and couldn’t wait for him to begin. The first thud felt amazing. He layered the hits across my back and my butt and my thighs. His free hand would touch and sooth and cover my neck for protection all while he continued to flog me. I heard only silence in the room. Nothing but the sounds of the flogger hitting my body and the occasional release of my breath filled the space. I was sure the others were intent on watching us even though I couldn’t see them. My mind would wander from the flogging to Daddy back to the room full of friends. I wondered what Coupe thought of all this? He was the only one who had never seen a flogging before. I wondered how they were looking at my body. I knew all three girls had experienced flogging before and El Jefe was experienced in wielding a flogger himself.
Then Mr. D switched to using the little whip. It is really stingy and it made me jump under his strikes. I moaned and exhaled my exclamations at the stinging hits. I couldn’t resist moving. I arched my back and rose up on my toes at different times. I didn’t want to distract him and tried not to move too much but something about being his victim this way made me want to writhe for him. I couldn’t help it. Following the whip, he used his hand. I love the feel of his hand on me. When he spanks with his hand it is warm and the connection is so intense. I love that we both feel it and that there’s give to the impact. Also, there’s a harder impact from his hand. The full weight of his swing thuds into my body and there is a visceral connection to him in that. It’s the epitome of being manhandled. 
During this exhibition, I know he was talking to the room. He was telling them about each implement. He was describing the different sensations. I remember hearing him say that spanking with your hand is always a good choice and builds the connection. I was mainly focused on the sensations though and after a while his voice only registered to me if he was talking directly to me. During the pain, my mind tends to become very narrow in its focus, like I’m in a tunnel and can only see the light at the end.
Finally, Mr. D used the spanker that he made. It is a long piece of buffalo leather folded in two and sewn together with an added handle. The strikes from the spanker are stingy over a larger surface so it delivers quite a punch. He laid the full length of the flogger on my back while he used the spanker. The heaviness of the flogger on me was an implied anchor. It fixed me in place and kept me immobile. As he spanked me with his new toy, I let my voice have freedom. I had no choice. I needed to moan and cry out. I felt myself slipping into sub space and I felt my body begin to want the pain, to crave the next strike instead of flinch from it. I pushed out my ass towards him and took all that he gave me. Too soon, it was over and his hand was caressing my hot, welted skin and removing the flogger from my back.
“Take your time and when you’re ready, you can rise from the table.” He was right there beside me as I rose. His arm steadied me as he led me back to the couch. I was smiling and sated. My body was hot and my mind drifted. He sat with me on the couch so I could cleave to him and come back down. I only wanted to hold him and close my eyes but I was curious about the others and so I looked around.
Painted Lady said, “That was amazing, thank you Mr. D.” There were many nods and sounds of approval from the room. “You are really much more of a pain slut than I’ve ever been.” She said. The others also said very nice things and thanked Mr. D for giving them a show and teaching them about his technique. I felt so happy that I had pleased him and given everyone something to enjoy. I loved being publicly nude for him. I felt amazing serving as his baby girl in this way. It was a new level of service and I felt so proud of myself for how I did. The more he asks me to serve in different ways the more I want to do that for him.

Instigator – Part One

Mr. D and I had a perfect long weekend with our friends in Mexico.  We were with El Jefe, Goddess and another couple.  Daddy asked me, while we were planning for the weekend, what toys I wanted him to bring.  I said, “All of them.” 🙂 Well, he did ask.  Can’t hurt to have options, right?  We drove down to a resort on the inland sea and had a penthouse suite with a room for each couple, a kitchen and two balconies.  It was a big slice of heaven. The first night, after dinner, we were all sitting together and talking.  Mr. D told the others that I asked him to bring all the toys.  It was a good opener.  He proceeded to lay out all the toys on the coffee table one-by-one.  Three of the four others are into the lifestyle occasionally and have played with Mr. D at one time.  The fourth, Coupe, was our unknown.  He knows the group is kinky but we didn’t really know his level of interest.

Everyone was interested in the toys, especially the violet wand.  The one we have is not the high powered kind.  It is more for sensory play.  Painted Lady was quite interested.  She made noises and Mr. D pushed her to try it.  It was fun watching him educate the group and watch them play with the wand on Painted Lady.  We wrapped up the evening and went to sleep.

