Dominance on Tap

“Take off your clothes. Now.” Daddy’s tone brooked no dissent. I stripped as he watched.  “Hands on the bed, legs spread.” I put arms and hands on the bed, my ass up and legs spread.  I waited.  No warm up, no real warning, then a cane to the ass.  The burning sting bit my ass cheek and I cried out.  I tried to take it and keep it in but this time, every breath and every sigh was vocal.

Another stinging bite to the other ass cheek had my legs tensing.  This was going to be harsh and I didn’t have my sea legs.  We haven’t played with pain in a long time.  The following strikes were light taps.  Finally some warming hits, oh thank god, I thought as I intentionally slowed my breathing which had ramped up quickly.  

His face pushed in between my ass cheeks. His tongue probed and pushed hot wetness into my most private parts.  

He pulled back and said, “You are my whore.  Mine.  Say it.”  I took a deep breath searching for my voice.

“I’m your whore Daddy.  Yours.  I’m yours.”  

“That’s right,” he said.  Something else hit my ass.  It could have been a crop or a flogger held tightly.  It was less stingy than the cane by far but still intense.  With his words, his dominance began to overtake me. The hot pain seared the words into my skin.  Over and over the strikes hit me on the ass, on the back.  I gasped, I cried out, he continued. 

“You are my dirty little slut. Take it slut.”  More strikes and the pain coalesced inside me.  I couldn’t catch my breath.

“On your back whore.” I took as deep a breath as I could and flipped over. “Legs spread, play with yourself.”  He left for a minute to use the bathroom.  I lay there rubbing my clit in such a dither.   He takes me to such a deep place when he’s harsh and dominant.  I was close to hyperventilating.  I needed to calm down but God I loved this.  I strummed my clit like a guitar.  I was so hot for him.  I wanted his cock so badly.  

He mounted the bed between my legs and watched me masturbate.  “That’s right, rub that clit for Daddy.” He leaned in and pushed the tip of his cock inside me.  I moaned and wrapped around him.  “Hands behind your head.”  Damn it, I wanted to touch him. “Yeah, I know,”  he said, responding to my thoughts.  He reads me like a well worn book. 

His iron hand gripped my neck.  I squeaked as I tried for a last breath of air. I slipped ever deeper into submission to him.  It is automatic when he does this. My fear, his dominance, my submission, his power quicken in this act. 

“You are mine.  None of the June Cleaver act here.  The Beav can’t have you.   You are mine, got it?” Each staccato word was emphasized by a squeeze to my neck.  The world narrowed to him and my air.  

“Mine. Say it.” His hand did not loosen at all.  I grunted words that had no hope of being intelligable.  “Again.”  More grunting.  He seemed satisfied and allowed a smidgen air.  

Finally, he slammed his cock fully to the hilt in one long stroke.  My eyes rolled into the back of my head.  The pleasure along with his hand releasing my breath exploded together inside me.  This is my addiction.  He captures it all. He fucked me long and hard.  

“Present your tits slave.” I cringed and gathered them together.  I presented them to him.  The cane materialized in his hand.  I whimpered.  The cane bit my nipples, my tender breasts.  It hurt so damn much.  I cried but I squirted fluid all over his cock.  Damn my traitorous body. 

He pulled out without finishing. I still hadn’t caught my laboring breath. “I’m not finished with you slut.  Be ready.  You will take my seed later.”  

I nodded, “Yes Daddy.”

“Go take a shower, we have a half hour until we meet everyone.” I got up from the bed on wobbly legs.  It was a shower of regaining my breath and gathering myself around me again. 

Power On

We live our lives and it’s good. We’re joining our lives more and more. I went to an event with Mr. D and met more of his friends. We had a relaxing and fun time. We had a little drunk time too. All good fun. All vanilla fun for the most part.

Thursday night, he spent the night at my place. We’re moving in together this weekend and I was feeling stressed about space for everything so I wanted him to come and game plan the move with me. We didn’t really end up doing that but we had a nice dinner and we waited for my brother to stop by to pick up some things. In general, a normal vanilla evening.

I was on my period, it had just started. Talk about the worst timing. Well, we’d had months of it falling during the week when I wasn’t with him, so, all’s fair I guess. He told me, “Well then, I guess your ass is mine tonight.” I felt the usual wave of nervous trepidation that comes over me when I know butt sex is imminent.  

