Marathon Sex – Part II

When I had walked in the house that night, I had been a little harried, a little tired but eager to see Mr. D. I wanted him, I always do, but when I haven’t put my day behind me sufficiently it takes time for me to switch gears.  When Mr. D grabbed me and dominated me so thoroughly, it took me completely away from my day and my stresses.  Once we stopped to let him breathe and our mood broke for those few moments, I could tell that I still had some letting go to do.  His dominance had allowed me to refocus on him but all my angst from the day was still there waiting in the wings.

We relaxed a little bit and then he put me on my back at the edge of the bed in front of his big chair. He pushed my knees up to my chest. “Hold them there.  Don’t let them down.”

“Ok Daddy.” I said. I was on edge, I knew what was coming and I really didn’t feel ready for it.  His lips settled around my clit and Daddy began to suck.  He grabs onto my clit and sucks it relentlessly.  The feelings are so intense so fast. There is no transition.  I go from Okay, okay, I can handle this to Oh God, it’s so much to wanting to beg him to stop then knowing he won’t until finally either my mind or my body gives in and I start to take it and respond in an almost volatile way to the passion he brings on.

Once he had me in this precarious place, he pushed his fingers into my pussy. God, I love that so much.  He pushed me further into ecstasy with the feelings of his thick finger filling me.  With little warning, another finger rubbed my asshole and pushed in there too.  I railed up against the sensation.  It felt so raw and somewhat uncomfortable.  Anal is dicey sometimes.  Either it works and everything is smooth going or it starts uncomfortable and works its way to a good place.  Every once in a while it just doesn’t work at all.  Thus the question mark that is always in my mind when we start. How is it going to feel this time?  And when I’m not completely relaxed to start with, haven’t let go of my day, it’s harder still.

He saw me jump and I let go of my legs. “Relax baby girl.” He said and slowed his pace but he didn’t stop.  I squirmed, not in a good way, while he worked his finger in my ass.  He wasn’t taking no for an answer tonight.  I tried to bring my legs back up and put my feet on his knees for a moment to situate. “You can leave them there.” He said.  With my feet on his knees, I had some control over my position, somewhere to push and move a bit.  He took out the Hitachi.  I cringed.  “Oh no, Daddy.”  I whined pitifully.” I knew what that meant.  He wanted me to come for him.  But with my day not put away, I knew it was going to be hard.

“Oh yes, baby girl.” He said while positioning the wand on my clit and turning it on. The vibration began to work against my angst.  I felt my traitorous body respond even further to what Daddy had already started.  His fingers filled my ass and my pussy together now.  “Play with your nipples slut.” He was giving it all to me.  His mouth, now his hands and then the vibration launched me into a shaking, grinding bout of pleasure.   My legs shook uncontrollably while my feet lost their footing on his knees several times.  His words coaxed me closer and closer to orgasm even while my mind fought him.  No, I don’t want this. Yes, I do!  What insane person doesn’t want this?  Why fight it, damn it?  The shit that goes through my addled mind when I’m being controlled by him is insanity.

“You’re going to come for me slut.” I shook my head no. “Don’t you tell me no.  Oh yes, you are. I want it.  Come for me now!”  My body convulsed and convulsed but didn’t give in.  The anal probing didn’t get any more comfortable but it just added to the onslaught at that point.  The pleasure, the pain, the discomfort, the control, “Give in!” I screamed inside my head.  I began a sort of mantra I’ve begun to use to come for him.  Every time I come now, and for the past many months, this is what puts me over the edge. “Come for Daddy, come for Daddy.  Come for Daddy!” I say it to myself over and over.  He commands it and I must obey.  I mumbled it over and over to myself.  I think I said it out loud, too.   My body or my mind finally gave and I convulsed over and over and over.  “I’m coming Daddy!!!”

“That’s it, that’s my good little come slut. Come for Daddy.” My body bucked and rolled against the vibrations and his hand. I finally calmed.  It had taken so much to get there, so much to get over that mountain.  I panted and sat up fall into his arms.  I needed to feel him hold me, to feel his warmth and protection.

Back End Games

It was Sunday.  We had our weekend together and it was nice.  He practiced golf with the boys.  I grocery shopped, we went to the gym…basic stuff, relaxing regular life.  The Wednesday before, we had played and he had tried anal.  I begged out of it.  Daddy is quite well endowed.  Not only is he long, he is also very girthy. The length is not an issue for anal sex but the girth…that is a whole other thing. 