The next day, we went down to the pool.  The pool had a swim up bar and the three girls and Coupe went down first.  I had met Painted Lady once before but I learned much more about her this trip.  She has beautiful, flawless skin and is a little standoffish in the way of an elegant lady.  It gives Mr. D endless entertainment to continually push her buttons.  Goddess wasn’t feeling perfectly well so we were watching out for her.  She hadn’t felt good the night before but the frilly drinks at the bar were helping us all feel good.  Coupe is a younger man.  Younger than most of our group by 15 years.  He’s new to the lifestyle but not new to being a young man in a very adult world.  He has the aura of the Rat Pack, classy and quick with a comeback.  On the flipside, he seems so innocent and we all want to protect him and corrupt him at the same time.

So, the four of us drank and played in the pool.  The drunker we got the more fun we had.  We talked about the play from the night before and that heightened the sexual atmosphere.  I knew Goddess was bisexual but I didn’t know how Painted Lady leaned.  Not until we started talking and floating in the pool.  After a while, we got silly and all three ladies ended up kissing and fondling and talking about sex.  At one point, Painted Lady was rubbing Coupe’s back so nicely that his face naturally slipped under the water.  Goddess was feeling no pain and said, “He can hold his breath so well, he must be really good at eating pussy.” Painted Lady tried to warn her but just then Coupe pulled his face from the water, his ears hadn’t been below the surface.  He heard that just fine!  They both turned eight shades of red while we all had a good laugh.

After that, Mr. D and El Jefe joined us in the pool.   I was having so much dirty, flirty fun and was so happy to see my Daddy and wrap myself around him in the pool.  I wanted to molest him right there. After a bit, the men decided to go back up and start dinner.  The girls eventually stumbled back up to the room.  We all ate a great dinner Mr. D made and were relaxing. Then Mr. D caught my attention and said, “Baby girl, go get the rope.” I was excited.  He was going to tie someone up.  Goddess and I both are addicted to being tied up.  We had talked about it at the pool.  Mr. D and her husband, El Jefe, had both tied her up before.  I went to the bathroom first. I didn’t want to be tied up and have to go.  So, I stopped there and then went into the bedroom to get his rope.  Mr. D was waiting in the bedroom for me.  He surprised me.  I didn’t expect him there because he had sent me after the rope for him.  “Close the door.” The tone in his voice sent shivers up my spine.  He makes me so wet when he talks like that.  I closed the door. “On your back.”  He pushed up my dress and sank his face into my pussy.  I was drunk, I was horny and I wanted him.  I forgot everything else.  He licked me for a couple minutes then he started to leave.

“No, Daddy, don’t go!!” I grabbed him with both hands and legs.  I needed him and needed to be fucked.  I would do anything in that moment.  “Please Daddy, I need you.  Please, please fuck me.”

“No, baby girl, we have to go back.  They’re waiting for us.” He was pulling away.  This was killing me.  I wanted him, I had to have him.

“Come back Daddy, please fuck me Daddy.  I need you in me.” I pulled and he finally gave in and climbed up on me.  I kept pulling on him until I felt his cock slide into me.  “Yes, Daddy, yes”.

“Baby girl is horny and begging.  Mmm, now this is how you’re supposed to beg.  I’ll have to thank Goddess for this.” He thrust deep, once, twice, then pulled out to leave.

“No!  Daddy, no! Come back!” I was beyond desperate.  The torment and teasing in my minute of aching need was beyond a tease.  I grabbed him hard and pulled his body to me.  I took his hands and put them around my throat.  I would have done damned near anything right at the moment to keep him there.

“Mmm, baby girl is pulling out all the stops.  I like this a lot but it’s time to go back out. Straighten yourself and join the others.” He got up and pulled his shorts back on and left.  I laid there on the bed bereft.  He was a bad, evil Daddy.  My rum soaked mind pouted and sulked.  I was the epitome of a spoiled baby girl in the bedroom all alone.

I went back out and joined the others completely forgetting about the rope.

Friday Night Fireworks Part 2 – Mr. D

Please pardon the change in storytelling technique between parts one and two but I was fully tested in my desire and it must be told this way…  
Inside the house I changed my plans…. I knew if I went to the bedroom I would not last. I pulled the spanking bench from the corner and centered it in the living room. I called her and bade her to mount the bench and spread her knees wide. I tied her forearms to the bench where she could move her hands to the cross-members in case she needed to shift positions.  

