Balls in the Air

There are too many, I can’t catch them all.  My son is beside me watching YouTube on his phone.  Poignant things, sad things, hard things and funny things play in sound and video.  

My head pounds for day three of a lovely headache.  I have accomplished a lot this week, truly.  Work is shaping up.  A large project is completing.  My son needed help all last night and this morning.  Mr. D moves in soon.  All is well, all is fine.

I am so tired every night.  I wonder about my arthritis sometimes. Am I tired to exhaustion every afternoon because of that?  Am I fighting the disease without knowing it?  It’s managed with meds so I can’t really tell when it’s flaring but it feels like it is.  

Time to relax and let go.  Time to rest.

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