Reality Becomes Fantasy

I was laying in Daddy’s bed and decided to play with myself.  He had left for work and I’d have to leave soon myself.  We had such a great, huge steak dinner Daddy made the night before that neither of us had wanted sex.  But when I woke up in the morning I was aching for him.  

He had been talking the night before about when he chooses to fuck someone else.  We are in an open relationship after all.  I want us both to have that option but I’m  secretly scared for when it happens.  

Granted, I still haven’t told you about my play session or my telling him about it, I’ll get to that.  But last evening he was talking about his future playing.  He was telling me that he invests so much heat into any tryst that the women always want him more and sometimes they get catty about it.  It was some kind of warning but my mind was more wrapped around thoughts of him with other women than about how I would have to deal with them.

As I was laying there, I couldn’t get the thought of him with another woman out of my head. I thought about him on top of a plump and juicy girl, his cock buried up inside her.  I couldn’t see her face because he was in the way.  I just saw her legs wrapped around him while he ground into her. I touched myself then.

As this point, my little scenario took on a life of its own. He looked over to me with a grin on his face. “Watch me fuck this girl, my little slut.” I realized I was kneeling beside the bed watching them.

“Yes Sir, I am.” I felt so turned on and yet he could see the trepidation my eyes. I could feel him reading me as he does.  He had that dominant look on his face.  All the while he continued to fuck her.

“Don’t worry slut, I’m still going to give you my come.  Would you like that?”  I nodded and felt relief that he wanted to give me that even though he was fucking her. He would pull out and I would suck him dry like I do when he masturbates.

I heard her moaning and watched him pump her as he turned back to what he was doing.  He looked over at me a couple times as he fucked her and I saw something there that I didn’t catch quickly enough.

“Come here slut.” I leaned over the bed close to him as I he began the panting that leads up to him orgasming. I got ready for him. He thrust in her harder and faster and then I saw a momentary impish glint in his eyes as he thrust deep and came inside the other girl.

I felt so betrayed in that split second until he said, “There you go baby girl, now you can have my come.” I looked down at her dripping pussy and realized the full extent of what he meant. 

I felt like such a slave right then and I came so hard.

Fantasy and Reality

Tonight I had a fantasy which made me cum so hard next to Daddy.  We’re planning a trip with friends.  Some of them are kinky.  Daddy asked what toys I wanted him to bring.  I said, “All of them.” 😜 

I’m not sure if we’ll play on the trip or if we’ll play with others.  But it’s fun to fantasize about it.  Daddy said he might make me bring the red shoes.  I haven’t worn them in a long while.  He calls them his earrings.  

I was imagining him ordering me to wear these shoes and serve him while the others were in the room.  Nothing sexual just bring him drinks etc. It fit into the conversation we had tonight about collaring. 

Then I was thinking about how heightened our appetite for each other would be.  I’d be able to feel his heat and sense his desire while we were just hanging out with friends.  As I touched myself, I thought about how this would manifest in him.

I thought about kneeling in front of him.  Not being asked but doing so because I love to kneel before him.  Then I thought about him not being able to hold back and getting that look in his eyes that tells me in no uncertain terms that I’m in for it. 

In my mind I heard him speak.  The tone of his voice was silky smooth but the undercurrent was cold hard steel.  “Baby girl, go kneel before my friend there and take care of him for me.” I froze and looked up at Daddy.  He was intense and completely serious.  I was given no say, I wasn’t asked if I was okay with this.  I was simply told to obey. I knew he meant to share me sexually.  I knew I was his slut and he was demanding I prove it.  I felt the hard edge in his voice, one I’ve heard before.  The one that throws me into subspace every time I hear it and in that moment I came so hard.

Control – Fiction

Slipping into a red nightshirt, Andrea sat in front of the computer.  She loved this time of night when everyone was relaxed or asleep and she could just browse emails or read articles.  


It was her time.


John’s deep voice startled her from the door of the room.  “My girl, I have a task for you.”  


His command was soft though Andrea knew there wasn’t a possibility of her saying no.  “Yes, my Master.”  Her heart beat hard and rapid at the uttering of this phrase.  


“Come, kneel here on the carpet.  Table for me sweetie.”


