College Girl

Yes, I’m a college girl again. After a very, very long time I’ve gone back to college. I’ve finished one semester of online classes and now I’ve moved on to classes at the college.

I have two classes and I’m really enjoying them. One is a math class, I really love math. It is just so beautiful how it works. I could do to learn more math. I only have one required course though.

The other class is a Kinesiology Class. I’m studying all the anatomy terms right now. It is a class about anatomy as it relates to Yoga. So, yeah, first we have to learn the entire skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. Eeesh.

I got all dressed in yoga clothes only to find out it’s not that at all. But if I take two more classes I could be a Certified Yoga instructor. I was thinking about that and how funny it would be to be a fluffy yoga instructor. They are usually all tiny and toned. So, if you have poundage on you, would you take my Fluffy Yoga? Could be fun! I’d tailor it so fluffy folks don’t get discouraged.

I was really nervous about going back to school. Not for the schooling part, I knew I’d love that. But for the rest of life part. I had to tell people at work including my boss that I wanted to take classes. It’s rather deflating to tell a bunch of folks that you actually never did finish the degree they probably assumed I had. But I got through it.

Also, I was really concerned that it would hurt Mr. D and my relationship. My Ex would sabotage me every time I’d go back to school. He’d make everything so difficult in small ways and eventually I’d cave under the pressure. Daddy was so supportive so I took many deep breathes and figured the whole thing out. I only need 5 classes.

I realized about halfway through my first class that I was still holding my breath. Somehow, I expected Daddy to implode in some fashion like my Ex did and I’d have to quit again. But he hasn’t. He’s gotten more supportive as I’ve dedicated myself more to doing this. He came up with a great idea for my son and I to study together each day after work while he relaxed then made us dinner. So, far, it has worked out great.

I’m very happy to be back in school and doubly happy to have such an amazing hubby to support me.

2 thoughts on “College Girl

  1. Darth Deviant

    Yes! Please become a fluffy yoga instructor! Post pictures of you teaching a class! I know many fluffy people who would love such a class! šŸ˜€

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