It has taken me a long while to get prepared for him.  But I am now and occasionally we do have anal sex.  That Wednesday I was not in the right place to have anal sex.  I have to relax completely and he has to spend time working me back there to get me ready.  That particular night I couldn’t relax at all and we were rushed because it was a weeknight.  I felt badly for stopping him but I was so tense and he was going to hurt me if I hadn’t have stopped him.

So, by the weekend, I really wanted to make it up to him. He had taunted me with it on Saturday saying he wouldn’t then but soon.  On Sunday it was really on my mind to say yes.  I was between his legs sucking his cock.  He looked down at me and caught my attention.  “Tonight you will be used for my pleasure.  Prepare yourself for the darkness. Tonight you have no choice. I will use every hole you have.  Do you understand?”  

“Yes Daddy.” I love when he chooses to use me for himself.  There is something so hot about being used.  I’m his slut in those moments.  I am there to fulfill his need, nothing more.  It sends me to some dark place of my own.  All I want is to please him, to give him everything he asks for, to do his bidding no matter how base and depraved it could be. I love the sacrifice.

After I sucked him and he filled my throat with his bulbous cock head, he turned me over on my side.  His cock slid in my sex and his fingers filled my ass.  Slowly at first, his finger loosened my tight little back hole.  The more he fucked me the more I wanted him in the ass. 

“Please fuck my ass Daddy.  I want you to fill me there.” He got out the Hitachi and put it between my legs.   It began to vibrate my clit and put me in a different place.  One where the pleasure governed and the pain meant nothing.  

“Bend your legs up baby girl.” I curled into a fetal position like he asked.  I wasn’t sure of this position, I was thinking he’d take me in our usual position.  Typically, when he wants my ass, he puts me on my side with one leg between his and the other bent up towards my chest.  Tonight though, he wanted both legs up.  He worked his fingers inside me with lube and slow strokes.  I was talking to him I think. 

“Yes Daddy, please fuck my ass.  I want you deep inside me.  I want you filling me there.” The Hitachi was making my clit throb and jump from the constant vibration. I wanted him badly now.  He bent down behind me and pushed his blunt cock into my ass.  I relaxed as he commanded but I always balk right when he pushes in the first time.  I just know I’m going to tear wide open.  I feel him push in and it’s fine until he gets to his widest girth.  Then I start to panic.  I breath fast and hope and pray that I don’t tear.  But then he’s through and buried deep inside my ass.  When he starts to move, I moan involuntarily.  My body is his in that moment. I have no control over myself. I moan like some wild animal and I say things to him.  I’m not sure what exactly except it’s along the lines of babbling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy, god yes, please, yes.” Or some equally brilliant prose.

“What am I doing baby girl?” He thrusts deeper and faster now.  My body has only slightly given way to him.  I have to stay completely relaxed or the pain will come again. The Hitachi serves to distract me as I begin to climb the wave of an orgasm.

“You’re fucking my ass Daddy.”

“Whose ass?” Crap.

“Yours Daddy.  It’s yours, it belongs to you.”

“Damned right it does.” He thrusts and thrusts again while my body stretches to give in to his will in this onslaught.

“What do you want slut?” Oh god, want do I want?  I can’t think! I’m so close to coming and he’s pumping into me so hard and fast now.

“Fill my ass, yes, that’s it Daddy.  Please fill my ass.”  A moment, maybe two pass as he thrusts deeper and harder then I hear him yell out.

“Come with me baby girl.”  His body shuddered and he injected his hot load into me.

That was a much, much better way to finish our anal play.


Why banter?  Well, I was looking for a word.  One that would describe how Daddy and I were talking with each other last night.  He wanted me to suck his cock.  He had mentioned it while we were watching a movie.  Afterwards, we were snuggling on the bed and I had my hand on his cock.  Stroking it.  Feeling it grow from softness to hardness in my hand.  I love feeling it grow. He was teasing me.  I must ask for permission to suck his cock. For some reason, I resist having to ask.  Last night, it was intentional resistance.  I wanted to push him.  I felt a little bratty.  I try to resist the desire to be outright bratty but sometimes I do like to play with him.  I test the waters, so to speak.  Recently, I’ve wondered about disobedience and if that can be an intensity builder.  But, I digress.