I lit two candles, one a couple of feet in front of her at eye height and one on the coffee table to illuminated my toy box that was behind her. The lights were soft and I turned on some music – just an eclectic mix of chamber music without words… no distractions tonight. I teased her and bit her shoulder and cooed to her that she was mine. That she was sexy as hell. And that I was taking her for a ride.  

I moved to get my first toy and she was slowly gyrating and moving her ass in anticipation – I damn near came on the carpet. She is so damn hot!

My naked cock was rock hard and made her suck it. I pulled away and looked into her eyes. The loss and desire were clear. I moved to her side and pulled her collar while rubbing her back and ass. Working my hand down to her sex and thighs I teased everywhere I could reach while lifting and lowering her neck by the collar. I moved to the toys and picked up a feather duster… I started at her knees and worked up the insides and backs of her legs and thighs. I teased her cunt and clit. Applying the duster with pressure and then lightly. Then I started at her nape and worked slowly over her back and hips and ass. Tickling and teasing with the duster and feathery kisses. She was making satisfied noises and breathing heavily. I moved from the duster to teasing with my fingertips… I teased at her neck, at her sex, in her mouth… everywhere I could touch I did. My cock bobbed with need and I rubbed it in her hair, on her face, and at her backside…

I set down the duster and picked up my 28 inch bamboo cane and started tapping on the backs of her legs. Fluttering taps – quickly delivered with no force. Warming the skin and increasing blood flow. I worked slowly up her ass and around in measured strokes – still without any force. Over and Over and Over I strummed her legs and ass! Only stopping the strumming occasionally to finger her cunt and clit. I pulled her hair and strummed. I pulled her collar and strummed – never hard though a nice rosy glow was present. Then with collar in hand I pulled her head back and caned her ass in earnest. Her backside was mine to mark and the gasps she made where pained and aroused and dripping like her cunt with desire. Her ass was taunting me as no marks were appearing. I caned with abandon and wanton desire then I stopped. I backed away and let it all sink in… I sipped my water and waited.

I returned to softly caressing her with my hands. Placing kisses gingerly on her skin and telling her how good she was. How my slut pleases me and how I missed her in this position. I picked up my strap. It’s a 24 inch buffalo leather strap an inch and a quarter wide – I devised this and it is hand sewn down both sides with a ½ loop at the end. It makes a beautiful sound and sting that elicits wonderful noises from my slut. I slapped her ass with measured medium force strokes and listened to her coo. I felt her floating and caressed her body with my hands. She loves the strap and I used it and her to drive us both into a frenzied state.  

Next came the flogger – a 36 inch 22 tail leather thuddy monster… I gently flogged her ass and thighs with lots and lots of well-paced medium intensity strokes. Then I worked up her back to her shoulders and the across them and back down. More and more surface area spoke to me in rosy hues. Her body was melting into the bench and she was in another place. Her moans were mesmerizing and she was limp. I stepped back and used the full length of the flogger and with force I lit her ass up like the fourth of July. She gasped and wiggled into it. I folded the handle over and used the tails on her clit – upward between her thighs and into her sex. I flogged her clit to her panting and gasping and shaking in her lust. I returned to the full length flogging and proceeded to bring the heat alternating between thuds and kissing her flesh with the tips to create a duality of sensations. She groaned as I inserted a single finger into her swollen and drippy cunt. Then a finger in both her ass and cunt causing a happy and surprised squeal; followed by a huge sigh when I withdrew them both. She was in need but I wasn’t about to quit now. I asked her how she was and I got a dreamy look in response.  

I continued to use toys and my hands to cover her exposed flesh with stings, thuds, kisses, and slaps. Then I called time and slowly untied her. She asked if we were done already and I laughed. She had been on the spanking bench an hour and about 7 minutes. When I told her that she just smiled. Keeping a hand on her I asked her lift her torso and kneel and wait. I then told her to hold onto me and stand. She was wobbly but ok. I made her drink some water and I kissed her hard. I truthfully told her she was mine and I wanted to fuck her until she screamed.  

After a few minutes I told her to go freshen up and wait for me on her back on our bed. I packed up my toy box and put away the bench. I took my time savoring the scene in my mind and treasuring the details, the sounds, and the colors of the experience. She is beautiful and she embodies the full breadth of experience that I crave. The submission, the desire, and the fierce love are wondrous and I awed that she picked me.

