We had both our birthdays in the past two weeks. We’re nine days apart, strange but true.

I joked with Daddy that I should give him spankings on his birthday.

“No baby girl, you should get my spankings.” He said. I laughed a little, thinking he was just joking. 

“Stand up and strip off your clothes then I want you face down on the bed.” Oh boy, here it comes, I thought.

Once I was naked, I rolled onto the bed and put my arms above my head, my face in the sheets. 

“Count for me slut. You remember how?” I nodded, not looking at him.

He began.

“One Daddy. Two Daddy. Three Daddy.” We went on along this way until he reached ten. My ass was twitching from the percussive strikes of his hand on that tender, bouncy flesh. I deliberately slowed my breathing, I didn’t want to flinch and whine about it. I wanted to take all he would give.

He pushed his fingers into my pussy so that I lifted my ass for him. My pussy wasn’t wet yet but his fingers invading it took care of that. He caressed my warm ass and started again.

“Eleven Daddy. Twelve Daddy. Thirteen Daddy.” On up to twenty, then thirty. Each time he stopped he fucked my pussy with his fingers.

I don’t like the counting. He knows it keeps me ever present. I can’t slip away into subspace. This was for him. Again the caress on hot, stingy skin. Again, the strikes and the counting. “Twenty one Daddy. Twenty two Daddy.”

I thought, I’ll be done at forty seven. I was thinking of his birthday, his spankings. But as I counted through the forties he didn’t stop until we reached fifty. I jumped at two incredibly hard strikes and I’m sure I grunted but still I tried to remain quiet and take it.

“Taste slut.” He took the fingers he’d fucked me with and had me clean them with my tongue. Our eyes met while I sucked his fingers. “You like this.” I nodded as I sucked. 

He began again.

“Fifty one Daddy. Fifty two Daddy. Fifty three Daddy.” The strikes were high then low. They were hard then less so. I couldn’t judge what would come next. I was rapt. My body and mind were completely focused on his hand, his body pressed to mine, the heat between us.

After the ninetieth strike, he moved away from my side for a moment and then brought his fingers to my lips once more. 

“Taste.” I suckled his fingers again. This time I tasted him. His pre-come was all over his fingers. “You see, I like it too slut.”

“You only have four more.” I was so deeply into the spanking I couldn’t understand why four more. All I could think was…I’m taking it all. Why not go to a hundred? I will take it. 

“Count for me one more time.”

“Eighty one Daddy.” I was heavily into the sensations of the spankings. I lost track of where I was in the numbers. My mind was mush.

“Ninety one baby girl.” I heard him through the haze and followed suit. Each strike was so strong, so impactful on my already stinging ass cheeks.

“Ninety two Daddy. Ninety three Daddy. Ninety four Daddy.” He stopped and I just breathed through the hot stinging sensations.

“Do you know why ninety four slut?”

“Both our birthdays Daddy.”

“Smart girl. Yes, both our birthdays. Both our spankings.”

“How do you want to be fucked baby girl?” I couldn’t think. I was sizzling with the spankings. 

“On my side Daddy.” This is the way we have sex that is the most intense. He can play with my ass this way. 

“Kneel on the bed.” He pointed to the side of the bed. I knelt with my ass available to him. I felt him apply lube to my ass then he pushed something inside me. 

When I felt the cord against my leg, I knew it was the black butt plug that vibrates and can be pumped up. “Okay, on your side now.” I rolled over gingerly. That plug felt so big inside me. As I lay on my side he turned on the vibration.

He straddled my lower leg and pushed his hard cock inside my pussy. Oh my goodness, the stretch of the two phalluses filling me at the same time was over-the-top. I felt like I was going to be split open. I could feel the two of them rubbing together inside me. It is the most intense sexual sensation of dual penetration I’ve felt so far.

It was only a matter of minutes before Daddy came very, very hard. He told me later that the vibration on the base of his cock will trigger him pretty quickly. I was happy he came so hard. It was an incredible birthday scene.

7 thoughts on “Spanks

  1. I promise to spank you for you soon… no counting just touch and touch and touch some more. Hands all over your supple ass. In your ass and brushing your clit. Hard, soft, rough, tender, all the ways Daddy’s take their sluts bottoms I will take yours.

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