Good Morning


I am back from Burning Man and have yet to clean the dust from my things and the cobwebs from my mind.  I thought I’d stop in today simply to say Good Morning and let you know I haven’t forgotten about writing to you.  I love writing to you, truly.  I feel my heart sing, I feel the temperature rise as I type the sordid things that pass through my mind and life’s experience.  Today, though, I feel like snuggling back in bed and snuggling up with my Love. 

Tomorrow, I see him.  Tomorrow, I will feel him again.  Tomorrow, tomorrow. Don’t start singing…I know I did.  Damned earwigs.  See, my mind drifts so simply.  After a week off the planet, it’s taking me a couple days to wrap my busy life about me again. 

Love and hugs my Lovelies. 

Take Two


I’m sure you have all heard the news that Burning Man was rained out today.  When there is rain on the Playa, which is a dry lake bed and made up of powder-like alkali dust, it becomes this viscous mud that sticks to everything.  When you walk or drive it cakes up in thicker and thicker clumps until your feet weigh 40 pounds more and you can’t walk.  So, for the safety of all, they closed the gate and sent everyone back to Reno.  Here we are, one more night in the default world until heading home to the Playa.

I wanted to write tonight about so many things but I find myself too tired to spin my thoughts in the right direction.  I wanted to talk about the violet wand evening.  It was hypnotic watching the blue lightning course across my skin.  Mr. D said it was not a full powered wand so I wasn’t afraid.  I wanted to talk about the way he took me that night, how intense he was, we were and how he used me for himself.  I felt completely his in that moment.  I wanted to talk about the next morning, how we made out like teenagers on the couch.  I was getting ready to leave him for the day.  He started kissing my neck and when he kissed and bit right under my chin it drove me completely wild.  I felt this uncontrollable urge to protect myself there but the intense feelings of control and pleasure completely overwhelmed me.  I don’t know if it sent me to subspace but it certainly sent me somewhere deep and intoxicating.  He forced my head back and tortured me with those kisses and bites on my neck.  Then he pushed me down on the couch and pushed his manhood into my mouth.  I was under him and could not breath but I felt him towering over me and loved his Dominance in that moment.  The position needs some work so I don’t end up tapping out on his thigh but not every new position can be completely perfect.  I can still feel the heat of those impetuous moments on the couch.  I just wanted him to tear my clothes off but I had to leave.  Oh, the bittersweet agony of that.

These are just some of the things on my mind.  I hope you all enjoy the week and that I don’t float away on a sea of Playa mud before I talk to you again.