“What are you doing there baby girl?”  I had been caressing him and I purposefully put my hand on his cock.

“I’m touching your cock Daddy.”

“No baby girl, that is your cock.” We’ve been going back and forth with pronouns lately.  He owns all my parts, they belong to him, they are his ass and his pussy, etc.  So, his cock being mine is reciprocal.  Except that it just continually trips up my language to his utter entertainment.

“Yes, Daddy.  My cock.”  My hand swirled around the shaft, feeling it grow and thicken.

“What do you want to do with your cock?  Well, he damned well knew I wanted to suck it but I was contemplating how much of an annoyance I wanted to be at that moment.

“Well, I want to do several things to it Daddy.”

He placed a thumb under my chin to force me to look up at him.  His lips met mine.  Then his index finger caressed the top of my tongue.  He takes possession of my mouth this way and suddenly he has my undivided attention.  His finger went all the way down my throat and hooked onto the back of my tongue making me wince and cough.  I was trapped.  His lips kissed my cheek near my ear.

“You will get up, take off your clothes and get on top of me.  Do you understand?” I nodded.  So much for my silly games.  He changed direction completely. I got up off the bed and stripped off my clothes.  Naked, I returned to the bed and knelt near his waist.  I threw a leg over him and as I was mounting him, he got out the Hitachi vibrator.  I have such a love hate relationship with that piece of equipment.  He brings me to orgasm with it so I love it but I have no control over it and I don’t always feel prepared for the level of intensity it provides. I know he loves it for just the same reasons I hate it.

He put the wand in between our bodies so the head was right on my clit and turned it on.  Then he said, “Move.” I had already put his cock up inside me so now I began to move on top of him.  Slowly I found a rhythm and began to fuck his cock.  The sensation of the vibrator on me while I worked his cock in and out was amazing.  I knew what he wanted.  He wanted me to orgasm for him.  I did not feel the tightening in my gut that I usually feel when an orgasm is coming.  He kept me on top of him, fucking him and at some point he turned the speed up on the vibrator.  That insane level of vibration should just push me right over the edge but it wasn’t.  Something must have shown on my face because he pulled me to him.

“Stop stressing.  Stop chasing the orgasm.  Don’t stress.  Hear me?” I nodded and realized then that I was wound really tight trying to give him what he wanted.  I don’t know why that happens.  Sometimes, things are just slightly off for me and if I don’t feel my body perform for him then I start to get stressed.  I’ve never faked it, I never saw the point.  Plus, I’m a horrible actress.  Daddy specifically told me never to fake it with him so I never would.  He has chosen to help me with this so I try my best not to let any of it get me twisted.  But I guess, right then, I had.

“Get down baby girl.” He turned me over on my side and I slipped off him.  He pointed to the bed.  “Face down in the middle of the bed.”  I obeyed.  The next thing I felt was the big flogger making contact with my ass cheeks.  It was heavy and I felt my ass cheeks bounce up as the impact ran across my flesh.  He landed a couple strikes on one cheek and then the other.  I squirmed as the falls connected with my skin.  I had not expected a flogging.  The falls struck my lower back and then my ass again.  He draped the flogger across my back.  The weight of it pinned me down while I felt his face push into my ass.  Then his tongue thrust into my asshole with a warm wetness that was in such contrast to the hard hits of the flogger.  I moaned out in pure pleasure.  It was amazing and decadent.  I love when he does that.

After the sweet torture of multiple rounds of flogger vs. tongue, he told me to lie flat and lift my ass in the air.  From this angle, he put his legs on either side of mine and mounted me.  His cock pushed in between my closed legs and into my tightly held pussy.  In this position, his legs force mine closed and he braces himself by putting his hands on my shoulders.  With his body pressing mine into the bed, I am trapped and in for a ride.  His hands hold me down and he fucks me while I’m under his weight.

At some point, we flipped to me on my side. He loves this position because it gives him access to my ass. The last time we were together, he had wanted to have anal sex and I begged out of it.  It was our mid-week night together and I was having a bad work week.  I just couldn’t get my head off the day and relaxed.  So, now, he teased my ass again with that still hanging in the air.

“Girl, you will be giving me your ass soon.  Not tonight but very soon.”