Daddy is large and more importantly has some serious girth to his package. Anal is a hurdle. One that no one else has surmounted for him so I’m proud to serve him that way. Still, it’s a hurdle.

We cuddled on the bed. He gripped my neck and his dominance wrapped itself around me in all its power. Fuck, I love that. It’s like air. Air that I need to survive. I don’t realize it’s missing until it’s there again. Then, I breathe it in. I expand and I feel my wings unfurl. My God, the feel of it on me is like no other presence I’ve ever experienced. I crave him, I meld with him, I belong to him like no other.

“You, my little cumwhore, you are going to get either the large or the medium butt plug and you’re going to put it in your fine ass. Then you will get between my legs and worship my cock. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I croaked out the words around his tightening hand.

“What are you?” His words rumbled over me. His mouth on my cheek.

“Your cumwhore Daddy.” I shuddered and bathed myself in his power.

“That’s right. Now go.” He released my throat and I coughed from the sudden availability of air. My throat was scratchy and stuck together from his grip. I found the medium plug and the lube. I lubed the plug well and brought it back to the bed. I squatted right next to the bed so my eyes were level with his and worked the plug into my tight, unprepared ass. I closed my eyes briefly as I felt the bulb stretch me and pop inside. I looked up at him when it was done.

“Nicely done little girl. Now get to work.” I love feeling his pride. I love doing things in a way that serves his lust. I knelt between his legs. 

“May I Daddy?” I must ask permission first. I had gotten in trouble earlier for not asking permission. Even though I was ordered to the task, I asked.

“Good girl, yes, you may.” I sucked his cock in my mouth. I savored the taste and feel of him. I felt him grow and harden in my lips and my throat. I took him in as far as I could, pushing myself ever deeper each stroke. His words taunted me as I worked.

“You are a good cumwhore. I’m going to take that ass. I’m going to sink myself deep in your tight hole. Do you want that?” I nodded while my mouth was full of cock.
He grabbed my hair and forced his cock all the way down my throat. 

“Take it, take it. Yes! Oh yes, good slut.”

“On your side, knees up, head at the corner of the bed.” All the while I had sucked his cock, the plug had worked inside me. I felt it loosening and moving inside the whole time. It was quite erotic. He grabbed the plug and pulled it out then he was on me. His body pushed up behind me and his hard cock found it’s way to my tight, prepared asshole.

He thrust slowly and was easily inside me. I was surprised how easy it was this time. Usually, I panic and we stop then we continue again until we fit together. There was none of that this time. He slid right in. He stopped and checked on me. I was ready for him. I wanted him to move. He began to move slowly and soon he was fucking me hard and fast. The feel was intense and glorious. I heard myself moan. I gripped the bed sheets and rode the waves of pleasure as he took my ass over and over again.

I know I spoke to him. I’m not sure what I said exactly. I think I begged him to fill my ass. I wanted him to keep fucking me but I ached for his cum to fill me. It is such a dichotomy of need. Keep fucking but fill me, give me your cum! There is nothing like it. When he came inside my ass, oh it was like the 4th of July. Yes, I needed that so much. I needed him, I needed his dominance. I needed it all.

Marathon Sex – Part I

Thursday was a hectic day.  My schedule was frantic until I had to drive up to Mr. D’s.  I do my best to dress for Mr. D when I’m arriving to see him.  I showered, shaved and chose lingerie he’d appreciate.  This night it was a soft grey padded bra and a pair of black lace thong panties.  I wore a very tight black dress.  It is called an envelope dress.  Both sides fold over the middle so that it has a V neck on top showing my cleavage and a V slit at the hem showing off my legs and thighs.  I haven’t worn the dress because it’s too tight but I knew Daddy would love it.  When I’m dressing for him and have no need to wear a dress for long, the choices are different.   The dress rose higher and higher on my thighs as I walked from the car to his place.  When I entered his room, he was freshly showered and had little on.  I greeted him and came over for him to see how I was dressed for him.  He loved it.

“Turn around.  Slowly.” I turned while his eyes raped me and his hands caressed the fabric and my curves in concert.  He nodded. “I like. You’ve never worn this dress for me before.”  I agreed.  “You look amazing in it.” I smiled. “Turn and bend over the chair.” I put my hands on the armrests of his big chair.  His hands stroked my ass and pushed the dress up over my hips.  “Mmm, nice.” His hands touched the lace of the black thong panties. He pulled them down and I stepped out of them.  He was sitting directly behind me on the bed while his fingers pushed deep inside my pussy.  I moaned.  It had been a long week without him.