I headed for the bedroom and my waiting willing embodiment of lust and passion… I am a very lucky Daddy.


After coming into the house, the same night we enjoyed the front yard, Mr. D told me that we would use the spanking bench tonight. We rarely get to have this kind of play because he has roommates. They are kink friendly but not part of our play. So, we can only play when they aren’t home.
Mr. D gave me a gift. He has started learning how to craft leather. One of his first projects was to make me a hair restraint. It is a leather sheath with snaps up the length of it. It encases my hair and holds it out of the way while we’re playing. Here is a picture of it in my hair and by itself. It is similar to the restraints that bikers with long hair wear when they ride. I love it. He put it in my hair before we began to play to keep it out of the way. Since I don’t have a collar, the leather you see around my neck was a combination of the two straps of a ball gag and a chain cock ring that held the two pieces together.  It sounds odd but it worked great.  I was truly shocked he put a collar on me and it felt amazing.  You can see part of it in the picture, that’s why it is so long.

He pulled out the bench and moved the furniture so that it was in the center of the living room. He brought out his rope which is cut in long lengths. He also placed the safety scissors out. When playing with rope, he is always prepared. I feel completely safe and trust him implicitly when we play. I stood at the bench in the nude as he was preparing.

“Setting the scene,” he said, “it takes time. Up on the bench my Love.” Ropes in hand, he watched me as I mounted the bench. I have provided a picture here so you know the structure of it.

2014-12-28 09.32.17

He had me kneel on the lower step and lay my body across the upper platform. My breasts were pressed to the cushion under me, my arms hung down each side and my head was free to hang over the edge or lift up and look around a little. He picked up my wrist and looped the rope around my arm until he had a manacle arranged just above my wrist. Then he tied the other end to the brace of the bench. He continued to the other side and tied another manacle above my wrist on the other arm.

“We’ll put this one higher on your arm to protect your wrist. Let me know if you have any issues with this side.” He knows I have rheumatoid arthritis and this particular wrist had been acting up recently. He’s a careful Dom and he knows it’s important to take care of his submissive. We practice a lifestyle that skirts the edge but we still know that being safe is necessary. This way we’ll be able to play no matter what physical issues arise. He tied the other end of the rope to the side of the bench. I was immobilized and presented for his pleasure.

He stood behind me admiring his handiwork.  I felt his hand caress my back and cooed at the delicate sensations his fingers brought to life.  He came around the side until I could see him.  I lifted my head to look at him. “Everything good?  Everything feel okay Baby?”

“Yes Daddy.  Perfect.” He had checked in and I was aching to feel what he had planned.  He ran his hands over my arms, my back, my buttocks and my thighs.  His touch awakened my skin and brought me to life.  The sensations were intoxicating.  I love feeling his hands on me. His touch increased in pressure.  He pressed into my body.  I felt his heat and knew he was preparing me, lulling my mind for what was to come.

He began with the stingy cane.  Before he wielded a cane on me the first time I feared them.  Still, there is a trepidation and a healthy respect for the cane and the wielder but I no longer run from it.  He has shown me how it can be used for warming up the skin.  He uses gentle taps and never hits the same location until the sting is gone and that area craves attention again.  The cane made me itch for him to begin in earnest.  The tap, tap, tap was making me aware of an inherent vibration inside me.  I was rejoicing that he was doing this and eager for more intensity, more of it all.

When I felt the first thud of the flogger I sighed with pure joy.  I ache for his flogging when he hasn’t done it in a while.  I want to feel it on me constantly.  He began with long slow thuds of the falls across my back, on my ass and on my thighs.  He moved the falls across my skin with a rhythmic cadence. At some point during his ministrations I felt a blanket resting across my calves and feet.  How amazing that he understood how much this would comfort me.  I relaxed even further.  When the body is experiencing any sensation play it’s easy to get cold or jittery from the rush of blood to the surface of the skin.

He took a break from flogging and I felt a soft ticklishness cross my skin.  It was the feather duster I gave him.  It has pristine white feathers and a black handle with a black lace decoration.  A joke between us and not a duster to be used to actually dust.  Maybe…we’ll see if he decides I truly need to dust his home with it.  I purred and moaned in unison.  I’m such a sensation slut.  He brings it out in me with all that he does to me.  He came around to my face so that I could see the duster.  As I smiled up at him, he freed his cock and pushed it up to my mouth.  I struggled against my restraints to reach him.  My lips strained to capture the head of his cock in my mouth.  I darted my tongue out, desperate to reach him.  He pushed up against me but still I could only suck the tip.  What a tease that was.  I wanted him deep in my mouth.  I wanted him to fuck my face but it was not to be.

