Use Me

Daddy sat in his big chair.  “Take out Daddy’s cock baby girl.”  I did as commanded.  

“May I, Daddy?” I must ask permission first, always. 

“Yes slut.”  I smiled and began to suck his cock.  I ran my lips and tongue around the bulbous head to moisten it and luxuriate in the feel of him.  He was hard already.  We hadn’t had much alone time lately.  I knew he wanted me, he was hard that fast.

I filled my throat with his cock while my eyes closed and my lips and mouth stretched around it. After a few minutes, I heard a surprising but familiar sound.  Not the sound of Daddy but the sound of porn.  I pulled up from his cock enough so I could see and looked up at Daddy.  He was holding his phone and the sound was on.  The clear sounds of a woman being fucked filled my ears.

Initially, I felt surprised and slightly put off.  We’ve used porn before but this was unexpected. He was clearly interested in me because he got hard long before the video was turned on.  So, why the porn?

I went back to work on his cock like a good little girl. As he watched the video I thought about it.  If he’s watching a video then I’m merely a means to an end.  I’m performing a service and being his instrument of pleasure.  I’m just his fuck toy.  I am nothing but something to be used.  The more my thoughts traveled this line of reason the more turned on I got and the wetter I became. When he reached down between my legs I was soaking wet.  

I listened to the girl in the video get used and I felt used as well.  What I see is how much this is a driving kink for me. Daddy calls me his cum whore and I twist on his words.  Nothing fills me with as much aching ecstasy as him treating me this way.

I love his love. I love how he cares for me and treats me right.  But I also love how he can treat me like his dirty little whore and I’ll do anything for him to do it again and again.

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