“I want you to bend all the way over the chair.  Hands on the armrests.” I did as asked and felt him position me over his hard cock.  “Now, come down on top of me.” I realized he was trying a new position.  With him sitting on the bed and my arms on the chair, all I had to do was push back and down spearing myself on his cock.  I realized right away that this position was perfect for us.  I moved up and down riding his cock and getting used to the position.  I loved it.  I gripped the chair as I lowered myself and I pushed back up with my legs.  He thrust deeper inside of me than I expected possible in that position.  It was so hot.  An added benefit was that no weight was on my weak wrist.  He thinks through things, figures them out.  He’s a very creative Dom.

After fucking in that position he turned me around, grabbing my neck and trapping me with his dominion.  He kissed me slowly, softly, and then fiercely.  You can’t imagine, until you are in that position, what a rush it is to have someone dominate you like that.  He sets my blood to boiling.  He doesn’t cut off my air but still my breathing becomes labored.  My adrenaline rushes instantly and I feel trapped, alive, jittery, wet, and completely in his control.  At the base level, it is a showing of his physical power over me.  He could crush me.  The power is so palpable.  It is so addicting.  I want it so much.  I fantasize about him, I ache for him, I need a deeper, more intense word than ache or crave…the need for it is that strong.  I can’t go without it now. When we go too long without this type of visceral connection, my existence fades to a more dull grey palette.  He grips me, he uses his will over me and all the colors pop, all my nerve endings sizzle.  It is truly the most incredible drug.

With his hand on my neck he said, “You will strip off this dress and kneel for me properly.” He released me and I struggled to catch my breath.  As he sat in his chair, I stood before him and lifted the dress over my head.  He caressed the bra while I set the dress aside.  I removed the bra and moved to where I could kneel.  Naked, I knelt with my hands behind my back and eyes down.  But I heard no movement and looked over to him in the chair.  “You are beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you Daddy.” I whispered.  He fills me so much with emotion, words are too fragile to escape me sometimes.

“Eyes down.” I lowered my eyes and he rose to stand before me.  He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face to look up into his eyes.  I felt so vulnerable before him, as if he saw right into the most secret part of me.  My naked submission was laid bare before him. “I’m going to face fuck you slut and you’re going to take it all.”  I nodded.  He held his hand on the back of my neck and pushed me down to his cock.  I opened my mouth wide and he pushed inside.  He was so engorged.  His girth filled my mouth.  I tasted our juices on him. I got his whole length wet and then he began to fuck me.  My mouth held wide, my teeth grinding into my tongue as his cock pummeled the back of my throat.  He uttered guttural sounds as he pulled out to give me a quick breath then he was back to pounding my throat again.  I was buried under him, assaulted by his cock, held by his hands on the back of my head.  I slobbered on him, felt the wet mess at the base of his cock slap my cheeks and lips each time he thrust into me.  I moaned, my tongue hurt but I opened wider each time to take him in, to take the face fucking like a good girl. The submission of it washed over me, the giving and surrender of it filled me.  His cock tortured my mouth but the sacrifice of it incited my passion for him exponentially.  Just as suddenly as it started, it ended.  “Get up slut. Lean over the bed.”

He pushed my face down onto the comforter.  “Reach your hands around and hold your ass cheeks.” My face smashed into the bed, I reached my arms back and held my ass open for him.  His tongue and face assaulted my puckering little hole.  It was warm, wet, and provocative.  He made me squirm and writhe for him.  He stood up against me and rubbed his cock on my wet asshole.  He teased me, taunting me with the thought of him pushing into my ass without me being ready.  I never know where his mind goes. “I should fuck your ass right now.”  I gasped.  He rubbed again me more, pushing harder against my ass. “Your ass is safe, slut….for the moment.” He pushed lower and entered my pussy.  That’s what I wanted.  That’s what I needed. He fucked me good and hard, grabbing my hair roughly at the back of my neck.  His actions drive me more and more into a rushing hunger.  The more he pushes, the more I take, the more I hunger for him.

After a really intense, hard, fast bout of thrusting Daddy pulled out and leaned back.  I felt the ‘all stop’ and sat up to see what happened.  His breathing was labored.  He had the slightest hint of panic on his face. He wasn’t getting enough air.  He sat down and started rummaging for his inhaler.  He took a couple puffs and he began to breath easier. “Well, that’s a mood killer.” He said.  I was only concerned for him at that point. He gets physical activity induced asthma sometimes.  He’s been working hard at the gym and is putting on loads of muscle right now but it takes longer for your lungs to catch up.  We took a break for a few moments.  We both let our breathing return to normal.  “I’m not done with you yet.” He said.  I smiled, I knew he wasn’t.  Nothing stops this man from debauching me in abundant ways.

