Fun and Games

Yesterday I went to my Ex’s birthday party. It was a really big step for him to invite me to anything so I went happily even though Mr. D wasn’t invited.  My Ex has come a long way but not quite as far as inviting my new Honey to his party.  Oh well, I took it as a good sign and so did my son who was thrilled.

I had a great time at the party. I was able to visit with family members and high school friends I hadn’t seen in years. During the party I checked my phone at one point and had 4 texts from Daddy.  Whoops, I hadn’t had my phone on me to hear them.   He sent me several provocative graphics with sayings on them relating to us.  I felt warm and turned on from them.  I texted him and went back to the party.  After a while, the party was slowing down.  I did flirt with one old high school friend and it was a lot of fun.  I checked my phone and Daddy had left a message that he couldn’t help it, he was jealous and my Ex didn’t deserve me coming to his party.  I felt his ire coming through the phone from those many miles away so I said my goodbyes and texted Daddy that I was on my way.

When I arrived home I heard Daddy’s voice as I came through the door. It surprised me that he was still awake, he usually goes to bed early.  But here he was, “That’s one sexy bitch comin’ through the door.” He and his roomie were sitting in the living room. “I’m drunk!” He says, as I sit down and give him a kiss.  Now I understand the jealous text.  It had sounded just a little more blatantly honest than normal.

We chitchatted a little, I told him about a high school friend I saw during the evening that I had the hots for. It was fun to tell Daddy about it. I share everything with him.  

“You can go to your Ex’s party, you can flirt with other men, but I will always be the one behind your walls, the only one who got in.” 

I was snuggled against him and looked up to him when he said that.  “Yes Daddy, you are the only one.”

We went to the bedroom.  He was in quite a teasing mood.  I hadn’t had a drink all night but I had one as soon as I got home seeing the state Daddy was in.  When we starting fucking I could tell he was pretty tipsy.  He said he wanted to fuck my face but he wasn’t sure because he was slightly drunk.  BDSM is not something you should ever do drunk and Daddy is very aware of that.  I said I wanted to anyway.  He said, “I’m nervous about this because I’ve been drinking.  You will push me away if it gets to be too much for you, understand?” I nodded.  I had no reservations.  Even drunk, Daddy is very careful.

I hung my head over the side of the bed and Daddy mounted my face. His cock forced into my mouth and I closed my eyes to dive into the feelings full force.  His cock fucked my mouth deeply and oh so well.  I had been out dancing and fortunately my sinuses were completely clear.  I love it when I’m in a good place breath-wise.  Even if Daddy was slightly impaired I knew I was in a much better place with my oxygen intact.  He fucked my face and I took it all.  He was so deep into my throat.  Mmm, so very nice.

After that, Daddy made me lie down on the bed and he began to fuck me. Actually, he began to fuck with me.  He loves teasing the heck out of me.  He kept putting it in but not all the way.  He was fucking me with just the tip.  The more he did it the more I was getting annoyed.  I knew damned well what he was doing.  He was too tipsy to hide it.  He was just fucking with me for the hell of it.

“What’s wrong baby? Don’t you like it?” He slurred.

“Nothing, I love it.” He was not winning this.

“You like it?”

“I love it Daddy.” I was getting so fed up with the teasing. I just wanted him to fuck me already.  I had been without him all evening, flirting with other men and now I was dying to get fucked hard.  He knew it and was being his most exasperating self just to fuck with me.

He slid the tip in and out. He slid himself around the outside of my pussy giving me constant contact but no leverage, no power.  He’s drunk, I thought. Just leave it.  Let him fuck with you and don’t make a fuss.  But no, he kept taunting me.

“What’s wrong baby, don’t you like it?” Ugh, I was going to throttle him soon if he didn’t fuck me silly.

Finally, I had had enough. “Fucker!!!” I yelled at him. I didn’t care what he thought or did at that point; he was getting exactly what I was thinking.  Collar be damned.

“Oh ho, I’m a fucker, am I?” I was beyond caring, I laughed.

“Yes, you are!” Damn it, he had pushed me too far. He pulled out and stopped fucking me entirely.  Crap, I had done it now.  He moved down my body and his mouth landed on my pussy.

“I’m a fucker, am I? Well, we’ll just see who’s the fucker.” His lips made contact with my clit and he sucked hard. I convulsed from the intensity of the suction on my already swollen clit.  He kept up the onslaught of his tongue on my clit for a long time.

“What am I?” He was goading me.

“You’re a fucker.” But the heat had gone from me now. I had used everything I had to wind up to calling him that the first time.

“Not good enough! You can do better than that.” He mouth latched onto my clit again with even more power. God, I was beyond any control at that point.

“Fucker!” I yelled at him again.

“Come on, that’s not going to do it. I’m not fucking you until you say it again like the first time.” He was so infuriating. I gave up.  There was just no way I could repeat the heat and passion behind the first expletive I let out.  He kept at my clit and my pussy for a long time after that but the heat had gone out of me by then.  He kept me on the brink of orgasm for a long time.

“You win, I give up!” He took himself out of my crotch and lay down to go to sleep. I couldn’t believe he gave up.  He never lets me win.  But he did then.  Not that I wanted to win like that at all. There was no way I was reliving the intensity of the first outburst again.

After a good laugh, we went to bed. For the rest of the weekend, that’s been a predominant part of conversation.

“How are you doing baby girl? Fucker!”

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