Slave Tales: The Hunt (XXII) – “The Ancient Ritual”

You’ve just got to love her thoughts on cock worship. There is nothing like getting lost in worshipping a fine cock.

I love giving my all to that endeavor.

Besos de Cuero

Continues from Slave Tales: The hunt (XXI)


Image – author unknown


The erect cock was recently shaved and perfumed, its texture was hard and smooth, like a firmly flexed muscle. Glistening wet it shone darkly in the moonlight, as if it were covered in a thin coat of melted chocolate.

I licked my lips. I couldn’t help it.

I moved closer until I was kneeling squarely opposite the crucified slave boy with my face just inches from his cock. Then I slowly raised my hands up to the upraised trunk with both my palms underneath it facing up, as if I were receiving a gift. I held it like that very carefully for a moment and then blessed it.

The blessing of the cock is an ancient ritual. There are two holy symbols in our religion. The Cock and the Cunt. Both beautiful. Both vital. Both divine. Two conduits…

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