“Yes Daddy.  I will…I want to.” With him being so girthy, it takes time and it takes me being in a good mental place to do it.  I love giving him that.  I love that I’m the only person who has.  And, I really love anal sex.  It does something to me.  It brings out the visceral, the animal.  I make the oddest animal noises when he plays with my ass or fucks me there.  It’s very, very intense for me.

He bent my leg up and entered me from behind.  As he did that I could feel drops of lube on my asshole.  I knew what came next.  His finger pushed inside my ass.  I gripped the bed sheets with my hands.  Initially, it is always uncomfortable but soon the pleasure outpaces that.  I moaned.  I cried out.  He pushed his finger into me again.

His cock pushed in again then his finger repeated the stroke in my backside.  I was moaning consistently now.  I simply can’t control it.  He was talking to me. “Girl you are in my head.  You have been from the very beginning.”

I know I was talking to him.  He winds me up and then I’m in some trance and I beg him, I talk to him in some trance-like state. “Yes Daddy, fuck me.  God, yes, please.  My ass is yours.  Take it.  Take my ass.  You will have it.  I’m yours.” I don’t know what more I say or how.  Maybe he can understand or maybe not.  I have no idea.  I’m twisting for him by then.  At some point, I hear him yell and I feel his body shaking as he orgasms.  God, I love that.


It was a very emotional day for me. I had some things to take care of and Mr. D was there for me. He made me laugh and bolstered me up when I was sad. We had a beautiful lunch in a steakhouse that had the atmosphere of a bordello. Dark and cavernous, you walked in and your eyes took a while to acclimatize to the intimate candlelight. The walls held old paintings of Victorian women, some surprisingly semi-nude. Vintage ruby glass chandeliers completed the aura of decadence.

Our waiter was impeccable. He placed our napkins in our laps and served a sumptuous salad with flare. We had a fine lunch and then drove home. We were tired and full so Mr. D let me lie down and snuggle up against him for a while. I took succor from being close to him.

After a time, being in close proximity to each other worked us into a passion. Mr. D whispered sweet tormenting words in my ear and sent my mind to another place. How he has that power over my libido, I can’t fathom but his ways of dominance take me off into the darkness so that I never wish to return.

His hands turned me over and his thick fingers probed and violated my backside. The tight puckering rosebud opened for him and my moans filled the room. He pursued this violation with gusto and soon I wanted him to take me. I wanted him regardless of my menstruation, regardless of his soreness. I knew it wasn’t to be but I was beyond the point of reason.

His hot breath was on my ear, his thoughts caressing my psyche. “I want you to give in to me. You are mine. Your ass is mine. I will take what is mine. Tell me you want it now.”

“Yes Daddy… yes I do.” His voice caressed and incensed me until I only wanted to please him. Nothing else would suffice. Nothing else would fill the void.

He rolled me over and I realized this was truly the time. He was positioned between my legs with my knees pressed again his sides.

“Tell me you want this. Tell me this is okay, now is the time.” I could tell by his voice that this was Daddy making absolutely sure I wanted this and I was ready for it. He was stepping out of his dominance to check in with me.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” My thoughts went to his cut. I’m fine to push myself past the brink but I won’t injure him. He shook his head.

“Do you want this?” His eyes held mine, his care evident.

“Yes. Yes, I do.” His manhood pushed to the entrance of my very tight lower hole and he held there a moment allowing me to feel the stretch. He had worked me very well with his fingers right before that so I felt an ease to the first push. I nodded and he continued. His eyes stayed locked with mine. He pushed in further and stopped. The stretch bit in and I felt the pain of some small tearing. I took in a sharp breath.

“Don’t stop, keep moving in and out.” The continual movement of small strokes in and out brought with it the intense pleasure of him taking me here for the very first time. His girth is so wide, the stretch was great but the movement ushered the way for him to slide inside me at last.

He began to take me in earnest. His strokes were smooth and the pleasure so intoxicatingly erotic. Being face to face, I watched the pleasure spread over his visage and gloried in giving him something no one else has. I took pleasure in the entire experience. Even the pain of entry as he pushed in further and further shook my core. After longer than I had expected for a first time, his face contorted and his voice shuddered towards me. “Do you want it now?”

