Baby Steps

Writing in the land of missing him has seemed insurmountable. But I must.  Everyday I don’t speak is another day that I’m not connected to myself and to him. 

I heard a lyric this morning that reminds me of how he makes me feel.  There is an unquenchable heat between us.  He lights a fire I knew was there but never had any kindling or oxygen.  

I wanted to share the song with you.  Two weeks until he’s in my arms for a glorious week of time.  My life is measured now in time.  The time until he’s with me. 

Click Here to Listen

12 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. missagathaarmstrong

    time is endless… sometimes i wonder if its all a dream… i have been poorly of late and have not written as i should have, but i am feeling more myself, and i must be content with words, that sometimes He reads. i know He will come back to me stronger, but oh …. time is endless x – much love x

      1. missagathaarmstrong

        Master has disappeared for a while. it kills me when He does… but I know that He needs time… so that is all I can do, give Him time and be there with a joyful loving heart when He resurfaces

  2. little one

    i so understand the endlessness of time and want. Writing is a challenge, but photos inspire a bit and spurts of thoughts come. Wondering of worthiness of words offered, so the difficulty lies in opening the spigot in anticipation of… something.💜

  3. missagathaarmstrong

    dearest one… He sent a single x (kiss) last night. no other words, just a single kiss. makes a whole world of difference x

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