Cast of Characters

Enigmatic Amor – Me! Author and submissive.  See the About Enigmatic Amor section for more details.

Mr. D – My real life, in the flesh lover and Dominant.  Mr. D and I are both in our mid-forties.  He had a career in the Navy and has many skills aside from those he uses to dominate me. He is a natural Dominant with a rapier wit, enjoys predicaments and BBW women. He is a planner and very protective in his Daddy role.  He cares for me and leads our play.

El Jefe – Mr. D’s best friend and husband of Goddess.  He and Goddess are in an open relationship and live in the next state over from us. He has a tongue that will give any woman wet dreams.

Goddess – Redheaded and Dominant to most people except El Jefe. Goddess is a truly sensual woman who loves to care and cook for her extended family of friends and loved ones.  Their home is welcoming and relaxed.  She is funny, witty and bitchy in all the best ways.

Coupe – The young one of the group. Best friends with Mr. D and El Jefe.  He is joyful, smooth and learning to stand his own with the big boys.  He is a gentleman from birth and has slowly grown to become a force to be reckoned with as he becomes the man we all see in him.

Painted Lady – A beautiful BBW who has both sides of the D/s equation in her make up.  A polished lady and part of the group.  A long time friend of Goddess.

Ren – Silky brunette hair and a voice to lure ships to crash on the rocks, Ren is one part of the couple who shared their bed with me.  She learned she is a Cuckquean while I played with them. She thrills to watch her husband have sex with other women.

Nox – Ren’s husband and my first male play partner in the lifestyle.  He is open, honest and wants to build a group of likeminded kinky folks to share sex and play.  He is devoted to Ren and they are consistently changing and growing in their kinks.

Steelclad – My long distance confidant and protector.  Steelclad is a Dominant man who loves being used and submitting to his Dominant woman.  He is a true pain slut and tells me he has a scream inside that he hopes someone will release one day. He has over 35 years of sobriety and served as my sponsor in recovery during the hardest times of my marriage.

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