Lessons in Recovery

Mr. D and I had an intense face fucking session over the weekend. We had a lot of cock sucking in general but I noticed my jaw felt that tired overworked sensation during the weekend.  

This morning I had a breakfast sandwich and wow, let me tell you, face fucking and sandwiches do not mix!  Damn!  Ouchie.  

One thing they don’t tell you about kink and edge play…recovery is a thing.  A real, time needed, force that deserves your attention. 

There is a very good reason for vanilla sex.  It’s what you do while you’re recovering from the BDSM play.  You just can’t take a beating then come back for another one tomorrow then the next day and the next.  

So, while I’m having soup this week, I’ll be fondly remembering this past weekend’s play.  ðŸ˜ˆ

6 thoughts on “Lessons in Recovery

    1. Yay, that was my aim! I had half a thought about the tag before I posted it but I was in recovery for a while myself. I would have enjoyed some levity right then too! Thanks for visiting. 😉

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