Lick it

Daddy made me hang my head off the end of the bed. I knew what that meant. I would be face fucked. We had a full weekend of play and Daddy was diving deeper and deeper into his Masterhood.

He had forced his cock down my throat on the couch with some success and some choking. In the upright position he hits my throat and plugs it completely making me gag unless I'm clearly focused on relaxing for him. He held me on his cock several times where I panicked and came up gasping for air.

Now though, I had my head hung off the side of the bed and he mounted my face. In this position it's a straight shot through my mouth down my throat. There is no curve to hinder his entry. He slides right in. He let me quickly moisten his whole length then he fucked my mouth fast and hard.

I was lulled by his talk and the deeply submissive state he had me in. I was calm, I was his slut toy, his chattel. I was his human flesh light. He fucked my face until my lips and cheeks were glistening with spit. My eyes closed and I was in a world of his making.

He fucked my mouth and throat with pure dominant ferocity. He would push all the way into my throat and plug any avenue I had to breathe. He'd grunt and hold himself there until the desperation to breathe would build and blossom in my lungs. They would ache to explode the used air out of my mouth. I'd tap his leg in a weak attempt to obey nature. Finally he pulled out and I'd gasp.

All the while he talked. His words lured me along in the dark under the trance of his dominance. "Take it slave. You are mine to fuck as I will. My fuck toy. My little cum whore, you're going to take my cum and like it, aren't you?" Questions I couldn't answer. He would answer them for me with a deeper thrust urging a gagging response.

He pulled out of my throat and turned. He pushed his ass in my glistening face. "Lick it whore. Lick my ass. You know you want it. Lick it!" He bent over and his asshole pushed down on me. I licked it, I was eager for it. His ass cheeks pushed down on my cheeks and my face was mashed up in his crack. I licked his puckered asshole for the heady submissive thrill of it. He commanded and I obeyed. I licked and sucked and heard him groan. God, I was in ecstasy with it. I loved that he did not flinch in demanding the dirty things he wanted from me.

I loved every moment of him taking what he wanted without apology or hesitation. I am his fuck toy. I am owned and used. My fantasy has come to life.

4 thoughts on “Lick it

  1. I noticed that many of EAs followers skipped this writing. I guess that’s why I need to comment.

    First I love rimming EA, fingering and fucking her ass. I love its shape and size and whether spanking it, biting it, or burying my face it it I am happy. We are not unique in ass play. In the context of this writing I was stern and effecting a primal desire to be acted upon. I love my ass licked and I do not usually ask and have only twice commanded the act. Both times I was clean except for sweat from our activities. There are many things I have yet to do with EA. Cupping, cell popping, suspension, more rope, many many more predicaments…. ass play is taboo and dirty and it is rewarding.

    If you haven’t played anally there is so much you’re missing. The prostrate is an amazing stimulation as is the sphincter.

    Freak Freely Friends and live the dream.

    1. Well, it is also a Dominant/submissive relationship but other than that it’s not fiction and I really hope I write better than that author. I read one of those books and the dialogue was atrocious. I was really happy D/s finally made it to mainstream though.

      Yes, I submit to him. It fulfills me to do as he pleases.

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