Hooky – Part One

Last Monday Daddy and I played hooky from work.  I had my play session with Nox a few days before. Daddy and I only had one night to reconnect after that. I was right at the heaviest part of my period, not the best timing. We had been texting each other and missing each other all weekend.  Sunday night as we’re texting Daddy says, “I’ll play hooky from work if you want to see me.”  I was so tempted but I had a busy schedule the whole next day.  After giving it some thought I threw caution to the winds and said yes.

I took the boy to school on Monday and drove up to Daddy’s.  By the time I got there is was almost 9am. Daddy was waiting in the living room for me.  All the roommates had gone to work so we had the place to ourselves. I had missed him so much over the weekend.  We had talked about me playing with Nox and everything was fine but it put us both in a heightened state.  For me, I felt so much more in need of connection with Daddy. I needed to know in a visceral way that everything was good and we were strong. Mr. D’s reaction to my play had been everything I would have wanted.  It made me appreciate him even more than I already did.

We kissed and I was in awe all over again at our passion for each other.  When I kissed him it felt so right, so white hot. He took me into the bedroom and our joining was immediate.  I needed him inside me and I think he needed to claim me again.   He pulled out of me and told me to taste us on him.  He made sure that I was clean and done with my period.  I said I was and knelt between his legs.  I love the taste of us together.  Our juices joined on his cock and the taste was incredible as I licked it off.

He had me lay on my stomach on the bed. He wanted to play with my ass.  His fingers opening me there and stretching me made me cry out without any control.  I lose my sanity a little and the most guttural sounds come out. After preparing me for a while I knew he was going to fuck my ass.  As much as he makes sure I’m relaxed, stretched and lubed there is nothing that mentally prepares me for this.  He is so girthy and it is always frightening.  I breath and relax as he tells me to do.  He prepares me and when he finally mounts me there is still a point where I’m sure I’m going to tear. It is not reality, it is just what I go through mentally to let it happen. Something about it works for me and our kink.  It gives me a reason to sacrifice for him, to submit and take it for him.

My breathing gets rapid, I force myself to relax and be still.  He pushes himself into my asshole and at some point, just as I’m about to bolt, it goes in.  Then the game completely changes.  He moves and my body reacts.  I am an animal rutting under another stronger animal.  My mind seems to quiet and recede.  It is all about sensation and dominance then.  Sometimes I notice I’m gripping the bed, other times I feel the weight of his hand on my back.  But mostly I just feel the intensity of the pleasure. It’s so different from vaginal sex.  I can’t fully describe it.  It is primal and so close to the edge for me. 

He pumped into me several times and slipped out.  When he pulled back up to put his cock in again I had to bite the sheets so I didn’t beg him to stop.  Once in, everything is moving and the most intense pleasure but when he’s out again I go through the same process all over again. Shortly afterwards he pulled out and said, “Follow me into the living room.” With the roommates at work we had a rare opportunity to use the whole house. He put me over the arm of the couch and mounted me there.  I thought it would be regular sex but he was in my ass again and I cried out with trepidation and more intense pleasure.  With my body flung over the couch, I felt him pump into me harder and faster than before. I was so happy for the feel of the couch supporting me under the onslaught of his thrusts. 

Doggie style sex is always something we’re adjusting for because his center of gravity is lower than mine. I have long legs and he has a long torso.  The couch arm only worked for a short time then he moved us onto the couch cushions.  He put me on my back and had me hold my knees up to my chest.  He got on his knees between my legs and pushed up against my ass one more time.  I looked up at him with what must have been sheer terror.  “No please Daddy.” I was completely fine but to mentally get over the hump again so soon seemed insurmountable. 

“You’re fine baby girl.  I know you are worried about this position but it will be fine, I promise.” He pushed into my ass one last time.  I looked up into his eyes as I felt him filling my ass so deep and so tightly.  I felt my eyes cloud over as I know they must when he fucks my ass.  I can’t help it.  But I kept my eyes on him as much as I could even while he ripped the moans from me again.

“Oh baby, it’s so amazing to look into your eyes while I’m deep in your ass.” I nodded while I gasped.  I hadn’t realized until he said that that we had never done this face to face before. It was such a sharing of deep emotion, I can’t describe it.  

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