She walked over to him and knelt.  Andrea’s hands touched the floor, lifting her back flat as a table for him.  Kneeling there at his feet, she felt very vulnerable and exposed.  Her nightshirt bloused out from her breasts as they hung freely.  Her roundly shaped ass was fully visible.  As he circled her on the floor, she spread her legs the way he’d want her to do.  Arching her back slightly, her sex was exposed for him.


“Touch yourself girl.”  Her heart beat faster as she obeyed.  Shifting her weight to one hand, she reached the other back to her sex.  Her fingers rubbed the tiny nub of her clit.  She felt it throb under her fingers as they moved.


“I want you to come for me doll.”  Lowering her head, her long blonde hair grazed the carpet and caressed her shaking arm.  Her weight held by one arm was starting to take its toll.


Working her fingers faster on her clit, Andrea panted from the exertion of holding the pose and from her body’s reactions.  Holding her breath, her body bucked as she felt the waves of her orgasm roll over her.  A light sheen of perspiration beaded on her forehead, her cheeks were flushed as she looked up to him.


“Nicely done, my girl.  Now, strip for me, I have further work for you to do.”  Her face a mask of obedience, she stripped off her night shirt and stayed kneeling there until he returned with a bit which he put between her teeth.  In his hands, were clamps which he tightened on her nipples.  The fire and the pain of the clamps burned through her, making her want to whimper against the bit in her mouth, but she kept quiet.  She wouldn’t let her pain get the best of her.  Besides, the warmth was beginning to spread through her body from her fiery nipples.


With whip in hand, John indicated that she stand up.  With her hands clasped behind her, she stood before him.  The falls of the whip caressed her breasts and chest.  At first the sensation was teasing and offered some distraction from the pinching on her nipples.  This didn’t last.  The whipping began in earnest and she clenched down on the wooden bit in her teeth.   The sting of each fall barely had time to mellow before she felt the sting begin on her other breast.  Each time the falls happened to strike her tortured nipples she would jump and had to resist backing up from him.


Finally, John stopped when there were tears glistening on her cheeks.  Her breasts and nipples were on fire; her loins were also on pulsating from the sensations washing over her.


“Back on your knees my pet.  I want another orgasm from you now.  Please me with your cries.”  Taking the bit from her lips, she sighed.  Kneeling by the bed, she felt his hand gently on her back pushing her chest down onto the soft comforter.  Any other time, she would have loved the restful position but this time it only caused her to feel the hot licking pain in her nipples even more.


She spread her knees wide and reached her fingers down to touch her throbbing sex.  Heat poured from her wet pussy as her fingers caressed up and down her pink inner walls.  As her fingers touched her swollen clit she came almost immediately.  The throbbing intensified as moans escaped her.


Completely spent and sore, she looked up to her beloved and was greeted with a sight that made her heart sink.  His eyes were twinkling with pleasure and mischievousness at the same time.   In his hand was a dildo.  In his eyes was a command.


Taking a minute to digest the expectation, she rose on shaky legs before him.  “Yes, my Master.”  As he removed the nipple clamps she cried out in pain as the blood rushed back to the damaged area, the pain of it bringing back the whipping all over again.

Pushing her back on the bed, she stretched out before him and took the dildo in her hand.  Looking up into his eyes, she found the desire there strong and fervent.  A moment before, she had no idea where she would find the strength to perform any further.  


Now, with his pleasure motivating her, Andrea needed no further prodding. Opening her thighs wide, she placed the dildo at the entrance of her bright pink pussy.  All the sensations of the two orgasms she already had came rushing back.  As she arched her back, she pushed the dildo deep inside her.  Her aching breasts pushed into the air, dancing before him.  Her knees shook and her hand worked faster and faster, filling her with each thrust of the dildo.  Whimpering her pleasure, her eyes never left his.  She wanted this more for him now than for her.  She was a woman unleashed in her ecstasy lying before him, giving all her passion to him.


Finally, unable to hold out any longer, her body bucked upon the bed.  Her hand cupped her sex holding the device completely inside her.  Her eyes smoldered as she connected with him and let loose the flood.

Role Play – Fiction

She knelt, like a good girl, aching for them to come for her. Her need was tremendous. God, why wouldn’t they stop talking and come get her? Voices rose in the other room, she felt the fear arguments always brought. This would be bad for her. It was always bad for her.

