Love, A Journey – Mr. D

couple-love-romantic-silhouetteLove, for me, is a journey. It has a beginning but it seldom has an ending. It changes as we change but is forever present. I have truly loved four women in my life. That in itself is amazing to me. As is that I still love each of them in some way. I don’t really talk to two of them but the reasons that happened are not of my choosing.

Why have I been this lucky? I am not adonis, I am no scholar, I am average in appearance and wisdom. I make a good and decent wage but live above my means and struggle… so it isn’t wealth and provision that brings them to me.

I am truthful, hard to love and honestly a dick, I am not always forward in the most direct of communication and have paid the price for not addressing things, especially painful things. Knowing my failings is good as it affords me opportunities to better communicate as I progress. My second wife showed me what cerebral love was and though it hurt at times I was fortunate for its lessons and am better able to love now.

My current love is a powerhouse of the physical manifestations of love. A deep and caring soul who has known pain and survived. She brings joy to my life and a roaring passion for love and to be a better person. She gives of herself to any and all and while I want more I am content to see the way her touch germinates seedlings in like minded people, calling them to action. She is a drug. Euphoria inducing and heady. She makes my blood boil and my passions soar. All while sharing her depth and most intimate self with me.

I know not why and how I encountered and loved the women I have in my life but I am grateful. Forever grateful. It is my fondest dream to keep this woman and grow in our love, passion filling our days and nights, and learning and trusting each other with our demons and fears while exploring all that life avails….

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2 thoughts on “Love, A Journey – Mr. D

  1. jackchatterley

    I’m also hard to communicate. Normally I kept things to myself… until when I explode and then comes the univesal deluge of information…

    We’re not perfect, my dear Lady. We are just… us

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