“Yes, Daddy, fill me with your seed!” I arched toward him and felt his warmth fill my nether tunnel.

The sensations and the sharing of such a moment will remain in my mind forever.

His Way

Tonight Mr. D had his way with me. How is this any different than any other weekend we’re together, you ask? Well, honestly, I’m still working that out in my head.

It wasn’t what he did to my body.  The details of that are easy to describe.  He sat in his chair and pulled me to him.  He pushed up my dress and kissed my stomach, thighs, and back as I pulled off my dress.  He turned me around and pushed my back down so I leaned over the bed, ass presented to him.  His mouth probed me then.  His lips and tongue found my tight puckered asshole. His finger pushed inside my pussy.  His hands caressed me, fervent and sensual. “Kneel on the bed.” He commanded.

He undressed and his grip sank painfully into my hair.  His fingers touched my ass, one pushing in.  It was not comfortable, I was not ready for it, that did not matter at all.  He wanted it.  My body reacted, the traitor that it is.  His fingers plundered both my holes.  His hand continued to painfully grip my hair. Every pull on my hair sent me deeper under the spell of his control.  My body took his cues.  My pussy now wet.  My ass, however, was still not ready.  My mind was a little rebel.  Too fast, not yet, she said.  As his finger pushed in again, I flinched.  I tried not to, I had succeeded until right then.

It did not matter in the slightest.  He had control, I am his.  “Mine.” He says. 

“Yes, Daddy.” I whimpered.

“You flinched. Get up between the pillows face down.” I clambered to obey.  Again the hand grabbing my hair, again his fingers fucking me. Finally, his cock replaced them.  I moaned in relief, in ecstasy.

“Thank Daddy for fucking you.” He said. I whimpered and thanked him. “Is that the best you can do?” He pulled out, hand pulling my head up by my hair.  I cried out.

“Please Daddy!  I love it, please, thank you for fucking me.” Incoherent, halting, angst driven submissive babbling ensued.

“You are mine.  You do what I say.  Your body is mine.  You are mine.  Do you understand?!?”  

“Yes Daddy yes!” He plowed deep inside me from behind again.  Pumped me hard while I thanked him profusely for fucking me.  I couldn’t stop thanking him.  I just had to, it was imperative to my existence.  I was desperate to please him.  I was deep under his power and my whole being was filled with a desperation to do better, to please more.

With a sudden shuddering explosion he came inside me.  Panting and dizzy with his power, we both came down from that indescribable place.

I curled up into him. I felt so emotional, so vulnerable.  Yes, that’s it…raw and vulnerable.  It took me a while to swim back up through the layers and find my normal self again.

Thinking about it.  This was real, absolute Dominance and submission.  He took.  I had no choice.  My only will left was the will to obey. 

Hot Dominance

Friday night was hot.  Scintillating, raw, hot sex. I have to tell you about it.  Mr. D was on fire and he made me burn, yes, he did.

He made me kneel on the bed.  Naked, except for the panties I wore for him.  They were see through black lace in the back and red satin with corset tie stitching in the front.  Scrumptious.  I have so much fun searching for lingerie that will set Mr. D  ablaze.  He warmed my ass with barehanded swats all over my exposed ass and thighs.  He pulled the full panty up until it was a thong pulled up in my crack.  I was twitching and eager for this spanking.  I felt a rush of heat when he started.  My whole body ached for it.  The more he spanked, the more I wanted.  Soon he had warmed my whole ass and the intensity was growing, the slaps were beginning to sting. I had written in the afternoon about the threshold being overstepped before but this time I wanted everything he had to give. He picked up the flogger and began to flog my ass and thighs.  The stinging intensified.  I started to moan. I began to feel it emotionally, viscerally.  He stopped flogging me and pulled my panties off.  He came up to where I knelt on the bed and shoved the panties in my mouth.  They became a makeshift gag.  He spoke then, “You are mine.  You are for my pleasure.  You will feel pleasure only because it pleases me. Do you understand?” Damn. I nodded vehemently.

Then he knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed.  He pulled me down until my ass was level with his face.  He wrapped his arms around me and then his tongue was invading my ass.  The sensations were beyond sensuous.  The wetness and the soft fluttering of his tongue in that most private of areas contrasted so amazingly with the flogging that had just stopped.  I was deep inside a blissful cloud.

