Hooky – Part Two

Before we had anal sex that morning he had me on my back and had his cock buried deep inside my pussy.  My legs were wrapped around him and we were moving slowly. I was so happy to see him, be with him.  I felt giddy at our love and that we had come out of our first open relationship test so strongly.  Granted he’s done this before with his past wife but I haven’t.  This lifestyle is completely new to me.  All the feelings are mixed up and being felt for the first time on my side. I was in awe of him and of us.  How completely phenomenal to be able to have a life like this.

He took out the Hitachi and at first I cringed.  I have a love hate relationship with that thing.  I love that it helps me come for him.  I hate that I have no control and it is so strong that it rips them out of me.  I’m pretty sure it’s a sadistic pleasure for him that I love and hate it.  While he was buried deep inside me he put the Hitachi on my clit and turned it on low.  The vibration began to work its magic.  He already had me so hot that it did not take long this time.  He moved inside me very slowly.  

“I want you to come for me.” I nodded.  I wanted to come for him just as badly.  I love giving him want he wants.  I felt the telltale signs of my body tightening up.  He kept fucking me slowly, not interfering with the vibrations.  His voice seduced me as he talked propelling me towards the orgasm.  Oh so swiftly my body rocked and bucked as I came. 

“Oh yeah, squeeze me baby.  I can feel it.  Yessss.” His cock was in me while I came so he was getting gripped by my convulsions.  After the convulsions slowed I thought he’d take the Hitachi away but he didn’t.  I was so sensitive and still so turned on that in a few moments I felt it rocket me to orgasm again. Finally, he turned the thing on high and one last time I gripped his cock with my inner muscles.  It was mind blowing how he pulled that out of me.  His words whispered to me and the vibrations rolling over me as his cock filled me was a magic combination.

After this and the marathon anal sex, we were all but exhausted and laying on the bed next to each other.  Daddy was saying how famished he was and what a terrible girlfriend I was to deny him food for marathon sex. He was joking of course but I know he had to be starving.  I was laying against him on my stomach as we talked and basked in the glow. He ran his hands up and down my back, over my ass cheeks and down my thighs while we talked.  It felt divine.  I felt punch drunk in love with him right then.  The masses of endorphins rushing through us had us both on such a high. I can’t tell you how incredible his stroking fingers felt.  We were in a love bubble and didn’t want it to end.  

Up and back his fingers caressed and tickled my skin.  He was telling me how much passion he felt with me and how sexy I was.  The stuff that makes every woman beam with joy.  The thing about Mr. D is he is so genuine.  He is gifted at flattery but he is telling the truth and it shows.  He truly feels what he says and it sends me completely off the planet to hear it.  Soon I had the tingling of desire for him again.  I kissed him with all the passion I felt for him and he responded in kind. He rolled me over and slid his cock inside me.  He had fucked every hole so thoroughly that morning. When he thrust inside my pussy again it felt like he was deeper than he’d ever been before.  I wrapped my body around his and he thrust over and over with an incredible strength.  I felt like he was plowing me right into the bed.  I was so well used by then though that I wanted every strong thrust he had to give.  I was in complete abandon and felt him matching me with all the passion he had.  Finally with a great grunting moan he blasted his come far up inside me.  It was the perfect end to our marathon of fervent fucking and reconnection.

As we recovered he said, “No cuddling for you.  If you come back over here we’ll never get food and I’ll die here.”  I laughed and knew we were done for that day.  We went to breakfast even though it was already 1pm in the afternoon. I felt so drunk with love the rest of the day.  After two years, the incredible connection we have is still alive and strong.

4 thoughts on “Hooky – Part Two

  1. jackchatterley

    “After two years, the incredible connection we have is still alive and strong.”

    i’m mightly delighted and happy just by reading that!!!

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