Touch and touch

Yesterday, Daddy let me rub his legs and feet. We sat on the couch and I massaged his legs and feet. It was really nice. I love losing myself in touch and massage.

He likes his toes cracked or popped. I’m sure that would give some people the willies but he loves it. I got a majority of them to do it. It’s a little challenge for me. I like challenges.

This morning I masturbated. It had been a long time. I think it has been a couple weeks. I touched myself the other night and started to fall asleep in the middle of it. So, that didn’t count. This morning though, it had been too long. The mere thought of it had my body jumpy. I felt the sizzle of the electric charge running through me. I barely had touched myself and I came. I’ll have to be better at keeping self care on the to-do list.

Happy Monday!

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