He stopped, raised himself up and the flogger now bit into my back.  Crossing my skin, the long thongs of the flogger marked me and teased me with alternating thuddy and biting sensations.  Mr. D wields the flogger so well.  I feel lulled by the hits and just as quickly he surprises me and I am panting and shocked. After flogging my back, as I’m catching my breath Mr. D is behind me again.  He grabs my ass and pulls me down until I’m crouched over the end of the bed.  He grips my thighs and pulls my pussy back onto his cock.  He begins to fuck me doggy-style standing at the foot of the bed.  It was ecstasy, it was intoxicating, I loved it.  My mouth was stuffed with my own panties, his cock buried deep inside me, my ass and back still stinging from the spanking and the flogging.

The strangest thing happened while he was fucking me.  Some kind of endorphin rush washed over me.  I felt this wave of sensation break over the top of me like the surf.  It was as if I consciously watched myself enter subspace.  I’m not sure if it was subspace but as I felt Mr. D flog me again, I knew that after that wave happened my barriers or protections were all dashed to dust.  I would be his willing slave for anything he wanted to do to me.  The pain was no longer pain.  If he had pushed me over my usual pain threshold right then I would not have known or cared.  I would have taken it all.

After a while, Mr. D commanded me to crawl up onto the bed and lie on my back.  I was in a daze from his ministrations and complied automatically.  He pushed my legs up under my knees until I was folded in half with my crotch exposed.  He told me to put my hands where his were and hold my thighs. “Keep your legs open for me, understand?” I nodded.  Then he buried his face in my sex.  His tongue and lips singled out my clit and he sucked hard.  His tongue kept flicking back and forth over my swollen clit.  At some point, I wrapped my legs over his back, around his face, anywhere I could move to squirm under the onslaught of his invading tongue.  The pleasure was so incredible.  The feeling of being turned inside out was so raw, I finally couldn’t bear anymore.

“Please Daddy, stop.  It’s too much.” I gasped.

“Too much?” He laughed sardonically as he lifted his head from my sex and crawled up on top of me.

“Yes, too intense Daddy.” I panted again as I struggled for breath.

“It’s supposed to be too intense.  That’s the point baby girl.”  He mounted me and held his cock just out of reach of my aching need. “The right answer would have been, please Daddy fuck me.”

I nodded vigorously.  Yes, of course, that’s what I wanted. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Where was my mind at that point? Gone, completely and utterly under his dominion.  I felt so taken and dominated by him that it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask.

His cock filled me again.  His blue eyes pierced me and his hand came up to my neck.  He gripped my neck tightly and fucked me hard and fast.  It was powerful and he was potent in his control over me.  I was held in his grip and felt the world collapse in on itself as I heard him shout and his cum shoot deep inside me.

As I said, raw, powerful and intense.  I swear, the rest of life pales by comparison to this.

Last Night Part II

imagesAfter we had settled down and I had cleaned us up, I was snuggling up to Mr. D and we were enjoying each other and talking.  At one point, he snickered to himself and said, “You should have seen the look on your face when I asked you to use your words!” I had to laugh.  I hadn’t gotten how funny that line was during our play.  Sex can be hot and funny at the same time.

Mr. D was playful and wanted to tease me.  Admittedly, I was still revved up and wanted him.  He was toying with me and playing with my nipples.  He threatened to wind me up again and then roll over and go to sleep.  I was having fun playing with his nipple rings and just generally enjoying our togetherness but I wanted more.  We just had sex and I wanted him again.  Damn, I can’t seem to get enough of him when I’m with him.  Plus, he was teasing me about rolling over and going to sleep.  Something about being told that I can’t have something makes me want to pursue it even more.  I may not have wanted more sex badly enough to go chasing after it at that moment but then he took it away and that sealed the deal.  I wanted it.

I started kissing him and playing with him in more earnest ways.  I whispered in his ear and nibbled on it.  Eventually, Daddy said, “It looks like baby wants more.” I purred my acquiescence.  “Then, show Daddy.”

“Take my cock in your hand.” I reached down and held his hardness in my palm.  I began stroking him.  I love the feel of him in my hand…so soft to the touch but such hardness underneath.  “Tell me what you will do to convince me you want it.”  My lips were at his ear.  I bit his earlobe gently and whispered to him.  “First, I’ll touch your cock.”  I nibbled more.  “Then, I’ll put it in my mouth.

