Service is a very important word for me. I was raised to be a helper for my mother. She ended up divorced and was not well equipped to handle single parenthood.  From a young age, I cared for others. I cared for my brother and my mom. Later, I cared for my husband and later still, my son. Having the concept of caring for others instilled so young, I do it now without at first being cognizant of it.

I used to feel resentful of my mother and having to care for a grown woman. It took me a long time and some growing up to forgive her for relying so heavily on me. I found forgiveness when I grew older and moved away. I learned how to be my own person and was able to see her more clearly. I found a deeper love for her then but that took years.

When my husband would ask more of me than I wanted to give I would feel that resentment again. I would mull over my feelings as I performed whatever duty he asked of me. After a while, I realized that I was the only one suffering from my resentment. I decided that I wasn’t going to say no to the request and so I should learn to like what I was doing and come up with a better reason for doing it than merely keeping the peace. Every time I was asked to do something, I chose to think of how I would feel if someone did that for me. I would feel so grateful. I would be in awe of them for helping me instead of saying no. I chose to be generous of my time. I chose a healthier path. By doing this, I began to see my place in life in a different way.

At work, I also began to change my style of management. I have always worked in business administration. In any business, there is the talent and there is support staff.  I read the book, The Servant, and realized that there was a whole management style built around how I naturally handled things. I began to see that in service I supported my staff. I served them by leading and they served the greater good of the company.

Finally, I found my way into the lifestyle. This is where my character truly found wings. I could serve others truly now. Without the veil of society upon me, I could strip away the faΓ§ade and be the real me. I knelt at Mr. D’s feet for the first time and it felt so right. It felt like home. I choose to serve and in that service I submit to him and to his desire. I am laid bare as the servant that I am and long to be.

I no longer must hide my service in a veil of acceptable behavior. I can revel in my place at his feet. I can strive to be more than I am and also less. The striving for more is to strive to be all that he wants and desires in a slave. In some respects, I wish to be more than he wants for I know at times he would not demand as much of me as I’d like to give. It is natural for him to be dominant but not as natural to have someone be subservient to him. This is my gift. I wish him to feel so loved, so honored, so fulfilled by my service that he knows at his deepest core how worthy he is of that kind of love. When I say I want to strive to be less, I mean that I wish to put aside my self and my ego to be completely fulfilled within my service. This is not easy. This is the hardest part. Still, I want to explore that too.

Now in the lifestyle I have found a joy in service the wasn’t there before.  I seek for ways to please him and for ways to expand my thoughts on service.  This along with how he chooses to lead me will hopefully combine to bring our dynamic to a whole new level.

Image used with permission through CC3.0 with attribution by Marcus J. Ranum and found here.

13 thoughts on “Service

  1. slave tasha

    i see so much of my own life reflected here, most especially in the. penultimate paragraph. Thank you. πŸ’œ

  2. I see a lot of myself in this post. I have always been the type to serve. Upon delving deeper into the lifestyle and exploring the different types of submissives, Sir and I both realized I have been a servant submissive many many years without realizing it. I would serve to express love and devotion; this was just my way. I felt resentment crop up in our vanilla days as well because I felt that my service was greatly overlooked. We have discussed this at length and come to realize that Sir just never saw it the way I saw it. He seems to look back in awe now, understanding now my drive to serve him and how I have been doing it from the beginning of our relationship. It is amazing how this lifestyle has helped us understand each other, who we truly are, better in the past couple of years than we were able to decades prior. -belle

    1. I have seen a lot of myself in your posts as well. What you said about the lifestyle is absolutely why I need it and always want it in my relationship.

      I truly believe that a power dynamic exists even in vanilla relationships. The main and oh so important difference is that D/s shines a light on the hidden things in vanilla. It says, “Yes, there is absolutely an exchange of power. There is also a subsequent service and devotion to that exchange.” Where in the vanilla life we hid from it by struggling for equality. In this lifestyle we embrace the differences and honor them.

  3. I am so in awe of you two for taking a long vanilla relationship and moving into a D/s exchange. That must have been incredibly hard. You deserve so much credit for not giving up and finding a new path.

  4. I also work in admin and I’ve often wondered if there’s a link between this work-related desire to serve/support and my desire to be dominated/serve/be owned by someone. Interesting that you raise that as well. Something to think about. πŸ˜‰

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