Sex, what’s that?

So, I have been remiss.  I languished in my time with Daddy.  He was here a blissful 9 days, I think.  I wallowed in the touch of him, the nearness of him. I had family and him around me and it was bliss. 

I should have given you all a play-by-play of our days together and then the pain of the inevitable separation but I didn’t.  I felt possessive of my time with him.  I couldn’t waste it writing of it.  Then he was gone and I didn’t have the heart to face it.  

I buried myself in work and parenting and that’s where I’ve been. It’s good really.  The lonely, missing him, feelings get pushed down and my focus narrows.  I have been cranking at work and not sad.  

Like clockwork though, I must write and here I am to face it.  The minute I began writing so came the tears.  Time to find his baby girl and dig her out of her cocoon.  


4 thoughts on “Sex, what’s that?

  1. Liebender Amor

    Sex ist wenn der Gott und die Göttin
    Sich vereinend Göttlich sind
    Sex ist das Freilassen des Tieres in mir
    Aus dem käfig von Moral und Gesetz
    Sex ist die Entwaffnung des Egos der Angst
    Sex das Fest von Himmel und Erde
    Sex ist Lachen Lächeln kindliches Spielen wieder lernen
    Die Alchemie von Feuer und Wasser
    Einander nähren
    Spielend mit der Angst
    Lieben zelebrieren
    Auf dem Altar des Körpers
    Heilsame Orgien feiern…

    Dir Joaquim von Herzen

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