“Hm,” he returned the whisper, “will you run your tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock?” I made sounds in the affirmative. “Then, will you flick your tongue across the most sensitive spot at the tip?”

“Yes, Daddy, I will.” I was sure he was going to let me but he still hadn’t said yes.  I was like a taut rubber band stretched across a slingshot just waiting for release.  “May I, Daddy?” Please, let me loose to start what I ache to start!

“Yes, baby girl…go.” Finally released, I went down between his legs and put my cheek against his cock.  I rubbed his tip and then his girth over my cheeks and neck.  I wanted my lips on him but I promised to start lower and slowly.  I scooted back and dipped my head between his thighs.  I licked from under his scrotum near his ass up his balls, over the soft skin until I reached the base of his cock.  I ran my tongue up the base, feeling the pulsing there as I went.  I wrapped my tongue around his girth and flicked it across the smooth sensitive spot just below the tip of his cock.  Eager and hungry, I poised over the head of him.  I slowly, achingly slowly, opened my lips and slid the head of his cock inside my mouth.  Oh, the feel of the head in my mouth was divine.  The bulb of it pops in so easily and my lips fit right around the rim.  But then, the length of it beckons.  I must push down.  I must fill my mouth with it.  Slow, he had said, but by then I don’t want slow anymore.  I filled my mouth with him until I felt him pushing at the back of my throat.  His hips moved and his hand touched the back of my head.  I knew I was finally released from the slow pace.  I gave in to his touch and followed his lead, letting him push into the back of my throat.

For a moment, he pushes me up and leaves the bed.  He returns with the new plug with the pump.  He pushes me back on the bed and inserts the plug inside my pussy.  He pumps it up so that it fills me tightly and then turns on the vibration.  Finally, he returns to his spot on the bed.  “Continue.” I try to go back to focusing on sucking him but I’m distracted now.  The plug is huge inside me, stretching me wide and the vibration is taunting me.  His voice is also taunting me, “Is baby having a hard time focusing on my cock now?” No, I say… I won’t let this best me.  I get back to sucking him and trying to do the best damned job of it I can.

Finally, after a while, Mr. D rises and tells me to scoot up on the bed.  He takes the plug and releases the air valve.  Thankfully, it deflates and he pulls it out.  He has me get on my side and then mounts me.  His cock spears me deeply and I love it.  God, I love the feel of him deep inside filling me.  After a few strokes though, I learn that Mr. D has more on his mind.  His fingers begin to play with my exposed backside.  He takes some lube on his hand and starts working his finger inside me.  We haven’t had any anal play in two weeks and I’m divided.  I desperately want this for us but right at that moment I felt like all the previous training was out the window and we were back to the beginning.  Every ounce of my being was running from this.  His finger pushed in and I retreated.  Something in my mind just said, no, you’re not supposed to be there.

He told me to relax and stop fighting it.  I knew to listen and so I did.  I relaxed my body and let him in.  His finger pushed deep inside and suddenly all felt just right.  The pleasure washed over me then.  It is so unbelievably powerful.  His fingers taper and so the tip feels small but as he pushes it in then it fills me more and more until I feel stretched when he’s all the way in.  I moaned loudly into the pillow under my face.  Once he was all the way in, he began fucking my pussy again.  I moaned even more.  The combination is incredibly heady.  I didn’t realize then but Mr. D was taking me further tonight then we have been before.

Once he was deep into the rhythm of his cock moving inside my pussy his finger started moving in my ass.  He pulled it out and I breathed and then he pushed his finger in at the same time he thrust inside my pussy.  I cried out with the dual pleasure of it.  My head was buried in the pillow and my hands grabbed the edge of the bed to brace myself.  He began simultaneously fucking me in both places.  His cock and his finger must have been meeting inside me.   The pleasure was so incredible and beyond sensitive. I couldn’t help the sounds I made, I was just gone.  I rode wave after wave of pleasure so intense that it carried me away.  I felt and heard Mr. D thrust deeply one final time and release himself deep inside of me.  The sounds he makes when he comes filled my ears and my heart with joy.  It was so amazing.

I don’t know when we’ll finally move to having full anal sex but that night was a really big step and so exceptionally hot.  I’m completely addicted to this.