Wetness trickled down her thigh. Her eyes darted to the doorway, no one to see. Still the rumbling of his voice, the soft strings of hers as she coerced him. Why did he always give in? Why didn’t he just take her away from all this?

The waiting. That’s what killed her every time. The fighting, well, it only scared her because of what came next. But the waiting was more than she could take. “Fuck them,” she thought, she would bear the stripes either way, wouldn’t she?

Falling forward, her flushed cheek rested on the cold floor. So unforgiving, cold tile, but it felt good…felt real. Pushing her hands under her body, her fingers touched her wet pussy. She was on fire, needed release. Her fingers pushed inside her honeyed walls. Pumping deep, she moaned loudly then immediately stifled her voice. Pressing on her clit, her fingers moved around until they found the sweet spot. Raising her ass into the air slightly, her finger began to fly over her tiny clit. Toes curled as her body responded.

Looking down at their slut, the woman sighed. Damn that girl, I told her to stay kneeling. Taking a paddle in hand as she passed through the doorway, she spanked that tight ass hard while gripping a fist full of hair. Whispering venom into the girl’s ear, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh shit!” Caught and badly. She hadn’t heard the end of the argument or the footsteps. She winced as the fingers in her hair forced her to kneel. Trembling now with fear, she was so close to cumming and so far.

“Oh shit is right, little dove.” She stood over the girl, her slut. Well, his slut…still. “I suppose, I’ll have to bind your hands from now on. you disobedient little slut.” Letting go of the girl’s hair, she bound her wrists, behind her waist. Bound hands over a fine ass… a nice image.

“My pet, in here please.” Her icy voice carried into the other room. He cringed. Crap. He was getting tired of doing her bidding. He felt her control…he didn’t like it. Okay, He craved it but he didn’t like it.

Standing in the doorway, he got hard taking in the scene. His girl trussed up, his woman in control. His cock stood at attention as he walked over to Her.

“Suck it.” Her fingers caressed the girl’s cheek as succulent lips wrapped around the length of his cock. How she loved the feel of a soft cheek full of cock. Laughing, she looked into his eyes, taunting him. He gave in, he always did. Closing his eyes, defeated, he felt his girl’s lips run up the shaft of his cock, the head touching the back of her throat. Pulling back, her tongue circled the bulbous head before running down the underside of it. Unable to resist the view, he looked down to see his cock on her face as she sucked his balls into her mouth. That girl knew how to please Him. Suckling noises cut the tension.

“Bitch, what did I say?” Yanking back by the hair, she pulled the slut off his balls. Chagrined, the girl yelped from the pain. “This is for me, not him.” Holding her by the hair, She pushed the slut into his groin harder. “Suck it,” she repeated.

His cock slammed into her mouth. The girl shuddered and began to melt. His juices trailed across her tongue, and then she was gone.

Holding the slut’s hair, she fucked him. Gripping his arm to hold steady, She pumped the slut’s face over his cock. The faster she pushed him, the more she smiled. He was hers, completely in her control. His eyes held hers, the need, the voracious need inside him filled her with desire. God, she wanted him.

Fucking him harder and harder, she saw his eyes glaze over just before he came. Pushing the girl to the hilt, she heard him groan as he shot his cum into the back of the slut’s tight throat.

“Good boy,” She said with a hint of satisfaction. Pulling the girl’s head back, she shook her a bit. That girl was gone…flying. Smiling to herself, she crooked her finger for him to follow. He picked up the girl, kissing her sweet face gently and followed.

Venturing into Virtual

I’ve confined this blog primarily to my real life experiences in the lifestyle with Mr. D and some poetry.  I think I’m going to add some fantasy writing.  I’d like to stretch my writing muscles and also explore some fantasies I have that I haven’t experienced yet.

I’ve thought about how other writings would be received but if you don’t like amateur fiction then don’t read it.  I’ll post it clearly in the title so it’s apparent that it’s fiction. In some blogs I read I like the reality and some I like the stories.  So, that’s the plan Stan.

I figured it’s a much better choice than posting the angst filled part of my life I don’t share but would love to rant about or the random boring things we all post on FB.  Blogging, after all, is predicated on having something worthy to say and saying it well enough that it is relatable to others.