He pulled away from me and went back around to the side of me.  He still had the duster in hand.  Something more than tickling was on his mind now.  His hand grabbed the collar from the back of my neck. His breath warmed my ear.  “You’re mine, you hear me? My slut. I think I’m changing my mind about the collar.  I like this a lot. Yes, I do.”  He pulled on the collar and it choked me.  His hand rubbed across my ass.  He pulled up and I felt his fingers push inside my sex.  The ache for that had been building.  My body opened to him.  I moaned and thrashed on the bench eager to push back on his hand.  He pumped me and I cried out in ecstasy. The next thing I felt was something very hard up against my tight puckered asshole.  My mind grasped at what it could be.  The handle of the duster!  He pushed it up into the tender skin of my opening and I cried out.  It bit and it felt like needles being pushed into me. Being a prop, the handle was plastic and not well polished.  The little bits of plastic from its manufacture were biting my most tender spot.  “Well, that didn’t go as planned.  We’ll try something else.”  I love that he’s creative and yet flexible when things don’t go as planned.

He checked in with me to make sure I was okay and then I heard him take a drink.  He came around and gave me some water.  He began again.  The flogger warmed me once more and then he used something new.  He made a leather strap recently and hadn’t used it fully until now.  Here is a picture of it.  It is made out of Buffalo hide and is quite stingy.

My body was warmed up, my skin must have had a blush to it because I felt warm all over my thighs, ass and back.  He kissed my ass with the strap and I cried out.  It hurt and was stingy as hell.  I squirmed but told myself to hold still.  I wanted to take it all.  I wanted him to be proud of me and I wanted to endure all I could.  I calmed my mind and let my body loosen on the bench.  When I would normally clench, I let go.  The strap kissed my ass more and more deeply.  I heard the thwacking sound fill the room.  I breathed deep and just as I was about to cry out the pain morphed into hot pleasure.  I felt myself float and the pain and warmth buoyed me up.  I wanted it all, I took it all, I moaned in the purity of the pain.  This is what I wanted, what I ached for.  As I drifted, he told me to open my legs and he strapped my outer pussy folds.  I cried out and still he came on.  The strap bit my ass and my cheeks burned.

Just as suddenly as the sub space came it went.  Even as he continued to strap my ass, it began to sting and he noticed the change in my reactions.  He stopped and untied me then.  “Stay there and catch your breath, when you’re ready, rise slowly from the bench.” As I rose, his hands steadied me.

“You knew when I left and when I came back.” I was amazed at how he knew so well my state of mind.

“Yes.” He said.  “I was surprised it didn’t last longer and that you came back so fast.”

“How long was I on the bench? It didn’t feel very long to me.”

“You were there an hour and seven minutes.” He said. I was surprised.  Even though I was only in sub space for a short time, the whole experience seemed to pass by so swiftly.  Probably because I love it all and want it all and I just want it to continue forever.  I’m a happy girl that he takes the time and wants to do such things to me.  I loved every minute.


Friday afternoon was organized chaos. I was prepared but I had a lot to do before I was ready to leave. I had presents purchased, not wrapped. I had food ready but cookies to bake. I had child in tow but not dropped off yet. I wanted to be on time. I’m really working on not overdoing things and being places exactly when I say I will, especially for Mr. D. I wanted to show him how much I love him and honor him for our first anniversary. Rush, do, rush, pack the car, rush, drop the child and on the road on time….whoop! Awesome!

I was so excited about the plans I made for us to have a picnic and go see a comedian on Saturday. I had every detail planned. I wanted everything to be smooth and relaxed. Big public venues can be stressful so I tried to mitigate that as much as possible.

When I arrived, Mr. D kissed me and said we had dinner plans. He took us to Inka Mama’s for Peruvian food, yummy. Then we came home and had presents. Mr. D gave me my poem and a beautiful Steam Punk corset and flask. It’s my first flask. I’m excited for us to go do something Steam Punk-oriented now that I have all the fun stuff to outfit myself. I gave him a cigar travel carrier with some of his favorite cigars, two canes, and a feather duster. If you recall the conversation at our friends’ about the maid service, this last gift was a little joke on my part. 