On Command

The day before Thanksgiving I was with Mr. D. We were having sex and he was using the Wand on my clit. It was wedged between us and vibrating me towards an orgasm. For some reason, it was working but not sending me over the edge. 

Possibly it was because we had done this the night before and I could feel the spot on my body where the device had ground a sore spot into my pelvic bone. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t going over the edge.

He continued to fuck me. I love that part. I love him wanting to feel me cum while he’s inside me. He turned up the intensity of the wand to the highest vibration. Still I didn’t go over the edge. Finally, he looked me in the eyes and said, “Let go and cum for me.” Whether is was his intensity, his need or simply that he commanded me I don’t know but immediately, I came for him. 

The orgasm rocketed through my body and my pelvic muscles squeezed him tightly. I convulsed under him and felt rather than saw his approval. I was so happy to please him. I was surprised and overjoyed really that his command was what triggered me to orgasm. I want him to own my pleasure. I want it to be His. His to give and His to command.


As promised, he made he his again. I am owned, I am slut, I am slave.

I wore red. A red dress with a zipper from cleavage to hem. It was to mirror the red he made me wear before I left. Red heels and a red dress.  He couldn’t take his eyes off me.  His roommates got to see me for all of 30 seconds before I was taken off to the bedroom.

I entered his room with him following right behind me.  He put his hand in my hair and kissed me, claimed me. “Kneel.” 

I knelt at his feet in my place.  He took down his pants and pushed his cock into my mouth.  It felt good, it felt like home.  My face pushed up into him as I took his whole cock deep into my throat.  I just knew my freshly done makeup was smearing across my face.

He pulled back and away from me.  Left me there panting slightly.  Turned off lights and undressed. “Kneel.” I had slipped down onto my butt to be lower when I needed to swallow his cock.  I sat up on my knees again.  He took his heavy flogger and circled it around my neck.  He kissed me again deeper this time.  I was intoxicated by him and by what was to come. He pushed my chin up and back while his lips and teeth assaulted my throat.  He knows how much that makes me tremble.  His power is so complete when he does that.  It takes all my control to not run in that moment. He knows it.

“Take it off.” I rose and unzipped the dress all the way, letting it fall to the ground.  I unclasped my bra and let it fall.  I pushed down my thong until it lay pooled on the floor as well.  I stood before him naked.

“Kneel on the bed facing the headboard.” I climbed up on the bed and got into position.  His fingers probed my pussy.  I was wet.  I was surprised.  I didn’t feel like I was yet but his control over me does that without me knowing. I also felt pain when he touched my clit.  The wand we used on Sunday had rubbed me raw while between us and I could feel where it had ground into my pelvis.  I thought about mentioning it but it would have broken the mood and I had a feeling tonight was going to be about pain anyway so I let it go.

He pulled back from me and the falls of the flogger hit me hard on the ass.  I cried out.  No warm up, no pretense, just immediate harsh hits.  They fell two in a row one on each cheek then he backed off with smaller hits to sooth and spread the pain.  Again two harsh stinging hits and then lighter ones to coax the sting over my skin.  Intermittently, his fingers would probe my pussy.  Then the flogging would begin again.  He was not gentle and I was jumpy.  I knew this was going to be a rough night.  He would take me, he would mark me.

He pushed his dry fingers against my asshole.  I startled.  “Nervous?” He queried but didn’t wait for a reply.  His face pushed into my ass as his tongue and hot moisture assaulted my puckered hole.  I moaned loudly.   The juxtaposition of the harsh nerve-grating pain to the hot wetness of his tongue made me go limp with ache for him. I wanted him badly.

He pulled away from me and the flogger began to touch me on my sex.  He flogged my thighs and my pussy. I had pushed back against his tongue which had exposed my tender bits for the bite 0f his flogger even more. It stung and hurt so that I jumped in place on the bed.

He mounted the bed behind me. I was so relieved to feel his cock push into me.  He felt massively huge.  He is very well endowed but he felt even larger than usual.  Perhaps the time away, or that my pussy was swollen from being flogged, either way he pushed hard into me and it felt like he wasn’t going to fit until he slid it finally.  I was dry from the flogging but he was not taking no for an answer. “What is that baby? What do you feel?”

