Long Time Gone

Hello Kinky Friends,

I have been gone so long there is dust in every corner and cobwebs aplenty. I am rusty at writing and at finding my voice. I do need this outlet though so here I am back again.

I’m sure no one is stopping by here to read our past adventures much the pity. Those adventures feel as distant to me as someone else’s life. So, time to dust off the keyboard, kick myself in the ass and get on with it.

Today, I figured out how to log back in. Woo. I’ve written a little hello and I have the intention to return later with a full update. Sound fair? I think so, too.

I hope life in pandemic times has treated you as well as possible. I know it’s been hard. After sharing some of my own woes and experiences in this ‘new normal’ from these ‘unprecedented’ times…yeah I’m as sick of those phrases as you are…then hopefully we can move forward together to more fun and kinkier pursuits.

Boobie hugs and a kiss. ~Amor

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