Mr. D has always written to me. Sometimes I’ve shared his writings here and sometimes not.  The unshared were more private writings. Recently, he began writing on his page here.  I’m sharing his post today because it touched me deeply but also as an introduction.

I hope you stop by his page to say hello or read.  Kindly, Amor


Service isn’t demeaning 

That goes for all servers

Socially people look down on servers 

A nameless hostess 

Accountable but snubbed 

Walked on 

Walked out on 

And treated poorly 

That’s in the vanilla world 

In our world they bear the brunt too 

They carry our marks and our secrets 

Our fears and mistakes 

They suffer in […]

One thought on “Service

  1. Even in Vanilla world, we shouldn’t demean servers. The waiter whose name you don’t bother to remember (even though you sit in his section at lunch EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY), he handles your food. The sales girl you think is dressed like a whore, you’re going to hand her your credit card (and trust her with not to illicitly copy the number) when you’re ready to pay. You expect the people who serve you to treat you well, but the fact that they’re being paid (and paid minimum wage at that) to do so doesn’t give you the right to treat them like shit.

    In the BDSM community, those who serve do so out of desire, and/or a need for the structure and ritual that service brings.

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