Feather duster in hand, Mr. D told me to lie down on the bed. Face down, I felt the duster slide over my curves. It was so soft and erotic, not ticklish at all. Then he said, “I like the handle,” and smacked my butt with it. That smarted! Well, that’s what I get for making jokes with Doms!

Then he took out the cane and used it very lightly on my ass and thighs. He was letting me get used to it. I heard how stingy canes were for so many years, I had a built up scare factor. He went really easy on me for the first time. Then he took his time and caressed my whole body with his hands and gave me a beautiful flogging. I love the skill he uses and the way he builds the flogging pressure over the session. He warmed my whole body with thuddy strikes and then rhythmically peppered me with more stingy hits on my back, ass and thighs. I could honestly have him do this all day. I’m so addicted to that feeling. I always want more.

As I was basking in the sensations of the flogging his fingers began to probe my backside.  “Daddy, can I go to the bathroom?”

“No, not right now.” He pushed his fingers inside my ass until my body responded to him.  He alternated between my pussy and my ass, filling each hole.  It felt more intense because my bladder was full. Then he used the cane to smack back and forth between my thighs.  It surprised me more than anything.  I expect he knew it wouldn’t hurt because there was no wind up on a short little stroke like that.  But when he pummeled my holes with his fingers rapidly, that was different.  The speed and the intensity was astonishing.  Rapid fire fucking by his hands forced me to grab the bed and hold on while my moaning filled the room. The sensation was doubled because I had to pee! Finally he stopped.

His hand gripped my hair and pulled me up off the bed. “You have three minutes, understand? Don’t make me wait.” I took a deep breathe and went. The way he talks to me in those moments just sets me on fire.  Just incinerate me from the feet up!

When I returned he positioned me on my back and mounted me. He looked down at me, looked from my eyes to my breasts. “Hold them up.” I know what I’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to push them together and up towards him. I’m to move my fingers out of his way.  And I also know what’s coming.  God, I hate it and I love it. He smacks my tits so hard and it is so stingy. I just want to cry out and plead for him to stop.  This time I didn’t. I just cringed and held my breath.  The smacks came and I whimpered.

“I don’t know how you do that.” He said between thrusts and smacks.

“What Daddy?”

“I hit here and then you flood down there. Every time.”

He hit and thrust and then fucked me so hard and fast it left us both completely breathless.


I’ve asked Mr. D to train me in the art of flogging.  I want to learn how to do that.  Why, you ask, would a submissive want to learn to flog?  Good question, I suppose.  I love touching other people.  I love giving them pleasure.  I feel that any way I can give others pleasure is worth learning, even if it’s a primarily Dominant wielded skill.

I manage people for a living.  I also see that as service.  I offer them a support net that allows them to focus on the capacities that bring success to themselves and their company.

I have thought on this often.  I can find the submissive streak in any discipline.  The qualities of a submissive are valuable in many ways, in many areas. There are certain qualities of character inherent in a submissive personality that are very useful.  To be submissive, you need to learn to put others first.  You need to learn to be compassionate and empathic.  You need to be watchful, to see how you can fulfill another’s needs before they know they had a need in the first place.  It requires patience to put yourself last.  It requires consistency to always desire to serve even when you are tired, downtrodden or feel used.  If you truly take the idea of service to its depths, there is no way to be used.  You have given every ounce of yourself freely.  If you see others joy as the end result and not some reciprocation or kudos for your service then you have attained the goal and that is the fulfillment of it.  Not the need for someone to praise you.

Then again, you can look at Dominance the same way.  To take someone under your wing, protect them and use your dominant skill set to bring out the best in your submissive.  To guide and lead are skills unique to the Dominant and provide ease and comfort and boundaries for those under a Dominant’s care.

Okay, enough character debate, I want to flog sexy women because it’s hot! 😍

I had the opportunity to watch a Dominatrix flog a young man for his birthday.  Afterwards she gave him the most amazing aftercare. She became a submissive and submitted to a Dominant of her own but while she was Domne she had mad skills in flogging.  Watching her was like watching a dance.  She was mesmerizing.  I want to do that.  I also want to give someone the pleasure flogging can give.  Mmm

Okay, that’s it.  My little fantasy goal.