Down and Back Up

Today I am dragging.  I miss Daddy with a ferociousness that flattened me upon waking in my bed.  

I know he’s feeling it too so I should just shut my mouth, be grateful I have him and move on with my day.  It just feels like I’m moving around through pea soup.

I want to accomplish so much but when I get home each day I don’t do any of the things I need to do. 

Tonight is an event I need to attend.  I so wanted to have fun at it but now I’m dreading it.  When I’m by myself why do I do this?  I drag my feet and half the time I end up not going.  But tonight I have to go.  Ugh.  

My inner introvert is whining about having to be social.  Bloody hell.  I’m going to need liquid courage tonight.  Wish me luck. 

2 thoughts on “Down and Back Up

  1. EA – you are the center of my universe. Thus you must continue to take care of yourself. You must get up and live. Work, focus on the boy, paint, and write and goodness sake make time fly so I can see you sooner. Now. Take off your big girl panties. Masturbate and give those nips a healthy squeeze and put on something sexy and go to your function. Smile. Br your bright self. Radiate your light and know I am thinking very dirty things about you…

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