“Your cock Daddy. Your cock inside me.”  I lifted up to say it because my face had been all the way down in the covers.  The change in angle gave him a bit more access and he pushed in deeper.

“That’s right. And what are you?” He was goading me.  He was forcing me to submit.

“Your slut Daddy. I’m your slut.” I wanted to cry out.  His cock stretching me felt so good.  I was his, I was back where I belonged.  He began to fuck me in earnest.  “Yes, yes Daddy, oh yes. I’m your slut Daddy.”

“On your back.” He backed off and I turned over for him.  “Spread your legs and keep them spread.” He put my hands on my knees so I would keep my legs up and wide open. He was sitting between my legs and took his flogger in hand again.  I’m sure I visibly cringed.  He doubled the flogger so the falls were shortened in his hand.  He flogged my spread open pussy and it stung so much! I cried out and tried to keep my legs open but the pain in such a tender spot made it so hard to control my body. “Keep them open!” He growled.  I flung them wide again with a whimper.

The flogging of my pussy continued until finally he put down the flogger and outright slapped my pussy with his palm twice in rapid succession. I convulsed almost in two from the pain of it.  It smarted so much. To feel that kind of pain in such a vulnerable spot left me breathless and feeling violated. He knew he had me, he made me keep my legs open myself.  It was invasive mentally more than any other way.

He mounted me again and began to fuck my dry pussy.  The pain of the spanking was fading but my pussy was raw now.  My body gave off some moisture when he began to fuck me but not nearly enough.  He got lube and put some on me. It burned like fire for a minute because I was abraded but that subsided when he entered me again.  He began to fuck me and I began to respond.  The pain was gone, thank goodness and my body began to respond to him again. I moaned and desperately wanted to lose myself in the feeling.”Look at me.” He wanted to see me. He wanted me for him and to not slip away.  I looked into his piercing blue eyes and saw him claiming me. I saw the intensity of him and I felt his power.

“Play with yourself.” I put my hand between us and rubbed my clit while he fucked me.  I could feel my body respond exponentially. “I’ll give you a predicament baby girl. I’ll count to ten and if you haven’t cum I’m getting out the wand.” He knows I love/hate that thing.  I kept playing with my clit and he counted. “1…2…3…4…5…10.” He skipped half the numbers and grinned like a Cheshire Cat when he said ten.

He flipped my leg over him so that I was on my side.  I know what he wants when he puts me in this position.  He wants my ass. He lubed my ass and pushed his finger in.  I struggled but then felt the pleasure of his finger sliding in my ass so I settled down and began to enjoy it.  He mounted me for what I thought would be more pussy fucking with his finger inside my ass.  But it wasn’t to be that easy. He positioned himself at the entrance to my ass and I panicked.  I had no time to prepare for this and he’s so big.  He wasn’t really going to do this right now, was he?

“You have a pillow right there if you feel the need to scream.” Oh shit, he was absolutely serious.  This was going to happen right now with no preparation.  I grabbed onto the comforter and desperately tried to relax because tension was only going to make this worse. He pushed his cock to the entrance of my ass and it prickled with pain.  He could tell he wasn’t going in.  He pulled back and pushed his finger inside me again, fucking my ass more.  “Breathe woman.”

I relaxed by command alone.  “She’s relaxed and ready for me.” He pulled his fingers out and mounted me again.   He pushed his cock in and my body gave way just a bit.  I am never sure, when he starts, if I’m going to tear or if my asshole will stretch for him.  He was going too fast for it to stretch right then.

“Slow Daddy, please slow.” I cried out.  I wanted to cry.  That wasn’t going to help me so I sucked it up and relaxed.  Finally he slid inside.  I was so relieved.  Then he began to fuck my ass.  It was so incredibly tight.  It was a little painful but as he fucked me it got better and I began to enjoy the feeling.  Then he fucked harder and faster.  It was too fast for me to get used to it so I just bore it.  I had no other choice, he was not to be denied.

After a few minutes he pulled out. “On your stomach.”  I was barely breathing, I had been holding on for him to finish or my body to give in.  Something. I got onto my stomach.  If he was going to fuck my pussy now, I’d be fine.  I wanted him to finish well, I wanted this to end well. But when he mounted me he was going to fuck my ass again.  I balked.   I couldn’t take it again.  In my mind I said,“Red, now is the time to call Red.”  Out loud I cried out, “Oh no please Daddy.” I hoped he’d hear me.  I wanted it to stop.  

He heard the fright in my voice and stopped.  I was so relieved.  That was so hard.  I wanted to cry but I kept it together.  I was stunned and confused.  I had lost the good feeling at some point along the path and didn’t understand what happened.

“What are you thinking?” He asked.  I shook my head.  I couldn’t figure out how to put it into words. I couldn’t rightly decide what had happened.”Maybe I should put a pad of paper by the bed then you can tell me.”  That made me sad.  I can’t always verbalize my feelings right afterward.  But I feel like we talk and I do tell him how I feel.  I try really hard not to just write everything here but to talk with him too.

We snuggled but he felt distant, like he was far away in his thoughts.  We are both out in new territory sometimes in this lifestyle.  Just because he’s the Dominant doesn’t mean he has it all figured out.  I mentioned that he felt distant and he told me that he needed processing time too. He said maybe it was too soon after me being gone for such a deep session.  Perhaps.  Somehow, it felt less consensual. Is this slavehood?  Was it me not submitting enough? I don’t know.

We talked and snuggled and eventually we made love and it was really amazing.  He laughed afterwards because I had told him we’d have to be really nice to my sore pussy tomorrow and then we ended up having sex right after that.


He gave me orders.  “Put on the red sheath and red shoes, then kneel before me.”

I went to the bathroom and stripped.  I put on the red satin chemise I leave at his place and the insanely high shiny red stilettos.  He calls them Daddy’s earrings.

I came out of the bathroom and knelt before him at the end of the bed, eyes lowered and hands behind my back.   He leaned over and held my chin while he kissed my cheek.  His fingers slid down until he was gripping my neck.  “Whose slut are you?”

“Yours Daddy.” His grip tightened.

“I can’t hear you. Who do you belong to?”

I tried to clear my throat.  I couldn’t really with him gripping it.  But I tried.  “You Daddy.”

“Damned right.”  He rose up and shoved his cock in my face.  I opened immediately and his cock thrust dry and haltingly down my throat.  I thrust my tongue out so there would be room for him in my throat.  I tried to lick him as he pulled back out, anything to make some saliva and help the way. He thrust in again.  Easier and wetter finally.  I wrapped my lips around him, doing my best to please him even though I was choking on each thrust.  

“Get up.”  He pulled out and backed up, letting me rise onto the stilettos.  “On your back on the bed, face here.” He positioned me with my head hanging off the bed so that I was facing his big chair upside down.  He took out the Magic Wand vibrator and put in on my clit, turning it on.  “Hold that in position. Do not let it move.” He stood at the end of the bed and pushed his cock back in my mouth.

More slowly this time, he let me suck his cock inside my mouth.  The intense vibrations from the wand worked me into a fervor.  I held the wand gently at first, the intensity being too great.  His cock began to slide all the way in and back out of my waiting mouth.  The deeper he pushed the more I stuck out my tongue and opened my throat.  In the past, I’ve choked significantly in this position.  But with the vibrations completely distracting me I didn’t have any problems with gagging and I took him all the way down my throat.  

The deeper he pushed the closer to orgasm I got.  He was facefucking me deeply now.  While he did this he reached out and pushed the wand harder against my throbbing clit.  Harder and faster he fucked my mouth, harder and faster he pushed the wand. I had no control over my body and felt the orgasm slam into me.  I bucked on the bed as his cock still filled my throat. “That’s right, cum you little slut!” I heard Daddy rumble.

He pulled out of my throat and climbed on top of me on the bed.  His cock pierced me and he fucked me hard and fast with the wand pinned between us still tormenting my cum ravaged clit.  Harder he pumped until I could feel another orgasm building.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was jumping at the intensity of the wand touching me after the first orgasm and now another was close. He said, “Cum for me, you are mine. Cum for me.” I felt my body obey.  The building, the throbbing, the unstoppable happened again.  With his cock inside me, I came and spasmed all over him.  Shortly afterwards, he came hard as well.

Afterwards, I flung the wand off me because I couldn’t get the damned thing to turn off!  We both lay gasping with the wand vibrating alongside us on the bed until Daddy managed to turn it off.

I teetered on spikey stilettos to get warm towels to clean us off.  It was quite a night.


I updated the post titled “Submit.” I realized, in rereading it, that I had left a key part out.  

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During our intense tryst that day Mr. D had slapped me and it left me jarred. We had friends over after that and finally went to bed at the end of the evening.

I felt like we had a really nice evening with our friends but still felt a vulnerable space in my heart from earlier that day. My emotions were slightly on edge and then we began to tangle with each other again.  Mr. D was full of the darkness that is his dominance.  It was not filtered or held back. 

We began to fuck and he told me to play with myself.  “You will cum for me tonight.  You will rub that little clit of yours until it falls off if you have to, understand? Either cum or you will be fucked on the ass.” I blanched.  I couldn’t cum that night.  I could tell, I was already too emotional for there to be any chance of that.

“If you’re going to be my slave you will do as I say, no excuses.” I nodded and whimpered in reply.

“Tell me you can’t cum.  Then your ass is mine.” I rubbed my clit so damned hard.  We had tried anal sex earlier in the day.  I wasn’t ready and it had hurt.  I knew it would be painful if we tried again now.

“Give up slut.  I want to fuck your ass.  Come on and fail, I know you won’t cum.  Give in to me now.”  I cried and shook my head.

He knew the pressure would break me. He knew I’d give in.  I wanted to be his slave but how could I if I couldn’t even cum for him? Masters need to be in complete control of their slaves.  I was a failure before we even started.

“Tell me to fuck your ass.  Give in now.”  He was giving me a way out. It was just a painful way.  One he knew I didn’t want to take that night. 

“No Daddy. Please.” I whimpered and bit my lip even though I knew he hated that.  Quickly, I opened my mouth and moaned to cover up my mistake.

“Tell me I can fuck your ass. Then you can stop.” I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I didn’t care if there was pain.  I only wanted a way out and one he’d let me take.

“Ok…ok Daddy.  Please, fuck my ass.  Please let me stop, please fuck my ass.”  I sobbed and gave him what he wanted.   I would take the pain over disappointing him.  I wound give in to make it stop.  

“Tell me again.” 

“Fuck my ass Daddy, you can fuck my ass.” I cried out and felt him thrust one last time and cum hard inside me. I shook and sobbed and was so thankful he came because it meant my ass was safe for the night.

Afterward, he told me he was deliberately testing me.  If we were going to take this step towards erotic slavery, it would change things.  He wanted me to see how much it would change.

Timidity Undone

After writing my fantasy last night and also thinking of my post about having no choice, I realize more clearly one of the reasons why I crave Mr. D’s dominance so much.

I have a timid, good girl side. If I’m going to do something risky, I weigh all the options and possible outcomes of the risky behavior first. Sometimes, many times, it has stopped me from taking any action at all.

I’ve recently seen friends of mine frozen that way, too.  It frustrates me to see them locked up within their own fears and not living their lives fully.  I have been there myself.  I wasted too much time.

I’m not as timid anymore. I became a nudist on my own. It took 3 years of testing the waters but I did it. I wanted to be a part of this lifestyle so I tortured myself by going to every Munch around and made myself talk to people. I had an affair with a couple. I wanted that and made it happen. I said yes immediately when Mr. D found me on Fet. I push myself. I don’t stay in my shell anymore, but I know it is there ever present.  

When I was fantasizing about the scenario where Daddy told me to go service his friend…to act as his slut, I took a step back while I was watching this scenario unfold inside my head.  Would I do this act without Daddy ordering it? No.  

When I saw Daddy this morning, he asked me which one of his friends I had chosen because I hadn’t specified in the post.  To be honest, I chose the friend I knew for certain would want the attention.  It was El Jefe, who we almost played with one night a while back. Easy choice because it was a fail safe, no lose choice.  What I neglected to elaborate was that there were others in this imaginary room.  There will be six of us this weekend and that was the scenario I imagined.  What halted my fantasy for a moment was trying to imagine myself obeying Daddy while not knowing how two of the other guests would feel about watching such an action by me.  In real life, I know a question like that would freeze me.

If Daddy orders me, though, my free will is taken from me at that point.  I must trust his will.  It’s not always easy.  He asked me to get undressed in front of strangers once.  I hesitated and he had to ask me twice.  But I did it and I was happy I pleased him and giddy excited inside when I did it.

I eagerly want to please him.  I want to experience more edgy things like playing with others. When we were on the cusp of playing with El Jefe, they both looked at me and said, “It’s your choice.” Left all up to me, I chose timidly. I declined.  If Daddy had ordered me…I would have done it, no question.  I wanted to, I just let all the questions in my head stop me.

I want to please him and I also hunger for his lead.  I know I truly want to do more than I choose to do on my own.  His dominance is a way for me to safely come out of my shell.  I must unfurl my wings.  I am bidden to fly for him.  That is a most freeing gift.

Another aspect of this is the slut angle.  The other night Daddy and I were playing.  I was between his legs giving him head.  He was talking to me and pushing me to deep throat him more.  I really try but can’t get him all the way in my throat.  It’s like it just hits the back and won’t go in sometimes. He asked me very forcefully, “You want to be a dirty little slut, don’t you?” Something in me rebelled.  No! My mind countered.  I’m good.  I’m not like that. It was my upbringing talking back and fighting it.  Then he changed the question and asked, “You want to be MY dirty little slut, don’t you?” And then all was right with our world.  My mind shifted and I remembered my place. 

“Yes, Daddy, I want that.”  It shook me.  The word play has a level of humiliation to it.  When he calls me slut and other names during our play, it drops me into a submissive place immediately.  I feel it viscerally rather than rationalize that I’m his to debase.  I’m his to own.  I’m his to control.  I’m his to lead.  It drops me out of my day-to-day place in the world and allows me the freedom to be something more lurid and wild.  I crave him taking me to that place.  When he leads me there, I would do anything for him.  The words, his dominance, his desire all lead me down the rabbit hole.  The further we go the more I want to reach the depths and the deeper I ache to explore. 

My fantasy was just a fantasy so far.  But I do see myself submitting more deeply to him.  I want to give him more control.  I want him to lead me to places I’ve never been and I want to do whatever puts the fire in his eyes when he looks at me.  That’s the key.  

Scenario 47

He was on top of me. His voice was wooing me with the soft sounds of evil. Silky words of dominance whispered in gentle tones of control. His voice taunted me in a deceptively dulcet array.

“You are my little whore. I will do whatever I want with you.” His teeth grazed my nipple. I was sure the pain and sting were next. Then his tongue swirled the tip. Soft and gentle… agonizing.

“You are mine.” His weight pushed me into the bed, I was trapped.

“Yes.” I whisper as his hand wraps around my neck.

“I didn’t ask you. You don’t have a choice.” His grip tightens as his lips tease mine with tortuous tenderness. They trail down my chin to my neck. He poises himself over the most vulnerable part of me, the curve of the neck right below my chin. He knows how this terrifies and excites me in tandem. His mouth assaults me there. I pant and struggle under his power. It is utterly useless, I’m immobilized.

“Breathe, my Love.” He hears me struggle.

His grip on me relaxes slightly as his words drip from my neck, “You excite me. My muse, my biographical Goddess extraordinaire, your words turn me on and set me on fire. ” His other hand caresses my breast as he leans back to look down on me. I was in the throes of his dominion. My neck arching back, I can’t help but expose myself to him this way. My eyes fixed on his face now that he was above me. The look he gave me was deep in the darkness of our connection. I felt his hand on my breast, caressing, taunting, soft and slow. I knew by his downward glances that breast torture was on his mind. I gasped each time he looked down. The achingly gentle circles his fingers drew on my nipple were a dichotomy. Any moment, I knew his hand would pull back and slap me.

He lifted up between my legs and positioned his cock in my crease. I moaned aloud to have him inside me finally. He was making me crazy with his dominance and his silken words. His lips settled on my breast again with deliberate, hot, lusty caresses. The absence of the wicked stings he levels on my breasts when in this mood was throwing me off. I didn’t know what to expect. The sultry, measured lovemaking he was delivering to my breasts was at odds to the tormenting grip on my neck and the hard thrusting of his hips as he spread me wide with his cock.

“I can’t get enough of you. You’re my little slut and I will have you.” The waves of pleasure his body was eliciting were sending me into another place, a place where only his voice and his grip on me resided.  

“Wrap your legs around my ass.” I put my legs around him, holding on with the tattered vestiges of my control. He thrust deep and continued to thrust to the hilt until he came in a shaking, wild orgasm. My body accepted all that he had to give as his hand released my neck and his touch and motion eased.

He asked me if I was okay as I cleaned us up and curled into his arms. “I kept expecting you to torture me but you didn’t.” I said as he kissed me gently.

“I know. That was the point. But you liked the gentle caresses, didn’t you?” I purred my assent.

“That’s what I call Scenario 47.” I had to laugh, knowing I would write about it soon and there was my title.

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